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Chapter 62

A story by Anitalia and Isabella Writes

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“How dare you slap me? who do hell do you think you?”are Rachel yelled.

But before Rachel could finished Julia cut her with another two heavy slap.

“How dare you slap my wife?” Martin yelled.coming downstairs.

“You pervert, shameless, useless man here you are”Julia insulted.

“You mad woman ‘how you insane?who let you in?. Rachel shouted.

As Rachel speak Julia landed another slaps on her both cheek.

‘How dare you?Rachel yelled gro-ning in pains.

“Does it hurt?” Julia asked slapping her again.

Martin was about to hold Julia to stop her in other not to hit Rachel again.

I dare you to touch me with that pervert disgusting hands of your shameless man “Julia yelled.

“Who do hell? do you think you are?you phsyco “Rachel excliamed still holding her both cheek.

If you don’t leave here I promise to call the guards on you and they’re gonna raped you to death phsyco “Rachel said.

“Honey who is she?” don’t Tell me you have offended a mad woman this time “Martin said.

“Just keep shut Martin.

And you”what how you still waiting for? Rachel yelled.

“Or do you want to die?

“You really don’t know how dangerous I am “Rachel said.

‘Walking closer to Julia.

And you really don’t know how crazy I can be “Julia said” looking at her in the face.

Just get lost you crazy woman before I call my guards to f-ck you to death.

Just like the way your useless husband almost rape Iriana to death”Julia said.

“Making both of them to froze “who are you ?”Rachel asked.

“It’s such a shame that a mother can not recognize her very own daughter.

“Iriana they both excliamed.

“Yes you’re right I am Iriana “Julia said.

“Iriana” how can you be alive? how did you escape the fire?Rachel thought.

I know you might be wondering her I escaped the fire”Julia if reading her mind.

“Iriana I swear I didn’t mean to kill you, I just wanted to put and end to the miserable life you were leaving ‘Rachel said.

,”Miserable Life? wasn’t your husband the causes of it “Julia yelled.

I thought you were gonna choose the side of your daughter but you ended up taking The side of this your useless.

“If I may ask where is my daughter?”Querida” Julia said.

“She….you sold her out already to the s-x house as a payment for you pervert useless husband debt.

Do you know you ruin my daughter life by doing that.

And the worst part was that you also hide the fact that Querida was actually suffering From “non compaction cardiomyopathy” since child birth.

“How heart can you be?” Julia said.

They’re always at times I do sit and ask myself if you’re really my mom.

You’re nothing but a disgrace to motherhood “Julia said again.

“I hate you Rachel and I am gonna make sure you both pay,for what you have done to me and my daughter “Julia added before walking out.

“Iriana”Martin called.running after her.

“What do you want ?”Julia frown.

“Can you please take me to my daughter”Martin pleaded holding her arm.

“Let go of me” Julia shuttered.

She really is so how scared of him.

But Martin didn’t listen instead he grip her hand t¡ghtly.

Please just tell me where our daughter his “he pleaded again

“I said let go “Julia yelled.using her full strength to push him away.

Next time you ever touches me with that pervert hands of yours.

I am gonna sue you for harassment “Julia said.

And also get one thing clear Querida is only my daughter and not yours she added and left.

Martin just stood still as he watched her leave.

Julia walked out of the mansion to were Trevor car was parked.

She opened the car door and hoped in, she was surprised when he brought out his phone.

It happened that he placed a tracker on her hair.

He played the record of everything Julia said a while ago.

“Is this true Julia?

All what you said in there is it really true?”Trevor asked.

“Yes it’s true, do you have any problem with them?

I mean now you have heard my hidden secret.

“How you still interested in me?” she asked with tears streaming down her eyes.

“Yes I still want you “Julia” I love you and nothing is gonna change the fact.

“Your past is your past.

“It doesn’t mean anything to me “Trevor said cleaning The tears off her face.

“It really does mean to me “Trevor “Julia. said as she held hands.

Why don’t you try and forget about me.

Just move on with your life I am a mother of a 17 years old girl.

And my daughter needs me the most now she said with a smile.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

“Jose parked in the parking garage, before coming down from the car.

Jose walked into the sitting room heading to Blake room.

Immediately he got into Blake room he saw Blake coming out from the bathroom with a towel tied around his [email protected]¡$t.

“Heading somewhere?” Jose asked. taking his sit on the b£d.

“No why asking?” Blake replied Heading toward his closet.

“Haven’t you heard what happened earlier?” Jose asked.

“No what happened?” he asked going through his closet.

Querida she fainted immediately after you left her room “Jose said.

“But Blake didn’t look really surprised or neither did he react to it.

