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Snake ladies batch 21


Snake ladies

Episode 16
Judith and the doctor both walked into his office. He went and sat behind his table.

Doctor: please do take a seat.

Judith: *sitting down* thank you sir.

Doctor: you said you are the husband of the patient?

Judith: yes sir.

Doctor: well, the patient is very lucky. He sustained no fatal injury and in no time, he will be walking again.

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Judith: *breathed down* thank you o lord. Thank you very much sir.

Doctor: we give God all the glory.

Judith: can I see him now?

Doctor: no, he is taking his rest. You can come back later in the evening to see him.

Judith: ok, thank you once again sir.

She said and left the office. She came to where my mum was praying with a smile on her face.

Mum: *looking worried* so how is he?

Judith: *smiled* the doctor said that he is fine and sustained no fatal injury.

Mum: *breathed down* thank God, haa. The lord is good.

Judith: all the time.

Mum: so can we see him now.

Judith: no, the doctor said that he is resting and I should come back in the evening.

Mum: very good, I suppose we who should be going home now?

Judith: yes, let me drop you of first.

Mum: ok, thank you.

Judith: I should be the one thanking you for your support and advice.

Mum: its God we thank o.

Judith walked inside her house and saw Princess sitting down on a couch watching her favourite.

Immediately Princess saw her mum, she ran and hugged her tightly.

Princess: mum where have you been, I came home since and nobody was here.

Judith: I am very sorry dear. I want to the hospital because of your dad.

Princess: dad? What is wrong with daddy?

She said almost crying

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Judith: nothing is wrong with daddy. It was just a minor accident.

Princess: are you sure?

Judith: yes, I am very sure. Have you eaten?

Princess: no.

Judith: let me go and prepare something for you to eat. Check in the fridge, there is meatpie and hollandia there. Take that for now as I prepare your lunch.

Princess: ok mum.

Mama Ik appeared inside my mother’s room with a knife in her hand. She walked close to my mother and as she raised her hand to strike her, my mother jumped up from her sleep.

Mum: Jesus!!!!!!!

She shouted as she shifted close to the wall.

Mama Ik: prepare to die.

Mum: you lie.

She quickly reach for under her pillow where she kept her bible and anointing oil. After the encounter with the mysterious big snake, she suspected that something dangerous may show up later in the night and she was right.

She poured the anointing oil on mama Ik and began to fire prayer on her. Immediately the oil touched Mama Ik, she fell down to the ground and changed into a snake.

My mother continued praying pouring the oil at intervals. Mama Ik was burning all over, she couldn’t take it anymore. The Lord Jesus Christ is greater than them.

She disappeared from the room as she was about to die. If she made it in time to their coven, the Queen mother may help her.

Mum: *rounding up her prayer immediately the snake disappeared* Thank you lord. Thank you Jesus Christ, I bless your holy name. Thank you lord.


Mama Ik appeared in front of the Queen mother but it was too late for her as she have sustained heavy injuries. She drew her last breath and pass away.

Episode 17
Mama Ik appeared in front of the Queen mother but it was too late for her as she have sustained heavy injuries, she drew her last breath and pass away.

Queen: no, no!!!!!!!!!!!!
She shouted but it was too late as she couldn’t bring her back.

Mama D appeared in front of the hospital with a knife in her hand also. Her main mission was to kill Pastor Val and she must make sure she accomplish her mission.

As she got closer to the door, a white cloud appeared and angels from above came down and surrounded the hospital. She tried all her best but the angels didn’t allow her to pass through them. When she tried to attack them, the angels sent fire and thunder against her and she quickly disappeared to their coven for protection.
Mama D appeared looking exhausted and weak.

Mama D: I can’t do it anymore.

Queen: what!!

Mama D: I have tried all my best but the angels that are guiding him are too strong, I didn’t even have access to get close to him.

Queen: don’t give up, we shall continue fighting.

Mama D: what is it about this Idris self. Why can’t we just let him be. Can’t you see that this same guy caused the death of mama G, Mama T, Mrs Bukky and presently Mama Ik.

Queen: just shut up will you?

Mama D: I can’t. We have loosed enough. I am stepping out of this sisterhood. I can’t be a member anymore. I am afraid to die.

She said and disappeared to her room.

Queen: hahaha. In this sisterhood, no one steps out of it alive. Stepping out of the snake ladies means stepping into death itself.

