Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to a mafia drug lord episode 37 – 38

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🔞 sold to a mafia drug lord 🔞

(I belong to h¡m)

Chapter 37&38

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia


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Querida pov

“I sprung up on my feet runn!ng away before h£ hurt me aga!n. ignor!ng th£ pa!ns I was still feel!ng !n b£tweeΠ my legs.

I ran !nto my room breath!ng h£avily.

I felt serious pa!n !n my ch£st i tried walk!ng to my b£d but I couldn’t.

“Oh mercies what happen!ng to me th£ pa!n hooked me !n my ch£st th¡s time @r0vnd .

I h£ld unto my ch£st cry!ng !n pa!ns i tried call!ng ©vt to ma’am Julia but I couldn’t even s¢r**m ©vt.

It was as if I was pa$$!ng ©vt because I was f!nd!ng it really difficult to breath.

I managed to sit on th£ Marble tiles I h£ld unto my ch£st cry!ng !n pa!ns.

“Oh almighty, I don’t want to die th¡s k!nd of pa!nful death I j√$t want a peace death I muttered.

“Querida” I h£ard a soft knock on th£ door I tried my possible best to answer but couldn’t even speak.

Querida th£ knock kept came repeatedly but after a while th£ door was burst opened.

Jose pov

I stood up from th£ coach !n my room h£ad!ng to querida room.

I really have to apologize to h£r, because I had lied to h£r,that i had texted Blake.

You wouldn’t have blame me if I didn’t, because it was not really my fault.

I know what I did was actually wrong but if I were to have texted Blake th£n h£ won’t have let me take th£m ©vt!ng. most especially querida.

I would have apologized to h£r yesterday but it was all because of my mett!ng with my dad’s !nvestors.

I hope $h£ forgives me and I hope that Blake didn’t punish h£r, because if h£ did I won’t be able to forgive myself.

I came ©vt of my room h£ad!ng to h£rs with so many thoughts !nvad!ng my h£ad.

I stood at th£ door for a while before knock!ng but I got no response.

I knocked aga!n, but got no response,I kept on stand!ng th£re for a while h£sitat!ng if I should opened th£ door or not.

After reth!nk!ng over it i decided to opened th£ door and wh£n I did I was shocked to death with what I saw.

Writer’s pov

“Querida”h£ called as h£ ran |ns!de h£r room and found h£r [email protected]!ng on th£ floor breath!ng really h£avily.

h£ could tell $h£ was hav!ng a panic attack?

Because $h£ was hav!ng one of th¡s symptoms.

h£art palpitations, a pound!ng h£artb**t, or an accelerate h£artb**t.

And $h£ was also sweat!ng trembl!ng and shak!ng.

Querida h£ kept on call!ng as h£ bent to h£r level on th£ floor.

h£ lifted h£r from th£ floor, carry!ng h£r !n h¡s arms. $h£ was still breath!ng h£avily hold!ng h£r ch£st !n pa!ns tears could not stop stream!ng from h£r eyes.

“h£ placed h£r on th£ b£d. h£ made h£r [email protected] fac!ng th£ ceil!ng. Sitt!ng beside h£r on th£ b£d.

“Oh gosh! jose j√$t try th!nk!ng straight on how to calm d©wΠ a panic attack h£ muttered.

“Querida” try tak!ng a deep breath£ !n. as s1©wly, deeply and gently as you can through your nostril.

Breath£ ©vt s1©wly, deeply and gently through your m©vth.

I am gonna count one to five !n each. !n breath and each ©vt breath.

Close your eyes and focus on your breath h£ said not know!ng if h£ was tak!ng th£ right steps.

$h£ followed all of h¡s procedures as $h£ was !nstructed and before you knew it $h£ was gett!ng h£rself [email protected]¢k. After like 10_15.

Which made h£r to sign !n relieve $h£ thought $h£ was gonna die. not that $h£ was s¢ar£d of death but $h£ j√$t wanted to die a peaceful one with©vt gett!ng to pa$$ through a lot.

“Why wh£re you that s¢ar£d?h£ asked.

$h£ kept quiet not utter!ng a s!ngle word.

Have you ever experienced th¡s before?” h£ asked aga!n.and $h£ shook h£r h£ad negatively.

You haven’t answered my question yet why wh£re you that s¢ar£d? h£ asked.

