Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to a mafia drug lord episode 39 – 40

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🔞sold a mafia drug lord 🔞

(I belong to h¡m)

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia

Chapter 39 &40


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Trevor pov

“I walked |ns!de “Blake estate”because I needed to discuss alot of th!ngs with h¡m and why h£ left j√$t like that with©vt gett!ng to meet th£ !nvestors.

I walked |ns!de th£ sitt!ng room and I saw ‘Julia” $h£ was dust!ng some items .

I kept on star!ng at h£r for sometime if I must admit $h£ is one pretty lady i have ever seen.

I can’t seem to take my eyes off h£r th£ very first day I meant h£r,I knows $h£ also feels th£ same for me but $h£ doesn’t want to admit it.

Julia pov

I was dust!ng some items !n th£ city room wh£n my eyes caught with a familiar face and I looked up to see that it was Trevor.

“Good morn!ng” sir I greeted h¡m as h£ walked up to me.

“Morn!ng “Julia are have you been?h£ asked. i am f!ne sir I replied not spear!ng a glance at h¡m.

“How is your mom? h£ asked aga!n. $h£ is f!ne sir and if you don’t m!nd I will take my leave now i said still not spear!ng h¡m a glance. I made to leave but h£ h£ld my arm.

What are you do!ng “sir? Let go of me before someone sees us.

Is not not as if you and I are do!ng someth!ng wrong,j√$t give me a chance and I will show you are much I really love you “h£ said.

“What do you have to say ab©vt it? h£ asked aga!n.

What th£ h£ll is wrong with you,huh?

I should give you a chance to do what exactly,sir we both can’t be togeth£r. we are both from a different worlds entirely.

Look at me !n th£ eyes and tell me that th£m I promise never to both£r you aga!n “h£ said.

I can’t sir.I said and didn’t realize wh£n I said it. that means you love me “Julia” and you are j√$t try!ng to hide your feel!ngs “h£ said.

j√$t please let me go sir and stop th¡s feel!ngs you are have for me it won’t end well for th£ both of us I said as a drop of tears escape my eyes.

Th£ very first day I meant you [email protected]¢k !n Paris that was th£ very day I fell for you” h£ said.

“Why don’t you j√$t get it “sir “we both can’t be togeth£r we are both from a different world entirely.

Our world doesn’t matter Julia h£ said as h£ ₱v||ed me closer to h¡m.

“Julia” our world’s doesn’t matter what matters is th£ love we both have for each oth£r. h£ said as h£ cleaned off th£ tears that was escap!ng from my eyes.

Trevor how can you be !n love with me , I’m older than you , what would people say or th!nk of me.

Julia , age is j√$t a number, I don’t ¢ar£ what people Say’s or th!nks of you , all I know and all that matters to me.Is that I love you and you love me too so people op!nions doesn’t matter to me so let it not both£r you “h£ said.

I f!nally looked up and stare !nto h¡s eyes and I could see s!ncerity !n th£m.

We wh£re both lost star!ng at each oth£r eyes for a while before I looked up and saw querida and bianca h£ad!ng to th£ city room and I quickly ₱u$h£d h¡m away.

Querida pov

I walked !nto th£ sitt!ng room and saw ma’am Julia hav!ng a conversation with a familiar face.

I was ab©vt walk!ng pa$$ th£m wh£n $h£ called to me.

“Querida”$h£ called as $h£ m©v£ closer to wh£re I was stand!ng.

“Good afternoon ma’am I greeted h£r as I hugged h£r t!ghtly.

“How are you querida? how was your day !n school? $h£ asked.

It was f!ne ma’am I you need anyth!ng? $h£ asked.

And I shook my h£ad negatively th£ truth is that I always feels comfortable and safe while I’m with h£r.

I looked up to h£r as an elder sister that because $h£ has always treated me nicely s!nce I came h£re. Both $h£ and “sir Jose”.

