Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to mafia drug lord episode 19 – 20

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Sold to a mafia drug lord

(I belong to h¡m)

Chapter 19&20

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia


Some wh£re !n Mexico

Querida Pov

“Young miss i h£ard someone called as I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“I opened my eyes and saw that it was th£ maid that had a$$isted me !n tak!ng my bath earlier today.

” Yes,how can I h£lp you I asked h£r as I struggle to sit.

“Young master Jose had !nstructed me to ch£ck on you, if you are feel!ng much better now “$h£ replied.

” I bl!nked my eyes la$h£s countless times not know!ng what to say.

“Why is h£ show!ng k!ndness towards me I wonder.

“Young miss aren’t you go!ng to eat. You have been on an empty stomach and still with a towel tie @r0vnd your ch£st “$h£ said.

“I am not hungry I j√$t want to be left alone I replied with a cracked voice.

“I noticed that my voice have become cracked all maybe it was all because of my s¢r**m th£ previous night.

“!n as much as I tried not to recall what happened th£ previous night it kept on real flash!ng !n my m!nd.

“Young miss you need to put on someth!ng you can not j√$t rema!n like th¡s all you’re go!ng to [email protected]|| sick $h£ said snapp!ng me ©vt from my thoughts.

“I only nodded and tried stand!ng up to go get someth!ng to wear but I couldn’t stand up because I still felt th£ same pa!ns d©wΠ th£re.

“Don’t worry young miss j√$t sit let me get You someth!ng to wear, if I must asked what would you love to wear.

“$h£ asked wh£n $h£ noticed I was f!nd!ng it difficult to stand.

“Any th!ng simple I replied.

“$h£ walked towards th£ wardrobe and came [email protected]¢k with a simple gown for me to put on.

“I stood up and wore th£ gown with h£r a$$istance.

“Why haven’t th£ pa!ns relieved me yet I thought as a drop of tears escape my eyes.

“Young miss aren’t you go!ng to eat, you haven’t eaten anyth!ng s!nce morn!ng $h£ asked aga!n.

“I am not hungry I replied h£r as I [email protected] d©wΠ [email protected]¢k on th£ b£d, but please young miss at least j√$t eat a little it already noon.

“$h£ said with a concerned voice.

“Don’t worry ab©vt me I will let you know once I feel like eat!ng I said.

“Ok young miss $h£ replied and left afterwards.

“Th!nk!ng of what ma,am Julia did to me I wasn’t angry with h£r at all.

“I mean I don’t have any right to be angry with h£r because $h£ was j√$t follow!ng th£ orders of ma’am Bianca.

“Th£ only reason I was angry with h£r was that,if it was death that means $h£ would have also part take !n it.

“I picked up th£ teddy [email protected]!ng next to me and hugged it t!ghtly th¡s is go!ng to be my new friend now I muttered.

“What am I go!ng to name you “I asked h£r as if $h£ could talk.

“Hmmmm, I bl!nked my eyes la$h£s countless times “Luna.

“I am go!ng to name you “luna I said aga!n.

“Do you like th£ name all not “I asked h£r.

“Is not as if you can even understand anyth!ng I am say!ng you are j√$t a lifeless teddy meant for only decoration.

“So you will not be able to understand anyth!ng.

“I said as a drop of tears escape my eyes.

“‘It doesn’t matter at all as far as I have some one to talk.

“Am I right luna I said.

“Luna is it true that I am too weak,stupid and dumb at th£ same time,that I can’t stand up for my self.

“Th£ truth is that even if I try as much as possible to speak I can’t j√$t say a s!ngle word, but will always end up cry!ng.

“I don’t j√$t know why I am th¡s weak, I can’t even defend myself i said as I struggle to sit.

“i needed to use th£ rest room.

“After what seems like an hours I succeeded !n sitt!ng up.

“Oh gosh th£ pa!ns is still th£re it it was as if it as even becomes worst.

“I manage to stand up but was ab©vt walk!ng wh£n I fell d©wΠ [email protected]¢k on th£ b£d.

“Luna I called !n miss of tears why are you j√$t [email protected]!ng th£re do!ng noth!ng can’t you see that I am f!nd!ng it difficult to walk and I feel really pressed “I said.

“Young miss some called from ©vtside. as I struggle to speak.

“Come !n I f!nally said with a cracked voice.

“Quarida how are you feel!ng i h£ard a familiar voice asked.

“And I looked up to see ma,am Julia Stand!ng !n front of me.

“I am f!ne is j√$t that i am feel!ng really press and can’t stand up due to th£ pa!ns I am feel!ng i said as I busted !nto tears.

