Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to a mafia drug lord episode 24 – 25

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Sold to a mafia drug lord

(I belong to h¡m)

Chapter 24&25

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia

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Querida pov

I felt a sharp pa!n !n my ch£st wh£n I h£ard th£ name of my master.

What is h£ go!ng to do to me now I asked

I felt really s¢ar£d What if h£ decide to hurt me aga!n.

I bow my h£ad $h!very!ng !n fears oh mercies what is go!ng to happen now.

h£ kept on star!ng at me for some m!nutes with©vt say!ng a s!ngle word.

Return to your room h£ said i was f!nally relived wh£n h£ said so i ran pa$$ h¡m not pay!ng any attention to what ma,am Bianca was say!ng.

I s1©wly walked up to my b£d and sat d©wΠ and I busted !nto tears “Luna”i called, do you know th£ reason why ma,am Bianca hate me th¡s much I mean I have never done anyth!ng wrong to h£r.

I always try my possible best to avoid h£r but no $h£ always like gett!ng !n my way.

I felt really s¢ar£d wh£n master Blake was start!ng at me I thought that h£ was go!ng to puni$h£d me aga!n but luckily for me I th!nk that mom came to my rescue th¡s time @r0vnd am I right luna I asked.

j√$t th£n a soft knock was h£ard young miss a familiar voice called stepp!ng |ns!de th£ room I looked up to see that it was ma,am Julia.

$h£ came and sat d©wΠ at th£ edge of th£ b£d querida how you feel!ng ?

I am f!ne ma,am I said.

ok how is your arm $h£ asked aga!n putt!ng on a worried face I am f!ne ma,am I replied.

$h£ kept on star!ng at me for some m!nutes with©vt say!ng a s!ngle word.

What have always be!ng your greatest wi$h£s !n life $h£ asked. ?

I paused for some m!nutes with©vt say!ng a word.

I have always prayed and wi$h£d that my mom never left me.

If $h£ was alive today I am very sure that I would be pa$$!ng through all th¡s suffer!ng

Anyway I th!nk I am born to suffer that is what my step moth£r always say that I was caused right for th£ very moment I was born.

And I am th!nk $h£ is very right i am a caused child i said as a tears escape my eyes

You are not a caused child you are really special and one of th£ most courageous and strongest person I have ever seen.

Your mom must be very lucky for hav!ng a beautiful and gifted daughter like you $h£ said with a wide smile.

Am I really special i asked h£r yes you are $h£ replied.

If I am a gifted child why th£n am I go!ng through all th¡s suffer!ng.

I am already a s€× slave at seventeen, anway I am a s€× slave now I should serve my purpose wh0l£ h£rtdly i thought and didn’t realize I was already !n tears
It was time I let go of th£ past and focus on th£ pres£nt.

Querida $h£ called snapp!ng me ©vt from my thoughts.

Can you please put your h£ad on my lap I feel like putt!ng you to sleep $h£ said.

I rested my h£ad on h£r Lap’s ,clos!ng my eye’s i always feel a special bound with ma,am Julia anytime we are togeth£r.

A dream is a wish h£art makes Wh£n you’re f*st asleep !n dreams you lose your h£artach£s Whatever you wish for,you need to keep hav!ng faith !n your dreams and someday Your ra!nbow will come smil!ng through No matter how your h£art is griev!ng If you keep on believ!ng Th£ dream that you wish will come true

I opened my eyes on h£ar!ng that th£ $h£ was no longer s!ng!ng.

Thank you ma’am I said thank for what $h£ Asked,

ever s!nce i was little one of my greatest

Wish was that i wish I wish my mom never left me.

If I want to sleep i will [email protected] my h£ad on my mom lap and $h£ will s!ng me a lullaby till I [email protected]|| asleep.

I j√$t got to experience that all because of you even if you’re not my mom I will always look up to you as and elder sister I said as I hugged h£r t!ghtly.

Do you know that I once have a daughter that was @r0vnd your age.

I dis£ngage from th£ hug, I looked up to stare at ma,am Julia who should be !n h£r late twenties how come $h£ Have a daughter that should be @r0vnd my age I thought.

Not know!ng if it will be proper to ask h£r all not.

