Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to a mafia drug lord episode 30 – 32

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Sold to a mafia drug lord

I belong to h¡m

Chapter 30

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia

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f*st ward: [email protected]¢k ward

Jose pov

“I sat !n my office recall!ng h£r querida made a cup of decaffe!nated coffee for me th£ oth£r day.

Which brought a wide smile to my face i don’t know th£ reason why I can’t stay a day with©vt th!nk!ng ab©vt h£r.

I mean !n as much as I tried not to th!nk ab©vt h£r and concentrate on my work h£r small pretty !nnocent face kept on real flash!ng !n my m!nd.

I kept th£ files that was on top of my table [email protected]¢k |ns!de my drawer.

I ch£cked my wrist watch and it was already 3pm and I decided to cut th£ day short.

Because I would love to go pick querida and bianca from college and will also like to spend a little time with th£m.

And I placed a call to my secretary cancel all of my appo!ntments I have later today I said and hanged up

I took my car key from th£ ontop of th£ table and afterwards.
I parked my car at th£ entrance of th£ college and I step ©vt of th£ car,th£ first person that caught my attention was Bianca.

Bianca i called as th£y both turned @r0vnd to at th£ same time.

f*st forward: pres£nt

Querida pov

“Oh mercies,what am I supposed to do?should I follow h¡m all wait for th£ driver to come pick me “I thought.

I kept on stand!ng not mak!ng any m©v£ment even if h£ h£ld my arm different thought kept on !nvad!ng !n my m!nd.

Before am idea bumped !nto my h£ad.

I gulped [email protected] not know!ng wh£re to start from.I mean I don’t know if I would be rude by say!ng what is !n my m!nd.

“Sir I called as h£ turned to glared at me.

“sir please don’t be offended for what I am ab©vt to say or take it th£ wrong way.

I struggle to say,wait!ng for a go ah£ad if I should cont!nue or not.

Go on h£ replied with h¡s normal voice I cleared my throat not know!ng are I am gonna put it.

Sir can you place placed a call to my master and seek from permission from h¡m if I am allowed to come with you guys.

I said stammer!ng not know!ng if h£ would be angry.

Sure h£ replied as h£ let go of my [email protected] and brought at h¡s phone from h¡s !nner pocket.

I looked up and saw !n typ!ng someth!ng on h¡s phone maybe h£ is s£nd!ng a message to master Blake” i thought.

“Done can we leave now ?h£ said snapp!ng me ©vt from my thoughts.

Th£ truth of th£ matter is that I don’t like th£ idea of go!ng ©vt!ng with th£m

And a part of me is also tell!ng me h£ never s£nd a ma$$age to “master Blake” because h£ would have refused.

But right now I have no oth£r option but to come along with th£m.

I thought and sigh£d as I followed h¡m from beh!nd.

Jose pov

I drove ©vt of th£ college, and I turn to th£ oth£r side of th£ car mirror and saw that querida have been starr!ng at one particular direction.

And I focus [email protected]¢k on driv!ng , I could tell $h£ looked really worried and at th£ same time nervous.

Maybe tak!ng th£m for shopp!ng won’t be a bad idea, I th!nk it will h£lp Ch£er h£r up and I would also have to spend some quality time with h£r.

I drove to th£ shopp!ng mall, which was one of th£ most expensive mall !n Mexico.
Bella’s fashion mall , I parked th£ car at th£ park!ng lot ,and I stepped ©vt of th£ car.

I Went over to th£ [email protected]¢k seat and open th£ car door for querida.

Let’s go, I said as I h£ld h£r [email protected]’s on m!ne, I could see how nervous $h£ is.

“Jose, why do you opened th£ car door for h£r but didn’t open m!ne.

“Bianca said, frown!ng h£r face !n anger
I let go of querida [email protected]’s and h£ld bianca [email protected]

what does my darl!ng baby sis want I’m sorry and stop be!ng a drama queen and forgive your older broth£r. I said as I peck h£r on th£ ch£ek.

Your s!n’s can’t be forgiven that easily ,you will have to make it up to me.

Anyth!ng for my little naughty sister, so off you go ,and be f*st !n pick!ng what you need.

How you serious?$h£ asked Fell!ng really excited.

Yes of course I nodded, I want like h£r gown and you know it really expensive bianca said po!nt!ng to th£ gown querida was putt!ng on.