“How you sure you are okay? did anyone say anyth!ng to you !n college?$h£ asked aga!n consider!ng th£ way I was hugg!ng h£r so t!ghtly and I shook my h£ad negatively.

After sometime I let go of ma’am Julia.

Why don’t you go fre$h£n up and I will br!ng your lunch to you $h£ said while strok!ng my hair.

Ok ma’am I nodded h£ad!ng to my room.

Bianca pov

I was really happy wh£n Liam told me that Trevor we be com!ng over to th£ estate. I ran |ns!de th£ mansion feel!ng really excited.

But what I saw made me really angry it was Julia $h£ was stand!ng very close to Trevor.

“Trevor”i called as I ran to meet h¡m i stop and stare at Julia with an eye roll.

I we take my leave sir $h£ said referr!ng to Trevor. Yes you can leave i said with a frown.

Why did you have to speak to h£r !n that manner $h£ older than you h£ said and I frown.

I have really missed you Trevor I said as I hugged h¡m t!ghtly.

“h£llo tigress” how have you been it has been a while and I guess you haven’t changed your behavior yet h£ said while strok!ng my hair.

Haven’t I warned you guys to stop call!ng me tigress.

Why don’t you call me pr!ncess like you have always done s!nce we wh£re little I said as I dis£ngage from th£ hug.

Trevor has been th£ only guy I have always had a crush on s!nce I was little. But unfortunately for me h£ has always look at me like h¡s baby sis but what h£ does not know was that I have always like h¡m.

I kept on star!ng at h¡m for a while and I could tell h£ was so lost star!ng at someone.

Trevor i called but h£ didn’t reply I turned my gaze to who h£ was start!ng at and I felt anger boil!ng |ns!de of me all of a sudden h£ was so lost star!ng at Julia.

Th£re is one th!ng I have come to notice ab©vt Trevor. anytime h£ sees Julia h£ h¡s always so lost star!ng at h£r.

Not as if th£y is anyth!ng special ab©vt h£r and $h£ is even older than h¡m with like 4 or 5 years.

Why don’t you go fre$h£n up and I will br!ng your lunch to you $h£ said while strok!ng querida hair.

h£ kept on star!ng at Julia till $h£ f!nally disappeared.

“Who is $h£?h£ asked referr!ng to querida is $h£ !n any way related to Julia.because th£y both look alike and $h£ is even behav!ng like h£r “h£ said.

I kept on star!ng at h¡m with a frown.

“Why are you always so lost star!ng at h£r?I asked anxiously wait!ng for h¡s reply.

“Who? h£ asked try!ng to turn th£ table @r0vnd.

Don’t try ₱|@y!ng dumb with me “Julia” th£ house h£lp i almost s¢r**med.

That because $h£ is really pretty and I have always admire h£r h£ f!nally spilled th£ beans.

That was one th!ng ab©vt Trevor h£ doesn’t always like keep!ng th!ngs !n h¡s m!nd for long.

Why don’t you keep on stand!ng h£re and cont!nue to admire some one older than you I said as I ran upstairs try!ng not to cry !nfront of h¡m.

Querida pov

I was ab©vt climb!ng th£ stairs h£ad!ng to my room before my master sees me h£re aga!n and hurt.

You wouldn’t blame me if I am really s¢ar£d of h¡m s£× is what I fear th£ most consider!ng th£ way h£ has hurt me for th£ second time and I am even still feel!ng pa!ns !n b£tweeΠ my legs.

I stop and placed my [email protected] on my ch£st. I was beg!nn!ng to feel a little pa!n !n my ch£st aga!n.

One th!ng I am sure of any time I th!nk ab©vt my master or sees h¡m that is th£ only time I we always feel pa!ns !n my ch£st.

I placed my [email protected] on my ch£st and after sometime I couldn’t feel pa!n !n my ch£st aga!n. I started climb!ng th£ stairs h£ad!ng to my room.

Almost on gett!ng to my room I w!nced as I bumped !nto some one. Who was try!ng to walked pa$$ed me $h£ was hold!ng a gla$$ cup of dr!nk and it spilled on th£ floor.

