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Sold to a mafia drug lord episode 45

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🔞 sold to a mafia drug lord 🔞

(I belong to h¡m )

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia

Chapter 45


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Jose Pov

”I want a thorough research done on th£ site” th£ result should be ready by tomorrow

”Anyone who fails to give a tangible report will be fired with immediate effect
You are all dismissed I said to my board of manag!ng directors.

As th£y left my office with fear of be!ng fired evident on th£ir path£tic faces.
Well who wouldn’t be?

I was still th!nk!ng ab©vt th£ new project that we would be work!ng on, !n th£ model!ng company.

A soft knock was h£ard on my office door jott!ng me ©vt of my thoughts. Who’s th£re? I asked.

“Sir Jose it’s me Mirabel replied.

what do you want mirabel? I asked h£r as $h£ got !n with h£r h£ad slightly bow.

I am sorry sir can I please take a leave for th£ time be!ng I was !nformed th¡s morn!ng that my mom is seriously ill and I am nedded [email protected]¢k !n New York $h£ pleaded.

Sure I grant you a year leave and your salary for th£ wh0l£ year would still be payed !nto your account.

Thank u so much sir, thank you, ”$h£ said bow!ng cont!nuously”

That’s enough, you can leave now …..
I relax my [email protected]¢k on my office chair,i don’t j√$t know why I can’t stop th!nk!ng ab©vt quriada j√$t for a day.

!n as much as I tried not to,h£r small !nnocent pretty face kept on reflash!ng !n my m!nd.

I would have love to make h£r th£ face of my model!ng company but I know that Blake would never agree to it.

“Oh gosh jose you mess up big th¡s time @r0vnd I muttered.

If I could change th£ [email protected] of clock I would have made you m!ne and m!ne alone Querida I thought and sigh£d



“Oh mericies! what does h£ want to do, does h£ want to hurt h£r aga!n? $h£ said with!n fiddd!ng with th£ tip of h£r shirt.

But I didn’t do anyth!ng wrong or did
I? $h£ asked h£rself.

$h£ got to wh£re h£ was and h£ ₱v||ed h£r and made h£r sit on h¡s lap that was wh£n a different fear clung !n h£r.

“Oh mericies! please don’t let h¡m hurt me right now I am still feel!ng pa!ns !nb£tweeΠ my legs and might j√$t end up die!ng th¡s Time @r0vnd $h£ said with!n.

“h£ took a stra!ned from h£r hair strok!ng it with h¡s f!ng£r as th£ir rema!ned like that for a while.

“After what s!nce like hours to h£r h£ let go of h£r hair wh£n a ma$$age bumped !nto h¡s phone.h£ picked up h¡s phone and started operat!ng on it.

But all of a sudden $h£ felt someth!ng pok!ng h£r and $h£ didn’t know if $h£ should tell h¡m or not.

Mas …. master someth!ng is pok!ng me $h£ shutttered as $h£ tried stand!ng up but h£ h£ld h£r on h£r [email protected]¡$t t!ghtly.

“Oh no not aga!n $h£ wh¡sper !n h£r h£art and tears was already form!ng from h£r eyes.

“Ever h£ard of b!0w job?”h£ buzzed !nto h£r ear and $h£ shook h£r h£ad negatively h£r eyes fixed on h£r lap.

“You really don’t know anyth!ng do you? “bueaty with©vt Bra!n” h£ huff.

Why is h£ !nsult!ng me isn’t h£ supposed to expla!n it to me and besides what th£ mean!ng of b!0w job?.

$h£ have study alot of countless books but have never h£ard of it.

$h£ was so lost !n h£r thoughts not until
h£ m©v£d h¡s [email protected] beneath h£r dress that was wh£n $h£ became m©r£ s¢ar£d

$h£ felt h¡s Cold [email protected] go through h£r laps all th£ way to h£r lace [email protected]

and $h£ $h!veryed.oh not aga!n why does h£ always like hurt!ng h£r.

h£ m©v£d h£r [email protected] aside and rubb£d h£r cl!t that was wh£n $h£ busted !nto tears.

Please mas.. master don’t do th¡s $h£ wh¡mpered as tears streamed d©wΠ h£r ch£ek.

h£ rubb£d h£r cl!t and made h£r feel th£ fear of f!ng£r!ngs at that moment $h£ was really s¢ar£d.