She said and disappeared. She appeared in Mama D’s room and in the twinkle of an eye, she killed Mama D with a knife driven straight into her heart. Mama D lifeless body fell down and the Queen mother disappeared to their coven.

The goddess appeared In the coven where the Queen mother was waiting for her.

goddess: I knew this was coming. I saw it coming and I tried to inform you guys about it but you were to blinded by hatred to see it. We have now officially lost all our members.

Queen: goddess, they are too weak and lame. I will have new and powerful members initiated very soon.

goddess: and you will allow Pastor Val and his God to triumph over us?

Queen: no that won’t happen because I am the one in charge now. I shall hunt pastor Val day and night and in a matter of time, he will be dead.

goddess: isn’t that what they all said? Just take a look at them, they are all dead.

Queen: they didn’t use the right approach. believe me, I will hunt pastor Val down. Am I not the great Queen mother anymore?

goddess: hmm, very good and promising. I love that. I shall be expecting good results very soon.

She said and disappeared.

Queen: watch out for me Pastor Val, watch out!!

Episode 18
2 weeks later
Pastor Val was discharged from the hospital. My mother and many people escorted him to his house.

After staying with him for a while, they started leaving one by one till only my mum was left inside their house.

Pastor Val: thank God I am back. From now on, we will continue our mission. We shall not let the devil prevail over us.

Mum: hmm, we thank God o. Its is written “NO WEAPON FASHION AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER” no matter what the devil is planning against us, Jesus Christ is always there to protect and guide us.

Pastor Val: yes you are right.

Mum: it’s high time I should be going home.

Pastor Val: alright. I will get my driver to pick you up tomorrow morning so that we can continue our prayers from where we stopped.

Mum: alright sir, thank you very much.

Judith: let me drop you off.

She said and my mother followed her. They both entered inside her car and Judith drove my mother to her house.


Pastor Val stood up from his bed. He did his morning prayers before taking the two clutches they gave him in the hospital to aid his walking ability for some time.

He used the clutches and walked to the bathroom where he brushed his teeth and took his bath before moving over to the sitting room where his wife Judith was setting the dining table.

Judith: good morning sweet heart.

Pastor Val: good morning love. How was your night.

Judith: splendid I must say. For two weeks I have been spending the nights all alone and it was really scary.

Pastor Val: hahaha. So what do we have for breakfasts.

He said sitting on the dining table.

Judith: just your favourite bread, fried eggs and tea. I also prepared fish pepper soup because you need all the proteins you can get.

Pastor Val: that’s very nice. That’s why they’d say no place like home.

Judith: that’s very true.

Just then princess came out of her room fully dressed for school.

Princess: Daddy good morning.

Pastor Val: good morning my princess.

Princess: daddy do you know that I assisted mum in frying the eggs, infact most of the work was done by me.

Pastor Val: seriously?

Princess: yes.

Pastor Val: let me taste it o.

He tasted the fried egg.

Pastor Val: very delicious. One day, you will be the best cook in Nigeria. Infact your cooking skills will double that of your mum.

Princess: hahaha. Thanks dad.

Judith: hmm, daughter and father against mum. No problem, let me see the person that will teach you how to cook.

Princess: haa mummy. Sorry o. Please will you teach me how to cook?

Judith: hahaha, yes I will. I was only pulling your legs.

Pastor Val: hahaha.

After the family finished their breakfasts, Pastor Val escorted princess to his car that will take her to school.

Driver: oga good morning.

Pastor Val: good morning.

Princess: good morning sir.

Driver: good morning the princess of our house. How was your night?

Princess: fine and yours?

Driver: cool. Get in lets go.

She entered inside and the driver started the car. Pastor Val waited if he could receive any vision from God but nothing was coming out so he let them go because he thought the road was safe.

Princess: daddy bye!!

She waved at her dad and pastor Val also waved at her in return.

They hadn’t gone far when the driver notice that his breaks were not responding.

Driver: this is odd. This car has never done something like this before.

He said to himself and as he looked infront of him, he saw a woman standing on the road with a crown on her head. Her hair was long and was touching the ground. She wore red and a long staff was in her hand.

He quickly tried to dodge her but his action resulted to a fatal accident as he collided into a nearby shop destroying properties and lifes included.

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