Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to a mafia drug lord episode 35 – 36

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🔞 sold to a mafia drug lord 🔞

I belong to h¡m

Chapter 35&36

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia


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Querida POV

“I opened my eyes weakly and th£ first th!ng I saw was th£ ceil!ng.

“Querida i h£ard a familiar voice called and I lifted my h£ad to see that it was ma’am Julia $h£ was stand!ng close to th£ b£d.

I looked away try!ng to sit up I felt serious pa!ns !n my Lower abdomen as I struggle to sit which made me to recall th£ previous night !ncidence with my master.

I can’t believe h£ succeeded !n hav!ng h¡s way with me for th£ second time.

“how h£ used me like some piece of trash who am I kidd!ng I am noth!ng but a disgusted bitch.A s£× toy for that matter j√$t th!nk!ng ab©vt it brought tears to my eyes.

“Querida”how are you feel!ng? I have been wait!ng for you to come ©vt of your pretty deep sleep.

“Ma’am Julia said as h£ sat d©wΠ on th£ b£d and placed h£r [email protected] on my ch£ek clean!ng off th£ tears that escape from my eyes.

I looked @r0vnd and saw that I was [email protected]¢k !n my room but how did I end up !n my room I wondered.

I recall I had slept !n h¡s room after th£ terrible pa!ns h£ made me pa$$ through th£ previous night.

I tried stand!ng up ignor!ng ma’am Julia pres£nt !n th£ room.

My b©dy was ach!ng !n-b£tweeΠ my legs and it was as if th£y is a big sore d©wΠ th£re.

Querida do you need any h£lp? $h£ asked and i shook my h£ad negatively.

Th£ truth of th£ matter was that I am tired of seek!ng h£lp from h£r.

What if I wake up one day and $h£ is no longer nice to me. are will I be able to cop.

I mean $h£ is th£ only one I feel really comfortable with !n th¡s place.

I will try h£lp!ng my self enhance forth I thought and stood on my feet.

I tried walk!ng but I fell d©wΠ [email protected]¢k on th£ b£d because of th£ pa!ns I felt !n-b£tweeΠ my legs which made me to h¡ss !n pa!ns.

Querida how you sure you don’t need any a$$istance $h£ asked with a concerned voice.

But before I could speak $h£ ran |ns!de th£ bathroom and came ©vt after a while.

$h£ a$$isted me !n stand!ng up and wh£n I got !nto th£ bathroom I was surprised that $h£ had already prepared my bathtub.

I brush my tooth and took my bath with©vt mak!ng alot of m©v£ment.

I spent a long time !n th£ bathroom because I needed enough warm water to touch my varg!na as I laid !n th£ bathtub.

I almost slept off !n th£ bathtub.after a long while,I came ©vt.dried my b©dy and picked a simple dress from my wardrobe to wear.
I sat d©wΠ on my b£d th!nk!ng ab©vt noth!ng !n particular.

You guys might be th!nk!ng why I am not surprised or angry that “sir Jose lied to me that h£ had texted my master.

That was because I knew h£ never did but I j√$t have to follow th£m because th£ir was noth!ng else I could do.

“Querida ma’am Julia called snapp!ng me ©vt of my thoughts.

Do you need ice th£rapy to get ride of th£ mark on your face? $h£ asked mak!ng me to placed my [email protected] on my ch£ek.

Th£re are some marks that you can never get ride off, even if you gett!ng ride of it.

It will always rema!ned a scar !n your h£art i said and sigh£d.

$h£ kept on star!ng at me for some m!nutes with©vt ©vter!ng a s!ngle word.

But you need to you can’t go to college like th¡s tomorrow $h£ advice.

Don’t worry ma’am I have gotten marks worst than th¡s and before tomorrow I bet it won’t be that obvious.

Querida can I ask you a question? $h£ asked.

“If you’re given th£ opportunity to kill h¡m will you? I mean will you kill h¡m for th£ way h£ forced h¡mself on you for th£ second time? $h£ asked.

Which got me dumbstruck I kept quiet not know!ng what exactly to say.

Why will I want to kill h¡m?h£ did noth!ng wrong to me i am j√$t th£ unfortunate one h£re.

I mean If I didn’t hate My family for sell!ng me !nto th¡s k!nd of unfortunate life why th£n will I want to kill th£ one that I was given as a gift to.

Is not as if I like th£ way h£ always treat!ng me like an animal.always hav!ng h¡s way with me.

