Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to mafia drug lord episode 11 – 12

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Sold to a mafia drug lord

(I belong to h¡m)

Chapter 11&12

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia

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Blake pov

“Boss, we caught h¡m, temper!ng with th£ conta!ner “Mart!n said as h£ draw one of th£ spy to wh£re I was comfortably sited

“Who s£nt you i asked as I turned to glared at h¡m with anger boil!ng |ns!de of me.

“If th£y was one th!ng I hate,I hate to be kept hang!ng.

“Please spare my life don’t kill me,please sir h£ said already !n tears.

“If you must know tears means noth!ng to me, I said as I brought ©vt my gun for my !nner pocket.

“Please sir forgive me,i have a sick daughter to look after th£ man added as h£ sat on th£ floor.

“If you don’t wanna die earlier why mess with Blake pons, as I said before tears means noth!ng to me.

“And as forgiveness, I don’t know what forgiveness is, I hate th£ word forgiveness and I don’t forgive.

“Who s£nt you to temper with th£ conta!ner,I asked aga!n c*ck!ng my gun th¡s time @r0vnd.

“Mr Mateo” th£ man said, what I yelled !n anger as i sprung on my feet.

Writer pov

“Blake angrily sprung on h¡s feet at th£ measure of Mateo name.

“Boss how come does Mateo know ab©vt th£ conta!ner Mart!n asked !n disbelief.

“Boss th£ conta!ner is h£re, we need to !nspect it ,before transferr!ng it to th£ oth£r conta!ner, Liam said as h£ walked h¡m.

“Mart!n placed a call to th£ oth£r to make sure th£ir ch£ck th£ conta!ner m©r£ properly.

“And you Liam make sure that all th£ ch£ck!ng po!nt’s are free got that, I said and was ab©vt walk!ng ©vt.

“Boss what ab©vt h¡m what are we go!ng to do with !n,h£ asked po!nt!ng at th£ spy f!ni$h£d h¡m up.

“I said, and left afterwards h£ad!ng to th£ ma!n build!ng.

“Trevor any news yet,I asked as I m©v£ closer to wh£re h£ was sited walk!ng on th£ computer.

“Change of plan’s those fool’s are walk!ng for someone else.

“It is a plan, th£y might try to kill you.

“Ch£ck th¡s ©vt Trevor said [email protected]!ng over th£ map to me.

“Shit we have been trapped, I muttered.

“Boss how you okey h£ asked.

“I don’t know, but some th!ng is wrong,h£re which does not make s£nse at all.

“If th£y want to hit th£ delegation, th£n why would th£y wire th¡s warehouse, and make it obvious.

“That means th£y are up to someth!ng else I thought.

Trevor come with me,and placed a call to th£ oth£rs to be m©r£ alert I said.

“I entered th£ car and drove off,©vt of anger,all th£ Mexico lane has been blocked.

“If those moth£r fv¢ker wanna fire on a free way th£n, th£y shouldn’t be far away.

“Trevor keep th£ location on so that you would be able to track wh£re Mateo men are,I said.

“Boss i j√$t found th£ir pres£nt location Trevor said, th£y are currently !n one of Mateo warehouse.

“Wow that j√$t make my work much easier I said with a smirked.

Bianca POV

“I walked @r0vnd my room Boll!ng !n rage, what th£ fv¢k j√$t happened a while ago.

“Would could have believed Jose could have slapped me.

“my broth£rs has never slapped all hurt me !n any way.

“But Jose j√$t did all because of th£ sake of that little bitch which anger me to th£ bone.

“I’m not gonna let h£r go scot free, I’m gonna make h£r pay dearly for th£ slap.

“I th!nk I no what to do, I really hope and pray that $h£ [email protected]|| for it, and no one would be able to come to h£r rescue.

I walked !nto th£ kitch£n and saw Julia, work!ng.

“h£y Julia come over h£re quickly, cause I got a lot of th!ngs to do I said.

“Yes!ma’am Bianca do you need anyth!ng $h£ asked, as $h£ walked to wh£re I was stand!ng.

“I need your h£lp, I would rath£r put it th¡s way,I want you to do someth!ng for me.

“Ok ma’am $h£ replied with a nod.

“Wh£n Last did you, clean Sofia room I asked h£r?

“It has never been cleaned by anyone, expect master Blake $h£ replied, h£ had made it clear to all of us never to step |ns!de that room unless we have a death wish $h£ added.

“But today, you will be clean!ng th£ room all by yourself.

“But ma’am $h£ tried to speak but I cut h£r off.

“Or if you want you can a$$ign it to someone else I said,cutt!ng h£r off.

“Who will I a$$ign it to $h£ asked with a worried face.

“That little bitch querida i said what $h£ s¢r**med and opened are m©vth !n shock.

“Am sorry ma’am I can’t do that and beside young master Blake has made it clear to all of us that $h£ not allowed to do any work. $h£ said.

“One m©r£ word Julia and you are go!ng to lose your job th£ last time I ch£cked you wh£re noth!ng m©r£ than th£ h£ad maid,so you don’t dare raise your voice at me and you must always do as you are be!ng told I said with a frown.

“But ma,am,no but you better do as you are be!ng told all else you would be sacked.

“And once you how, i will see if you would be able to ¢ar£ter for your sick mom and poor reach£d family I said and smiled wh£n I knew that I was already gett!ng h£r.

” ok ma’am I will $h£ said and left afterward,as if you have a choice I muttered.

“A smile curved on my face as ,$h£ walk’s ©vt of th£ kitch£n to go and get quidara.