$h£ kept on look!ng else wh£re not know!ng what exactly to say how would $h£ be able to put h£rself togeth£r and tell !n th£ reason $h£ is always s¢ar£d result!ng to h£r ch£st pa!n.

“Jose”kept on star!ng at th£ quiet querida who rema!ned mute with©vt say!ng a s!ngle word.

Why don’t you have some rest h£ said cover!ng h£r with a duvet.

h£ placed h¡s [email protected] on h£r hair rubb!ng h£r hair $h£ kept on star!ng at th£ ceil!ng for a while before drift!ng !nto sleep.

Blake pov

I walked closer to querida room, I made to enter but I changed my m!nd ,wh£n I recall that wh£never $h£ sees me $h£ gets s¢ar£d.

Maybe ch£ck!ng h£r up on th£ CCTV camera won’t be a bad Idea.I thought as I opened th£ door to my room.

I walked !n and sat d©wΠ on one of my favorite coach !n my room tak!ng th£ bottle of wh¡sky from ontop of th£ table.

I brought at a packet of cigarette from my !nner pocket.i brought at a stick from it and lighted it.

I picked up th£ CCTV remote for querida room and turned it on.

I was surprised to see h£r [email protected]!ng on th£ floor and with©vt be!ng told from th£ way $h£ was behav!ng I already knew $h£ was hav!ng a panic attack.

I stood up from th£ coach go!ng closer to th£ door. I made to leave for h£r room but I was surprised to see that jose, was already attend!ng to h£r.

See!ng th£ way h£ h£ld h£r close to h¡mself made me really angry for no reason.

I went [email protected]¢k and seat on th£ coach i brought ©vt my phone from my !nner pocket.

I was go!ng though it before, Jose walked !nto my room.

“Blake,wh£n did you turn !nto a monster like th¡s huh?”h£ said as h£ m©v£ closer to wh£re I was sited.

I !ngnored h¡m and ₱|@yed th£ CCTV camera fortage for h¡m.

“What th£ fv¢k, so you knew ab©vt th¡s all along but you didn’t come to ch£ck up on h£r.


“Querida walked quietly !nto th£ noisy cla$$room and went straight for h£r seat.

$h£ wonder if $h£ have ever done wrong to some of th£ students.Consider!ng th£ way few of th£ students wh£re all gospp!ng ab©vt h£r.

$h£ quietly sat d©wΠ on h£r sit not pay!ng any attention to what some of th£ students wh£re say!ng ab©vt h£r.

Especially that girl Eliza who is always star!ng at h£r hatefvlly like $h£ stole someth!ng very precious from h£r.

“$h£ so fvll of h£r self always ignor!ng everyone who does $h£ th!nk $h£ really of th£ students who sat close to Eliza said to h£r h£ar!ng.

But what th£y wh£re all say!ng was not h£r major problem.

Th£ only Go!ng through h£r h£ad. why was $h£ always hav!ng pa!ns !n h£r ch£st.

Is $h£ gonna die soon ?$h£ asked h£rself if that is it th£n I j√$t want to die a peaceful death sleep!ng and not wak!ng up $h£ muttered.

©vt of th£ blue $h£ felt someone tapped h£r on h£r shoulder br!ng!ng h£r ©vt of h£r thoughts.

$h£ looked up to see a young girl stand!ng beside h£r who should be @r0vnd 19or 20

Do you m!nd if I sit with you? th£ girl asked politely.

Yes you can $h£ nodded tak!ng h£r gaze [email protected]¢k to th£ floor.

Thank you very much th£ girl said wh0l£h£artedly like $h£ have done h£r a very big favour.

“For what exactly? Querida asked.

“Um ….for lett!ng me sit with you. S!nce I got h£re on scholarship everyone refused to let me sit with th£m or make friends with me “$h£ expla!ned sadly.

“Querida”wasn’t that surprised at all because $h£ already knew th£ behavior of th£ students especially th£ rich kids.

And from th£ way th£ girl was dress $h£ could tell $h£ wasn’t from a wealthy family.

Can we be friends?th£ girl asked mak!ng h£r to turned to stare at th£ girl who was try!ng to start up a conversation with h£r.

$h£ kept quiet for a moment not know!ng what exactly to say th£ truth was that $h£ doesn’t like keep!ng friends. $h£ have always want a quiet and peaceful life wh£re no one would be able to disturb h£r all get h£r !nto trouble.

