Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to mafia drug lord episode 21

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Sold a Mafia drug lord

(I belong to h¡m)

Chapter 21

(⚠️ don’t copy all repost ⚠️)

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia


Writer’s POV

“Mateo kept on sip!ng from h¡s w!ne dr!nk with h¡s eyes fixed on Bianca th£ wh0l£ time.

And h£ placed a call to one of h¡s subord!nate.

“Bianca fear !ncrease wh£n $h£ saw that th£ person was none oth£r than Mateo.

“$h£ looked @r0vnd search!ng for ivy but $h£ was no wh£re to be found.

“But all of a sudden $h£ felt someone hit h£r [email protected] on th£ h£ad and $h£ pa$$ed ©vt

Liam pov

“I followed Bianca to th£ bar with©vt h£r know!ng ab©vt.

“I j√$t sat at th£ bar center watch!ng h£r from afar.

“And I noticed that some group of men were watch!ng over bianca.

“I was not that surprised wh£n I saw that it was Mateo subord!nate.

“I j√$t sat still not mak!ng a m©v£, Mateo and h¡s men can over power me if I try anyth!ng stupid.

“I made up my m!nd to fellow th£m.

“While I placed a call to Blake.

“h£y boss I got a bad news I said over th£ phone. Mateo j√$t kidnapped Bianca.

“What th£ fv¢k?,wh£re are you h£ asked.

“Follow Mateo and keep a close watch on th£m.

“Boss I am on it, I th!nk th£y are go!ng to one of Mateo penthouse.

“Ok got it h£ replied and hanged up.

Jose pov

“I brought at th£ necessary files needed for my work try!ng to sought it ©vt !n as much as I tried not to th!nk ab©vt quriada I can’t j√$t stop th!nk!ng ab©vt h£r.


“I walked !nto th£ bar feel!ng really restless th¡s was really unlike me.

“I kept on th!nk!ng of are quarida would be feel!ng now.

“I sacked my [email protected] !nto my hair, why can’t I j√$t let go of th£ feel!ng |ns!de of me.

“No Jose snapped it away $h£ is now your broth£r property and not yours.

“h£y a s€×y young Girl walked over to me seductively, j√$t my type.

“I gripped h£r by h£r [email protected]¡$t, ₱v||!ng h£r close to me , I locked my l¡ps on h£rs.

“h£r l¡ps tastes sore, but I don’t give a fv¢k, I klzz h£r as my life depends on it.

“I carried h£r to one of th£ empty room, I dropped h£r gently on th£ b£d.

“I rem©v£d my Cloth£s as $h£ quickly rem©v£d h£rs also, I was freak!ng fv¢k!ng dam h**Πy.

“I ₱v||ed d©wΠ h£r [email protected] , us!ng my di*ck to t£@$e th£ top of h£r pus*sy.

“Omg Jose j√$t fv¢k me $h£ said wh£n $h£ couldn’t take it anym©r£.

“I smiled at h£r and cont!nued with what I was do!ng to h£r, I gently thrv$t !n and ©vt of h£r.

“As $h£ kept on [email protected]!ng loud.

“fv¢k me [email protected], $h£ yells ©vt, th¡s time @r0vnd I thrv$t |ns!de h£r f*ster than before.

“After few round’s of [email protected] sweet thrv$t I ₱v||ed ©vt on h£r.

“I watch as $h£ wore h£r cloth£s, I threw th£ wr*₱’s of money on h£r as $h£ left th£ room.

“I sat d©wΠ with my cloth£s, try!ng to get rid of thought’s ab©vt qudaria .

Blake pov

“I hit my [email protected] angrily on th£ table, what th£ fv¢k.

“how dare h¡m h£ had th£ gust to kidnap Bianca.

“I never saw th¡s com!ng i muttered.

“I felt really frustrated th¡s was really unlike me,I wouldn’t be able to leave th£ office because I have alot of th!ngs to deal on and if I leave th£m everyth!ng will be screwed up.

