Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to a mafia drug lord episode 28 – 29

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Sold to a mafia drug lord

(I belong to h¡m)

Chapter 28&29

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia

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Writer’s pov

“After stand!ng th£re for a long time wander!ng h£r $h£ was go!ng to f!nd h£r way to th£ registration office.

$h£ noticed alot of students star!ng at h£r especially th£ males mak!ng it really uncomfortable for h£r.

“h£y wa$$up” $h£ h£ard a soft voice from beh!nd h£r and turned to to see a young girl wear!ng gla$$es.

h£r appearance was !ndeed beautiful h£r sk!n was white and h£r facial l!ne were beautiful although $h£ was fat but $h£ was still look!ng beautiful.

“Hi $h£ replied feel!ng really nervous.

“Um…..I can see you are new? h£re $h£ asked.

” Yes $h£ nodded.

And if I may asked what are you do!ng stand!ng h£re all alone,do you need any h£lp?Th£ young girl asked.

“Hmmm, actually I can’t f!nd my way to th£ registration office can you please describe it for me $h£ said politely.

It’s was k!nd of weird speak!ng to a total stranger $h£ wasn’t use to it.

“Okey let go…..sorry forgive my manner my name is “Monica th£ young girl said !ntroduc!ng h£r self.

I am “querida”$h£ said also !ntroduc!ng h£rself. nice name you must come from a wealthy family Monica said,and why do you say so?querida asked.

Because of th£ way you are dress and th£ expensive th!ngs you are putt!ng on Monica replied.

$h£ kept on star!ng at th£ students th£ dresses must of th£m wh£re putt!ng on oh goodness are th£y bitch.

Or is th¡s campus a broth£l “$h£ thought.

Th£re cont!nue walk!ng with h£r follow!ng Monica from beh!nd.

Until $h£ stopped !n front of an office.

Th¡s is it I will wait for you h£re go on “$h£ po!nted.

“Okay thanks”$h£ thank h£r.

“$h£ stood !nfront of th£ door f!nd!ng it really difficult to knock.

You can do th¡s querida $h£ muttered before knock!ng.

“Come !n”$h£ h£ard a voice answered.

$h£ quietly opened th£ door and got !n with©vt mak!ng any noise.

“Good morn!ng sir, $h£ immediately greeted th£ man whose eyes wh£re on h¡s phone.

“Good morn!ng h£ replied simply with©vt look!ng at h£r.

$h£ cleared h£r throat not know!ng wh£re to start from.

h£ f!nally looked up to stare at h£r sit d©wΠ and pres£nt your details h£ said.

And $h£ quietly sat d©wΠ and opened th£ forward bag Bianca gave h£r a while ago.

Th£n brought ©vt th£ files that was !n th£ bag.

$h£ extended th£ paper towards h¡m and h£ collected It.

“So your name is quarida.

Yes sir $h£ replied.

“Querida Blake pons”

h£ added which surprised h£r.

Wh£n h¡s eyes landed on th£ Last two names h£ immediately sprung up on h¡s feet.

Forgive my manner young miss i never knew you wh£re th£ one h£ said politely as if h£ was was worship!ng a God !n disguise of human !n front of h¡m.

Hold on i know whose name is that master name is “Blake pons”but what was th£ need of h¡m allow!ng h£r to answer h¡s name wh£n $h£ was noth!ng but a s£× slave $h£ wonder

$h£ needed a answers to h£r question but decided to ask ma,am Julia once $h£ get home.

Please young miss signs all th£se papers th£ man said [email protected]!ng over th£ paper to h£r.

$h£ collected it from h¡m and picked up a pen from h£r bag and started feel!ng !n th£ necessary details.

$h£ couldn’t believe that because of a name th£ man who was form!ng busy could pay alot of attention to h£r.

treat!ng h£r with all respect that is to show h£r fearful and powerful h£r master is “$h£ thought.

After a while $h£ rounded up and [email protected] over th£ paper to h¡m.

Alright young miss you have a long way to go see!ng that you’re not yet done with high school.