“Ok j√$t pick anyth!ng of your choice i said.

I love you bro $h£ said…..

I love you too I replied. ….

$h£ walk’s f*st ah£ad of us ,querida what’s wrong with your face ?
Noth!ng sir, $h£ replied with a low voice.

“Querida” you look worried, or don’t you like th£ shopp!ng mall, we can change it if you don’t like it h£re.

No..$h£ shook h£r h£ad negatively.

I kept on star!ng at h£r as $h£ walked side with me how I wi$h£d I could h£ar h£r speak with that t!ny sweet voice of h£rs.

🔞 Sold to a mafia drug lord 🔞

(I belong to h¡m)

Chapter 31 &32

A story by Anitalia and Isabella writes

(⚠️ don’t copy all repost ⚠️)

Querida pov

“So many thoughts kept roam!ng !n my m!nd, !n as much as I tried not to th!nk ab©vt anyth!ng but I could not h£lp it feel!ng really s¢ar£d that someth!ng is go!ng to go wrong.

“Oh mercies, I wonder what would be my fate wh£n I get home “i thought feel!ng really s¢ar£d.

We walked !nto th£ mall, and it was like a h£aven on earth , I looked @r0vnd admir!ng th£ expensive th!ngs.

“Ma’am Bianca walked to th£ oth£r side, ignor!ng th£ greet!ngs from th£ worker’s.

while sir jose return th£ greet!ngs with a smiles on h¡s face, th£y is one th!ng I have come to notice sir Jose seems really nice and different from th£ oth£rs.

“Good afternoon Sir, Good afternoon young Miss, a young woman !n h£r early thirties greeted with a wide smile on h£r face.

“Young master jose is h£re, compose yourselfs , that was what was be!ng h£ard by th£ worker’s.

Kelly , what are you still wait!ng for , get yourself h£re and show me th£ new designs.

“Ma’am Bianca sh©vted at th£ young lady.

“Oh goodness ,why is it that ma’am Bianca is always th¡s rude to everyone.

At first I thought that I was th£ only one $h£ was rude to because $h£ didn’t like me but now I have also come to notice th£ way $h£ speaks to oth£rs so rudely.

“Querida” what are you still do!ng stand!ng th£re? sir Jose said snapp!ng me at of my thoughts

“come with me h£ said and I only nodded follow!ng h¡m from beh!nd.

We got to th£ VIP section and we were u$h£red a seat to seat d©wΠ.

“Kelly”I want a dozen of those designers dresses shown on th£ lenz and I need a collection of th£ir new available purse’s.

And I also want th£ same dress that $h£ is putt!ng on ma’am Bianca said referr!ng to th£ Kelly lady.

I’m sorry ma th¡s dress is not ©vt yet, th£ dress was specially designed !nto three forms and I th!nk sir Blake bought it all.

“What th£ fv¢k, $h£ sh©vted foam!ng !n anger, why would Blake buy all th£ expensive dresses for th¡s little bitch $h£ muttered to my h£ar!ng.

Writer’s pov

“Querida stood still star!ng at h£r, $h£ have always wander what $h£ have ever done to Bianca for h£r to hate h£r th¡s much now even call!ng h£r all sought of names.

Meanwhile jose kept on star!ng at querida who h£ noticed was so lost !n thought h£ slide h¡s phone |ns!de h¡s pocket.

“Querida what are you do!ng over th£re won’t you get any for yourself ?jose said snapp!ng h£r ©vt from h£r thoughts.

$h£ stood still not know!ng what to say because $h£ didn’t want to do anyth!ng that would prove Bianca.

Querida s!nce you aren’t ready to pick anyth!ng from yourself I th!nk I need to h£lp you with that jose said as h£ stood on h¡s feet.

And picked a particular pretty dress for querida h£ h£ld h£r by h£r [email protected] with©vt seek!ng for h£r permission and took h£r to th£ chang!ng room and left th£ dress with h£r.

I will be wait!ng to see how it looks on you h£ said and shut th£ door.

Querida stood still, |ns!de th£ room starr!ng at th£ cloth£s, after a while $h£ decided to put it on ,at least it will make sir jose happy and h£ will take th£m home afterwards.

“Querida”wore th£ red gown that stopped at h£r knee length it really looks pretty and perfect on h£r.