I don’t like h¡m none hate h¡m I am j√$t th£ curse one h£re.

I mean I am j√$t serv!ng my purpose as th£ s£× slave I am.

And neith£r do I wish or want h¡m dead and even if h£ h¡s to be killed at least not by me I said and sigh£d.

“Querida i have an idea why don’t you j√$t run away.

I will get everyth!ng ready and you can go leave with my mum !n Paris. even if $h£ is sick and will don’t have that much I will tried my possible best to always attend to your every need $h£ said.

I would have love th¡s new beg!nn!ng $h£ is offer!ng me but th£ truth of th£ matter is that I don’t want h£r to get !nto trouble all because of me.

Querida what do you have to say? do you agree to it all not? $h£ asked anxiously.

I don’t know what to say “ma’am”but !n as much as I love th¡s new beg!nn!ng you are offer!ng me.Is j√$t that th£ very day sir Jose bought me [email protected]¢k !n th£ s£× and gave me as a gift to master Blake that was th£ very day I considered th¡s place my home.

And all of th£ people liv!ng !n it my family so would it not be wrong if I j√$t run away like that and beside i am already someone property.

“h£ gave me a home wh£n th£ people I consider my family sold me ©vt as a payment for th£ir debt.

h£ gave me a new name wh£n I thought I had lost th£ one I had.

I have everyth!ng I need expensive cloth£s, shoes,bags etc.

And I am also attend!ng one of th£ best college !n th£ wh0l£ of Mexico all because of h¡m.

Everyone h£re treats me well and respect me even if I am noth!ng but a s£× slave.

And I don’t have to do any work, th£y are always people attend!ng to my every need.

h£ also doesn’t puni$h£d me unless I break any of h¡s rules.

So I have Decided to accept my fate and leave th£ rest to th£ almighty.

And I will tried my possible best never to see what h£ does to me as wickedness or see h¡m as a monster.

I am already a slave and h¡s property so it will be best if I let go of th£ past and tried not to escape but my only goal now is to focus on th£ pres£nt.

And prayer that my tomorrow will be better than my today. I said and didn’t realize I was already !n tears.

“Querida “your mom is th£ most luckiest moth£r on earth for hav!ng a very beautiful, !ntelligent and k!nd h£arted daughter like you and $h£ will be very proud of you.

I know th£ almighty is gonna answer all of your prayers.

And everyth!ng we [email protected]|| !nto th£ right place very soon ma’am Julia said as $h£ cleaned off th£ tears stream!ng d©wΠ my ch£ek.

I couldn’t j√$t h£lp it but hugged ma’am Julia because I needed a shoulder to cry on.

Querida i have an idea that gonna chill you up $h£ said as $h£ dis£ngage from th£ hug.

I kept on star!ng at h£r wait!ng for what $h£ is gonna say next.

Why don’t will both ₱|@y a game? you will be ask!ng me any question on your m!nd and I we give you a reply $h£ said try!ng to make me happy.

I smile !n my h£art see!ng that $h£ is try!ng h£r possible best to make me feel best.

“Ok ma’am I nodded my h£ad.

I bl!nk my eyes la$h£s countless times not know!ng wh£re to stay from.

Do you th!nk that my mom would be happy !n th£ realm that I have started college? i ask wait!ng for h£r reply.

“Yes $h£ will be very happy for h£r precious “little girl $h£ replied.

“Really ?I asked aga!n.

“Yes of course” $h£ answered.

You all might be wonder!ng why I am ask!ng h£r th¡s wierd question? that is because I h£ard from one of th£ moth£r !n th£ church.

$h£ said that ones you lost someone very dearest to you, that if you’re not happy, th£n that person might never be happy !n th£ realm or h£r spirit might end up wander!ng !n earth.

I know some of you are go!ng to call it superstitious.

Writer’s pov:I am th!nk!ng that already 🤔

Actually do you know that one of my dreams was to become a nun i said as a dropped of tears escape my eyes.

“Really ?$h£ asked and I nodded. But aren’t you too pretty to become a nun $h£ said and scoffed.

I don’t th!nk so th£y are alot of pretty nuns !n th£ church” I replied.

But I guess fate had anoth£r plan for me I said and sigh£d feel!ng really sad.

I have always dreamed of a beautiful and perfect life to become a well recognized doctor !n th£ wh0l£ of Mexico city, but my wh0l£ dreams turned !nto a nightmare on that very day.

It was a Christmas eve and I was j√$t 12 years old th£m $h£ said.

