Sold to Lucifer episode 1

{ Slave To Sensation… }

GENRES: Mafias, Dark R0-mance, Supernatural, Erotica.

TAGS; Slavery,Action,Suspense,Immortality,S_£x Slave, Love Triangles,Age Gap,Bloodshed,Deities,Demons,Empire,Revenge,Betrayal,Deaths,Secrets,Curses,Hatred,Weakness,Tragedy

THEME: Taking Her Innocence

By: Summer Gold R.


If Life Was Predictable,It Would Cease To Be Life,And Be Without Flavour…..(a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt)

That’s exactly what her case is like.


That’s her name.

A nineteen years old girl,best title for her life is INNOCENCE,she’s a fragile little creature who stays with her old granny in a small town in Greece called MINT VILLE. She’s as innocent as a lamb,pure like the snow with no spot. She was surrounded by people who loves her,her whole life was like a cute little princess,though they are poor but happy.

Unfortunately,it all became a misery when she was taken away from her home.



{ Slave To Sensation… }



The whole empire was as silent as a grave yard,the mobsters in quiet orders,no one dares speak up,if a needle falls during this session,it would definitely be heard clearly.

In the middle of the empire were some mobsters,standing,their heads bowed. Who would dare look into his eyes? His red eyes which were filled with range and anger at the moment,in the front was a guy kneeling down,his whole body was shaking out of fears. On a seat was him..Lucifer,the only name anyone is entitled to call him but still nobody would dare call him out.

He was sitting down while a girl stood beside him,as far as everyone is concerned,she’s his right hand woman. She’s like the Beta who’s always beside the Alpha so none of the mobsters dares to disrespect her.

Her Name,Renata.

“I’m asking you a question,were you really behind the lost bags?” Came Lucifer’s deep voice

The guy kneeling down was shaking too hard,his sweats were dropping out the ground and a little more of them would definitely make some flow.

“Answer me!!!!!” Lucifer yelled and the ground began shaking

Renata touched Lucifer’s shoulder as if to calm him down but no progress from it,the mobsters were all shaking,even more than the one kneeling down

“Yes boss!!! It was me!!” The guy broke into tears and the ground stopped shaking.

Lucifer got up and the guy fell on his face

“Forgive me……”

“Silence!” Lucifer cut in

“You should know the consequence of betraying me already,but still you went ahead to do that?” He asked and immediately different knives from nowhere started piercing all over his body

“Ahhhh!!!!” The guy screamed out in terror

Some knives entered his eyes,ears,chest,legs,every parts of his body

Immediately one of the female mobsters went on her knees too

“Please Boss……” Before she could finish,an invisible sword sliced down her head from her throat and she dropped dead on the floor

The mobsters all kept quiet

After Lucifer was done with the guy who was now dead,he turned to them

“Is there anyone else who have something to say? Before I find out,you can come out now and I will give you an easy death…like this” He said but nobody moved

He released one of his deadly smiles which disappeared almost immediately from his lips before walking away with his supernatural speed,it’s normal for a human not to catch him even in a blink of an eye,crazier and faster than vanishing.

The mobsters all fell on the ground,breathing out what they’ve been seizing in.

Renata chuckled and crossed her arms

“Get rid of the bodies” She said and walked away,passing their middle.



Renata approached the chamber with a pretty smile on her face but it vanished when she saw Orpheus coming with three girls behind him,obviously Sluts, judging by the way they dressed. Just like Renata,Orpheus is another guy who is somehow close to Lucifer and he send him all sorts of works,even with this Orpheus and Renata are great enemies.

Renata stopped in front of them

“Where are they going?” She questioned

“To the boss,any problem?” Orpheus asked

“Take them back,I’m going into the Chamber right now” Renata said and Orpheus scoffed

“Go in” He said to the girls and they immediately smiled,walking toward the entrance but were instantly covered by a boundary which made them stop,Orpheus faced Renata angrily

“What the h*ll do you think you’re doing?!” He yelled

“Stopping them” Renata smirked

Orpheus stretched out his hand toward her and a strong wind blew her up,but instead of falling down she began floating in the air.

Renata crossed her arms,still in the air

“Try better next time” She smirked

Orpheus smiled and his green eyes shone on her body,immediately some invisible bonds tied her up

“What do you think you’re doing?!” She yelled,struggling to release herself

“Making you rest for a while” Orpheus said and broke the boundary around the girls

They all turned to him,breathing heavily

“What the h*ll happened?”

“Nothing,you can go in” Orpheus replied and the three girls went into the chamber with him behind them.

Renata fell on the ground after that

“Ouch!! Orpheus I’m going to kill you!!!!” She screamed out.



“Honestly,I feel sorry for West” Scarlett said beside Desdemona who was busy shooting aggressively

Her best friend got killed

“But I still wonder why Iris would think of pleading on his behalf….”

“Shut up and stop talking about her!!” Desdemona yelled,pointing her gun at her

“Hey chill okay? West is also my best friend” Rocco appeared behind them

“West deserved the f**king death and ion give a damn about him. He betrayed all of us!” Desdemona snapped

“You all don’t have to fight about it,they are both gone and there will be no mourning if you love your lives” Wednesday walked in,her two arms crossed on her chest

“Rather,there will be a party tonight,to celebrate their death” Storm laughed out and immediately Desdemona glared at her,she carried her with her eyes but Rocco cut the invisible hand making Storm fall back on her seat

“Desdemona!! You’re f**king insane! Go meet the boss if you’re so angry about it!!” Baby Blue who’s always called BB,entered with an angry glare,her blue eyes shining aggressively

“And who the f**k are you to tell me what to do??” Desdemona asked immediately walking toward her,BB also walking closer

“Oh,it’s starting again” Scarlett shook her head

Desdemona and BB are another set of enemies in the empire,they fight every where they meet themselves but the most annoying thing is,none of them can loose to the other.