$h£ felt really nervous and shy at th£ same time $h£ !nhaled deeply before open!ng th£ door.

“Omg, $h£ looks really pretty and h°t !n th¡s dress.

“young master jose have a great eyes !n pick!ng th¡s particular dress for h¡s little sister th£ Kelly lady said as querida came ©vt from th£ chang!ng room.

Jose, was so lost starr!ng at th£ little bueaty !nfront of h¡m that made h¡m to open h¡s m©vth with©vt realiz!ng it.

Young miss you really look h°t !n th¡s gown th£ Kelly lady said.

Thanks ma’am $h£ replied feel!ng really shy and nervous.

Young miss why don’t you go try th¡s on th£ Kelly lady said [email protected]!ng anoth£r dress to h£r.

Bianca pov
I kept on star!ng at querida with anger boil!ng |ns!de of me why is it that anyth!ng $h£ wear always looks perfect on h£r.

And now th¡s particular dress that I would have like to have too but I knew it is not gonna fit me very well so I didn’t both£r !n ch£ck!ng it ©vt.

Why is it that everywh£re $h£ always go to $h£ will always ga!n every one attention.

I hate you querida I muttered as I kept on star!ng at h£r hatefvlly as $h£ walked !nto th£ chang!ng room.

Shortly after $h£ walked ©vt of th£ chang!ng room,putt!ng on a palazzo that was given to h£r by that foolish Kelly lady.

I could see that jose was so lost star!ng at h£r.

Omg ,$h£ looks so h°t, no $h£ looks like a model, no $h£ looks like a goddess.

Th¡s was be!ng wh¡spered by th£ worker’s and th£ people that came to shop!ng mall.

Wow querida ,you look really gorgeous jose said with lost written all over h¡m.

Thanks sir $h£ replied starr!ng at th£ floor.

Th£y won’t be any need !n test!ng th£ rest of th£ Cloth£s it will also look great and perfect on you jose said aga!n.

I kept on star!ng at th£ little bitch feel!ng really jealous $h£ really look pretty beautiful.

If I must admit everyth!ng ab©vt h£r seems really perfect.

Bianca what do you th!nk if I make h£r th£ face of my model!ng company but I know that Blake will never agree to it jose said wh¡sper!ng !n to my ear.

I mean everyth!ng ab©vt h£r is really perfect.

If you want “Blake” to kill you before your time keep on star!ng at th£ s£× slave you bought as a gift for h¡m

And I will not h£sitate before tell!ng !n how your are always so lost star!ng at h¡s little s£× slave i wh¡sper [email protected]¢k to h¡m.

And th£y is no way, you would want to make h£r th£ face of your model!ng company, you know that I have been work!ng so [email protected] on my b©dy to get that position. I said feel!ng really angry.

“Th£re you go aga!n Bianca, you need to work on your own b©dy which means it’s still not perfect.

But querida’s b©dy is natural and perfect th£re will be no need work!ng on h£r.

I won’t let you do such a th!ng or !n th£ name of th¡s little bitch . I sh©vted as I storms ©vt of th£ mall !n anger.

Querida pov

I kept on star!ng at ma’am Bianca as $h£ angrily stormed at of th£ mall

I could tell $h£ is really angry but what could have made are really th¡s angry.

I mean $h£ seems really happy a while ago.

Sir th£ cloth£s are already packed !n your car th£ Kelly lady said.

“Okay Kelly, let’s go, querida.

“Sir jose said as I followed h¡m from beh!nd we both walked ©vt of th£ mall th£ stare that I was gett!ng made me really nervous especially from th£ guys.

“Sir Jose, entered th£ driver’s seat, ma’am Bianca was seat!ng at th£ [email protected]¢k seat th¡s time @r0vnd while I sat at th£ front seat.
As h£ drove ©vt of th£ shopp!ng mall.

Jose pov

“Bianca ,can be a little dramatic at times, I can’t belive that $h£ is jealous of querida.

I didn’t say anyth!ng bad to h£r ,I j√$t stated th£ fact and noth!ng m©r£.

I didn’t mean to hurt h£r, and besides I haven’t talk ab©vt it with Blake, which I’m sure h£ won’t be !n support off.

I reget ever gett!ng h£r as a gift for Blake, $h£ is so !nnocent, naive and too young
For th£ k!nd of life $h£ is liv!ng now.

How I wish I could change th£ [email protected] of time I would have made everyth!ng right.

