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Sold to a gang leader Episode 32 & 33


Episode 32
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
(Two faced)



Shawna’s POV
I tightened my eyes waiting for the time that I’m gonna die but nothing happened.

With my hands covering my both eyes, I wondered what was going on.

I instead heard the door open.

I uncovered my eyes to see that the truck stopped right in front of us and Dillion is already outside the car.

The urge to puke came again and I opened the other side and immediately released everything inside my mouth. I feel weak, scared, sick. I feel all the terrible things in the world.

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The driver of the truck came down with a parcel.

“Boss” I heard him call.

“Sorry for coming late” the driver said confusing me.

Do they know each other or what?

He handed the parcel to Dillion who collected it and peeped into it.

“How are the others?” Dillion asked his eyes on the parcel.

“They are good boss but um…I have got a problem” the guy said.

“What is it?” Dillion asked looking up to him.

“The cops, they are on my tail and they’ll be here anytime soon”;the guy replied.

Oh my gosh! The cops? I thought.

“You know how to avert them, don’t you?” Dillion asked him.

“Of course, I’m just worrying, since it’s already with you. You might want to leave now. If they get me they can’t get anything out of me now” he said.

“They can’t get me either if that’s what you’re worrying about, go on. Be careful” Dillion said for the first time in a cool concerned tone.

“Yes sir” the guy replied and bowed a little before turning back to his truck.

He got in, started the truck, moved back and left.

It didn’t take up to five minutes,we started hearing the cops siren.

Dillion turned to look at me, he probably hasn’t noticed until now that I am outside. He’s eyes went down to the stuff I vomited and he made an irritated face which got me embarrassed.

I wiped my mouth clean with my hand and wanted to open the door but he stopped me.

“Hey wait” he hushed and went to the booth. He brought out a table water and threw it to me.

I collected it in relief, I washed my mouth, my hands and even my face.

By the time I was done the cops already showed up. About three of the cops car stopped around us. Two cops men came down from the car and came to us.

“Hey, did you see any truck around here?” One of them asked staring at Dillion.

Dillion wasn’t looking at them, he was doing something or hiding the parcel inside the car.

“No” he answered bringing his head out of the car.

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“Oh Mr Mark” the cop exclaimed and he’s eyes diverted to me.

“I’m so sorry, I never knew you were the one” the cop apologized.

“Yeah, it’s okay” Dillion replied with a smirk on. A very dirty one.

I think this guy is two faced.

“So, you didn’t see any truck around here, huh?” The cop asked again.

“Of course” replied Dillion.

“Alright, we’ll leave you now. Sorry for disturbing” the cop said the last part staring at me.

“Hey! Let’s go” the cop waved at the others.

They got into the car and was about going before Dillion stopped them.

“You might want to check out this side, I think i saw a truck down there on my way. I aren’t sure tho” Dillion pointed at a very different direction.

Goodness! This guy. He is something else.

“Yeah thanks Mr Mark, we appreciate” the cops thanked him and followed his direction.

I heard Dillion sigh immediately and he got into the car, I didn’t need him to tell me before I opened the other side and got in.

Immediately he started and drove off.

When he finally arrived I couldn’t bear it anymore.

My chest pains has started again. He drove crazily roughly on our way back. Almost collided with three different cars.

How am I sure he is not doing this to really scare me? It won’t kill him to drive normally.

He even got me now.

He came down from the car and left immediately leaving me leaning on the car. My hands placed on my hurting chest with my eyes tightly shut.

Oh christ! When will I stop feeling this pain? This terrible pain always caused by fear. It’s becoming unbearable for me.

After resting for a short while, I decided to go in. The pain didn’t leave me, it just hooked me around my chest region but I still managed.

I bombed into ma’am Sandra on the way who looked surprised seeing me in that state.

“What is it?” What is wrong with you Shawna? She asked concerned and fear visible in her voice.

“I’m…okay ma’am, I just need a cup of water” I replied.

“Okay sit here” she led me to the couch and made me sit while she ran around and got me a cup of water.

She gave it to me and I sipped from it.

“Shawna, are you sure you are okay?” She asked trying to remove my hand from my chest.

“No…it’s okay” I muttered.

“No you’re not okay, you look like a ghost, who’s blood got drained” she said which made me chuckle.

A ghost who’s blood got drained? What does that mean?

I started feeling dizzy.

“Shawna!!” The call was distant.

“Are you really okay?”

