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Sold to a mafia drug lord episode 47

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Sold to a mafia drug lord 🔞

(I belong to h¡m)

Chapter 47

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia


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Writer’s pov

“After th£ first two periods th£ bell rang for lunch break and th£ students started dispers!ng from th£ cla$$room.

“Querida” sat d©wΠ relax on h£r seat as $h£ placed [email protected]¢k h£r notebook |ns!de h£r bag not feel!ng like go!ng ©vt for lunch.

“h£llo” $h£ h£ard someone called and $h£ looked up to see th£ same guy !nfront of h£r.

“Um ..Querida “how do you know my name $h£ cut h¡m off feel!ng really surprised.

“Uh.. sorry but your friend called your name a while ago adra!n said po!nt!ng at Andrea.

“Oh, I see $h£ nodded as $h£ bit h£r lower l¡p.

“So as I was ab©vt say!ng,I am a new student h£re and th¡s is my first day !n “universad nacional University” and for th£ way you were solv!ng th£ economic question and I also h£ard from some of th£ students that you are one of th£ best student !n th¡s department.

So please if you don’t m!nd can you h£lp me !n solv!ng th¡s econometrics question it one of th£ topic I do f!nd difficult Adrian said.

“Ok sure querida replied as $h£ collected th£ notebook and pen from h¡m.

After $h£ was done expla!n!ng it to h¡m $h£ [email protected] th£ notebook and pen [email protected]¢k to h¡m.

Thank you Querida h£ said and $h£ only nodded.


” 0mg Querida h£ really looks [email protected] and dash!ng at th£ same time.

Didn’t you also notice that wh£n th£ economics professor was teach!ng h£ couldn’t take h¡s eyes off you Andrea wh¡spered !nto h£r ear.

That’s because h£ was f!nd!ng th£ topic difficult to understand Querida replied !nnocently.

“Oh gosh Querida,I don’t know why you are th¡s !nnocent and naive at th£ same time can’t you see th£ way h£ look at you Andrea said aga!n.

Andrea how do I expla!n to you that I am not that !nnocent as you th!nk I am.

I am longer th£ !nnocent querida as of before because I am no longer a v!rg!n $h£ thought and sigh£d feel!ng really sad.

“How you ok? did I say anyth!ng wrong ?Andrea asked and $h£ only shook h£r h£ad negatively.

Adrian pov

“My guess turned at to be true $h£ really doesn’t remember me,th¡s is gonna make my work easier I thought as I walked ©vt of th£ cla$$room.

I will first of all start by tarnish!ng h£r image like I did to h£r four years ago.

“Oh my little sweeth£art, you don’t know you j√$t h£lped a devil !n disguise of an angel.

j√$t th£m I received a call from my broth£r.

“What is it ?why th£ h£ll are you call!ng me? I asked over th£ phone feel!ng really angry as I picked h¡s call.

“Wh£re are you Adrian? mateo asked coldly through th£ phone.

I am !n college [email protected]!$fied I replied curtly.

You better not tried anyth!ng stupid th¡s time @r0vnd or I am gonna kill you with my bare [email protected] h£ threaned coldly over th£ phone.

I am go!ng to th!nk ab©vt it I said and hanged up.

Writer’s pov
!n th£ hall of one of th£ five star h°tel somewh£re !n Mexico Blake was seen stand!ng by a w!ndow putt!ng on h¡s cold face as usual.

Keep!ng away from many people while th!nk!ng of h¡m not be!ng able to hurt Querida as of before th£y was a part of h¡m which always melt see!ng h£r !n tears which h£ have never felt for any one else before,h£ was always cold to everyone.

Even if h£ was as [email protected] as rock today h£ couldn’t even force h¡mself on h£r and wh£n h£ saw querida $h!very!ng !n fear wh£n h£ was unbuck!ng h¡s belt h£ knew $h£ doesn’t want it and h£ didn’t decide to force h¡mself oh h£r.

“Gosh, why can’t I take those thoughts off my h£ad h£ muttered as h£ s£nd h¡s [email protected] through h¡s hair.

Boss Liam called and Blake turned to glare at h¡m.

Boss it time for th£ bus!ness !ntroduction Liam said.

As h£ returned to m!ngl!ng with th£ bus!ness that brought !n h£re.

“Querida returned home from school feel!ng really tired and sleepy .

$h£ walked s1©wly as $h£ pa$$ th£ sitt!ng room and went straight to h£r room.

Surpris!ngly wh£n $h£ got to h£r room $h£ found two people sitt!ng on a coach !n h£r
room and Julia was stand!ng close to th£m.

th£y both sprung on th£ir feet th£ moment th£y saw h£r .

“Good even!ng young miss th£y both greeted at once with a bow.

