Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to a mafia drug lord episode 26 – 27

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Sold to a mafia drug lord

(I belong to h¡m)

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia

Chapter 26&27

(⚠️ don’t copy all repost ⚠️)

Bianca POV

“I sat d©wΠ on one of th£ couch !n my room dragg!ng th£ table m©r£ closer to me.

Gosh I am really tired I have been copy!ng th£ discipl!ne rules s!nce earlier today and I still have a long way to go.

I h£ard a soft knock on my door jott!ng me ©vt from what I was do!ng.

Who th£ h£ll is it?”I answered.

“It’s me Liam” Liam said. as h£ ₱u$h£d th£ door opened and came !n.

“Why didn’t you wait to get my permission before com!ng !n I asked with an eye roll.

Well I am sorry ab©vt that “h£ said as h£ m©v£ closer to wh£re I was sited.

What have you done th¡s time @r0vnd h£ asked star!ng at th£ note book on th£ table.

I j√$t kept quiet not pay!ng any attention to what h£ was say!ng I need to be f*st ab©vt th¡s it already pa$$ed noon.

It all because of that little bitch I am go!ng through th¡s punishment i hate you “querida” I muttered.

Who do you hate ?”h£ asked .

I looked up to stare at “Liam” you are distract!ng me please can you leave my room can’t you see that i am really busy I asked with an eye roll.

Sorry I will take my leave now h£ replied.

“Yeah, you can leave……hold on Liam I wanna asked you someth!ng “I said as I looked up to stare at h¡m.

“What?you are free to ask me anyth!ng tigress h£ said with a wide smile.

Stop call!ng tigress haven’t I warned you countless times to stop call!ng me that I said with a frown.

Anyway I thought you guys have a big deal !n [email protected] to deal on i !nquired.

“Yes,why do you? asked.

“Th£n,why is Trevor not h£re?I asked aga!n feel!ng really curious for h¡s replied.

“Why do you?asked h£ gave me th£ same reply aga!n.

That is none of your bus!ness j√$t needed a reply from you.

Any way am no longer !nterested !n your answer fv¢k off my room I said and focus [email protected]¢k on what I was do!ng.

****Next day*****

Quarida pov

“I woke up th£ next day feel!ng really restless for no reason I can’t believe that after my fight with ma,am Bianca I have slept till th£ next morn!ng.

After almost cry!ng my eyes ©vt.

I took a deep breath and went !nto th£ bath room, I bru$h£d my teeth and took my bath and wh£n I was done I came ©vt of th£ bathroom.

And I saw ma,am Julia Stand!ng close to th£ b£d with my breakf*st on th£ b£d.

I was relieved wh£n I saw i would be eat!ng !n my room.

Good morn!ng ma’am I greeted h£r.

Morn!ng “querida” how was your night? I hope you slept well? $h£ asked.

I th!nk it was f!ne I replied not really sure.

Th£ truth of th£ matter was that I was really s¢ar£d th£ previous night and thought that master Blake would puni$h£d me for not meet!ng me !n my room.

Does your arm still hurt ma,am Julia asked snapp!ng me ©vt from my thoughts

I looked up to see h£r wear!ng a concerned look.

No ma,am it doesn’t hurt anym©r£ thanks to your message I said truthfvlly.

Guess what “querida” $h£ said with wide smile on h£r face.

“Hmmmm, master Blake s£nt for me so that h£ would puni$h£d me for not return!ng to my room after breakf*st i said as a tears escape from my eyes.

And I started $h!very!ng !n fear th!nk!ng of what is gonna do with me.

“No,querida snap it ©vt, if that was th£ case I would not have been th¡s excited.

$h£ said wh£n $h£ saw my worried expression.

Hurry up with your meal you will be start!ng college today.

“Aren’t you excited? $h£ asked as $h£ saw th£ look on my face it not that ma,am but why am I attend!ng college.

“I asked feel!ng really confused.

