Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to a mafia drug lord episode 41 – 42

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sold to a mafia drug lord 🔞

(I belong to h¡m)

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia

Chapter 41&42

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Blake pov

“Luna” I am really exhausted I need to go fre$h£n up $h£ said and it drew on me that $h£ might get to undress h£r self any moment from now.

What are you still star!ng at didn’t you h£ar what $h£ said? I asked and I turned off th£ computer immediately.

“But Blake who is $h£?h£ asked aga!n sound!ng really curious.

I kept mute not know!ng what to $h£ !n any way related to Julia?because th£y both look alike.Trevor asked.

“If I must admit h£ was some how right Querida and Julia really look alike but $h£ can’t be !n anyway related to Julia that I am sure of.

Let go d©wΠ for d!nner I replied leav!ng h¡m beh!nd.

Querida pov

I felt really excited and exhausted at th£ same time.

I took off my cloth£s and went !nto th£ bathroom with a towel tied @r0vnd my ch£st
Wh£n I was done fre$h£n!ng up I came ©vt of th£ bathroom with a towel still tied @r0vnd my ch£st

I went to my wardrobe and picked up my over side pajamas to wear.

Wh£n I was done I went and stood !nfront of th£ mirror star!ng at my reflective self.

That was wh£n i came to realize th£ reason Andrea was ask!ng me how I got th£ mark on my face.

Because th£ mark was still th£re and it doesn’t seem to be fad!ng away.

I placed my [email protected] on my ch£ek and sigh£d.

Suddenly th£ knock on th£ door jotted me ©vt of my thoughts.

“Querida” ma’am Julia called as $h£ walked |ns!de my room.

What are you still do!ng h£re? aren’t you com!ng d©wΠ for d!nner? $h£ asked and I shook my h£ad negatively.

Th£ truth of th£ matter was that I wasn’t hungry.

“Querida” you have to,if you don’t want young master Blake to puni$h£d you.$h£ said.

And I felt my h£art b**t !ncrease with th£ measure of h¡s name breed of sweat was already form!ng on my fore h£ad.

“Querida how you Okey? ma’am Julia asked consider!ng th£ way I was shak!ng.

“Yes,ma’am is j√$t that I don’t want to go d©wΠ for d!nner,what if I get my self !nto trouble and h£ hurt me aga!n I said with tears stream!ng d©wΠ my eyes.

“Querida didn’t you tell me that you are go!ng to try your possible best to always be happy.

So that your mom we be happy !n th£ realm $h£ asked and I only nodded.

So if you want your mom to be happy,you first have to over come th£ fears |ns!de of you before h£ turned !nto a serious h£alth issues $h£ said !n a concerned voice clean!ng off th£ tears that was stream!ng d©wΠ my eyes.

“Ok,ma’am I nodded and ran to stand at th£ w!ndow.

Do you know what ma’am Let both make a wish togeth£r i said.

One of th£ moth£r !n th£ church told me that wi$h£s that you make once th£ star is up !n th£ sky always come to pa$$.

So my second wish tonight is for you to always be happy and and everyone h£re I said with!n.

My only wish !n life is for you to be happy because if you’re not happy I can never be happy $h£ said with tears form!ng from h£r eyes.

Don’t worry ma’am I promise to always be happy for your wish to come through.

Every s!nce I was little, one of my wish was for my mom to s!ng me a lullaby till I [email protected]|| asleep But I only got to experience that th£ day I meant you i said and $h£ hugged me t!ghtly.

Writer pov

Querida walked s1©wly beh!nd ma’am Julia feel!ng really s¢ar£d.

“Oh mericies! please don’t let me get !nto trouble so that my master wouldn’t have a reason to puni$h£d me $h£ prayed !n h£r h£art.

$h£ got to th£ d!nn!ng table and th£ only people that was pres£nt wh£re Jose,Arturo and Bianca.

$h£ sat d©wΠ a bit far from th£m fiddd!ng with th£ tip of shirt. that
Was wh£n h£ drew on h£r that $h£ was still putt!ng on h£r over size pajamas.

“Jose” kept on star!ng at querida with h£r over size pajamas that $h£ was putt!ng on but even at that $h£ was still look!ng pretty !n it.

“Querida” Jose called snapp!ng h£r ©vt from h£r thoughts and $h£ raised h£r h£ad up a little to glare at h¡m.

“How was cla$$es?is anyone caus!ng trouble for you !n college?h£ asked and $h£ shook h£r h£ad negatively.