$h£ walked !n feel!ng really confused as $h£ looked at th£m and Julia.

“Querida Julia called as $h£ walked up to h£r.

“Good even!ng ma’am” $h£ greeted Julia.

“Even!ng Querida how was college today? $h£ asked.

It was f!ne ma’am $h£ replied, Querida th£y’re from Rossy make over and th£y have been ordered by young master Blake to get you ready Julia said.

$h£ couldn’t h£lp but feel m©r£ surprised get me ready for what? $h£ didn’t realize wh£n $h£ said it ©vt loud.

Querida j√$t do as young master Blake !nstructed you are runn!ng ©vt of time and you know h£ always hate to be kept wait!ng Julia added.

“Ok ,ma’am I will. Querida replied as $h£ walked up to h£r b£d and dropped h£r bag on th£ b£d.

And $h£ quietly followed th£m !nto th£ bathroom th£ water !n th£ bathtub wasn’t what $h£ had expected it was different from th£ water $h£ used !n bath!ng from th£ normal water.

$h£ saw different th!ngs !n it, it was treated like th£ water $h£ used !n bath!ng th£ very first day $h£ came h£re.

$h£ took off h£r cloth£s and entered |ns!de th£ bathtub.

After a while $h£ came ©vt of th£ bathtub and one of th£m dried h£r b©dy and gave h£r a towel to tie @r0vnd h£r ch£st.

Th£n th£y returned to h£r b£d room wh£re th£ ma!n work began. Th£y made h£r sit !nfront of th£ big mirror and started apply!ng different th!ngs on h£r face.

Th£y work on h£r brows,eyes, l¡ps etc and it took th£m along time.

And wh£n th£y wh£re done $h£ looked !nto th£ big mirror and couldn’t believe h£r eyes $h£ was look!ng really bueatiful.

Now you need to put on th¡s dress “young miss” one of th£ lady said and $h£ stood up and collected it.

It was a blue gown and it was really bueatiful and from th£ look $h£ could tell it was very expensive.

$h£ put on th£ gown it was very long and it swept th£ floor it was an off shoulder gown and it also exposed h£r ch£st all round expos!ng th£ mark Blake left on h£r neck th¡s morn!ng mak!ng h£r to feel really shy and nervous.

After that $h£ was given a set of black h£el to ware which were look!ng bueatiful and cla$$ic.

“Wow,young miss you are look!ng really bueatiful and stunn!ng one of th£m said and h£r ch£ek flu$h£d red.

$h£ smiled and looked !nto th£ mirror $h£ was really look!ng bueatiful.

Immediately th£ door opened and $h£ turned to see that it was Blake.

“Oh mercies, $h£ felt really s¢ar£d as fear gripped h£r.

h£ didn’t say anyth!ng as h£ stopped at th£ door.

You all can leave h£ f!nally said icily and th£y all left th£ room at once.

$h£ bent h£r h£ad d©wΠ feel!ng really s¢ar£d and nervous $h£ could tell h£ was star!ng at h£r even with h£r h£ad bow.

Let go h£ said after what seems like an hours and $h£ lifted h£r h£ad to see h¡m already walk!ng ©vt.

“Oh mercies, please don’t let me get !nto trouble $h£ prayed !n h£r h£art as $h£ took !n a deep breath follow!ng h¡m from beh!nd.

Th£y got to th£ park!ng lot and h£ entered
a ” black bugatti la voiture Noire car” which $h£ did sitt!ng next to h¡m !n th£ [email protected]¢k sit.

$h£ felt m©r£ s¢ar£d sitt!ng next to h¡m one wrong m©v£ and $h£ as good as dead.

Liam was sitt!ng !n th£ driver seat h£ started th£ car immediately.

Jose Pov

I kept on watch!ng from th£ gla$$ of my w!ndow as Blake and Querida got |ns!de th£ black “Bugatti la voiture Noire car”.

I felt really angry and jealous as I watch£d th£ car drove away.

I went to my drawer and I picked up a packet of cigarette and a lighter, I lighted it and stuck it !nto my m©vth.

Am sorry to do th¡s Blake but I th!nk i have to take [email protected]¢k what rightful belongs to me eith£r by “hook or by crook” I thought as I puffed ©vt some smoke through my nostril.

Adrian pov

I brought at my phone from my bag as I [email protected] on th£ b£d and watch Querida picture !n my phone.

It always hurt me anytime I see you !n pa!ns s!nce we wh£re little but what did you do at th£ end.

I wasted four good years of my life beh!nd bails all because of you.

I do love and hate you at th£ same time Querida but as Far as I couldn’t have you all to myself.

Is better for me to give you a pa!nful death than for you to belong to anyone else.

Ha ha ha ha I said as I bursted !nto laughter.


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