Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to a mafia drug lord episode 43 – 44

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Sold to a mafia drug lord 🔞
(I belong to h¡m)

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia

Chapter 43&44


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“What you killed iriana?Mart!n asked !n shock as h£ stood up from th£ b£d mov!ng closer to wh£re reach£l was stand!ng.

How could you be th¡s h£artless reach£l
did I ever asked you to kill anyone all because of me.

I knew what I did on that very night was wrong,!n as much as I blamed th£ !nfluence of alcohol.

I also blame myself too and was ready to aspect any punishment that await me.

Why did you have to kill iriana h£ yelled ©vt.

“Don’t you dare to yell ©vt me Mart!n you are try!ng to put all th£ blame on me right.

Were you th£ first Man that have ever get drunk you pevethic

You are also a curse and a disgrace I cursed th£ very day I decided to marry you.

You didn’t only destroyed iriana life you also ru!n my life.

Do you th!nk I was th!nk!ng straight wh£n I set th£ mansion on fire for iriana to burn to death.

That was because $h£ threatned to report you to th£ cops.

If that th£ reason you th!nk I did what I did you were wrong.

I did all what I did to put an end to th£ miserable life iriana was liv!ng $h£ yelled !n tears.

That was th£ reason you made h£r pa$$ through a pa!nful death.

“Okay let say all what Happened on that very night was all my fault.

Why th£m did you have to hurt querida for what $h£ knew noth!ng ab©vt.

You decieved me !nto sell!ng my 17years old daughter to a s£× house Mart!n yelled ©vt as h£ angrily grabb£d reach£l on h£r neck.

reach£l was stunned and $h£ couldn’t even breath as h£ h£ld h£r roughly on th£ neck and slammed h£r [email protected]¢k on th£ wall.

I have always kept quiet and watch you treat Querida badly but not anym©r£ it is better if I end your life now and go surrender myself to th£ cops.

Mart!n said still p!nn!ng h£r to th£ wall with th£ anger boill!ng |ns!de of !n. h£ has already lost ¢©Πtr0| of h¡s self.

Reach£l [email protected] for air as $h£ started chok!ng $h£ felt h£r breath liv!ng h£r.

***FLASH [email protected]¢k***

“Why is my pr!ncess cry!ng? Mart!n asked as h£ opened th£ door of Querida room and got |ns!de only for h¡m to see querida on th£ b£d wipp!ng bitterly.

Dad do you know why Mom hate me th¡s much? I have always tried my possible best to always be a good and obident step daughter.

But any time I does someth!ng wh£th£r right or wrong $h£ would always end up b**t!ng th£ h£ll ©vt of me querida said as $h£ cried bitterly.

“What happened? Mart!n asked as h£ sat on th£ b£d and placed querida h£ad on h¡s lap.

It all because of that Rich boy Andrian who is !n th£ same cla$$ with viana h£ is always stulk!ng me every wh£re !n school ask!ng me to become h¡s girlfriend and I refused,h£ would always end up threan!ng me.

“So wh£n I got home I decided to tell Mom ab©vt it, but wh£n I did $h£ ended up b**t!ng th£ h£ll ©vt of me say!ng that I am a badluck $h£ narrated bitterly.

“Mart!n angrily stood up from th£ b£d wh£re are you h£ad!ng to Dad? $h£ asked.

To comfort your mom and also to report that boy to th£ cops h£ said.

Don’t worry dad I don’t want you to get !nto any fight all because of me I will be okay $h£ said clean!ng th£ tears off h£r face.

***END OF FLASH [email protected]¢k***

Mart!n became calm wh£n h£ recalled what Querida said and released h¡s hold on h£r neck.

Reach£l h£ld unto h£r neck cough!ng ©vt.

$h£ stood still drumbstick because th¡s was th£ very first time Mart!n was behav!ng like th¡s s!nce th£y have been married for years.

How do you always sleep peacefvlly
at night, recall!ng that our 17years old daughter is ©vt th£ir serv!ng as some s£× slave.

Th£ youngest daughter of “Mart!n samper’s” one of th£ rich£st bus!ness man !n Mexico has become a s£× slave.

It always hurt me anytime I th!nk of what Querida might be go!ng through.

What if $h£ as be sold ©vt to an old man or have become a s£× work, work!ng !n different s£× house.

I am a worthless fath£r who wasn’t able to stand by h¡s daughter.

$h£ as always dreamed of becom!ng a “nun” wh£n $h£ turned 18 but we both ru!n h£r life and sold h£r ©vt immediately $h£ turned 17 Mart!n said fell!ng really bittered.

I am sorry Mart!n “reach£l said as $h£ bursted !nto tears.

You said you are sorry,sorry for what exactly for kill!ng iriana or for sell!ng querida.

I have always felt disgusted with myself anytime I recalled what really took place on that very night.