But before h£ could cont!nue h¡s phone started r!ng!ng I will be right [email protected]¢k h£ said and left.

A m!nute later Arturo came closer and sat d©wΠ !n a chair next to h£r. Mak!ng h£r to feel really uncomfortable.

“Hi,h£ said and $h£ looked up to glare at h¡m “good even!ng sir” $h£ greeted look!ng elsewh£re.

Th£ last time that I was hav!ng a conversation with you you didn’t give me a reply or don’t you want to become friends with me? h£ asked.

“Oh goodness ,why don’t h£ j√$t leave me alone $h£ thought .

“Querida”h£ called and $h£ looked up to see h¡m smil!ng at h£r.

On th£ oth£r [email protected] wh£n Jose was done receiv!ng h¡s phone call h£ came and sat than [email protected]¢k !n th£ d!nn!ng.

“h£ kept on star!ng at querida who is always so quiet and shy.

At first h£ thought that it was because $h£ was still young but h£ has come to realize that $h£ was th£ k!nd of person who always like a quiet and peaceful life.

And not that it was not !n h¡s m!nd to Tell Arturo to stop both£r!ng h£r j√$t that h£ wanted h£r to be free with everyone @r0vnd h£r.

“Don’t worry querida even if you don’t take me as your friend I wouldn’t be offended by it because I have already consider you as a friend Arturo said putt!ng on a wide smile.

Querida kept on wander!ng why h£ want to be friends with h£r and $h£ felt guilt at th£ same time.

I don’t get it Arturo why are you so both£r !n mak!ng th¡s “little bitch” your friend is not as if th£y is anyth!ng special ab©vt h£r Bianca said with a frown who has been keep!ng quiet all th¡s while.

Which made Jose to looked up and stare at h£r who did you j√$t called a little bitch? Jose asked coldly glar!ng at h£r.

No one I j√$t said anyth!ng that come !nto my m©vth Bianca muttered s1©wly h£r eyes on th£ floor.

“Jose could kill h£r with h¡s gaze.

Let th¡s be th£ first and th£ last time you called h£r that Jose said coldly.

What th£ h£ll should h£ do with th¡s trouble some sister of h¡s h£ thought and sigh£d.

Don’t let h£r word get to you $h£ is jealous of your bueaty Arturo said.

What h£ doesn’t not know is that it was becom!ng noth!ng to h£r because $h£ was already gett!ng used to Bianca !nsultive words although it still do hurt h£r.

$h£ looked up to glared at Arturo but before $h£ could speak $h£ h£ard foot steps.

And $h£ turned to see that it was Trevor h£ad!ng towards wh£re $h£ was sited.$h£ kept on wander!ng wh£re $h£ has meant h¡m.

Because h¡s face seems alot familiar to h£r before $h£ recalled $h£ has meant h¡m !n th£ restaurant th£ oth£r day.

h£ came and sat d©wΠ next to h£r mak!ng h£r to feel m©r£ uncomfortable because $h£ was now sitt!ng !nb£tweeΠ Trevor and Arturo.

$h£ looked up to see Bianca glar!ng at h£r hatefvlly if looked could kill $h£ might be dead by now with th£ way Bianca was start!ng at h£r.

Trevor why don’t you come and sit next to me you know it has be long we all have gath£r like to have d!nner Bianca said putt!ng on a puppy face.

“Puppy face doesn’t suit you, you look like a monkey why do!ng that Arturo said and scoffed.

How dare you Bianca yelled and throw a fork at h¡m but h£ was so quick !n dodg!ng it

My guess turned at to be right you haven’t changed at all Trevor said.

That th£ ma!n reason $h£ is named tigress because that name suit h£r alot Liam said as h£ came and sat next to Bianca mak!ng h£r to frown.


Few m!nutes later th£ maid started plac!ng different k!nds of di$h£s on th£ table.

“Wh£re is Blake? Jose asked. as querida felt h£r h£art b**t !ncrease and $h£ felt serious pa!ns !n h£r ch£st.

Which made h£r to placed h£r [email protected] on h£r ch£st. “how you Okey? Arturo asked and $h£ only nodded.

I thought h£ would be h£re already because I j√$t f!ni$h£d speak!ng with h¡m a while ago trevor said.

“Bianca go and call h¡m Jose said as h£ turned to glare at Bianca.

I can’t I will s£nd a maid to go call h¡m Bianca said”Julia $h£ called.

“Yes,ma’am Julia answered with h£r h£ad slightly bow has $h£ got to wh£re bianca was.

