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Sold to a gang leader Episode 28 & 29


Episode 28
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎 [He owns her] 💲
Written by: Blessing D writes



Shawna’s POV
“Yes miss, aren’t you the one bearing the name or…”

“Am the one sir, I am, I am.. Mark” I replied him and he sighed.

“Okay, sign these papers” he instructed pushing forward another set of papers to me.

I collected em, picked up a pen from my bag and started filling in the necessary details not forgetting that my surname is now mark.

Did ma’am Sandra change it? But who the hell is even Mark? Or can it be an error? Different thoughts kept flying into my head.

After a while, I finished up and handed the papers back to him.

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“Alright Shawna mark, you have a long way to go seeing that you stopped schooling three years ago. You have a lot of catching up to do I’ll advise you to concentrate more” he said and I nodded.

“Thank you sir, I will” I added.

“Ask someone to take you to the clerical staff office. You’ll be collecting your key locker there. You are a special student, registration stopped a while ago but em you were allowed.

“Okay sir, thank you” I smiled standing up to leave.

“You can go” he dismissed and I opened the door and got out so much happy.

Finally a student!!

Immediately I got out, the first person my eyes landed on was mathias.

I’d even forgotten about him.

“So you’re now a student?” He asked and I nodded.

“Thanks” I added.

“For what?” He asked.

“Um….for bringing me here, I’m grateful for that, now can you please show me to the cler…”

“Yeah I know, this way” he pointed and started leaving. I followed him from behind excitedly. I couldn’t hide my happiness.

I never imagined that I’d be able to go to school ever again especially the moment step father sold me to a s*x house. This is purely miracle, I think mom and dad are both watching over me.

He took me far away from that particular building, we walked and walked before we got to my destination.

I knocked on the office door and went in after hearing a reply.

Minutes later.

We both walked down the hallway searching for my locker. The Matthias guy was still with me. He had offered to do all these earlier with me.

I noticed some students still stared at me, that is not my concern tho but is strange.

We successfully found my locker with a S15 on it. Mattias actually found it. He has shape eyes, I don’t really know him but I think he is really nice to be helpful. A lot of people won’t do all these.

“Thank you Mattias” I beamed smiles at him as I unlocked the locker with the key given to me. I opened it and found out it needs a clean up.

I guess I’ll do that later, I thought and closed it back. Probably during lunch.

“Now finally to your class.”

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“What course are you studying?” He asked.

“Business management” I answered.

“Wow really?” He inquired and I nodded.

“Same with me, guess we’re course mate then” he said and I chuckled then nodded.

“Let’s go, I’ll show you there, where is your time table?”

Few hours later. Classes are finally over. I sincerely enjoyed today.

I can’t remember the last time I was this excited. Like I’m over excited.

Mattias had even sat down with me, he accompanied me throughout today. And now he is walking with me to the place sam had dropped me earlier today.

I told him not to worry but he is just assisting in everything. So some guys are actually this nice?

That’s awesome.

We stopped at that point, he was even the one that pointed out the particular point to me. I was a bit confused because of the wideness and familiarity of the school but he had helped out. He is my saviour for today.

He stood again with me bringing up random topics until he sighted Sam coming, the manner in which he left shocked me.

But I’m happy he did, I really don’t want Dillion to know about it.

Sam stopped the car and I got into the back sit. After sitting, I lifted my eyes and saw Luwis siting beside Sam.

“Luwis!” I called surprised.

“Hey Shawna, who was that guy?” He asked.

“Um..what guy?” I asked pretendedly.

I can’t believe he saw Mattias from a far distance.

“It’s your first day Shawna, you are already having male friends” Sam chipped in with a light laugh making me embarrassed and ashamed.

“Well…he showed me around, that’s all” I replied truthfully.

“Be careful tho, the boss came in just few hours ago” Sam chipped in again.

My eyes widened.

He’s back?? I wanted to scream but held myself.

“Did you say he showed you around?” Luwis tried bringing back old topic.

“Well yeah, that’s just it” I answered.

“That’s not just it, make sure you don’t talk to him again” I noticed he sounded a bit angry.

“You don’t trust everyone you see” he added and Sam laughed hard.

“Look at his face” Sam pointed at luwis who in turn slapped his hand off.

“Don’t ever point at my face you c*nt suck*r” Luwis growled but Sam only laughed harder.

I don’t even understand the both of them.

But Dillion? He is back?

Oh gosh, hope I will no longer get into trouble with him. I will try. I will try!

He might make me stop schooling. No! I don’t want to imagine the punishment so I better behave.

You have to really behave. Do everything he ask you to do. Make yourself stronger.

But won’t Sam and Luwis tell him about Matthias? I pray not.

After an hour and some minutes later we arrived.

Sam parked in the parking lot and we all came down. I’d thought that I’ll be able to run in and explain my day to ma’am Sandra but with the thought that Dillion is back,I won’t try that. I might run into him and he might punish me.

I walked slowly into the sitting room, everywhere was dry. It’s usually dry. I then walked up the stairs to my room.

I opened the door and got in, I made to close the door but couldn’t because a force was restraining me. I looked out to see…..my hands fell off from the door handle immediately I saw him – Dillion.

“In 30 seconds” was all he said before leaving.



Shawna’s POV
I stared at him in fear as he vanished. I walked to the bed and dropped my bag anxiously wondering what he really wanted.

Should I take a bathe first? Who knows…but he only gave me seconds.

No no, it’s just a minute. I cant risk it, I thought and ran out of the room to his. I got to his and met the door slightly opened, I pushed the door aside and walked in fully to the room.

He was sited on his bed and was doing something. I couldn’t see what he was doing tho because he was backing me.

I shut the door close and walked up to him. I stood without uttering a word. He should know that I’m here.