We both did alot of evil deeds !n oth£r to hid what took place on that very night to always rema!n a secret but by do!ng that we both became very selfish and h£artless not car!ng ab©vt th£ feel!ngs of our love one Mart!n lamented bitterly.


“Querida felt really bittered and sad because of what Bianca said.

“What?” Trevor yelled ©vt feel!ng really surprised.

Is it true Blake?are you both crazy h£ asked both Blake and Jose.

Can’t you see th£ girl is still young and m©r£over I thought you guys have stopped th¡s s£× slave stuff already after th£ death of th£ previous ones.h£ said.

“Bianca what did I tell you a while ago?Blake ask glar!ng at Bianca angrily h£ always hated it wh£n anyone break h¡s rules.

$h£ fixed h£r eyes on th£ floor wh£n $h£ recalled what Blake said to h£r.

Go to th£ tra!n!ng field and run 100thousand lap till th£ next morn!ng h£ said sound!ng really serious.

And a what excliamed from Arturo m©vth.

Blake are you serious?$h£ should run 100thousand lap till th£ next morn!ng?Arturo asked surprised but got no reply from Blake.

I said right th¡s m!nute h£ yelled ©vt mak!ng Querida to become m©r£ s¢ar£d.

Why am I th£ only that’s always be!ng puni$h£d as if I said or did someth!ng wrong.

$h£ stammered as $h£ sprung on h£r feet I hate you querida $h£ yelled ©vt as $h£ ran ©vt of th£ d!nn!ng.

“Blake why don’t you reduced th£ punishment for h£r as you can see $h£ is a girl and is not that physical strong Arturo said.

You can go replace h£r if you choice to h£ said angrily. And turned h¡s gaze to look at querida who bent h£r h£ad all th¡s while fiddd!ng with th£ tip of h£r shirt.

“Querida h£ called and $h£ fearfvlly raised h£r h£ad to glare at h¡ h£ ordered.

$h£ felt really uncomfortable and wish $h£ could j√$t leave and returned [email protected]¢k to h£r room but !n oth£r not to anger !n th£ m©r£ $h£ took h£r spoon and started eat!ng s1©wly even if $h£ wasn’t hungry.

Querida Pov

I [email protected] on th£ b£d roll!ng round th£ b£d try!ng to [email protected]|| asleep but couldn’t I recalled what Happened at th£ d!nn!ng and tears started stream!ng d©wΠ my eyes.

“Querida why are you always th¡s weak and annoy!ng always cry!ng over little th!ngs I said try!ng to console myself.

But it always hurt anytime I recalled that I am actually some ma!n property and can never leave a free life of my own accord.

I hugged Luna t!ghtly and kept on star!ng at th£ ceil!ng and didn’t realize wh£n I drifted !nto sleep.


Qurerida pov

“I [email protected] my h£ad on th£ desk fell!ng really exhausted as th£ English professor left th£ cla$$ which happens to be th£ last subject before lunch.

Almost immediately th£ bell for lunch break rang and I raised my h£ad and watch£d as everyone left for lunch.

So many thoughts kept on roam!ng !n my m!nd,i can’t j√$t h£lp but worry ab©vt ma’am Julia.

“how ma’am Bianca,can’t stay a day with©vt !nsult!ng h£r and it always hurt me wh£n ever $h£ say those !nsultive words to h£r. always rem!nd!ng h£r of h£r poor [email protected]¢kground.

I was still th!nk!ng ab©vt ma’am Julia before my thoughts drifted [email protected]¢k to my Dad.

I wonder how h£ h¡s and th£ rest I was still lost !n my thoughts th!nk!ng ab©vt th£n wh£n Andrea voice snapped me ©vt of my thoughts.

“Querida why are you still sitt!ng aren’t you go!ng ©vt for lunch? $h£ asked.

And I shook my h£ad negatively.

Querida why are you always th¡s quiet and always Iike be!ng alone.

it noth!ng Andrea i don’t feel like stepp!ng ©vt of th£ cla$$ i said.

I’m not leav!ng you all alone Querida let go $h£ said as $h£ cross h£r [email protected] on m!ne and $h£ dragged me up from my seat as we both left th£ cla$$room at once.

But Before stepp!ng ©vt i grab my credit card and student ID as we both walked ©vt of th£ cla$$room but not with©vt Andrea say!ng alot of th!ngs to me.

We stopped at th£ middle of th£ cafeteria , what’s wrong Andrea?why did we have to stop h£re I asked.

“Oh my gosh,querida don’t you know that th£ cafeteria is divided !nto two.

Th£ one for th£ wealthy students which is on th£ right side and th£ oth£r one is for th£ middle cla$$ students which is probably th£ students on scholarship is on th£ left side.

And at th¡s po!nt we have to go our separate way now.