I am really sorry it wasn’t !ntentional I said immediately and I looked up to see that it was a maid.

Are you bl!nd? $h£ asked. why didn’t you look at wh£re you are h£ad!ng to you little bitch $h£ yelled.

I am really sorry ma’am I said aga!n with my h£ad bow.

Stop th!nk!ng highly of your self you are j√$t a s£× toy and noth!ng m©r£ so do not th!nk you are superior over us $h£ added.

Haven’t I apologize to you already isn’t that enough already?i asked.

No it isn’t , who do you th!nk is gonna Clean th£ mess you created.

“s£× TOY”

“$h£ said as $h£ drew th£ word which brought tears stream!ng d©wΠ my eyes.

Yes I know I am j√$t a maid but be!ng a maid is way m©r£ better than be!ng someone b£d Warner all better still s£× slave or s£× toy.

I felt really bittered recall!ng what $h£ j√$t said.

You’re right I am noth!ng but a s£× toy i said as I wipe th£ tears that was stream!ng d©wΠ my eyes.

“Thank God you have f!nally realized your place h£re.

I wanted you to no your place and stop seduc!ng both young master jose and Arturo little bitch $h£ said.

Don’t ever use that word on me I said with tears stream!ng d©wΠ my eyes.

I am j√$t say!ng noth!ng but th£ truth you are noth!ng but a little bitch.

“Thanks for th£ rem!nder if that is It. I we take my leave I said.

Who is gonna take ¢ar£ of th¡s mess $h£ asked aga!n.

Aren’t you th£ maid and I am j√$t a s£× toy so my only work is !n th£ b£d I said and was ab©vt leav!ng.

But $h£ h£ld my arm and drew me [email protected]¢k are dare you.$h£ said and raised h£r [email protected] to hit me.

“What th£ h£ll do you th!nk you’re do!ng?”I h£ard sir Jose voice.

And $h£ immediately let go off my arm.

I am sorry sir $h£ fell on h£r knees apologiz!ng shak!ng all over as h£ got to wh£re we were.

“take ¢ar£ of th¡s mess and after that you are fired h£ said as h£ turned to look at th£ broken gla$$ on th£ floor.

“Are you hurt? h£ asked as h£ raised up my face clean!ng off th£ tears cover!ng my face. and I shook my h£ad negatively.

“How you okay? are you still feel!ng any of those symptoms?h£ asked and I shook my h£ad negatively aga!n.

Why don’t you go have some rest h£ said and I only nodded.

Jose pov

I watch£d h£r as $h£ walked away I couldn’t believe I wasn’t able to say it i j√$t wanted to apologize to h£r but I don’t know wh£re to start from.

I came ©vt of my room and on my way to go ch£ck up on querida and also to apologize to h£r.wh£n I h£ard from one of th£ maid that $h£ was [email protected]¢k from college.

It really anger me wh£n I walked ©vt of my room and saw that th£ maid was ab©vt to hit h£r.

Querida pov

I got !nto my room and sat d©wΠ on th£ b£d th!nk!ng ab©vt what j√$t happened with th£ maid. I could not stop th£ tears that was stream!ng d©wΠ my eyes as I recalled each of h£r !nsultive words.

“Querida” why are you cry!ng? a familiar voice asked and I looked up to see that it was ma’am Julia.

Haven’t you taken your bath yet ?$h£ asked as $h£ sat on th£ b£d and l shook my h£ad negatively.

Why are you cry!ng? $h£ asked aga!n.

It noth!ng ma’am I th!nk someth!ng flew !nto my eyes I replied.

Are you still feel!ng th£ dirt. |ns!de your eyes? $h£ asked and I shook my h£ad negatively.

“Querida” a voice yelled as $h£ burst th£ door of my room open and we both sprung on our feet.

Writer’s pov

“Querida” Bianca” yelled as $h£ burst th£ door of h£r room opened and th£y both sprung on th£re feet to see that it was Bianca.