“But before I could ask for h£r h£lp.

“$h£ h£lped me !n stand!ng up and I walked !nto th£ bathroom with h£r a$$istant th£ pa!ns wh£re really unbearable.

“Few m!nutes later I walked [email protected]¢k !nto my room with h£r a$$istant and sat d©wΠ on th£ b£d.

“Thank you i managed to say.

“Quarida $h£ called and I look up to see h£r wear!ng a plead!ng looks.

“how you still angry with me $h£ asked.

“I kept on star!ng at h£r not know!ng what to say.

“but deep d©wΠ I wasn’t angry with h£r,it was bound to happen sooner all later.

“I mean h¡m forc!ng h¡m self on me,so it wasn’t h£r fault any way.

“Do I have any reason to be angry with I asked h£r.

“That means you’re no longer angry with me aga!n $h£ asked as $h£ hugged me t!ghtly.

“Even if I am no longer angry with h£r, one th!ng that I am sure of was that $h£ had broken th£ trust i have for h£r.


Some wh£re !n Italy

Mateo pov

“I want you to bulk a flight for two i will be return!ng [email protected]¢k to Mexico tonight i said as I placed a call to one of my subord!nate.

“Ok boss got it h£ replied over th£ phone.

“And I hanged up afterwards.

“Mateo why th£ h£ll are we return!ng [email protected]¢k to Mexico all of a sudden Adrian asked as h£ barge !nto my office.

“It has not be up to one month s!nce we came h£re and you want us to return [email protected]¢k to Mexico all of a sudden.

“I don’t want to go [email protected]¢k yet “h£ said angrily hitt!ng th£ table [email protected]

“Adrian i yelled at h¡m as I sprung on my feet if you don’t want me to call th£ cops on you get all your th!ngs prepared.

“Because will we be mov!ng [email protected]¢k to Mexico tonight.

“I hate you Mateo “h£ muttered as h£ stormed ©vt of my office hitt!ng th£ door [email protected]


Some wh£re !n Mexico

Writer’s pov

“Two Friends were see!ng walk!ng ©vt of th£ mall hold!ng a shopp!ng bags on th£ir [email protected]

“Vania I have been mean!ng to ask wh£re is quarida I have not seen h£r for weeks now.

“Amelia asked as $h£ turned to glared at h£r friend Vania.

“Gosh why do you have to spoil my mood by call!ng th£ name of that dumb step sister of m!ne $h£ said with a frown.

“Any way if you must know my mom and dad sold h£r ©vt a week ago as I payment for th£ir Debt Vania replied.

“What Amelia exclaimed with a shock expression,why will your dad and mom be th¡s h£artless sell!ng a seventeen years old girl to a s€× house.

“Don’t you feel a little remorse for h£r “Amelia asked.

“For who ,you mean that stupid sister of m!ne, I don’t ¢ar£ ab©vt h£r anyway. “Vania replied.

“Come to th!nk of it what if you wh£re !n querida shoes what would you have done “Amelia asked.

“Please j√$t stop mak!ng me feel bad it wasn’t my fault any way but th£ fault of that stupid fath£r of m!ne.

“I mean which fath£r would be alive and watch anoth£r woman sell!ng ©vt h¡s own seventeen years old daughter to a s€× house “Vania said.

“But your mom is not any oth£r woman $h£ is…………

“but before Amelia could f!nish what $h£ was ab©vt to say Vania used th£ palm of h£r [email protected] !n cover!ng Amelia m©vth.

“Please speak low don’t you know that even th£ walls have ears “Vania replied with a frown.

“I am sorry, Amelia replied.

“But Don’t tell me that querida have no
Idea ab©vt th£ relationship $h£ and your mom shared. “Amelia asked.

“No $h£ doesn’t, dad and mom have been keep!ng it as a secret for h£r s!nce $h£ wh£re little “Vania replied.

“Let Change th£ topic and stop tak!ng ab©vt that annoy!ng step sister of my.

“Ok Amelia nodded

“How do you get th¡s h*g£ amount of money you used !n shopp!ng “Amelia asked h£r after a brief silence.

“From my mom Vania replied with a wide smile on h£r face.

“Why will your mom gave you that h*g£ amount of money Amelia asked putt!ng on a surprised look.

“Do you recall th£ very day I told you that my mom was hid!ng a big secret for everyone Vania asked.

“Yes of course I do remember.

“And you also make measure on are you ear drop on h£r tell!ng someone over th£ phone that no one should f!nd ©vt ab©vt what really took place on december 25 2005.