What took you so long Bianca asked with a frown.

I am really sorry ma’am I was busy !n th£ kitch£n $h£ replied.

Sorry for yourself fool $h£ muttered to everyone h£ar!ng.

On th£ oth£r [email protected] Trevor felt really angry on see!ng th£ way Bianca was disrespect!ng Julia.

Shut th£ h£ll up Bianca and talk to h£r with some respect $h£ is older than you and you aren’t supposed to order h£r @r0vnd all speak to h£r !n that k!nd of manner even if $h£ is a maid.

So go call h¡m as jose had !nstruted Trevor said and h£ turned to glare at Julia I am sorry,You can returned to what you wh£re do!ng h£ said and $h£ left with©vt pay!ng h¡m a glare.

“Bianca why are you still sitt!ng I am not go!ng to repeat myself aga!n Jose said and no one have to tell h£r what to do.

$h£ argrily sprung on h£r feet to leave but h£r eyes meant with querida why th£ h£ll h£r you star!ng at me little bit….

$h£ was ab©vt to cont!nue wh£n Blake shut h£r up.Shut th£ h£ll up Bianca and sit d©wΠ

No one had to tell h£r to keep quiet th£ voice was command!ng and order!ng.

$h£ sat d©wΠ feel!ng really angry because everyone was piss!ng h£r off.

“Blake walked over th£ d!nner table and ₱v||ed ©vt h¡s chair to sit. h£ frown on see!ng that querida was seat!ng !nb£tweeΠ Trevor and Arturo.

Querida h£ called and $h£ fearfvlly raised h£r h£ad up to glare at h¡m.

“Get on your feet h£ said”and h£r h£art gave h£r a might leap .

“Oh mericies,what have I done wrong $h£ wonder feel!ng really s¢ar£d as $h£ fearfvlly stood up.

Fiddd!ng with th£ tip of h£r shirt. “Come over h£re”h£ added and $h£ felt h£r feet shak!ng is h£ really go!ng to hurt me !n th£ pres£nt of everyone $h£ thought.

$h£ walked s1©wly and nervously to wh£re h£ was and $h£ stood !n front of h¡m.

“Good even!ng master $h£ shutttered !n a wh¡sper.

Sit h£ said and $h£ quietly took h£r sit next to h¡m,h£r ch£st was already b**t!ng like a party drum.

“May I know who you are? “Little bueaty” Trevor asked. referr!ng to querida h£ became m©r£ curious wh£n h£ h£ard h£r called Blake master.

Querida rema!ned quiet not know!ng what exactly to say.

“Oh mericies, what am I supposed to say should I rema!n quiet all answer h¡m $h£ thought with h£r h£ad slightly bow.

Well $h£ won’t tell you $h£ actually can’t br!ng h£rself !n tell!ng you that with all th¡s are fake bueaty.

$h£ was bought from th£ s£× house by jose and was gifted as a s£× slave to Blake so that means $h£ is noth!ng but a ma!n property a piece of trash.

“Bianca said mak!ng everywh£re !n th£ d!nner table to go silent.

Samper’s mansion

“Mart!n walked |ns!de Querida room and close th£ door beh!nd stepp!ng |ns!de th£ room.

h£ turned on th£ light as h£ brought d©wΠ a potriat of Querida, tears trickle d©wΠ h¡s eyes d©wΠ to h¡s ch£eks.

I really miss you my “little pr!ncess” h£
Wh¡sper as h£ hugged th£ potriat close to h¡s ch£st.h£ as always wonder what would be h¡s daughter fate th£ very day h£ took h£r to th£ s£× house.

h£ has always regretted th£ very day h£ decived h£r and took h£r to th£ s£× house.

***FLASH [email protected]¢k****

“Mart!n walked |ns!de th£ path£house that h£ took querida to, th£y only bagger that $h£ was supposed to work th£re j√$t for a week, for th£m to be able to refund th£ir debt.

h£ had come to take querida home after one week but was really shock and surprise to f!nd ©vt that $h£ has already been sold ©vt.

****END OF FLASH [email protected]¢k****

“h£ doesn’t th!nk h£ would be able to forgive h¡mself for what h£ did to h£r.

Please Querida wh£re ever you are I pray you f!nd a place !n your h£art to forgive me h£ prayed with!n.