So you meant not get to catch-up so I advise you to concentrate m©r£.

And once you f!nd anyth!ng too [email protected] or difficult for your understand!ng don’t h£sitate to let me no th£ man said politely

“Thank you sir I will $h£ replied with a low voice.

“Can you get to your cla$$room your self? all do you need any h£lp h£ asked.

You are a special student so you need to be respected h£ added.

Don’t worry sir I will ask someone to show me th£re it seems you are very busy $h£ replied.

“Okay if you !nsist.

“Okay thanks you sir $h£ said and left afterwards.

Immediately $h£ got ©vt, th£ first person h£r eyes Landed on was Monica $h£ didn’t expect that $h£ would still be wait!ng for h£r ©vtside.

“How you done?Monica asked h£r

“yes querida nodded.

“Thanks querida said.

For what?$h£ asked

Um …… for br!ng!ng me h£re I am really grateful for that is not what everyone can do querida said.

“Monica stare at querida for a while not know!ng h£r to tell h£r that $h£ was !nstructed by someone to show h£r to th£ registration office.

What course are you study!ng? Monica asked try!ng to start a conversation with querida who obviously does not like talk!ng too much.

Bus!ness adm!nistration $h£ answered.

Wow really ? $h£ asked aga!n,yes querida nodded.

Same with me guess we are course mate but !n different level.

“Oh,what level are you ?$h£ asked

300 level Monica replied

“querida was not surprised because th£ girl walk!ng beside h£r looked @r0vnd 19 all 20years old.

Ok let go I will show you to your cla$$room Monica said with©vt h£r ask!ng.

$h£ can’t remember th£ last time a total stranger was nice to h£r. But s!nce $h£ got sold !nto th£ s£× house a lot of total strangers have be nice to h£r. For example Julia and jose.

Th¡s is it you can go |ns!de Monica said po!nt!ng to an open cla$$room.

okey thank you “miss Monica and i hope we get to meet each oth£r aga!n querida said before wav!ng h£r good bye.

“Boss i have s£nd some one already to show h£r to th£ registration office.

So can we leave now? h£ asked as h£ got |ns!de th£ car.

But got no reply from Blake.

Blake why are you always th¡s quiet I have already ask one of th£ student to show h£r to th£ registration office.

And you saw it yourself I made sure it was a girl has you had !nstructed.

I was not bl!nd i saw it myself Blake replied.

But Boss if I must ask who is $h£?

I mean do you have anyth!ng to do with h£r.

Are you plann!ng on die!ng h£re ?”Blake said.

Mean!ng what? Trevor asked

Start th£ car let leave at once before th£ deal beg!ns “h£ said.

Try!ng to shut Trevor up who was beg!nn!ng to speak too much.

A group of students was gath£red |ns!de th£ cla$$room.

Who is $h£? th£ group of students wh£re ask!ng th£mselves as $h£ got |ns!de th£ cla$$room

“$h£ walked !nto th£ cla$$room ignor!ng or eyes that wh£re on h£r.

$h£ really look pretty and $h£ must be from a wealthy family consider!ng th£ way $h£ is dressed one of th£ student said.

Yes you are right anoth£r one replied.

Everyone turned to look at th£ last row of th£ cla$$room wh£re querida was quietly sited star!ng at a Math£matics textbook.

$h£ sat th£re’s quietly as $h£ h£ld unto a Math£matics textbook.

h£r eyes wh£re silently focused on th£ textbook as a mist l!ngered !n h£r eyes. not pay!ng any attention to what th£ group of students wh£re say!ng.

Alot of boys couldn’t take th£ir eye’s off h£r those who wh£re study!ng !n “universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (Unam) university were scions of wealthy students few wh£re on scholarship.

Even though th£y were used to see!ng beautiful ladies and celebrities. It was rare to f!nd a young bueaty as beautiful as querida.

See!ng th£ boys eyes on querida a girl suddenly said !n a sharp voice. “But why is $h£ ignor!ng everyone wh£n $h£ is not even as beautiful as Eliza.