A Christmas eve I muttered.

What took place on that very day that is mak!ng h£r th¡s sad i wonder.

I was ab©vt ask!ng h£r wh£n $h£ stood up.

“Querida” why don’t you have some rest I will be right [email protected]¢k $h£ said and left.

“Luna” isn’t $h£ behav!ng really strange? i said as I [email protected] on th£ b£d hugg!ng Luna really t!ghtly.

I th!nk $h£ might be hid!ng someth!ng .

I recalled h£r tell!ng me th£ oth£r day that $h£ once have a daughter @r0vnd my age.

“Luna” let j√$t have some rest maybe th£ pa!ns will get to relieve me i said as I shut my eyes close try!ng to [email protected]|| asleep.

Bianca pov

I stood at th£ entrance of th£ college wait!ng for that stupid driver as usual.

I kept on wonder!ng why querida didn’t come to college.

I asked th£ driver and h£ said that”julia said $h£ is not feel!ng too f!ne and so $h£ will not be able to attend college.

Not as if I ¢ar£ but I j√$t kept on wander!ng what wrong with h£r because $h£ seems f!ne to me j√$t yesterday.

I know some of you might be th!nk!ng if Blake puni$h£d me for go else wh£re. yes h£ did i j√$t have to copy th£ discipl!ne rules as usual.

“Bianca a familiar voice called snapp!ng me ©vt of my thoughts.

I looked up to see that it was Cel!na one of Arturo so called girlfriend.

I looked away pretend!ng not to notice h£r pres£nt even if $h£ was stand!ng !nfront of me.

Bianca $h£ called aga!n.

What did h£ll do you want from me? or do I !n any way looked like th£ sugar boy you are dat!ng i said and scoffed.

“Um..actually I have a favour to ask of you you $h£ said clear!ng h£r throat.

j√$t what I have expected i guess maybe Arturo have broken up with h£r.

“Um…please can you h£lp me with Arturo recent phone number I have someth!ng very important to discuss with h¡m and th£ one I have isn’t connect!ng $h£ said.

I know $h£ is j√$t try!ng to put on an act j√$t like th£ bitch $h£ is.

Isn’t it obvious? I asked with an eye roll.

Mean!ng what?

“Mean!ng h£ does not want you anym©r£ and if you don’t m!nd you can leave now you’re beg!nn!ng to !ncov!nece me i added look!ng else wh£re.
I cont!nued stand!ng th£re and my legs wh£re beg!nn!ng to pa!n me.

Until I saw a familiar Rolls-Royce ₱v||ed over !nfront of me it looks j√$t like Arturo new car Blake bought for h¡m a week ago.

Th£ gla$$ of th£ car rolled d©wΠ and my guess turned at to be true.

“Bianca aren’t you com!ng !n or h£r you plann!ng on stand!ng th£re forever “h£ said.

Won’t you opened th£ car for me to get !n I said with an eye roll.

You can decide to stand th£re forever or better still die th£re if you do not opened th£ car door yourself.

“Gosh! I don’t know why my broth£rs are always th¡s mean to me I muttered as I opened th£ car and got !n.

Querida pov

I rolled on th£ b£d sleep!ng peaceful forgett!ng ab©vt all my pa!ns and worries.

I opened my eyes feel!ng really pressed i guess that because I have been hold!ng it for a while now.

I struggle to sit up with a lot of difficulties as I stand on my feet dragg!ng my legs on th£ floor by b©dy was still ach!ng and I was still feel!ng th£ same pa!ns.

I thought th£ pa!ns was go!ng to relieve me after I woke up but I guess it didn’t.
I came ©vt of th£ bathroom still dragg!ng my feet on th£ floor I went to th£ b£d and sat on it.

I was feel!ng really hungry but I was really s¢ar£d to leave my room what if I get my self !nto anoth£r trouble and h£ hurt me aga!n “I thought and sigh£d.

Young miss some one called and I looked up to see that it was th£ maid that had a$$isted me !n bath!ng th£ oth£r day.

“How can I h£lp you? I asked.

Actually Julia s£nt me to call you d©wΠ stairs for breakf*st I came earlier and you wh£re f*st asleep I didn’t want to disturb you.

So I decided to come ch£ck on you later and is noon already so is time for you to come d©wΠstairs for lunch “$h£ said.

I stood up from th£ b£d follow!ng h£r from beh!nd try!ng to walk properly so that it will not be noticed by anyone.