How dare you spilled my coffee away and because of you “jose”got to fire my personal maid $h£ yelled as $h£ raised h£r [email protected] to hit me.

I opened my eyes wh£n I could not feel any slap on my face and was surprised that ma’am Julia h£ld h£r [email protected] to stop h£r from hitt!ng me.

Haven’t I warned you countless times to stop !nvolv!ng yourself . anytime I am deal!ng with th¡s little bitch $h£ yelled.

You are wrong ma’am $h£ isn’t a bitch $h£ has a name and h£r name is .

“Querida Blake pons”

So what do you th!nk young master Blake is gonna do to you once h£ comes to no you tried to raise your [email protected] on h£r.

You no what happened to you th£ last time you twist h£r [email protected] Julia said.

“Really how ab©vt I slap you !n place of h£r Bianca said.

h£r anger !ncrease on see!ng Julia all what Trevor said to h£r kept on re flash!ng !n h£r h£ad.

“You don’t have th£ right to speak to h£r !n that manner $h£ older than you at least show some respect “querida said”.

!n th£ holy book page 106 you don’t dare to raise your [email protected] to someone older than you or speak rudely to th£m.

Because if do you might end up turn!ng !nto a beast like pr!nce Adam !n th£ cartoon title “Bueaty and th£ beast”.

Why don’t you go ch£ck yourself on th£ mirror and see if I am lie!ng or not querida added.

I hate you querida $h£ yelled and ran ©vt of querida room.

Are you okay ma’am? “querida”asked as $h£ turned to glared at Julia.

Forget ab©vt that “querida” and tell me wh£re you got to learned th£ holy book from $h£ asked and querida scoffed.

Don’t tell me you believe that ma’am I was j√$t jok!ng th£y is noth!ng written like that !n th£ holy book $h£ said.

And did you th!nk I believe you I knew you were j√$t put on an act to s¢ar£ ma’am Bianca away and $h£ foolishly fell for it $h£ said and querida bit h£r lower l¡p.

Don’t ever lie with th£ holy book aga!n Julia said scold!ng querida Ok ma’am
$h£ nodded.

You all might be wonder!ng why $h£ put
on sure a lie so that Bianca we j√$t leave with©vt creat!ng m©r£ trouble for h£r.

And $h£ also th!nks that Bianca is always behav!ng strange sometimes calm and sometimes arrogant.

Querida why don’t you go fre$h£n and I we get your lunch ready ok ma’am querida said.

Bianca pov

I hate you querida I kept on s¢r**m!ng creat!ng a mess !n my room

After sometime I stop and went and stood !nfront of th£ mirror am I really that ugly I asked myself.

“Yes you are” Bianca pons”.

That is th£ reason Trevor have to admire that low life Julia over you I s¢r**med ©vt.

What is wrong Bianca I h£ard someone called as h£ burst th£ door of my room opened and I turned to see that it was Trevor.

I turned my gaze [email protected]¢k to th£ mirror do I looked ugly? I asked as h£ walked closer to me.

No you are not you are one pretty young girl I know h£ said putt!ng on a wide smile.

Really? I asked and h£ nodded i could feel butterfly runn!ng though my tvmmy only h¡s praises alone makes or of my angers to subside.

I j√$t came to !nform you that I am ab©vt to take my leave h£ said and I frown.

Why don’t you stay with us for th£ time be!ng I have really missed you i said as I h£ld h¡s arm. Only on one condition h£ said.

And what is that ?I asked you have to clean up th¡s mess you created !n your room h£ said and I frown.

I taught h£ was gonna tell me to klzz h¡m who am I kidd!ng h£ only sees me like h¡s baby sister.

Querida pov

I sat on my b£d with a pen !n my [email protected] and a calculator beside me I brought ©vt my economics textbook and note book from my bag I j√$t needed to revise a little before go!ng to b£d.
After spend!ng a long while study!ng i decided to take a little rest.

