Sold to a mafia drug lord episode 45

🔞 sold to a mafia drug lord 🔞

(I belong to him )

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia

Chapter 45


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Jose Pov

”I want a thorough research done on the site” the result should be ready by tomorrow

”Anyone who fails to give a tangible report will be fired with immediate effect
You are all dismissed I said to my board of managing directors.

As they left my office with fear of being fired evident on their pathetic faces.
Well who wouldn’t be?

I was still thinking about the new project that we would be working on, in the modeling company.

A soft knock was heard on my office door jotting me out of my thoughts. Who’s there? I asked.

“Sir Jose it’s me Mirabel replied.

what do you want mirabel? I asked her as she got in with her head slightly bow.

I am sorry sir can I please take a leave for the time being I was informed this morning that my mom is seriously ill and I am nedded back in New York she pleaded.

Sure I grant you a year leave and your salary for the wh0le year would still be payed into your account.

Thank u so much sir, thank you, ”she said bowing continuously”

That’s enough, you can leave now …..
I relax my back on my office chair,i don’t just know why I can’t stop thinking about quriada just for a day.

In as much as I tried not to,her small innocent pretty face kept on reflashing in my mind.

I would have love to make her the face of my modeling company but I know that Blake would never agree to it.

“Oh gosh jose you mess up big this time around I muttered.

If I could change the hands of clock I would have made you mine and mine alone Querida I thought and sighed



“Oh mericies! what does he want to do, does he want to hurt her again? she said within fiddding with the tip of her shirt.

But I didn’t do anything wrong or did
I? she asked herself.

She got to where he was and he pulled her and made her sit on his lap that was when a different fear clung in her.

“Oh mericies! please don’t let him hurt me right now I am still feeling pains inbetween my legs and might just end up dieing this Time around she said within.

“He took a strained from her hair stroking it with his finger as their remained like that for a while.

“After what since like hours to her he let go of her hair when a m-ssage bumped into his phone.he picked up his phone and started operating on it.

But all of a sudden she felt something poking her and she didn’t know if she should tell him or not.

Mas …. master something is poking me she shutttered as she tried standing up but he held her on her wa-ist tightly.

“Oh no not again she whisper in her heart and tears was already forming from her eyes.

“Ever heard of blow job?”he buzzed into her ear and she shook her head negatively her eyes fixed on her lap.

“You really don’t know anything do you? “bueaty without Brain” he huff.

Why is he insulting me isn’t he supposed to explain it to me and besides what the meaning of blow job?.

She have study alot of countless books but have never heard of it.

She was so lost in her thoughts not until
He moved his hand beneath her dress that was when she became more scared

She felt his Cold hand go through her laps all the way to her lace p-nties.

and she shivered.oh not again why does he always like hurting her.

He moved her p-nt aside and rubbed her cl+t that was when she busted into tears.

Please mas.. master don’t do this she whimpered as tears streamed down her cheek.

He rubbed her cl+t and made her feel the fear of fingerings at that moment she was really scared.

Suddenly he brought his hand out of her dress and pulled her away from his lap and placed her to sit on the edge of the bed.

He stood up and went to his drawer and brought out a fancy nylon and handed it over to her.

She collected it from him without thinking twice

“returned to your room”he said camly without looking at her.

But she was completely astounded and couldn’t move immediately,don’t make me repeat myself he added.

Was he actually taking to her she wonder yeah he difinitely said returned to your room so he was taking to her.

She cleaned off the tears on her face she fearfully look up to look at him but he wasn’t staring at her.

But what could be in,side this nylon she wonder.

She couldn’t believe it she was very scared he was going to hurt her again.

But he didn’t without further hesitation she oppened the door and walked out of his room.


“Hey Adrian wassup how have you being?Nicolas flashed a smile.

I have been good and you Nicolas Adrian replied.

“Adrian what are you planning on doing this time around since you decided to start schooling in “universad nacional University”.

It very unlike you the Adrian I knew stop schooling four years ago Nicholas said.

Watched this Adrian said as he played a video on his phone.

What the hell don’t tell me you haven’t stopped this yet? he asked.

You fool this isn’t a fake video but a real one and I am going to used it against someone.

Are you crazy Adrian the last time you tried doing something like this four years ago you where lock behind bars.

Don’t dare and try to play this game again if you don’t want to end up dead this time around.

Don’t worry Nicholas ever since I was little I have always like playing the game of chess and have always worn so this wouldn’t be excluded.


Querida pov

“On getting to my room I haven’t even opened the nylon before discovering it was a phone and a laptop and my heart skipped a bit then I decided to opened it.

And I brought out the small package which was containing the phone and a what excliamed from my mouth.

The phone was very bueatiful and seems really expensive the back was made of pure diamond and gold scattered on it.

Why did he gifted me a phone and a laptop I wondered as I climbed on the bed and kept the phone beside me I brought out the laptop from the nylon and placed it infront of me.

It was an iPhone laptop and from the look I knew it was really expensive.

Not that the Idea of thanking him was not on my mind just that I was very scared he might change his mind and want to force himself on me so I decided to thank him the next day.

“Querida” I heard a familiar voice and jumped up off the bed when I saw that it was ma’am Julia.

Ma’am I called as I jumped on her hugging her tightly and she hugged me back.

Querida how you okay? ma’am Julia asked and I nodded my head.

I let go of ma’am Julia as I narrated everything to ma’am from the starting to the ending.
I lay on the bed reminiscing on what my master asked me earlier.

“Ever heard of blow job”

I jumped off my bed and picked up my laptop from the table.

“Querida you need to know the meaning of that word so that he won’t have a reason to hurt you again.

Blake pov

I kept on watching every of her movement from the computer.

I watched as she picked up her laptop from the table and walked to the bed and sat on it.

“Luna” we need to search for the meaning of the word “blow job” she said and I scoffed.

She oppened the computer and started operating on it.

What she yelled out as she immediately close the laptop.

I didn’t read or see anything she said as she used the duvet in covering her face.




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