You can’t rema!n at home all through do!ng noth!ng so young master Blake decided to s£nd you to college “$h£ expla!ned.

But I am not done with high school yet.

Is it possible to enter college j√$t like that with©vt writ!ng th£ entrance exam and beside am I not too young for college I asked h£r.

Stop be!ng naive “querida” you are not too young for college and with money every th!ng is possible $h£ said.

And don’t worry young master Blake have arranged everyth!ng already you only need to follow h¡s order.

“Ok ma I replied with a nod.

Th£m hurry up with your meal $h£ said and left afterwards.

What was th£ need of h¡m s£nd!ng me to school all Maybe it all a trap “I thought. and started eat!ng.

Suddenly th£ door burst opened and fear gripped all over me th!nk!ng that it was my master.

But I surprise to see ma,am Bianca com!ng !n I j√$t focus [email protected]¢k on my food and was quietly eat!ng pretend!ng I never saw h£r.

“Are you dumb? don’t you know how to greet people order than you $h£ said rudely.

“Sorry ma’am Good morn!ng” I said as I looked up to see h£r hold!ng a dress.

“What?exactly is h£r problem? always f!nd!ng a way to !nsult me for no reasons I wonder.

And I cont!nued eat!ng my food quietly.

Hurry up with your meal and put on th¡s dress hold on why did $h£ brought th¡s dress for me to put on.

Wh£n I have alot of cloth£s !n my wardrobe I thought.

Don’t even th!nk of me as your slave all ask!ng me any dumb question Blake personally !nformed me to give you th¡s dress.

“Now Hurry up and get your a$$ ready because I don’t want to be late all because of you. $h£ Added and started walk!ng towards th£ door.

But suddenly stop half way don’t th!nk highly of your self I am h¡s sister and not a little slut like you.

So no matter th£ cloth£s you wear don’t
Fell big even if you’re allowed to attend th£ same college with me.

“you are noth!ng but a s€× slave a toy made for only s€×,that means you will always rema!ned below my feet. $h£ said and left afterwards.

I looked at th£ dress that was be!ng kept for me to put on and i didn’t know what was go!ng on and what was th£ need of h¡m s£nd!ng me to school. Wh£n i was noth!ng but a s€× slave.

After I was done dress!ng up I stood !n front of th£ mirror star!ng at my reflective self.

!n as much as I tried not to th!nk ab©vt what ma,am Bianca said to me th£ truth of th£ matter is that I am noth!ng but a s€× slave and would always be tag as that all my life “I thought as a tears escape from my eyes.

Suddenly th£ door opened and I saw ma,am Julia com!ng !n.

“Querida” don’t tell me you’re cry!ng?$h£ asked as $h£ walked !nto th£ room.

No ma,am I replied clean!ng off th£ tears that escape my eyes.

If I must say you are look!ng really pretty !n th¡s dress and I bet all th£ boys !n college would not be able to take th£ir eye’s off you “$h£ said.

“thanks ma’am I replied shyly. As we both walked ©vt of th£ room.

Young master Blake !nstructed me that once you get th£ir you should h£ld to th£ registration office and miss Bianca would give you th£ files needed $h£ said.

“Ok ma’am I nodded.

j√$t be very ¢ar£ful and take good ¢ar£ of yourself and m©r£over try your possible best to avoid ma’am Bianca !n college.

“Take th¡s ma’am Julia said [email protected]!ng over a credit card to me

“What for? I asked.

It your credit card “master Blake said i should give it to you.

“Ok,thanks ma’am I replied.

“Yeah, go th£ driver is wait!ng for you $h£ said.

Bye ma,am I waved at h£r as I got !nto th£ already open car.

Wh£n I got !nto th£ car I was surprised to see ma,am Bianca glar!ng at me with a frown on h£r face .

What took you so long? $h£ ask as I took my sit next to h£r.

“I’M sorry ma’am, I replied my h£ad bow.

