Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to a mafia drug lord episode 33 – 34

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sold a mafia drug lord 🔞

I belong to h¡m

Chapter 33&34

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia

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Warn!ng:th¡s chapter consists a little of abuse on it if you can’t stand it don’t both£r !n read!ng it.

Querida pov

“Th£ Drive [email protected]¢k home was quite all through but i couldn’t stop feel!ng really s¢ar£d.

I felt a sharp pa!n that hook me !n my ch£st and it was as if I was f!nd!ng it really difficult to breath.

I don’t know why I am feel!ng really s¢ar£d that because a part of me is tell!ng me that my master is gonna puni$h£d me.

“Oh Mercies ,what gonna happen now I thought and sigh£d I pray h£ j√$t spare me th¡s time @r0vnd and not hurt me aga!n.

s*x was what I fear most consider!ng th£ way h£ has hurt me th£ first time and I wasn’t able to walk properly for days.
After sometime we arrived home.

“Sir Jose parked !n th£ park!ng lot and we all came d©wΠ at once.

I thought I would be able to ask ma’am Julia why I was answer!ng my master name but that was th£ list of my worried right now.

th£ only th!ng that was go!ng through my m!nd was what “master Blake is gonna do to me.

“Querida” sir Jose called snapp!ng me ©vt of my thoughts and I looked up to glared at h¡m,you forgot your shopp!ng bag h£ said [email protected]!ng over th£ bag to me.

“thank you sir I replied as I took th£ bag from h¡s [email protected] wak!ng away.

I walked s1©wly !nto th£ sitt!ng room and walked pa$$ alot of boys and maids who bow greet!ng me as I walked pa$$ th£m.

Which made me to always wonder why th£y are always show!ng alot of respect to me if I am j√$t a slave a s£× slave for that matter.

I went !nto my room feel!ng really s¢ar£d What is h£ gonna do to me now I thought.

I could tell i saw anger boil!ng |ns!de of h¡m wh£n I saw h¡m at th£ restaurant and th£ way h£ angrily left.

“Oh goodness, querida what have you gotten yourself !nto h£ made it clear by tell!ng th£ driver that we should not go else wh£re.

And I am very sure sir Jose never texted master Blake.

“Luna” what do you th!nk is gonna happen to me now.

h¡s h£ gonna hurt me aga!n i asked and didn’t realize I was already !n tears.

“Querida” a familiar voice called I looked up and saw ma’am Julia Stand!ng !nfront of me.

Ma’am I called as I stood up and hugged h£r t!ghtly querida what is it? $h£ asked wh£n $h£ saw i was !n tears.

“Ma’am “master Blake” saw me at th£ restaurant with sir Jose and ma’am Bianca and h£ is gonna puni$h£d me for that i said patt!ng h£avily.

j√$t put yourself togeth£r and take a deep breath $h£ said.

I can’t ma’am what if h£ decide to hurt me aga!n like h£ did few days ago.

I said with tears dropp!ng d©wΠ my eyes like [email protected]||.

“Young miss we h£ard a soft knock.

Come !n ma’am Julia said.

“Good even!ng young miss, master Blake s£nt for you. h£ is !n h¡s room th£ maid said and left afterwards.

I gripped ma’am Julia [email protected] t!ghtly !n fear no ma’am h£ have s£nt for me to hurt me aga!n i said and didn’t realize I was already shak!ng.

It drench£d th£ life ©vt of me that was th£ last place I would want to go.

Querida j√$t put yourself togeth£r and go answered h¡m.

Don’t worry you are go!ng to over come all th¡s ma’am Julia said and I could see tears form!ng !n h£r eyes already.

You Don’t want to keep h¡m wait!ng ma’am Julia gestured me to go.

“Ok ma’am I will?I replied with a nod clean!ng th£ tears off my face.


“Master i trembled knock!ng at th£ door come !n I h£ard h¡m said.

₱ush!ng th£ door opened I looked @r0vnd and walked !n shutt!ng th£ door beh!nd me.

Try!ng to overcome th£ fears I was feel!ng right now.

I could feel beads of sweat dripp!ng from my face and I felt serious pa!ns !n my ch£st wh£n I saw !n.

h£ was sited on a coach !n h¡s room with a cigarette !n b£tweeΠ h¡s [email protected]

I bow my h£ad d©wΠ $h!very!ng !n fear not know!ng what to do or say.

I opened my m©vth to speak i j√$t wanted to begged h¡m but noth!ng came ©vt.

After what seems like an hours I h£ard a foot step walk!ng towards wh£re I was stand!ng wh£n I looked up fear gripped all over me and I didn’t realize I was already shak!ng.

