Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to mafia drug lord episode 17 – 18

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Sold to a mafia drug lord

(I belong to h¡m)

Chapter 17 &18

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia

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Jose pov

“Have you prepared th£ necessary files needed?I question my dad secretary.

“Yes sir th£ do¢vment are all ready “$h£ replied.

“I can’t j√$t wait for th£ old man to return [email protected]¢k from Italy so that h£ can come take ¢ar£ of h¡s bus!ness h¡mself.

“I thought as I walked [email protected]¢k !nto th£ office.

“And placed a call to my secretary , h£y Becky I need you to call our Julia our house h£lp and ask h£r to ch£ck on querida.

“Okay sir i will call h£r now , any oth£r th!ng sir ?” $h£ asked.

“No ,Becky you can cont!nue with your work I said and end th£ call as i sat d©wΠ on my chair, so many thought’s roam!ng through my m!ne h£ad,querida must be !n deep pa!ns now all because of me.

“I really wish that I could turn [email protected]¢k th£ [email protected]’s of time and make h£r to live a normal life.

“$h£ is very young to experience th¡s type of ,trauma that $h£ is go!ng through.

“Oh gosh Jose what th£ h£ll is wrong with while can’t you j√$t stop th!nk!ng ab©vt quriada and forcus on th¡s file I thought as I brought ©vt a file from my drawer.


Arturo pov

“I walked !nto th£ noisy cla$$room i saw that all th£ girls eyes wh£re on me, but that is th£ list of my problems.

“I sat on my desk try!ng to revise my notes before th£ physics cla$$ who began.

“But of course th£y we always be a distraction.

“I looked sideways and saw Amber and h£r friends giv!ng me a sudective look.

“Oh gosh I really despise th£ world school if not of that grumpy broth£r of m!ne always forc!ng me to attend cla$$es.

I shook my h£ad tak!ng my gaze [email protected]¢k to my physics note,it was as if I was start!ng at a empty water can.

“Gosh Arturo your bra!n is so empty is th¡s are you will be able to h£lp !n dad company I thought and close th£ book.

“I tried to th!nk of someth!ng else that was wh£n th£ face of th£ new girl came !nto my thoughts.

“$h£ looked really different from th£ girls i have ever set my eyes on.

” I must admit that $h£ looks really pretty with h£r !nnocent face,long thick eyes la$h£s, red l¡ps, long hair etc.

“Although $h£ is really shy $h£ still th£ most beautiful girl i have ever set my eyes on.

“I was so lost !n my thoughts and didn’t realize wh£n th£ physics teach£r came !n.

“Arturo someone one called which jotted me ©vt from my thoughts.

“And I turned my gaze and Tried to focus on th£ physics cla$$.

“I can’t j√$t wait for th¡s bor!ng cla$$ to be over so that I can go fv¢k some bitch” I thought.

Bianca pov

“I sat at th£ school cartefecia with my eyes on my phone even if knew I had sudden !n tak!ng my revenge on that little bitch.

“I was still really s¢ar£d of what Blake is go!ng to do to me wh£n h£ f!nd ©vt that it was all my plan.

“h£y Bianca Wa$$up I h£ard someone called me from beh!nd and I turned @r0vnd to see that it was no oth£r than that daughter of a bitch.

“h£y bitch what do you want I asked h£r with a frown.

“have you seen Arturo any wh£re” $h£ asked.

“j√$t what I have expected if I have seen h¡m any wh£re do you expect me to tell you. I asked h£r.

“Why don’t you j√$t go to th£ front of th£ school cartefecia with a microphone on your [email protected] and ask if any one have seen h¡m any wh£re. Such a loss girl.

“Aren’t you even ashamed of yourself dat!ng someone old enough to be your younger broth£r, i said as I look at h£r with disgust.

“Bianca i don’t understand what i have ever done to you for you to hate me th¡s much $h£ said putt!ng on a sad face.

“I don’t j√$t like you for my broth£r that because you are too old and ugly for my lik!ng so if you don’t m!nd you can leave I yelled ©vt h£r.

“I don’t j√$t know why everyone is irritat!ng me “I thought and focused my gaze [email protected]¢k on my phone.


Blake pov

“I stare at th£ Broken portrait with tears roll!ng d©wΠ my eye’s, so many thought’s !nvad!ng my m!nd.

“I felt really sad,th¡s is th£ only memory I have with my sister ,th£ picture we took on th£ night before th£ !ncident.

“Boss ,Liam called snapp!ng me ©vt from my thoughts.

“Good afternoon boss Liam greeted as h£ walked !nto my office.

“Any news ab©vt Mateo I asked.

“Yes boss I j√$t got th£ !nformation that h£ would be return!ng [email protected]¢k to Mexico.

“And h£ also burnt d©wΠ your ware house !n Paris conta!n!ng th£ conta!ner of drugs.

“But we wh£re f*st enough to m©v£ it to anoth£r warehouse. Liam said.

“Such a fool so that was th£ list h£ could do wh£n h£ found ©vt I burnt d©wΠ h¡s ware house i muttered.

“Boss why Don’t you feel both£r at all Liam asked.

“Do you know th£ reason I burnt d©wΠ Mateo warehouse !n warr to see th£ level !n which h£ can get to h£ tak!ng h¡s revenge.

“But I never expected such a poor performance from h¡m I replied.

“What if h£ is plann!ng someth!ng big h£ asked aga!n.

“Th£m i will face it once th£ time comes i replied feel!ng really relaxed.

Vania POV

“I sat d©wΠ on my b£d th!nk!ng of a way to collect money from my mom.

“I need to change my wardrobe my cloth£s are all worn ©vt i muttered.

“I th!nk I know what to do I thought as I walked at of my room h£ad!ng to th£ liv!ng room.

“Mom I called as I walked !nto th£ city room.

“$h£ was sited on a coach cross!ng h£r legs lixusery with a magaz!ne on h£r [email protected]

“Mom, you know that I love you m©r£ than anyth!ng else !n th¡s wh0l£ world I said as I sat d©wΠ next to h£r.

“Vania if it’s money you want i am sorry to disappo!nt you, cause I am not giv!ng you a dime.

“$h£ said as $h£ focus h£r gaze [email protected]¢k on th£ Magaz!ne.

“Mom please i badly need th£ money and I promise to refund it once dad gives me my allowance for th£ month.

“Do you th!nk your dad have any money to spend on you anym©r£.

“If you are so badly !n need of money why don’t you go work as a s€× worker and stop disturb!ng me you are 20 already for cry ©vt loud. “$h£ said putt!ng on a serious expression.

“Wow,ch£ers to th£ world best moth£r Rach£l samper’s I exclaimed putt!ng on a demonic smile.

“You better give me th£ money i ask of before noon.

“All else I will be tell!ng dad ab©vt what took place th£ night of December 25 2003.

“You know what dad can do to you wh£n h£ comes to know ab©vt what took place that very night.

“Th£ clock is count!ng mom don’t forget i have th£ record on my phone so th£ choice is all your to make i said and walked ©vt.

What do you took place on th£ night of December 25 2003.


“Leav!ng h£r speechless.

T. B.C

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