Upon h£ar!ng that, Eliza sh°t a glance at one of th£ good look!ng boy as h£r eyes fluttered.

Don’t say that maybe $h£ does not like !nteract!ng with strangers.

And beside $h£ look like th£ youngest !n th¡s level Eliza said star!ng at th£ quiet querida who didn’t ¢ar£ ab©vt what th£y wh£re say!ng.

And $h£ was jealous of querida bueaty who $h£ knew is way m©r£ beautiful than h£r.

But $h£ is not th£ only rich kid h£re.

And I bet h£r family is really not that famous.

Even if $h£ used h£r connection to get !nto college so easily. How will $h£ be able to coup with th£ school lessons.


All of a sudden, th£ Math£matics lecture entered th£ cla$$room and slammed th£ paper on th£ desk.

!nterrupt!ng th£n Th£ man !n h¡s late 50 was frown!ng as h£ lectured th£m.

Are you all done chatt!ng if you must not forget you are no longer !n high school th£ man said.

Mak!ng th£ cla$$room to go quiet all of a sudden.

Open to page one on your Math£matics textbook and solve all th£ questions |ns!de your exercises book.

After ab©vt two oth£r subjects cla$$es was f!nally over.

Querida pov

After cla$$es was over I wore my school bag on my [email protected]¢k.

And walked ©vt of th£ cla$$room ignor!ng th£ students eyes that wh£re on me especially th£ boys that was try!ng to start up a conversation with me.

I went ©vt of th£ cla$$room and stood at th£ exact spot ma,am Bianca left me hours ago.

After stand!ng th£re for what s!nce like hours. I turned @r0vnd wh£n I h£ard a familiar voice called my name.

And was surprised to see ma,am Bianca walk!ng closer to wh£re I was stand!ng.

Is th£ driver not yet [email protected]¢k?$h£ asked as $h£ walked closer to wh£re I was stand!ng.

No ma,am I replied !n a low voice.

$h£ brought at h£r phone from h£r bag ₱|@y!ng with it.

Bianca we h£ard a familiar voice called for beh!nd and we both turned @r0vnd at th£ same time.

“Jose ma’am Bianca called as $h£ jumped on h¡m.

who would have believed you will ever come to th£ college to pick us $h£ said with a wide smile as $h£ let go of h¡m.

How are you querida h£ asked as h£ walked to stand !nfront of me.

Good afternoon sir I greeted h¡m with my h£ad bow

“Yh,how was cla$$es today? I hope it went well? h£ asked as h£ raised my face up to stare at me.

F!ne sir I replied feel!ng really uncomfortable consider!ng th£ way h£ was stand!ng very close to me.

“Jose”please can you take me for shopp!ng it as be!ng a long time I went ©vt shopp!ng ma,am Bianca said as $h£ h£ld h¡s [email protected] t!ghtly.

Yes of course h£ replied.

Thanks $h£ said hugg!ng t!ghtly aga!n.

Didn’t you come along with your car?$h£ asked feel!ng really excited.

It over th£re h£ said po!nt!ng at a luxury car that was parked at th£ school entrance.

With©vt wait!ng for h¡s reply $h£ ran |ns!de th£ car and sat !n th£ front seat.

I kept on star!ng at th£m not know!ng what to say aren’t you com!ng with us?h£ asked snapp!ng me ©vt of my thoughts.

I gulped [email protected] not know!ng what to say.

Th£ driver had made it clear that master Blake had !nstructed !n that we should wait for h¡m to come pick us.

And should not follow anyone home or go else wh£re, will I not be break!ng h¡s rules if I follow sir Jose “I thought.

Come with me h£ said as h£ h£ld my arm with©vt seek!ng for my permission.

“Blake is not gonna puni$h£d you h£ added as if read!ng my m!nd.

“Oh mercies,what am I supposed to do?should I follow h¡m all wait for th£ driver to come pick me “I thought.

what do you th!nk $h£ is supposed to do?share your thought !n th£ comment section

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