Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to mafia drug lord episode 13 – 14

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Sold to a mafia drug lord

(I belong to h¡m)

Chapter 13&14

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia

(⚠️ don’t copy all repost ⚠️)

warn!ng :th¡s chapter is rated 18 don’t read it if you are not up to 18.

Quarida pov

“I kept on s¢r**m!ng as I cont!nued hitt!ng th£ door because I was really s¢ar£d of th£ dark.

“who is th£re I h£ard my master voice from ©vtside of th£ door.

“I opened my m©vth to speak but noth!ng came ©vt, maybe that was because I was already $h!very!ng !n fear.

“I m©v£ a way from th£ door wh£n I noticed h£ was try!ng to brake it opened.

“After was seems like an hour h£ f!nally broke th£ door opened,and walked |ns!de th£ room, and I saw sir Jose follow!ng h¡m from beh!nd.

“What th£ h£ll are you do!ng h£re master Blake asked coldly.

“I couldn’t say anyth!ng but j√$t stood still covered with sweat and tears.

“Please Blake j√$t spare h£r as you can see,$h£ is already covered with sweat and tears please j√$t let are go, I h£ard sir Jose said with a plead!ng voice.

“Jose stay ©vt of th¡s master Blake yelled as h£ turned to look at me, i felt my h£art b**t !ncrease it was as if I was ab©vt to pa$$ ©vt.

“Can’t you talk, all are you dumb h£ yelled ©vt me Icily,I opened my m©vth to speak but noth!ng came ©vt.

“Wasn’t h£ did one that had s£nd for me” I asked myself.

“All of a sudden h¡s eyes caught th£ broken portrait on th£ floor, I could tell th£y was anger boil!ng |ns!de of h¡m.

“h£ bent to take a proper look on th£ broken portrait.

“How dare you h£ yelled !n anger as h£ stood up and m©v£d closer to wh£re I was stand!ng.

“I tried mov!ng [email protected]¢k ward but before I could, i felt an unexpected slap landed on my ch£ek.

“And I felt a cut on my l¡ps my ch£ek was already burn!ng because of th£ [email protected] slap.

“Please forgive me master am really sorry it wasn’t my fault I said as I busted !nto m©r£ tears.

“Whose fault is it th£m haven’t I made it clear to you not to leave your room h£ yelled ©vt me.

“h£ raised h¡s [email protected] to hit me aga!n,I close my eyes expect!ng th£ worst.

“Whack whack I h£ard th£ sound of h¡s slap .

“I opened my eyes wh£n I couldn’t feel th£ slap on my ch£ek.

“I was so shocked wh£n I saw that sir Jose was stand!ng !n !nfront of me.

“That means h£ had taken th£ slap !nstead of me.

“What have you j√$t done master Blake yelled at h¡m.

“At least you can let h£r be now, $h£ hasn’t done anyth!ng wrong Maybe th£y is a big misunderstand!ng some wh£re h£ said try!ng to defend me.

“Oh mercies, why is it that I always like gett!ng myself !nto m©r£ trouble” I said with!n !n-b£tweeΠ tears.

“Th£ Last time I ch£cked $h£ is now my property and not yours so you don’t have a right over h£r master Blake yelled !n anger.

“Sir Jose turned to glared at me one m©r£ time before h£ f!nally stormed at of th£ room.

“I bent my h£ad d©wΠ not know!ng what to do all say but only my tears could be h£ard.

“I want you !n my room right th¡s m!nute h£ said and left afterward.

“I want you !n my room right th¡s m!nute, is word kept on resound!ng !n my ear as I walked ©vt h£ad!ng to h¡s room.

“I tried to overcome th£ fears |ns!de of me but couldn’t.

“It didn’t take a long time before I f!nally got to th£ door of h¡s room.

“I kept on look!ng at th£ blank door not know!ng if I should knock all not.

“Master I called, as I f!nally knocked on th£ door.

“come !n I h£ard h¡m said.

“I quietly closed th£ door beh!nd me as I walked !n.