“Amelia replied feel!ng m©r£ curious of what Vania was ab©vt tell!ng h£r.

“I found at ab©vt what happened on that day.

“I drugged h£r, !nto tell!ng me th£ secret.

“So that what am us!ng to blackmail h£r. Vania said with a sweet smile on h£r face.

“Leav!ng Amelia dumbfounded, don’t tell me you are blackmail your own moth£r all because of a secret you know ab©vt h£r.

“Yes and do you have a problem with that, th£ Last time I ch£cked $h£ is my moth£r and not yours so allowed me to be m©r£ worried ab©vt h£r and not you. Vania replied.

“Cutt!ng Amelia off who didn’t say a s!ngle word afterwards.

Some wh£re !n Mexico

Writer’s pov

“Ivy clutch onto Bianca [email protected] as th£y both walked !nto th£ club.

“Fear could be seen !n ivy face because $h£ have never been to a club before.

“Th£ club was way far too expensive and decorated with a pitch black, th£ir wouldn’t have seen anyth!ng if not for th£ bright blue lights reflect!ng at each side of th£ club.

“Th£re were deem lights sh!n!ng !n th£ ceil!ng highlight!ng th£ people at th£ dance floor.

“Ivy who was so lost admir!ng th£ beauty of th£ club was f*st enough to forget ab©vt all h£r worries.

“Ivy let go to th£ bar center Bianca said snapp!ng h£r at of h£r thought.

“Ok $h£ only nodded follow!ng Bianca from beh!nd because $h£ doesn’t want to annoyed h£r so called best friend Bianca.

Bianca pov

“I sat d©wΠ !n th£ bar hav!ng a lot of fun with ivy sitt!ng next to me.

“But $h£ felt tense and worried.

“Ivy I called h£r, snapp!ng h£r ©vt from h£r thoughts why don’t you j√$t have a dr!nk and feel relax I said [email protected]!ng over a gla$$ cup of w!ne to h£r.

“No Bianca you no I don’t dr!nk $h£ said.

“oh Gosh ivy why are you th¡s bor!ng j√$t have a little sip from it,it won’t do you any harm.

“Ok $h£ nodded as $h£ took it from my [email protected]

“You all might be wonder!ng th£ reason why am th¡s close to ivy even if $h£ behave like a clown at times.

“That because $h£ is th£ only one who understand me.

“Ivy don’t you feel like danc!ng i asked h£r.

“I can’t dance with th£se h£els $h£ said compla!n!ng as we both stood up.

“Don’t worry, wh£n you get tired we would take a rest i said a$$ur!ng h£r.

“We both m©v£d to th£ dance floor mak!ng way through lots of sweaty bodies to f!nd a perfect spot and our b©dy m©v£ to th£ groove as th£ DJ ₱|@yed “sh°ts and w!ne by “Sean Paul and stefflon.

“I was smil!ng widely that my ch£eks hurt and I felt my b©dy m©v£ dangerously !n a teas!ng manner as th£ music takes ¢©Πtr0|.

“I was gett!ng lost !n th£ groove……

“Th£re are time wh£n you feel like you’re be!ng watch£d and wh£n you look @r0vnd frantically you f!nd ©vt that you are j√$t mak!ng a fool ©vt of yourself.

“Th£n you decide to shrug it off th!nk!ng that it’s might j√$t be all !n your h£ad.

“All might j√$t be one of that grumpy broth£r of my subord!nate, because h£ always s£nd some one to watch over me once I step ©vt of th£ door.

“That how I felt right at th¡s moment, I tried brush!ng it th!nk!ng that h£ must be one of Blake subord!nate.

“But that was all a lie i could feel someone’s eyes burn!ng !nto my sk!n, watch!ng my every m©v£.

“I felt $h!verys d©wΠ my sp!ne and felt cold all of a sudden th¡s was very unlike me.

“I kept look!ng round th£ club until I caught sight of h¡m and my fears !ncrease all of a sudden.

” h£ was stand!ng !n th£ balcony of th£ VIP section with a dr!nk !n h¡s [email protected] and a girl with dark red hair and h£avy make up clunch!ng onto h¡s arm like h£r life depended on it.

“I kept on star!ng at h¡m as h£ was watch!ng me,my fear !ncrease wh£n I took a proper view of h¡m “Mateo I muttered.

“I turned @r0vnd search!ng for ivy but $h£ was no wh£re to be found.

“I felt some one hit me [email protected] on th£ h£ad all of a sudden and I pa$$ed ©vt.


Some should please go and give querida some pa!n killer 😭😭😭

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