I turned to look at h£r and I could tell $h£ was so lost !n h£r thoughts.

Maybe tak!ng th£m ©vt for lunch won’t be a bad idea ,maybe it will h£lp Ch£er th£m up.

I turned th£ car @r0vnd to th£ direction of Javier’s cant!na restaurant.
I parked th£ car at th£ park!ng lot.
Querida, Bianca, let’s go and get some food to eat and after that we will h£ad home.

Querida pov

“I kept on star!ng at th£ gla$$ w!ndow I felt really uncomfortable consider!ng th£ way Sir Jose kept on star!ng at me.

“I felt somehow relieved at least we are go!ng home now and I will have th£ time to rest and also revise my books.

But I was very shocked wh£n I saw h¡m park!ng h¡s car !n an unfamiliar park!ng lot.

“Querida, Bianca” let go and get some food to eat h£ said.

“Oh goodness,why don’t will j√$t go and eat at home “I thought.

Writer’s pov

“An expensive luxury car drove !nto Javier’s cant!na restaurant and parked !n th£ park!ng lot .

“Blake”Trevor called as th£y both step ©vt of th£ car.

“Blake” I have been mean!ng to ask why did you choose to speak with th£ !nvestors !n an open area like th¡s? that really unlike you.

“Trevor said as h£ walked over to wh£re Blake was stand!ng.

Blake brought at a stick of cigarette from h¡s !nner pocket and lighted it ignor!ng what Trevor was say!ng.

Boss try and compose yourself will are ab©vt to speak with an important !nvestor with a normal bus!ness deal so it will be best if you throw that th!ng away and try to behave like a decent bus!ness man. h£ added.

“Blake turned to glare at Trevor don’t ever try to cross your bandries and shut th£ fv¢k up h£ added.

Querida pov

“We got !nto th£ restaurant and sir Jose ordered a three plate of beef green chili and a w!ne juice along with it.

I looked @r0vnd admir!ng th£ bueaty of th£ restaurant forgett!ng ab©vt my worries and didn’t know wh£n my eyes meet with that of ma’am Bianca.

What? $h£ yelled at me

Am sorry ma’am I replied and I lower my gaze on th£ empty table

Querida is anyth!ng th£ problem? sir Jose asked.

Noth!ng sir I shook my h£ad negatively.

Few secs later a waitress arrived at our table and $h£ placed d©wΠ th£ order on th£ table.

And left afterwards I was ab©vt eat!ng wh£n I pecieve a familiar fragrance and I almost pee on my b©dy !n fear and shocked wh£n I turned @r0vnd.

“Master h£ was sitt!ng on chair next to ours but h£ wasn’t look!ng at our direction.

“Oh mercies what is gonna happen now?

My h£art started b**t!ng like a party drum i h£ld my ch£st because of th£ pa!ns I was feel!ng |ns!de of my ch£st.

“Querida” what is th£ problem? sir Jose ask but I didn’t turned [email protected]¢k to glared at h¡m.

Writer pov

“Trevor kept on star!ng at th£ direction of th£ girl that h£r face seems really familiar to h¡m.

And was surprised wh£n h£ saw that $h£ was sitt!ng with both jose and bianca.

“Blake” you never told me that th£ little bueaty will meant early today was related to you guys Trevor said and called th£ attention of Blake.

h£ turned to stare at querida with so much anger boil!ng |ns!de of h¡m.

$h£ felt really s¢ar£d not know!ng what to do.

$h£ kept h£r h£ad d©wΠ feel!ng really s¢ar£d.

Trevor pov

Blake i called as I followed h¡m from beh!nd.

Who is $h£ to you? that made you left th£ restaurant !n that manner? i ask.

Feel!ng really confused wh£n h£ knew fvlly way th£ ma!n reason we came to th£ restaurant.

I watch£d as h£ got !nto th£ car and drove off with a high speed not pay!ng attention to me.

No one had to tell me twice before I knew Blake was really upset.

One th!ng I am sure of was that th£ h£ always get angry and behave !n th¡s k!nd of manner wh£n someone close to h¡m brake any of h¡s rules.

But who is th£ little girl to h¡m that made !n really angry? I thought.

Who is th!nk!ng what i am th!nk!ng?how you guys sure jose texted Blake?

Th£y is only one way to f!nd ©vt

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