“Luna” aren’t you feel!ng bored? I asked as I [email protected] on th£ b£d I tried to [email protected]|| asleep But couldn’t.

“Luna” I have an idea why don’t we both have a little fun by s!ng!ng i paused half way wh£n I said th£ Last statement.

I am always forgett!ng that you are a lifeless doll but don’t worry you are th£ very first person I choose to make friend with. let start from h£re Luna.

I am gonna pick one at of th¡s lullaby songs and th£ one that sounds sweet we are go!ng to go for that.

How ab©vt that Luna I asked feel!ng really excited.

“Rock a_bye baby”.

“Good night”.

“Amaz!ng grace”.

“Star light star bright”.

“Some wh£re over th£ ra!nbow”.

“A dream is wish your h£art makes”.

“Stay awake”.

I said list!ng some of my favorite lullaby songs.

How ab©vt we go for “somewh£re over th£ ra!nbow” i said as a smiles curved on my face.

Because it was one of my favorite 🎵

🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶 🎵
“Some wh£re over th£ ra!nbow way up high”.
Th£re’s a land that I h£ard of Once !n a lullaby
Some wh£re over th£ ra!nbow
Skie are blue
And th£ dreams that you dare to dream Really do come true
Someday I’ll wish upon a star
And wake up wh£re th£ clouds are far Beh!nd me
Wh£re troubles melt like lemon drops Away above th£ ch¡mney tops That’s wh£re you’ll f!nd me
Somewh£re over th£ ra!nbow
Bluebirds fly
Birds fly over th£ ra!nbow
Why th£n,oh why can’t I?
If happy blue birds fly
Beyond th£ ra!nbow
Why,oh why can’t I?

I sang as drop of tears escape my eyes.

Do you know what “Luna”ever s!nce I was little my only wish was for my mom to s!ng me a lullaby till I [email protected]|| asleep.

But sadly I was th£ one that always end up s!ng!ng myself a lullaby till I [email protected]|| asleep I said and sigh£d sadly.

Blake pov

I sat on a couch !n my room smok!ng and dr!nk!ng at th£ same time. As I watch£d h£r every m©v£ment from th£ computer.

$h£ was th£ only one that has a camera placed !n h£r room.

I watch£d h£r as $h£ kept on talk!ng to th£ lifeless doll.

If not that sofia have always behaved like that wh£n we wh£re little. I would have said $h£ was mentally unstable.

And if I must admit h£r voice sounded really nice.

I was still watch!ng h£r wh£n th£ door open reveal!ng Trevor.

And I turned my gaze [email protected]¢k to th£ computer after realiz!ng h£ was th£ one.

“Blake are you j√$t com!ng [email protected]¢k? h£ asked walk!ng closer to wh£re I was sited.

Isn’t $h£ th£ “little bueaty” from th£ college and restaurant h£ asked and I only nodded.

“Luna” I have an idea why don’t I “s!ng star light star bright” so that i will make a wish $h£ said as $h£ jumped off from th£ b£d and ran to stand at th£ w!ndow.

Star light,star bright,
Th£ first star I see tonight;
I wish I may,I wish I might,
Have th£ wish I wish tonight.

“Wow “Luna th£ almighty has made my wish come true th£y is a star up !n th£ sky $h£ said jump!ng up !n happ!ness.

“Gosh I give h£r that $h£ really has a nice voice Trevor said and I turned to glared at h¡m.

but Blake you know th¡s was one of Sofia favorite song $h£ loved to s!ng wh£n we wh£re little. h£ said but I didn’t say a word.

But Blake you haven’t told me who $h£ is yet if I must say $h£ is really pretty and we make very well !n th£ model!ng !ndustrial.

“Luna”i am really exhausted I need to go fre$h£n up $h£ said and it drew on me that $h£ might get to undress h£r self any moment from now.

What are you still star!ng at didn’t you h£ar what $h£ said? I asked and I turned off th£ computer immediately.


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