I kept on follow!ng h£r from beh!nd until we got to th£ kitch£n.

Querida ma’am Julia called as $h£ walked closer to wh£re I was stand!ng.

What will you like to have for lunch? $h£ asked.

Um.. noodles I said as I bl!nk my eyes la$h£s.

What type of noodles will you like to have?”$h£ asked aga!n.

Anyone of your choice I replied.

I th!nk I will go for stir fry udon noodles with pepper sauce…. $h£ said and I nodded my h£ad.

Why don’t you go wait at th£ d!nn!ng and I will make it myself.

Ok ma’am I responded and left for th£ d!nn!ng.

I sat d©wΠ feel!ng really s¢ar£d th£ only th!ng that was go!ng through my m!nd was what if my master sees me h£re.

I don’t know why, but I am always s¢ar£d of h¡m even with th£ measure of h¡s name I always end up feel!ng pa!n !n my ch£st.

I was really happy wh£n ma’am Julia said $h£ be mak!ng some “stir fry undon noodles with pepper sauce.

I always love eat!ng it because it was one of my favorite food.

I am gonna tell Blake that you skip cla$$es and went ©vt!ng with your friends.

You can do whatsoever you want I don’t ¢ar£ i h£ad a familiar voices.

I looked up to see both “ma’am Bianca and I th!nk th£ Arturo guy walk!ng towards th£ d!nn!ng and I quickly bow my h£ad fiddled with th£ tip of my shirt.

“Hi, I h£ard a familiar voice said as h£ took a seat next to me.

I looked up to see that it was th£ Arturo guy. “Good afternoon sir” I greeted with my h£ad bow.

I am “Arturo “Blake youngest broth£r. and I guess you are querida h£ said and I only nodded with my h£ad still bow.

Why can’t h£ j√$t leave already i am really not comfortable sitt!ng next to me.

h£ kept on star!ng at me for a while with©vt say!ng a s!ngle word.

Can will be friends?h£ asked and I dilated my eyes !n surprised why does h£ want to become friends with me I wonder.

Querida h£ called snapp!ng me ©vt of my thoughts I rema!ned quiet not know!ng what exactly to say.

“So can we be friends?h£ asked aga!n.

“Why does h£ want to be friends with me I kept on wonder!ng.

I don’t know “sir “I replied not know!ng if i sounded rude.

Why don’t you want to become friend with me? h£ asked.

But before h£ could cont!nue h¡s phone started r!ng!ng,I will be right [email protected]¢k h£ said and left.

I took !n a deep breath wh£n h£ did”oh mercies! I hope i don’t get my self !nto trouble I prayed !n my h£art.

After some m!nutes ma’am Julia f!nally appeared with a tray dropp!ng it on th£ d!nner table.

Thanks ma’am I said as $h£ di$h£d th£ food for me !nto an empty plate.

I dig my spoon !nto th£ plate and started eat!ng but after sometime I dropped th£ spoon and stopped eat!ng.

Thanks ma’am I replied as I drank some water.

Are you done eat!ng? $h£ asked and I nodded.

But you have not eat!ng a th!ng from it no wonder you are th¡s sk!nny $h£ said and I j√$t laugh£d over it know!ng $h£ was right let j√$t say I am a less eater.

And I don’t like eat!ng that much even if I am hungry I always end up eat!ng a little.

I wanted to take th£ plate to th£ kitch£n but $h£ !nsisted on do!ng it.

I kept on look!ng @r0vnd until I caught a view of my master h£ was stand!ng at th£ entrance of th£ door.

And I could tell h£ was hav!ng a conversation with I th!nk th£ Liam guy but h£ didn’t notice me I tried to look away not Until h¡s eyes caught with m!ne and I felt $h!verys run d©wΠ my sp!ne.

I sprung up on my feet runn!ng away before h£ hurt me aga!n. ignor!ng th£ pa!ns I was still feel!ng !n b£tweeΠ my legs.

I ran !nto my room breath!ng h£avily.

I felt serious pa!n !n my ch£st i tried walk!ng to my b£d but I couldn’t.

“Oh mercies what happen!ng to me th£ pa!n hooked me !n my ch£st th¡s time @r0vnd .

I h£ld unto my ch£st cry!ng !n pa!ns i tried call!ng ©vt to ma’am Julia but I couldn’t even s¢r**m ©vt.

It was as if I was pa$$!ng ©vt because I was f!nd!ng it really difficult to breath.


“Oh mercies what go!ng on.




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