Qudaria pov

Tears filled my eye’s, if I had stayed |ns!de th£ room, I won’t have gotten myself !nto trouble.

“And sir Jose couldn’t have hit h¡s sister.

” Sir Jose slapped h¡s own sister all because of me , I have my self to be blamed for everyth!ng.

“Oh death why is it that you are th¡s far from me,how badly I have always wi$h£d that I will j√$t sleep and not wake up.

“I draw one of th£ teddy that was on th£ b£d m©r£ closer to me.

“And [email protected] properly fac!ng th£ ceil!ng.

“How badly I wish my mom was pres£nt with me today, I know $h£ wouldn’t allowed me pa$$ through all th¡s.

“I would have be!ng !n high school j√$t like my mate liv!ng my life as a free teenage that don’t have to worry ab©vt anyth!ng.

“If I feel sleep!ng I would have be [email protected]!ng happily !n h£r lap.

“And th£ day I wouldn’t be able to sleep $h£ will tell me alot of stories till I [email protected]|| asleep.

“Mom why do you have to die liv!ng me all by myself with th£ devils I called my family.

“Why did you j√$t die, j√$t like that with©vt watch!ng me grow up,I don’t even get to see your face, do you really hate me that much.

“Dad was right i am not m©r£ than a mistake and a bad luck if you have not given birth to me you would have still be!ng alive today I thought and didn’t realize I was still !n tears.

“Wh£n a thought niggles !n my h£ad why don’t you j√$t hang yourself to death,but I quickly shook it off.

“I was still th!nk!ng ab©vt my life wh£n I h£ard a soft knock on th£ door which snapped me ©vt of my thoughts.

“I opened th£ door, and felt a little bit relived that it was ma’am Julia.

Ma,am I called as I hugged h£r so t!ghtly I needed a shoulder to cry on.

“Quarida how you okey $h£ asked and I only nodded.

Th£m why are you !n tears $h£ asked with a worried voice.

“Quarida you need to stop cry!ng your face have become pale and your voice is already cracked. Quriada you need to stay strong and stop cry!ng $h£ said aga!n.

“Any way master Blake s£nt for you $h£ added.

“I dis£ntangle from th£ hug as fear gripped my wh0l£ b©dy at th£ mention of h¡s name.

“Go d©wΠ th£ hall way,th£ last room that is boldly written off limit on th£ front door, j√$t go !n th£re,that is wh£re h£ is $h£ said.

I was already $h!very!ng !n fear at th£ thoughts of what h£ is go!ng to do with me.

I was so lost !n my thoughts and was really s¢ar£d wh£n I felt a tap on my shoulder, querida you need to go meet h¡m now.

I am sure you would not to keep !n wait!ng $h£ said and sigh£d sadly.

I only nodded and walked ©vt of my room,walk!ng to th£ hall way.

I could s£nse th£y was really someth!ng wrong with ma,am Julia.

” I mean $h£ wasn’t as happy as $h£ used to be ,$h£ seem quite and Sad.

“Maybe I will ask h£r what’s wrong with h£r if I manage to survive what master Blake has !n store for me.

” I opened th£ door and entered |ns!de th£ room and was surprised that everywh£re was covered by darkness and I was not able to see anyth!ng.

“How could master Blake be !n h£re i wonder.

“Mas….mas…master I stammered but got no reply.

I ran [email protected]¢k to th£ door to open it but was surprised that it was already locked aside, fear grip th£ wh0l£ of me at once.

“So many bad thoughts kept roam!ng @r0vnd my m!nd.

“I was really s¢ar£d of th£ dark, who is th£re show your self I yelled wh£n I h£ard a sound.

h£lp someone h£lp me,I kept on sh©vt!ng on th£ top of my voice as I kept on hitt!ng th£ door.

I gaps !n shock,wh£n my b©dy hit a portrait and it broke !nto pieces,as I let ©vt a loud s¢r**m.

Jose pov

“I [email protected] d©wΠ on th£ b£d th!nk!ng ab©vt what happened !n th£ morn!ng.

“It still [email protected] for me to believe that I j√$t slapped Bianca, because $h£ was bad m©vth!ng querida.

“I don’t really know what is wrong but my h£art melted on see!ng h£r tears.

“No,Jose snap ©vt of it , your are fell!ng bad ab©vt h£r cause $h£ is a human be!ng and noth!ng else i thought.

Writer’s POV
“Th£ loud s¢r**m, snapped Jose ©vt of h¡s thoughts.

h£ ran ©vt of h¡s room on h£ar!ng querida s¢r**m, and it really anger h¡m.

” h£ad!ng to wh£re h£ h£ard th£ s¢r**m com!ng for h£ was surprised that Blake was try!ng to brake th£ door.

“After what seemed like an hour Blake succeeded !n break!ng th£ door and ran |ns!de th£ room, which was followed by Blake.

What th£ h£ll are you do!ng h£re Blake yelled ©vt !n anger boil!ng |ns!de of h¡m.

“Please Blake j√$t spare h£r as you can see $h£ is already covered with sweat and tears please j√$t let are go,Jose said !n a plead!ng voice.

“Jose stay ©vtvof th¡s Blake yelled as h£ glared to look at querida who was sniff!ng !n tears.

“Can’t you talk,all are you dumb.

“but before querida could speak is eyes caught th£ portrait that was scattered !nto pieces on th£ floor.

“h£ bent to look at th£ Broken portrait,I how dare you h£ yelled !n anger as h£ stood up and and m©v£d closer to quarida whack, whack an unexpected slap landed on h£r face.

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