Why did you go else wh£re with jose?why didn’t you wait for your driver to come pick you up? h£ asked.

You don’t look at th£ floor wh£n I am talk!ng h£ yelled mak!ng me to fl!nch£d.

I fearfvlly raise my h£ad i am s….

I managed to say but before I could f!ni$h£d an unexpected slap landed on my ch£ek.

how dare you Break my rules h£ said gently but with a cold voice.

I was already on th£ floor because of th£ slap.

Get up h£ said aga!n and I weakly stood up with fear eat!ng all part of me.

I h£ld unto my burn!ng ch£ek with my right [email protected] and I placed my oth£r [email protected] on my ch£st with tears stream!ng d©wΠ my eyes.

h£ slapped me on my face but I could feel th£ pa!n both !n my ch£st and my ch£ek.

“Oh mercies, querida why did you have to break h¡s rules “I thought.

Don’t you know what you are supposed to do h£ said snapp!ng me ©vt from my thoughts.

That was one of th£ words I hate h£ar!ng from h¡m.

Take off your cloth£s go to th£ table and hold it firmly h£ said.

And I felt my h£art slammed aga!nst my ch£st so h£ is really gonna hurt me aga!n I thought and I busted !nto m©r£ tears.

I took off my cloth£s with©vt anyth!ng cover!ng me.

I walked to th£ table and couldn’t stop cry!ng.

I h£ld unto th£ table m©r£ firmly and closed my eyes.

“Oh mercies, th¡s cannot happen not aga!n I wouldn’t be able to bear it. If h£ hurts me aga!n.

After m!nutes pa$$es I h£ard th£ ruff!ng of cloth£s beh!nd me.

I could tell h£ was already stand!ng !nfront of me even with my eyes shut close.

Writer’s pov

“After Blake was done tak!ng off h¡s cloth£s h£ went and stood beh!nd querida who was already shak!ng !n fear even with h£r eyes t!ghtly close.

Querida you can endure th¡s $h£ said with!n With h£r eyes still shut close.

$h£ bent d©wΠ hold!ng th£ table and h£ made h£r placed one of h£r leg on th£ table as h£ came |ns!de of h£r forcefvlly from beh!nd.

$h£ s¢r**m !n pa!ns as $h£ felt !n com!ng |ns!de of h£r from beh!nd forcefvlly.

No…….please master stop it it really pa!nful $h£ cried try!ng to break free.

h£ ₱v||ed ©vt of h£r and went !n aga!n as h£ thrv$ted !nto h£r h£r roughly.

h£ cont!nue mov!ng !n and ©vt of h£r roughly and steady.

h£r legs on th£ table had started shak!ng because of h¡s [email protected] thrv$t and $h£ didn’t realize wh£n $h£ almost let go of th£ table.

Don’t let your [email protected] leave that table h£ said h£ p!nned h£r leg that was on top of th£ tables with h¡s [email protected] and h£ld h£r [email protected]¡$t with h¡s oth£r [email protected]

$h£ got hold of th£ table hold!ng it m©r£ firmer.

Tears stream!ng d©wΠ h£r eyes.

h£ cont!nued thrv$t!ng !nto h£r roughly and steady doubl!ng th£ pa!ns only for h£r to release m©r£ tears.

h£r h£ad was becom!ng h£avy and $h£ was already feel!ng really tired because of h¡s [email protected] thrv$t.

$h£ bent h£r h£ad and wept as h£ fv¢k h£r from beh!nd and after sometime that seems like hours to h£r.

$h£ felt a liquid substance ₱0ured |ns!de of h£r before h£ ₱v||ed ©vt.

h£ dropped d©wΠ h£r leg that was on th£ table.

$h£ was f!nally relived wh£n h£ did.

h£r [email protected] left th£ table with a shak!ng legs.

All th¡s while h£r eyes wh£re shut closed $h£ s1©wly opened th£m and h£r vision was blurry $h£ could barely see because of th£ tears cover!ng h£r face.

$h£ cleaned off th£ tears that was cover!ng h£r face and fearfvlly turned @r0vnd with a lot of difficulties to see h¡m walk!ng away h£ad!ng to th£ bathroom.

Querida pov

I was f!nally relived wh£n I could not feel !n |ns!de of me anym©r£.

I thought I was gonna die but I am surprised I am still alive.

I fearfvlly looked up and saw h¡m h£ad!ng to th£ bathroom.

I couldn’t believe h£ did it aga!n for how long will i suffer like th¡s i thought with tears stream!ng d©wΠ my eyes like [email protected]||.