“Blake don’t tell me you knew already?”Jose asked.

“Yes any problem with that?” he replied still going through his closet.

“Why them did you reply with a no?” Jose asked.

“Did I?” Blake asked.

“I think you have gone nut “Blake” Jose said.

“Anyway aren’t you going to at least ask me her she is?” Jose asked.

“How she is got nothing to do with me, even if she dies or live “Blake”said shocking Jose.

“Blake that “little girl” almost lost her life today all because of you and this is what you have to say “Jose yelled.

“How did you end up turning this heartless?” changing like a chameleon every passing day.

“Sofia would be feeling really disgusted in the realm.

When she sees the other brother you have become.

You are making an “innocent girl” suffer for your past mistakes.

I think merrissa was right when she called you a devil in human form “Jose yelled again.

“You can leave now Jose.

You are yelling and you know how much I really hate noise “Blake said gently as he finally turned around to face him.

“Gosh can’t you at least behave like a normal “human being” for once always acting so heartless.

Just get one thing clear Blake if Querida ever suffered anything in the future.

I promise on Sofia grave that I aren’t going to spare you “Jose added and left.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

“Querida has already been transferred to a vip patient Ward.

“Even though she is not yet awake, Julia and Jose haven’t left her side for once.

“Blake on the other hand felt really guilty and wasn’t able to sleep throughout the night.

“Becos deep down, he felt really guilty knowing fully well that he was also among the reason Querida landed in hospital but he refused to admit it.

Next day**

“Julia and Jose, where both seated on a chair next to Querida as they both watched her sleep.

“You haven’t answered my question yet Julia.

“how is Querida your child?” Jose asked breaking the silence.

It a very long story sir and I know it really h-rd for anyone to believe but I had her when I was just 12 after been rape by my step Dad “Julia said.

“How come you left her alone?” and she doesn’t know a thing about you,because the last time I remember she told me that her mom die after giving birth to her.

“And how did you come to know that she is your daughter?” Jose asked.both questions at a time.

The very she told me her name cause I was the one that named her Querida and alot of people say we look alike which i know is true.

But I wasn’t really that sure I mean a lot of people do answer that name and we have a lot of look alike at there so I really didn’t want to jump into conclusion.

But when I finally saw the birth mark on her left knee.

that was The day I finally come to know that she is really my “little princess “Julia said with a smile.

“Please sir” I know I am not worthy to ask for a favor from you.

But can you please let this remain a secret btw the both of us “Julia pleaded.

“Ok I understand “Jose said.

“Thanks sir” Julia replied turning to face Querida.

“Querida” felt her self coming back to live as she slowly flushed her eyes open.

The first thing that caught her attention was the ceiling.

“What happened?” she thought.

“trying to sit up but she couldn’t that is because a drip was fixed to her hand.

that was when the realization hit on her that she was in the hospital.

“Querida” she heard Julia called and she drifted her eyes to the direction Julia is .

“Ma’am” she called weakly.

Her heart really pained her when she called her Ma’am.

She had always waited for the day she is going to call her mom.

When Julia came to realize that she herself wanted it to remain this way it would be the best for the both of them.

Jose only watched Querida with a smile
now he really believed that she wasn’t as weak as everyone thinks she is.

She is really a fighter who had survive death and he didn’t know when a smile curved on his face as he watched her.

Ma’am she whispered again trying to remove the drip that was fixed on her but she felt a hand holding her hand from the left side.

She shifted her eyes to see Jose he was preventing her from removing the drip.

You have to stay calm Querida a surgery was performed on you don’t try to remove it you really need it to get better faster “Jose said.

Julia go inform Eric that she is awake Jose said and Julia only nodded and left.

“Sir” Querida called as she drifted her eyes to him.

“Can I at least sit up?” i feel really uncomfortable laying in this position “she said.

You can’t Querida try and understand “Jose said.

And Querida only nodded because she knew he was doing it for her own good.

She really wanted to ask him why a surgery was performed on her,but she couldn’t bring herself to.

The door opened and Julia entered accompany by Eric.

Eric came and started checking on her

“How are you feeling now?” little angel” Eric asked when he was done checking on her.

“I am fine mister” she answered.

“Good to hear “Eric said with a smile.

She needs to stay for at least four to five days after that she can be discharge he said to Jose making Querida to frown.

She really doesn’t like hospital and she fear injection the most.

“What is it?” why the frowning?” Eric asked.

“Can you please remove this drip you fixed on me? it making feel really uncomfortable she said in a whispered.

“You have to bear it a little longer” I will get going and come check on you later Eric said with a smile and left.

Immediately he left someone else walked in .

“Brother “Querida,whisper as she drifted her eyes to the door.


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