Suddenly h£ brought h¡s [email protected] ©vt of h£r dress and ₱v||ed h£r away from h¡s lap and placed h£r to sit on th£ edge of th£ b£d.

h£ stood up and went to h¡s drawer and brought ©vt a fancy nylon and [email protected] it over to h£r.

$h£ collected it from h¡m with©vt th!nk!ng twice

“returned to your room”h£ said camly with©vt look!ng at h£r.

But $h£ was completely astounded and couldn’t m©v£ immediately,don’t make me repeat myself h£ added.

Was h£ actually tak!ng to h£r $h£ wonder yeah h£ dif!nitely said returned to your room so h£ was tak!ng to h£r.

$h£ cleaned off th£ tears on h£r face $h£ fearfvlly look up to look at h¡m but h£ wasn’t star!ng at h£r.

But what could be |ns!de th¡s nylon $h£ wonder.

$h£ couldn’t believe it $h£ was very s¢ar£d h£ was go!ng to hurt h£r aga!n.

But h£ didn’t with©vt furth£r h£sitation $h£ oppened th£ door and walked ©vt of h¡s room.


“h£y Adrian wa$$up how have you be!ng?Nicolas fla$h£d a smile.

I have been good and you Nicolas Adrian replied.

“Adrian what are you plann!ng on do!ng th¡s time @r0vnd s!nce you decided to start school!ng !n “universad nacional University”.

It very unlike you th£ Adrian I knew stop school!ng four years ago Nicholas said.

Watch£d th¡s Adrian said as h£ ₱|@yed a video on h¡s phone.

What th£ h£ll don’t tell me you haven’t stopped th¡s yet? h£ asked.

You fool th¡s isn’t a fake video but a real one and I am go!ng to used it aga!nst someone.

Are you crazy Adrian th£ last time you tried do!ng someth!ng like th¡s four years ago you wh£re lock beh!nd bars.

Don’t dare and try to ₱|@y th¡s game aga!n if you don’t want to end up dead th¡s time @r0vnd.

Don’t worry Nicholas ever s!nce I was little I have always like ₱|@y!ng th£ game of ch£ss and have always worn so th¡s wouldn’t be excluded.


Querida pov

“On gett!ng to my room I haven’t even opened th£ nylon before discover!ng it was a phone and a laptop and my h£art skipped a bit th£n I decided to opened it.

And I brought ©vt th£ small package which was conta!n!ng th£ phone and a what excliamed from my m©vth.

Th£ phone was very bueatiful and seems really expensive th£ [email protected]¢k was made of pure diamond and gold scattered on it.

Why did h£ gifted me a phone and a laptop I wondered as I climb£d on th£ b£d and kept th£ phone beside me I brought ©vt th£ laptop from th£ nylon and placed it !nfront of me.

It was an iPhone laptop and from th£ look I knew it was really expensive.

Not that th£ Idea of thank!ng h¡m was not on my m!nd j√$t that I was very s¢ar£d h£ might change h¡s m!nd and want to force h¡mself on me so I decided to thank h¡m th£ next day.

“Querida” I h£ard a familiar voice and jumped up off th£ b£d wh£n I saw that it was ma’am Julia.

Ma’am I called as I jumped on h£r hugg!ng h£r t!ghtly and $h£ hugged me [email protected]¢k.

Querida how you okay? ma’am Julia asked and I nodded my h£ad.

I let go of ma’am Julia as I narrated everyth!ng to ma’am from th£ start!ng to th£ end!ng.
I [email protected] on th£ b£d rem!nisc!ng on what my master asked me earlier.

“Ever h£ard of b!0w job”

I jumped off my b£d and picked up my laptop from th£ table.

“Querida you need to know th£ mean!ng of that word so that h£ won’t have a reason to hurt you aga!n.

Blake pov

I kept on watch!ng every of h£r m©v£ment from th£ computer.

I watch£d as $h£ picked up h£r laptop from th£ table and walked to th£ b£d and sat on it.

“Luna” we need to search for th£ mean!ng of th£ word “b!0w job” $h£ said and I scoffed.

$h£ oppened th£ computer and started operat!ng on it.

What $h£ yelled ©vt as $h£ immediately close th£ laptop.

I didn’t read or see anyth!ng $h£ said as $h£ used th£ duvet !n cover!ng h£r face.




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