Th£re hasn’t be any s!ngle day that goes by with©vt h¡m th!nk!ng of Querida wh£re and how would h¡s little daughter be.

h£ sat d©wΠ on h£r b£d and cuddle with querida favorite doll that h£ had bought for h£r, h£ opened th£ drawer close to h£r b£d and pick up h£r rosary from |ns!de of th£ drawer.

***FLASH [email protected]¢k***

“Querida what are you do!ng?Mart!n asked as h£ walked |ns!de h£r room and found h£r kneel!ng d©wΠ on th£ floor with a rosary !n h£r [email protected]

But h£ got no reply from h£r after some m!nute $h£ stood up and turned to face h¡m.

“Good even!ng Dad, $h£ greeted h¡m with a wide smile.

“Even!ng my pr!ncess,how was school today?h£ asked.

It was f!ne dad $h£ replied.

“What wh£re you do!ng kneel!ng on th£ floor? h£ asked aga!n.

I was pray!ng dad “$h£ replied. You haven’t changed your m!nd yet or do you still want to become a “nun”?Mart!n asked as h£ sat on h£r b£d.

“Yes dad you know that has always be!ng my dream s!nce I was little, and one of th£ moth£r !n th£ church told me that if I want to become a “nun”I need to turn 18 first.

And do you also know that you aren’t supposed to allow any guy to touch you?or see your neakedness?Mart!n asked.

Yes dad I know that already $h£ replied.

“Ok if that is what you really want I will always stand by you “Mart!n you Dad you are th£ best daddy !n th£ wh0l£ world $h£ said and hugged h¡m t!ghtly.
Wow dad I j√$t caught a cat fish querida said jump!ng up !n happ!ness.

Aren’t you go!ng to br!ng ©vt your hook before th£ fish escape Mart!n said and scoffed.

“Sure,sure $h£ said and brought ©vt th£ hook plac!ng th£ cat fish on th£ basket.

$h£ kept on jump!ng like a lost baby that j√$t found h£r Mom.

Be ¢ar£ful querida or you might [email protected]|| d©wΠ and get hurt Mart!n said.

You haven’t caught anyth!ng Dad or don’t tell me you are becom!ng old and can no longer fish $h£ t£@$ed.

But Mart!n did th£ unexpected and stood up from th£ bench and started runn!ng.

Wh£re are you runn!ng to Dad please wait for me $h£ yelled and pretended like $h£ missed h£r step and fell d©wΠ.

Which made Mart!n to run [email protected]¢k to wh£re $h£ were.

“How you okay? h£ asked as h£ bent to pick h£r. Which made h£r to burst !nto laughter and $h£ sprung on h£r feet.

Catch me if you can dad $h£ yelled and started runn!ng.

***END OF FLASH [email protected]¢k***

Tears trickle d©wΠ h¡s eyes as h£ kept on recall!ng some of th£ happy moments h£ shared with h¡s daughter.

Only if I could turned th£ [email protected] of clock you would have still be h£re with me h£ thought.

Th£ harsh knock on th£ door snapped h¡m ©vt of h¡s thoughts.h£ looked up and was surprised to see rech£al (vania Mom)

“Why are you cry!ng huh?Why on Earth are you $h£dd!ng those worthless tears $h£ half yelled.

“Wh£re you aware that querida as already been sold ©vt? h£ asked.

Don’t you dare question me Mart!n I can’t believe that after all th£ suffer!ng after all we had been through

I betrayed my own daughter “iriana” all because of you you still have th£ gust to will all of your property !n querida name rech£al yelled.

Tell me why won’t I give h£r all of my wealth? after all $h£ is th£ ma!n reason we ga!n [email protected]¢k all th¡s wealth.

And it is also away for me to repayed Iriana for what I did to h£r Mart!n said.

Iriana you called,you are say!ng you did th¡s all because of iriana. if you didn’t do what you did on that very night I wouldn’t have turned ©vt to be th¡s h£artless.

Or do you th!nk I always enjoyed th£ way I have always treated querida.

Do you th!nk I enjoyed sell!ng h£r ©vt to th£ s£× house know!ng fvll!ng well that $h£ is still too young for th£ life $h£ is leav!ng now.

I did all what I did because anytime I looked at h£r I always end up recall!ng what took place on th£ 25of December 2003.i see h£r like a curse child h£r existence came and destroyed th£ happy family we once were.

And most importantly $h£ is also th£ ma!n reason I had to kill my very own daughter iriana.

For what took place on that very night to always rema!n a secret $h£ yelled ©vt not realiz!ng $h£ did.

What do you th!nk, took place on th£ 25 of December 2003?

Th£y is only one way to know

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