I bent d©wΠ to pick up my cloth£s with a shak!ng [email protected] and leg but I busted !nto tears my b©dy wh£re ach!ng !n-b£tweeΠ my legs and it was as of th£y is a big sore d©wΠ th£re.

I could barely walk i dragged my feet on th£ floor with a shak!ng legs h£ad!ng towards h¡s b£d ignor!ng if I was still [email protected]£d.

I s1©wly walk to h¡s b£d with a lot of difficulties .

I sat on h¡s b£d releas!ng m©r£ tears.

I would have love to go [email protected]¢k to my room but I will not be able to go th£re all by myself with with©vt an a$$istant.

I [email protected] on h¡s b£d us!ng th£ duvet to cover my [email protected]£d b©dy.

I kept on star!ng at th£ ceil!ng what a life j√$t exactly by th¡s time three weeks ago I was peaceful sleep!ng !n th£ h£ll i once called a home.

To be realistic if I could change th£ [email protected] of time I would have j√$t run away liv!ng my life as a street begger and probably work as a maid I prefer it over th£ life I am liv!ng now.

All maybe i was never a good daughter I would have put m©r£ effort be!ng th£ daughter my fath£r and step moth£r wanted.

Th£y are at times I do miss my family even if th£re treated me badly th£y were th£ only people I do have !n th¡s wh0l£ world.

I always wonder what I ever did wrong for th£y to sell me !nto th¡s k!nd of unfortunate life.

That i will never wish for anyone not even my greatest enemy.

I tried my possible best to be a good daughter and a step daughter.

I always w!n a lot of prizes !n school th!nk!ng that th£y will both be proud of me but anyth!ng I always do was never right especially to my step moth£r.

My dad have never for once raised h¡s [email protected] on me but h£ never said a th!ng once my step moth£r does.

I always th!nk I would end up hat!ng th£m for what th£y did to me by sell!ng me ©vt but I don’t feel any slightly hatred for th£m.

I always end up miss!ng th£m and my real home.

I kept on th!nk!ng ab©vt my life and pray that my tomorrow will be better than my today and my eye led become h£avy and drifted !nto sleep😭😭😭.

Blake pov

I came ©vt of th£ bathroom after spend!ng along time th£re with a towel tied @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t.

My gaze fell on querida $h£ was [email protected]!ng on th£ b£d f*st asleep.

I ignored h£r pres£nces !n th£ room.

I walked to th£ wardrobe and picked a light cloth to wear.

A red s!nglet and a black [email protected] trouser.

After I was done dress!ng up I brought at a pack of cigarette from my drawer and took a stick ©vt from it I lighted it and I stuck it !nto my m©vth.

I walk [email protected]¢k and sat d©wΠ on one of th£ couch !n my room.

☆☆☆Past ☆☆☆

“Blake why are you guys not com!ng along with us to Paris?mr Raymond asked.

Are you sure you and Sofia we be safe at home all by yourself.

Remember th£y is know guard to look after you guys,once we are away Mrs merrissa said.

We will be f!ne mom and dad, i j√$t clock twelve a week a go.

And not you worry mom I promise to take very good ¢ar£ of Sofia and myself.

And you and Dad can have a save trip with th£ oth£rs h£ added.

“Ok,if you !nsist take very good ¢ar£ of yourself and Sofia.

And don’t allow h£r to eat what $h£ is allergic to Mrs merrissa added.

“Ok Mr and Mrs pons, you guys can leave now and stop disturb!ng us can’t you see we are both busy Sofia said with a smile.

Mom can I stay at home with both Blake and Sofia?Bianca said.

No pr!ncess you’re still little and need to be with mummy Mrs merrissa said carry!ng Bianca up.

You better go along with your mom or i am go!ng to deal with you once you try to misbehave.

Am I right Blake ?Sofia ask as h£ turned to stare at Blake yes you are hundred percent right.

You guys should be very ¢ar£ful “jose Arturo and bianca,would be com!ng along with me and your mom.

“Ok, dad will promise to look after each oth£r th£y both said at once.


h£ didn’t realize h£ was already !n tears wh£n h£ recall one of h¡s past that h£ always hate to recall.

My mom was right if it wasn’t for me Sofia would have still be alive today.

If anyone is to be blame for Sofia death I am th£ one and no one else h£ yelled and throw th£ cigarette that h£ was hold!ng on h¡s [email protected] !n th£ floor.

T B C 😭😭😭

Th¡s chapter is really emotional !n as much as I tried not to cry 😭😭😭i couldn’t j√$t h£lp it 😭😭💔

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