“I look @r0vnd search!ng for noth!ng, and my eyes f!nally caught h¡m sitt!ng on a coach with a cigarette !n b£tweeΠ is [email protected],smok!ng like is life depends on it

“I could feel beads of sweat dripp!ng from my face and my [email protected] was fisted beh!nd me.

“I tried my possible best to rema!n calm, although h£ was far ,away h¡s aura permeated every !nch of th£ room.

“h£ had not spoken a s!ngle word s!nce I entered th£ room.

“Th£ only th!ng that was go!ng through my m!nd was that who was th£ person !n that portrait,that made h¡m really angry wh£n h£ saw th£ broken portrait.

“I wasn’t able to see it clearly because of th£ darkness that covered th£ room.

“One th!ng, that I was sure of was that h£ wouldn’t be lett!ng me go scoff free th¡s time @r0vnd.

“What is h£ go!ng to do with me, if it is death I will j√$t gladly accept it with my [email protected] wide opened.

“That way I will be able to rest, and maybe even get to meet my mom”i thought and sigh£d as I bent my h£ad d©wΠ.

“Why are you still stand!ng th£re,don’t you know what you’re supposed to do “h£ said icily after what seems like hours.

“I stood still try!ng to recollect what h£ had said.”What does h£ expect me to do wh£n h£ hasn’t said a s!ngle word to me s!nce I came !n.”I wonder.

“Take off your cloth£s and get on th£ b£d h£ said.

“As I felt my h£art slammed aga!nst my ch£st wh£n I f!nally understood what is ab©vt to happen.

“No querida don’t be afraid, j√$t do as you have been told, you have gone through a lot already so you can still over come th¡s I said try!ng to console my self,as I took off my cloth£s with©vt anyth!ng cover!ng me.

“!n as much as I tried not to cry, but I still couldn’t ¢©Πtr0| th£ tears dropp!ng d©wΠ my eyes like [email protected]||.

“Get on th£ b£d and [email protected] upward fac!ng th£ ceil!ng “h£ said .

“I felt really bittered,ashamed and disgusted with myself.

“I f!nally walk to th£ b£d s1©wly as I step on it [email protected]!ng upward fac!ng th£ ceil!ng as I have been told.

“I [email protected] !n shock and fear as h£ stood up, I turned to look at toward h¡s direction and saw h¡m tak!ng off h¡s cloth£s.

“h£ rem©v£d h¡s shirt and next went for h¡s trouser leav!ng with only h¡s !nner [email protected]

“h£ came towards me and made me lie properly.

“Tears couldn’t stop stroll!ng d©wΠ my ch£ek.

“Oh mom wh£re are you your daughter badly need you, j√$t like th£ way you h£lp me th£ oth£r day “I said with!n.

“I shut my eyes t!ghtly wait!ng for what would happened next.

“h£ $pr£@d my legs wide and before I no it I felt h¡m !ns**t one of h¡s f!ng£r !nto me.

“h£ started mov!ng h¡s f!ng£r !n and ©vt of me roughly and steady and later !ns**ted anoth£r one all i could do was cry it was really pa!nful.

“I f!nally opened my eyes !n relieved wh£n h£ stood up th!nk!ng it was over.

“My h£art leapt wh£n I saw !n tak!ng off h¡s boxes.

“I opened my m©vth wide as m©r£ tears kept runn!ng d©wΠ my ch£ek.

“h£ came [email protected]¢k and [email protected] !n b£tweeΠ my legs aga!n.

“my tears !ncreased as h£ $pr£@d my legs wider and with©vt warn!ng h£ forcefvlly ₱ush h¡s d*ck [email protected] !nto my p*ssy.

“I shut my eyes and s¢r**m on th£ top of my voice.

“No please master stop it, it hurt……….

“I cried ©vt th£ top of my voice as I felt extreme pa!ns like th£ once I have never felt !n my entire life.

“My h£ad was burn!ng and th£ pa!ns was really driv!ng me crazy.

“I h£ld unto th£ b£d $h£et underneath because I needed to hold unto someth!ng.

“h£ thrv$t [email protected] !nto me as m©r£ tears came dropp!ng d©wΠ my ch£ek.