You need to Have some rest querida I will be [email protected]¢k $h£ said and left afterwards.

Va!na POV

Viana, I was so nude, that I left my legs were widely $pr£@d.

Th£ guy i met at th£ club ,trails h¡s t0Πges to my th¡ghs d©wΠ to my p*ssy, wh£re h£ |¡¢ks up my cl*toris gradually and softly.

I [email protected] as I sqv££ses h£r br£@st by myself. And |¡¢k!ng my l¡ps.

h£ s√¢ked ©vt th£ juice !n my p*ssy as h£ trailed up to my torso, my flat stomach.

After all th£ fore₱|@y, I stood up from th£ table and went on my knees. Soon i took off h¡s trousers and [email protected] as well.

I went d©wΠ and grabb£d h¡s [email protected] d*ck to s√¢k on it.

I s√¢ks it smoothly and th£n !nsidiously $h£ went f*ster, !ns**t!ng a m©vthful of h¡s d*ck.

Th£ hormones !n h¡s blood began to run f*ster, h£ quickly grabb£d me with forced and placed me on th£ table.

h£ went !nto me softly as h£ thrv$t !n. h£ thrv$t f*st as i [email protected]

h£ h£ld me on my br£@st with both [email protected] as h£ fv¢k me [email protected]

“Oh goodness..” I [email protected] as i rolled h£r eyes !nto white.

” Yes yes yes yes” i [email protected] loud, as my b©©bs shake along with th£ lash!ng sound.

Th£n h£ raised me up and p!nned me aga!nst th£ wall.

h¡s d*ck elongated and went !nto me deeply as i was slammed to th£ wall

h£ took off my crop top and th£ bra.

I entangled my arms @r0vnd h¡s neck as h£ fv¢k me, h£ cont!nued as h£ breath£s h£avily as h£ proceeds.

h£ placed a deep klzz on my w€t l¡ps as h£ ₱v||ed ©vt.Both of us were breath!ng h£avily and sweat!ng profusely.

“I love that” i bits h£r l¡ps. ”Oh yeah,” h£ stood up swiftly as h£ picked up h¡s trouser and black shirt..

” Are you go!ng now?” I asked, myvbrow curved to a aside.

” Of course, I have work to go . home’s ” h£ said as h£ wear h¡s trouser.

okay, okay that is f!ne,” i said. e put on h¡s shirt and took th£ gun from th£ table from wh£re h£ had kept it.

h£ was ab©vt stepp!ng ©vt of h£r Villa wh£n i spoke “ And your phone??” i rolled h£r eyes to it.

“ Oh sure I’m go!ng with it too” h£ turned [email protected]¢k to pick it up.

“ Be safe honey” i blew a klzz to h¡m. ”Sure I will” h£ w!nks and walks ©vt of th£ liv!ng room through th£ exit way.

Blake pov

I sat d©wΠ on th£ chair ,smok!ng and dr!nk!ng ,my m!nd was on how to get m©r£ men.

Ready for th£ next bus!ness deal that we will go for , th£ deal will be dangerous but I won’t miss th£ chance of hav!ng fun.

h£y big bro , I looked up to see Jose stand!ng by my side.

Blake ,have you forgotten that th£ doctor made it clear to us that th¡s th!ng your smok!ng isn’t good for your h£alth or have you forgotten.

Jose why are you h£re ,if you have come to lecture me th£n please go.

I didn’t mean to upset you ,I was j√$t watch!ng ©vt for you but I guess you got me wrong.

How did you know that I’m h£re ?
You are my broth£r and I know that wh£n ever you come over to th¡s side of th£ house that you have got a lot of th!ngs on your h£ad.

Your right thou, so how is th£ old man’s company ?

It’s go!ng f!ne ,and you how is bus!ness ?
It’s f!ne and we are plann!ng on go!ng for a new deal.

Wow I th!nk I will jo!n it’s been long s!nce I last had fun .Jose said smil!ng.

Wh£n is th£ old man com!ng [email protected]¢k ?I asked h¡m isn’t h£ your fath£r why don’t you j√$t call h¡m and ask h¡m yourself Jose said.

h£ isn’t my fath£r I lost my fath£r and moth£r th£ very day Sofia left us I replied with a sad expression. how I wish that day never came.


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