“I placed a call to jose to !nform h¡m ab©vt th£ news.

“h£y Jose wh£re are you i asked h¡m over th£ phone.

“I am at a club, do you need my h£lp.

“Bad news bro, Mateo j√$t kidnapped Bianca a while ago.

“I said to Jose over th£ phone.

“Blake please can you let me ©vt of th¡s Mateo stuff, I don’t want to get !nvolved and beside i am very busy so you can sort it ©vt your self.

“Oh I got it th£n any new ab©vt wh£re Arturo might be.

“Don’t you have h¡s number call h¡m h£ replied.

“You know th£ way Arturo behave h£ won’t pick up my calls

“And you and i knows h£ always avoid me.

“okey th£n suit yourself Jose said and hanged up.

“I made to put my phone [email protected]¢k on my !nner pocket wh£n it started r!ng!ng aga!n.

“I glance at th£ caller ID and saw that it was an unknown number.

“I h£sitated a little before pick!ng it.

“h£y Blake pons how are you feel!ng?”th£ caller said and I knew who it was at once.

“Blake don’t j√$t keep me quiet aren’t you wonder!ng wh£re your sister is.

“How will you feel wh£n your sister is already cry!ng and plead!ng for mercy h£ asked.

“I want to see what th£ almighty Blake pons is gonna do wh£n h£ watch th£ video of me and h¡s precious baby sister mak!ng ©vt h£ added over th£ phone.

“You are j√$t a dumbest and we always rema!ned one I said.

“Have you forgotten am hold!ng your sister hostage h£ asked.

“Look at your [email protected]¢k, th£n turn to your front and tell me what you see.

“A smile curved on my face on see!ng th£ shock on h¡s face.

“I walked over to h¡m with my [email protected] tugged |ns!de my !nner pocket.

“Long time nor see Mateo Zaragoza i said.

“Don’t try anyth!ng funny, Blake all I promise my men won’t spare h£r. h£ said with a shak!ng voice.

“But before h£ could cont!nue i punch h¡m [email protected] on h¡s nose. With blood gush!ng ©vt of it.

“How dare you hit me h£ yelled.

“th¡s is j√$t th£ beg!nn!ng Mateo if you don’t want m©r£ you better tell your men to restrict right th¡s moment.

“What if I don’t h£ asked.

“I kept quiet not utter!ng a s!ngle word.

“And beside how on earth wh£re you able to get h£re at such short noticed.

“That th£ reason you will always rema!ned below my feet i said putt!ng on a demonic smile.

“I promise to let th¡s go but next time I will be kill!ng someone very precious to you that is not of your blood.

“Let wait until th£n I replied and was ab©vt leav!ng.

“You will beg for my mercy but it will all be !n va!n.

“I will be patiently wait!ng for that very day but unfortunately for you that day would never come to pa$$. I replied.

“You better kill me now you have th£ chance to, you might not get lucky next time @r0vnd.

“Let wait until th£n and don’t forget I am only giv!ng you five m!nutes and you have j√$t wasted two m!nutes. I said and left Afterwards.

“I got a lot of bus!ness to deal on.

Mateo POV

“I kept on star!ng at h¡m as h£ walked a way, th¡s was Blake for you.

“I knew h£ was already up to someth!ng big and no one had to tell me twice before I knew i had to restrict.

“I placed a call to one of my subord!nate.

“I want you all to restrict right th¡s moment and don’t try to do anyth!ng funn!ng with h£r.

“Am sorry boss but $h£ is no wh£re to be found we left h£r unconscious at your path£house has you had !nstructed.

“But wh£n I got [email protected]¢k th£re h£ar!ng gun sh°t all over th£ place.

“$h£ was no longer th£re.

“And th£y Succeeded !n shoot!ng 20 of your men dead h£ replied.

“Th£n why are you still alive why did you not j√$t die with th£m.

” I yelled and hanged up.

“Blake pons you are gonna pay deadly for th¡s and once that time comes I will be us!ng your weaknesses aga!nst you.


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