So can we be friends ?th£ girl asked aga!n

ok $h£ nodded not want!ng to make th£ girl feel bad.

“Really? th£ girl asked feel!ng really excited.

“Um..sorry forgive my manner my name is “Andrea”th£ young girl said !ntroduc!ng h£rself.

I am “querida” $h£ said also !ntroduc!ng h£rself. nice name with©vt be!ng told i already know you are from a very wealthy family consider!ng th£ way you are dress Andrea said and querida only smile.

What th£ mark on your face? th£ girl asked.

I don’t know $h£ replied not want!ng to th!nk ab©vt h£r master because it we always result to ch£st pa!ns.

School wasn’t that bor!ng with Andrea by h£r side $h£ really kept h£r busy tell!ng h£r a lot of stories as well as th£ do and don’t !n th£ school.

$h£ also talked ab©vt Blake and how h£ was th£ rich£st and are successful h£ was !n Mexico and also h£r [email protected] and dream!ng h£ was.are all th£ girls was crush!ng badly on h¡m .

Th£y was a po!nt $h£ thought to h£rself was it th£ same person that always made h£r cried at home act!ng so h£artless. Always hurt!ng h£r with©vt th!nk!ng twice.

Wh£n it was break time $h£ !nsisted on show!ng h£r @r0vnd th£ school but $h£ refused.

Andrea Was k!nd of surprised that $h£ was act!ng really strangely because $h£ was only talk!ng a little and would only nod to what $h£ was say!ng.

But what $h£ didn’t know ab©vt “quriada” was that th£ girl was th£ quiet type who always like stay!ng on h£r own.

After cla$$es was over th£y both waved each oth£r good bye and went th£y separate ways.

Querida pov

I walked to th£ exact spot I stood th£ previous day and was surprised to see that ma’am Bianca was already stand!ng th£re.

I walked closer and stood beside h£r creat!ng a little distance b£tweeΠ us.

I could tell $h£ seems really happy consider!ng th£ way $h£ was smil!ng while operat!ng h£r phone.

A black lamog!ni was seen parked at th£ entrance of th£ college. with a cigarette !n b£tweeΠ th£ young guys [email protected] smok!ng like h¡s life depends on it.

Adrian it has be m©r£ than 6 hours we have parked h£re.

And who is that young girl you have be!ng star!ng at for a while now? and What exactly do you want from h£r h¡s cous!n asked.

h£ chuckled as h£ puffed ©vt some smoke through h¡s nostril.

You don’t know h£r? h£ asked.

h£r face looks alot familiar I th!nk $h£ might be “querida” h£ said.

“Yes you are right “$h£ is th£ one h£ replied.

Omg $h£ becom!ng m©r£ pretty everyday.

But h£ paused after h£ said th£ Last statement.

Adrian don’t tell me you have not forgotten ab©vt h£r yet?h£ asked.

Why will I forget ab©vt th£ person,that made me who I am today h£ said.

It wasn’t h£r fault Adrian you ₱u$h£d h£r !nto do!ng what $h£ did and $h£ did it only for self defense “h£ replied.

You’re wrong $h£ is m!ne and I have th£ right to do whatsoever I want with h£r h£ replied feel!ng really angry.

$h£ is not yours, Adrian and you are really sick !n th£ h£ad is better you let th£ sleep!ng dog [email protected] peaceful or i will be th£ one to report you to th£ cops.

And you know what gonna happen to you ones that happens.

You dare not you are my cous!n and can not take side with an ©vtside over your own blood.

If “mateo” could lock you !n a mental asylum for months th£n I can do worst than that h£ threatened.

I am not s¢ar£d of your little threat.

You can do whatsoever you have !n your m!nd I don’t ¢ar£.

And Don’t dare to !nterfere !n what I am gonna do with h£r.

“Adrian” please j√$t let th£” little girl” be $h£ has been through alot already and that is all because of what you tried to do on that very day which almost cost h£r life.

And $h£ is now !n th£ protection of” Blake pons”.

i am advis!ng you to stop all th¡s now if you don’t want to end up ₱|@y!ng with

I’M not j√$t your cous!n but your very close friend.

Please j√$t let h£r be and if I must advice j√$t try to forget ab©vt what happened on that very day h¡s cous!n advice.

We shall see ab©vt that cous!n.

I am gonna make h£r suffer for all what $h£ made me pa$$ through “h£ said putt!ng on a demonic smile.


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