“h£ cont!nued mov!ng [email protected] !nto me but it wasn’t easy at all until I felt my hymen break.

“I s¢r**m ©vt !n Pa!ns th¡s was really worst than death th£ pa!n was kill!ng me.

“All I could feel wh£re pa!ns Noth!ng m©r£ than excruciat!ng pa!ns.

“h£ h£ld unto my hair and started thrv$t!ng m©r£ f*ster doubl!ng th£ pa!n.

“Please master stop it!I cried ©vt but it only got worst.

“I knew h£ had made it clear to me never to tell h¡m to stop whatsoever h£ is do!ng with me but I couldn’t h£lp it th£re was noth!ng else I could do.

“h£ cont!nued thrv$t!ng [email protected] !nto me as if punish!ng me.

“And I couldn’t stop s¢r**m!ng !n Pa!ns.

“Of course h£ was punish!ng me but does h£ have to be th¡s [email protected]

“I cont!nued sobb!ng and s¢r**m!ng as h£ cont!nued hav!ng h¡s way with me.

“After what seems like hours I felt someth!ng like a liquid ₱0ur |ns!de of me before h£ ₱v||ed ©vt.

“And wore h¡s shorts h£ad!ng to, I th!nk th£ bathroom.

“I was f!nally relieved wh£n h£ did.

“I look at th£ b£d $h£et and saw that my blood had already sta!n it but that was th£ list of my problems now.

” I tried to sit up but couldn’t because of th£ excruciat!ng pa!ns I felt.

“I felt really weak and tired at th£ same time,my vision was becom!ng blurry and I felt my eyelid close and I pa$$ed ©vt.

Writer:Blake why do you have to do th¡s 😭to our little quarida th¡s is really h£art break!ng 💔!n as much as I tried not to cry😭😭😭while typ!ng th¡s i couldn’t h£lp it.


Jose pov

“I j√$t stood !nfront of th£ door h£ar!ng querida s¢r**m!ng !n Pa!ns, till $h£ stopped s¢r**m!ng all maybe $h£ past ©vt already.

“A part of me melted h£ar!ng h£r s¢r**m !n pa!ns.
“I walked !nto th£ bar feel!ng really bittered and fvll of regret why do I feel bad any time I see h£r !n tears.

“Th£y is th¡s new feel!ng |ns!de of me that
I Can’t expla!n anytime I see h£r !n tears could it been that I have [email protected]||en for h£r.

“No, Jose snapped it away you can’t be !n love with a little girl it is j√$t not possible.

“I mean I am not supposed to [email protected]|| !n love th£re is noth!ng like love !n my word I muttered as I opened th£ w!ne bottle.

Arturo pov

“Wa$$up Bianca what th£ celebration for i asked as I took a seat next to h£r !n th£ d!nner table.

“Today is really a special day for me and I want a toast for it $h£ said with a wide smile.

“Pa$$!ng over a gla$$ cup of w!ne to me .

“What is th£ toast all ab©vt i asked h£r, it a secret $h£ said as $h£ drank from th£ w!ne.

“Anyway to h£ll with you and your toast I don’t give a fv¢k i said and smirked.

“Is th£ knew girl not com!ng d©wΠ for super i asked h£r.

“I mean th£ little bueaty I meant earlier today I asked as I stretch£d my neck to ch£ck if I would get a view of h£r.

“Why don’t you go ch£ck h£r room yourself $h£ said with a frown and angrily stood up and left afterwards.

“Th¡s was one th!ng ab©vt Bianca, no one had to tell me before I knew what was wrong with h£r,$h£ was jealous of th£ new girl all because $h£ looks m©r£ beautiful than h£r.

“Come to th!nk of it $h£ is really looks pretty beautiful that was th£ reasons I couldn’t take my eyes off h£r.


” querida have really suffered i didn’t know wh£n I started cry!ng 😢 while typ!ng th¡s chapter 😭😭😭

‘Some one should please tell Bianca to go and sit d©wΠ and stop creat!ng m©r£ problems😭 for our little quarida 😭.

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