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Snake ladies batch 10

Snake Ladies
Episode 6
Mama T appeared in the midst of her friends, the witches of the night, they were having their meeting as usuall.
The Queen mother looked at her with a frown on her face,
Queen: mama T!!
Mama T: yes Queen mother!
Queen: what is the meaning of that?
Mama T: *silent*
Queen: i see you have lost your sense of speech. I repeat, why did you bond your spirit with Idris?
She shouted with thunder sparking from her eyes and mouth
Mama T: *silent*
Queen: do you know that you have broken our sacred law. We are one sisters of the night. We looked after each other, we don’t fight and as well, we don’t bond spirits with one person to avoid quarrels. For this you have done, you shall be punished!
Mama T: *silent*
Queen: Mrs bukky have bonded her spirit with idris. You did same and now have equal right over him. To avoid the wrath of the snake goddess, you shall sacrifice two of your close relatives including all your boys. Am i understood.
Mama T: yes Queen mother.
Queen: let this be a lesson to all of you who choose to follow the same path. You can start the sacrifice right now.
Mama T walked to where their magic mirror was kept with tears in her eyes, she didn’t believe that a little mistake will amount to that consequence.
Mama T: *speaking to the mirror* Ayo, John, Ade, Emmanuel, umar and Abdul!!
She called and slowly, they appeared one by one
Mama T: Moses and shola!!
She called her sister and distant cousin and they appeared.
She commanded them to lie on the altar. Then she walked to where their calabash was kept and picked a knife tied with red cloth.
One by one, she sacrificed them to the goddess.
ME: chaii, this sun hot oo
i said as i woke up in the middle of the des**t with the sun very hot and skin piercing.
I looked everywhere and found out that there was nobody in the des**t just me..
Then the ground started to shake from beneath. From nowhere, a big snake emerged from the ground and started to chase me..
I was running so fast but the snake was eventually gaining on me.
As the snake got closer to me, the ground ahead of me started to shake, then another big snake came out.
As soon as the first big snake saw the second big snake, it stopped chasing me and the two snakes started to dance one useless dance.
Me: *heaved a sign of relief* woof.
Before i knew what was happening, the two snake fell down and died and the ground swallowed them.
When i thought it was over, more snakes and scorpion started coming out of the ground chasing me..
I ran like never before but they caught me and as soon as they wanted to eat me.. I woke up.
Me: *sweating so hard* so, so its a dream. And related to what Tobi told me earlier!
I said feeling goose bumps all over my body.
Me: *shouting* wait a minute, i thought i was at work f—–g mama T.
I said and tried to remember how i got to my room. I tried hard and still i couldn’t remember anything but i could swear that i didn’t walk or drive to my house and nobody took me in.
Still wondering, a heard a loud shout from our neighbour’s room.
Episode 7
I stood up from the bed and walked out of my apartment. The shout was from our neighbour’s room, Abdul’s room.
The place was still dark, the first thing i saw was my car and i was shocked, mama T must explain how i got to my apartment, climbed by bed and was sleeping without my knowledge. All i could remember was f—–g her in my office.
Maybe she drove me home before driving herself to her own house. But how is that possible, did she divide herself into two or what, i must found out.
Everywhere was dark but thank God for nepa. Most people have started to gather round the room, especially women.
The men were about four including me that is five. We easily made our way inside the compound and found shola, abdul’s girlfriend crying.
Me: ma whats the problem?
Shola: *crying intensified*
Man 1: ma whats the problem?
Shola: abdul, abdul oo.
Man 2: what happened to Abdul?
Shola: we were sleeping together when he started tossing right and left on the bed. At first, i thought it was normal but he started saying something that look as if he was speaking in tongues. I stood up and before i could touch him, he shouted as if he was stabbed and, and , and
she said but couldn’t finish it as she started crying so hard again.
We the men ran inside the room and looked at abdul, he was laying on the bed, we touched his skin and it was very cold.
Man 3: we need to take him to the hospital ASAP.
Man 4: we need a car to do that.
Me: no problem, we can use my car.