“You’re passing out! Your temperature is raising!” I kept hearing ma’am Sandra distant voice until I couldn’t see or hear a thing again.


Episode 33

Writer’s POV
Shawna was immediately rushed to the hospital by ma’am Sandra and Beatricenaround the time she fainted. Sam who was also around was the one that drove them to the hospital.

Ma’am Sandra didn’t know what to think as the doctors attended to Shawna.

What is really wrong with her? She’s not pregnant, I’m sure of that so what could be wrong? She thought as she sat at the hospital sit outside the hospital ward. Beatrice was with her.

After about 40 minutes later, the head doctor came out of the emergency room Shawna was rushed into.

Ma’am Sandra knows him very well, he is actually Dillion’s personal doctor.

“Matthew, what is wrong with her?” Ma’am Sandra quickly asked standing up on her two feet with Beatrice supporting her.

“Um…Ma’am is she your daughter? Cause I’m confused. I have never seen her before” Matthew asked instead.

“No she is not, but she is very important. So tell me what is wrong with her?” Ma’am Sandra went ahead to ask again.

“Well she had an anxiety attack, it’s also called panic attack. It’s due to intense fear and emotional distress” Matthew explained.

“Oh good lord!” Ma’am Sandra exclaimed.

“How is she now?” She went ahead and asked.

“Well, I’ll advise an immediate surgery for her ma’am. It has gotten worse and it needs to be stopped. Pleuritis can be cured with drugs but hers…. Surgery will be better. She has a brighter future ahead” Matthew rounded up.

Ma’am Sandra sighed.

“Okay, how much is the surgical bill?” She asked.

“Well…it’s quite much, no surgery is easy you know. I’ll advise you tell Dillion about this since she’s very important” Matthew said and she sighed again.

“Can we see her?” Beatrice suddenly asked.

“She’s asleep for now. She needs all the rest she can get, she doesn’t need to be disturbed” Matthew replied and Beatrice face turned sour. She wasn’t happy at all, same as ma’am Sandra.

“I’ll go now” Matthew added and left.

Immediately he got to his office, he received a call…..

Ma’am Sandra’s POV
I wonder what made her that way. What caused her fear?

Hold on, Dillion just came back with her right. Did he perhaps do anything to her? I thought deeply but couldn’t land anywhere.

“Beatrice” I called.

“Yes ma’am” Beatrice replied.

“Where is Samuel? I want him to take me back to the mansion. I need to see Dillion” I said.

“Okay, I’ll go get him now” she replied then went out of the hospital and came back few minutes later with him.

“I need you to take me to the mansion immediately” I requested.

“Yes of course, this way” Samuel led the way out of the hospital. We got into the car he drove us with and in minutes we were on the road.

After about 40 minutes later we arrived the mansion.

I went up to Dillion’s personal office but couldn’t find him.

Where did he go to? I thought and went to his room.

I knocked on it but got no reply, the door wasn’t properly closed so I decided to open it and enter.

I got in to see him coming out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his neck.

“Child, I’ve been knocking on your door. Didn’t know you were bathing” I said walking to the single couch there to sit on.

“Yes, as you can see” he answered.

“So, do you hear what happened earlier?” I asked.

“No, what happened?” He asked going through his closet.

“Shawna. She fainted” I said but he didn’t look surprise or react to it.

“You already knew about it?” I asked.

“Yes” he answered.

“But why did you reply with a no?” I questioned.

“Because I wanted to hear it from you” he answered and a few minutes of silence stepped in.

“Aren’t you gonna ask me how she is?” I inquired.

“How she is is non of my business” he blurted shocking me a little.

I sighed and rubbed my forehead.

“Anyways, I came here to tell you how she is so lemme not prolong things. She needs surgery and the money required is much accordingly to Matthew. She needs it fast and you’re the only one that can provide such amount of money” I explained.

“I don’t have money ma’am, so give up” he said.

I ignored what he said and stood up.

“You should talk to Matthew, if you want her to die, tell him so he can kill her. Stop making the innocent girl suffer Dillion.”

“Innocent?” he chuckled inaudibly.

“I’ll get going now Dillion” I added and left.

Goodness! Why is this boy like this? Why can’t he act normal for once?

If not that Matthew had earlier came back to inform me that Dillion already called him, and he has already explained things to him, and he already cleared up the bills I could have been dying of worry ness. If he already cleared things up why is he acting heartless? I thought and shook my head again before leaving.



Okay, who expected that? 😋

It’s gonna get sweeter.

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