Sorry for yourself $h£ said.

Gosh I don’t j√$t know what i have ever done to h£r that make i to hate me th¡s much I wonder.

Bianca pov

I kept on star!ng at querida with th£ expensive gown $h£ was putt!ng.

Who would have believed that Blake could order a 500,000000usd gown for th¡s little bitch.

I thought as I kept on star!ng at h£r $h£ is too dumb and stupid for my lik!ng.

And m©r£over $h£ is th£ ma!n reason my broth£rs are always scold!ng me.

Querida pov

Th£ ride to campus was quite all through although I wasn’t comfortable sitt!ng next to ma,am Bianca who kept on glar!ng at me occasionally as if I stole someth!ng very precious from h£r.

“Ma,am we have arrived th£ driver said.

And you expect me to opened th£ door my self? ma’am Bianca said referr!ng to th£ driver.

I quietly step d©wΠ open!ng th£ door and I step ©vt of th£ car Followed by ma,am Bianca.

I will be [email protected]¢k h£re to pick you guys up by 2pm and please young miss you guys should wait for me and not branch else wh£re or go home with “young master Arturo.

“or young master Blake is go!ng to beh£ad me th£ driver said.

Who gave you th£ gust to give me orders if “Blake” is to beh£ad you don’t you know that h£ would be do!ng you a great favor by end!ng your miserable life.

Am sorry young miss it was young master Blake order th£ driver replied with a plead!ng voice.

“Sorry for your self, you can leave and make sure you take a bath once you’re com!ng [email protected]¢k you St!nk.

i don’t j√$t know why Blake have to hire someone like you as a driver $h£ Said with a frown.

I kept on star!ng at ma,am Bianca as $h£ kept on !nsult!ng th£ young man who did noth!ng wrong to h£r but was j√$t follow!ng as h£ was !nstructed.

“What,why are you star!ng at me like that?do you want me to poke ©vt your eyeballs “$h£ said as $h£ turned to glared at me.

All do you expect me to also show you to th£ registration office if that is what you are th!nk!ng you must be a joker take th¡s bag “$h£ said [email protected]!ng over a fancy forward bag to me.

All th£ necessary details and files you are to pres£nt are already !n th£ bag so f!nd your way to th£ registration office yourself $h£ said and left Afterwards.

I kept on star!ng at h£r [email protected]¢k till $h£ totally dissappear from my sight.

I always sit and ask my self if th£y was someth!ng wrong with h£r bra!n.

I mean $h£ too rude and h°t tempered.

Writer’s pov

A black low profile luxury range rover s1©wly came to stop at th£ campus entrance.

Th£re wh£re two people seen sited !n th£ car who kept on star!ng at querida who was stand!ng not too far from th£ car.

Trevor turned @r0vnd and called boss h£ called but got no reply from h¡m.

Haven’t I tell you countless time to stop call!ng me boss blake said with a smirked

Neverth£less forget ab©vt that why are will park !n college.

“don’t tell me you are miss!ng your college days and would love to go [email protected]¢k to college. “Trevor said.

But did not get any replied from h¡m.

“Wait! wait don’t tell me you have [email protected]||!ng !n love with a teenager girl?Trevor asked .

I admit $h£ is really pretty but as you can see $h£ still little at th£ same time.

Shut th£ fv¢k up Trevor “Blake said puff!ng ©vt smoke through h¡s nostril.

Like seriously th£ almighty “Blake pons”as [email protected]||!ng !n love with a teenager girl Trevor said.

That made you to leave all th£ important deals we have at [email protected] h£ added.

Shut th£ fv¢k up and do as you have been !nstructed.

“Blake said as h£ puffed ©vt some smoke through h¡s nostril aga!n.

“But Blake what do you want me to do?should I show h£r to th£ registration office?Trevor asked.

“No asked one of th£ students and make sure it a girl “h£ said.

“Okay boss Trevor replied and came ©vt of th£ car.


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