He didn’t react to my presence for a long time and now I can see what he is doing. He Is actually reading some docvments with him.

I stood close to 5 minutes before he finially spoke up.

“Take that and get out” he’s voice came out hoarse.

I looked over at what he was referring to. It’s a package in a box and the box is inside a small white nylon.

I gulped and walked up to the small package sitting on his dressing table, I picked the content up and turned to look at him.

I wonder what’s inside, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Should I say anything?

Oh gosh! I’m so confused.

“What are you waiting for?” He raised his head up and stared at me curiously which made my heart beat faster.

“No… nothing” I replied and quickly left his room, on getting to mine I opened the small package at the door.

I didn’t bother reading all that’s written on the package before getting the thing out. I was handling it with speed and something fell out of if. I took my eyes to look at the wrapped little thing and discovered it to be an ear piece.

My heart skipped a bit, I then decided to read the whole stuff written on the package and discussed it to be a phone.

The small package almost fell off my hand too.

What???? An iphone?

Christ! Could this be a mistake or am I probably dreaming? I thought as my eyes blinked repeatedly.

Without thinking much, I picked the earpiece up, turned and opened the door back and ran out, out to look for ma’am Sandra or even Beatrice.

This can’t be real right? They have to help in confirming it.

I got to the other side and luckily saw ma’am Sandra and Beatrice walking out together.

Immediately I saw them, smiles formed on my face.

“Ma’am!” I called feeling high.

“What is it? Did something terrible happen?” Her eyes widened as she asked. Even Beatrice looked confused.

I shook my head negativity and presented the whole thing to them both.

Beatrice collected it and opened it properly then opened another side of it placed in a…slimmer package.

“It’s a phone Shawna, who gave this to you?” Beatrice asked her eyes dilating.

“I wanted to confirm if it’s real, I thought I was imagining things” I chuckled and said.

“How did this get into your hand Shawna?” Ma’am Sandra asked curiously.

I breathed heavily before responding.

“It’s sir Dillion, he gave this to me just now” I answered.

“Wow! Really?” Beatrice exclaimed looking surprised but ma’am Sandra just nodded.

“Just handle it carefully Shawna, it’s yours now and by the way. How was school today?” She inquired and my tummy rumbled.

It’s rumbled in hunger and probably happiness cause right now I can’t really explain how I feel.

“It was great….”

I need to do something, I stopped as I was about to narrate a lot of things to them. I snatched the phone from Beatrice then turned back and ran to the main building. I needed to thank him.

This is actually unbelievable!

I ran to his room breathlessly and when I got there, I stood wondering if I should just push the door open and enter but I decided to knock instead.

I knocked on the bed and a response followed immediately.

“Get lost” was what I heard and my heart fell.

Does he know that am the one? I only want to thank him and nothing more, I thought sadly and turned back and left for my room.

On getting to my room I started jumping.

Oh mom! I can’t believe this!
This really happened to your daughter. She finally got a phone, she got to touch a phone. She got to own one.

Mathias’s POV
“How did it go today?” The boss asked.

“It went well, perfectly well. She’s clueless. She doesn’t suspect a thing” I answered.

“Really? How sure are you? She might just be playing along, that little brat companion are really smart. They have nose everywhere.”

“I’m sure boss, 100 percent. She’s a newbie and does not know how things run” I insisted.

“Okay then, make sure you make her trust you real well. She’ll be very useful to us. Very very useful, if possibly make her fall in love with you so everything will be much easier.”

“Understood, I’ll do as you say. Won’t leave her sight even for the slightest minutes” I ensured and he nodded.

“Yeah, I trust you Matthias. You have my blood in you and I believe you can take on that twin in whatever plan he has laid all these years. Be guided – Always.”

Shawna’s POV
My heart has been filled with happiness. All these are happening just like that?

It’s like a Miracle but I’m grateful.

I have a phone, the next thing to do is to learn how to use it.

A knock came at the door and I quickly stood up and went to open it.

“Luwis?” I called, happiness couldn’t be hidden in my voice.

“Hey Shawna, you look happy. What’s up?” He asked as he walked in uninvited but I didn’t mind as I shut the door.

He went straight to my bed and to the phone on it.

“You got a new phone?” He asked with his brows perked up.

I smiled as I got closer to him.

“He gave it to me, maybe as a gift” I replied.

“He? Who is the he? That guy at school?” He asked already annoyed.

“No, it’s the boss, he gave it to me” I corrected him.

“Oh!” Was all he said before putting down the phone.

“Can you operate? This is the newest model. Can you?” He asked and I shook my head negativity.

“I don’t even no how to turn it on” I replied sadly and he chuckled.

“You’re what? A kid?” He teased as he grabbed the phone and did whatever before turning it on.

I beamed seeing that the phone was coming to live.

My phone! My first phone ever!

“Oh! I can see that everything is already put in place” he mumbled as he operated it.

My eyes remained fixed curiously on the phone as he operated it.

“Here’s my number, you can call me anytime you want. Even in the middle of the night, I’m always available for ya!” He said making me chuckle.

What’s he saying? Even in the middle of the night?

“But you know what?” He asked and I replied with a “no”.

“Maybe you should gift the phone to me, I’ll get you a new one” he suggested having a serious face on.

I frowned immediately and shook my head.

“No! No! I won’t” I answered firmly and tried grabbing the phone from him but he raised it up.

I stood up on my feet and kept on trying to get hold of the phone but he kept moving his hand in different direction.

I hit his leg in the process and almost fell but he caught me and turned me, making me lie on the bed with him facing me.

Seeing the closeness between us my eyes widened. Why is he so close?

I was about to get up but stopped moving immediately I heard the door flung open.




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