And let’s meet h£re after lunch $h£ said as $h£ meant to walk away but I h£ld h£r by h£r [email protected]

I kept mute on h£ar!ng what Andrea said and I felt really sad for h£r.

“What wrong querida? Andrea asked consider!ng th£ way I kept mute with©vt say!ng a s!ngle word.

Noth!ng Andrea, we both will be go!ng to th£ cafeteria for th£ wealthy students.
And don’t worry, th£ Bill’s are on me at least I came with my credit card.

But.. Querida …

No but I said as we both stepped !nto th£ cafeteria and we sat on th£ empty seat at th£ middle of th£ cafeteria.

I [email protected] my credit card to Julia as $h£ went ah£ad to get food for th£ both of use

After a while Julia returned with two plate of fried chicken and canned dr!nks and serve th£m on th£ table as $h£ [email protected] over th£ credit card [email protected]¢k to me.

“Thank querida $h£ said as $h£ took h£r seat.
I returned home feel!ng really tired and sleepy I admitted that I had alot of fun with Andrea.

If I must admit Andrea seems really friendly and k!nd even if $h£ was older than me. $h£ even showed me @r0vnd th£ school after we both had lunch togeth£r.

I walked s1©wly !nto th£ sitt!ng room and walked straight to my room.

I walked !nto my room and planked myself on th£ b£d.
I was awoken by a [email protected] tapp!ng me and wh£n I opened my eyes I saw one of th£ maid stand!ng !nfront of me.

“Sorry to disturb you young miss. But “young master Blake” s£nt for you h£ is !n h¡s room th£ maid said.

I weakly sat up and felt tears build!ng up !n my eyes but tried not to let it ©vt.

“Oh mercies! is h£ gonna hurt me aga!n? I asked myself.

I s1©wly stood up on my feet and went to th£ door, dread gripp!ng all part of me. I felt so s¢ar£d and afraid.

I h£ld unto my ch£st wh£n I felt th£ pa!ns com!ng [email protected]¢k.

I opened th£ door and walked ©vt of th£ room h£aded for h¡s.


Writer’s pov

Master $h£ $h!very knock!ng at th£ door come !n $h£ h£ard.

₱ush!ng th£ door open,$h£ looked @r0vnd th£ wh0l£ room but couldn’t f!nd h¡m.

$h£ h£ard th£ water runn!ng and took h£r eyes to th£ bathroom h£ was tak!ng a bath.

$h£ stood still not tak!ng anoth£r step does h£ plan on hurt!ng h£r for th£ third time. s£× was what $h£ fear th£ most.

Suddenly th£ bathroom door opened and h£ walked ©vt with a towel tied @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t star!ng at th£ young bueaty !nfront of h¡m.

As $h£ closed h£r eyes t!ghtly till it grimaced h£r face.

‘What are you do!ng querida? haven’t you seen me [email protected]£d before? h£ asked as $h£ opened h£r eyes widened. why is th¡s guy so shamless $h£ thought and lowered h£r gaze.

h£ scoffed and turned @r0vnd putt!ng on h¡s shorts.

A knock on th£ door jotted h£r ©vt of h£r thoughts.

“Blake a familiar voice called,come !n h£ said.

“Blake you can scold me later but I need a little favor from you Arturo said. h£ paused as h£ turned @r0vnd and saw querida stand!ng not too far from Blake.

“Wa$$up querida how was cla$$es today? h£ asked.

It was f!ne sir $h£ replied.

Wow you’re look!ng really pretty beautiful !n th¡s dress I bet all th£ boys !n college could not take th£y eyes off you h£ said try!ng to upset Blake.

“Arturo why did you come all th£ way to my room to start splitt!ng ©vt nons£nse Blake said coldly.

“Bro, you know am speak!ng th£ truth querida is young and beautiful so alot of boys we always be attracted to h£r and tried th£y possible best to get closed to h£r.

“Get Lost h£ said referr!ng to Arturo. but Blake i don’t know why you’re always th¡s cold even to your own blood Arturo said not mov!ng an !nch£ from wh£re h£ stood.

“What do you want? h£ asked. can you h£lp me with con….and turned @r0vnd to see that querida was still pres£nt but h£r gaze was on th£ floor.

I mean balloon you no I have always like ₱|@y!ng balloon ever s!nce I turned 15 h£ said with a mischievous smile.

Blake went to h¡s drawer and brought at a packet of balloon and [email protected] it over to Arturo, you can leave now Blake said.

“Ok,thanks h£ said to Blake, bye little bueaty h£ waved at querida before h£ left th£ room.

“Blake turned to glare at querida and with th£ !nnocent look on h£r face h£ already knew $h£ doesn’t know th£ k!nd of balloon Arturo was talk!ng ab©vt.

Come closer h£ said gently as h£ sat on th£ b£d


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