We all gathered and took him to my car. Soon enough, the police came inside. May be the women outside contacted them.
They however delayed us with their question which we answered hurriedly and they let us go..
As we were about to enter the car, i saw some group of people like journalists coming. They entered inside and started asking their normal annoying questions.
We arrived at the hospital and the nurses took him (Abdul) into the emergency unit.
Luckily for us, there was a doctor present and they started doing what they know how to do best on him.
Time Check 7:01 Am
The doctor came out looking exhausted, the look in his face said it all.
Doctor: i am sorry but we did our best, we lost him!!
Me: heeyyyy!!
I shouted as hot tears ran down my cheeks. I can’t believe that my friend and close neighbour, who was looking vibrant and healthy is dead.
We went home and broke the news to everyone, we started crying and rolling on the floor.
I called Mama T to tell her i won’t be around today but her line was switched off.
I called the Assistant manager and took permission from him after telling him the bad news. I agreed and send his condolences.
Then i called Anita and broke the news to her, she was already crying when i called her and i was surprised at how fast bad news do spread now.
She couldn’t talk but she said i should on my tv and watch the 7:00 news.
I entered my house and did as was told.
News Presenter: Death rampage rocks the city of port Harcourt leaving everyone stunted. Young boys do die every night now but last night was different as six victims were confirmed dead, their names are John, Ade, Emmanuel, Umar, Abdul and Ayo..
The last name Ayo sent shivers down my spine. It can’t be the Ayo i know. Not my friend Ayo.
Only one way to confirm i said picking my phone.
Episode 8
I took my phone and dialed his number. At first, it didn’t ring. I called again and a neighbour answered the call.
Me: *with hope and prayer* hello ayo!!
Caller: *silent*
Me: hello ayo are you there?
Caller: *silent*
Me: please say something na please!!
Caller: this is not ayo but chinedu his neighbour.
Me: please give the phone to Ayo
Caller: i can’t
Me: why?
Caller: because he is dead.
The world “dead” struck me like a spear aimed at the heart. I lost my grip on the phone and it fell down scattering all over the room.
Mysterious death allover the city and the worst thing is that two of my friends are dead including my neighbour.
I couldn’t eat that wh0le day. Food wasn’t in my agenda, i couldn’t do anything but to think about this cruel world, this wicked and cruel world.
The next day, i got up early, did the morning rituals and headed to my work place without eating, i guess my appetite is yet to return.
I arrived at work early and was thinking on my desk with my head between my palm when tobi came in…..
Tobi: haa alhaji idris how far?
Me: *silent*
Tobi: no be you i dey greet?
Me: please i want to be left alone, please!!
Tobi: iyeee, this one wey you speak English for me so wetin happen na?
Me: *silent*
Tobi: well maybe na the death case. Two boys for our street die too.
Me: *shocked* you say wetin?
Tobi: see as your ear don stand, two boys for our street die too..
Me: chaii, my close friend and one of our neighbour don die oo.. Just like that.
Tobi: but what is the cause of this mysterious death self?
Me: na me you dey ask?
Tobi: hmm, well if world won end na so things dey happen.
Me: *silent*
Tobi: anyway, just be careful because my body just dey shake anytime i dey near you. I still get that bad feeling over you… Be prayerful and all will be well.
He said and left. This time i took his word seriously because i too was feeling this strange, unusual and unidentified feeling over myself. I guess i was scared over my life. If i die who will take care of my family and anita i asked.
Mama T came in late as usuall. Her eyes were red and swollen. It was obvious she had been crying since. We later learnt that her sister and cousin were also involved in the death spree. We went to her office and greeted her hugging her one by one. I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine, i could feel she was hiding something. Maybe she knew more of something i don’t know but i just know that those eyes were not pure, not at all.
After greeting her for the deceased, i went to my office and sat down. It was not up to forty five minutes when she came into my office with her eyes completely black, no white spot at all.
Mama T: meet me in my car!!
She said and left. I just stood up and followed her against my wish. I could feel as if she was inside of me, controlling me to do her every will and i couldn’t stop. I just followed!

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