Before Desdemona could get to BB,Jericho appeared in front of her.

“That’s enough Mona” He said

Desdemona glared at BB hatefully before storming out of the training ground,she opened an entrance with her hands and she entered immediately,out of everyone’s sight.

“Whoa,I really love how it’s only you who can actually talk to her” Rocco chuckled and Jericho scoffed.

“Well I totally feel for her….”

“No,Iris was just blinded by the crush she has on West. We all know the boss hate the word”Please”…” Wednesday said,drawing two quotation marks with her fingers

“Are you saying,you Can’t apologize on my behalf?” Rocco asked and Wednesday laughed crazily

“If you wanna die,you die alone okay?” She said

Jericho walked out of the training ground and everyone faced their works.



The aggressive knocking of door came louder this time

“Who is it!!” Granny Amber asked as she walked to open up

As soon as she opened,some thugs pushed the door angrily and the granny fell on the floor. She began to tremble the moment she saw them,they were holding all sort of weapons,knifes,swords and others

“How dare you old woman!! You really want to fool me without paying up your debt?!” The leader said,looking like a psycho in his dreadlocks

“No,please. I promise to pay up as soon as possible…..”

“Shut up! Your deadline was last week right? I even gave you one more week but nothing is happening,get in right now and bring me my money!!” He yelled

Granny Amber went on her knees immediately

“Please son…..”

“Who the f**k is your son?” He asked and his gangs laughed out loud along with him

Granny Amber was quiet

“I will be here later in the night for my money,and you better not try to act smart by running away,once I find you,I’m going to kill you. Do you understand?!!” He yelled

“I understand” Granny Amber said

The leader turned to his gangs

“Let’s go,we will sure be here tonight” He smirked uglily and they all left.

Granny Amber didn’t leave the floor,she was thinking about all possible means,she actually borrowed fifty euros from them but she only have twenty out of the lot right now,she wouldn’t have gone to them but her lovely granddaughter would have died just about a month ago.

Amber was still on the floor of their small sitting room when Larisa entered with her usual innocent and cute smile,but the moment she saw her granny on the floor,she dropped the bowl in her hands and bent down

“Granny,are you okay?” She asked worried

Amber sniffed in her tears and looked at her

“Granny please talk to me,what happened? Did anyone hurt you?” She asked worriedly

“What do I do now?” Amber sniffs again

“Tell me” Larisa requested

“I’m sorry,I didn’t tell you because you’ve warned me several times against it….but I couldn’t watch you struggling to live,we had no money for your illness….”

“Don’t tell me you borrowed money from those thugs….”

“I had no choice Risa” Amber said

“How much is the money?” Larisa asked

“Fifty Euros” Amber replied and Larisa’s eyes widened immediately

She left Amber and rushed to the bowl she dropped,she took the purse in it and opened it in rush

She bought out the money in it and counted it at once

“This is….just….Ten Euros granny. I was so happy when I sold all the beads just now” She broke into tears

“Please don’t cry,I have twenty euros kept,so all we need now is twenty more” Amber said,wiping Larisa’s tears

“Those people are dangerous granny,I don’t want them to hurt you. I will make sure I get the rest,trust me” She said

“No,we will do this together. I will go around right now and ask for help” Amber said,finally standing from the floor

“Me too,let’s do this granny,it’s almost 6pm” Larisa said

Almost immediately,Granny Amber and Larisa left the house and went separately.



Granny Amber and Larisa are both sitting down in the sitting room,looking scared. After hours of walking around the neighborhood,nobody helped and now all they can do is to wait for the worse.

“Granny” Larisa called as she raised her head from her granny’s laps

“You look tired,I will get you a cup of water to drink” She said

“Thank you” Granny Amber managed to smile

Larisa kissed her cheek and got up,she walked out of the sitting room

Almost immediately,the familia heavy knock came on the door and Granny Amber sprang up,she took the thirty euros they have and slowly walked to the door

The leader was in front,grinning ear to ear

“Chrímata(Money in Greek)” The leader requested,opening his palms

Amber gently placed the money in his palm,he counted it at once and his eyes turned red

“Thirty?!” He shouted

“Please give me more time….”

“Guys!! Bring this house down” He immediately ordered his gangs

“Please” Granny Amber pleaded

“Bring it down!!!” The leader yelled again and immediately the boys started opening the kegs of fuel

Larisa came out at that very moment and the leader smirked watching as she pulled her granny up from the floor

“Guys,stop!” He ordered and the boys stopped at once

The leader turned to the granddaughter and her granny who are both holding each other,looking scared

“You should have told me you have something else to pay with” He smiled wickedly

“What are you talking about?” Granny Amber asked

“You have such a beautiful daughter……”

“No,not my granddaughter……”

“Guys,take her” He cut her off and quickly the gangs rushed into the house

“No!!!!!!” Larisa screamed as they dragged her out of the house

Granny Amber rushed out with them,holding Larisa’s hand

“Leave my granddaughter for me!” She cried

“Granny!!” Larisa also cried and right there in front of her…The leader slayed her granny

Larissa’s eyes widened immediately her Granny’s blood splashed on her face

She puked out blood and dropped dead on the ground

“Granny!!!!!!!!!!” Larisa screamed out but the men covered her nose with a drugged handkerchief and almost quickly

She became unconscious

They dropped her in their car and sped off roughly.


To Be Continued