Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to mafia drug lord episode 22 – 23

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Sold to a mafia drug lord

(I belong to h¡m)

Chapter 22&23

A story by Isabella writes and Anitalia

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Blake pov

“I roam round my room feel!ng really restless th¡s was really unlike me, if not that Liam was really smart enough to follow Bianca with h£r know!ng meteo would have h£r by now !n h¡s carpative.

“Gosh Blake you mess up big th¡s time @r0vnd I muttered as I walked ©vt of my room h£ad!ng to th£ d!nn!ng table.

“I got th£re and Was surprised to see everyone pres£nt but th£ new girl was no wh£re to be seen.

“Julia i called

“$h£ ran to me with h£r h£ad slightly bow.

“Wh£re is quarida i asked h£r.

“$h£ still !n h£r room sleep!ng $h£ replied.

“Call h£r to th£ d!n!ng table right th¡s m!nute and tell h£r I give h£r only 20 m!nutes to be pres£nt h£re.

“Ok sir $h£ replied and ran ©vt.

Querida pov

“I slept peacefvlly on th£ b£d forgett!ng ab©vt all my worried.

“Until I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“I weakly opened my eyes and found ma,am Julia start!ng at me.

“Good morn!ng ma’am I greeted h£r as I sat up.

“Morn!ng,how are you feel!ng now “$h£ asked.

“I th!nk I am f!ne I replied.

“Querida please go fre$h£n up and be f*st ab©vt it.

“Th£y are all wait!ng for you to come d©wΠstairs for breakf*st.”$h£ said.

“I felt really s¢ar£d on h£ar!ng what $h£ j√$t said.

“Querida please be f*st ab©vt it young master Blake hate to be kept wait!ng.

“ok I only nodded and $h£ left afterwards

“Good morn!ng luna I greeted.

“I weakly stood on my feet h£ad!ng to th£ bathroom dragg!ng my feet on th£ floor I still felt th£ same terrible pa!n !n b£tweeΠ my legs mak!ng me to walk s1©wly and funn!ng as if count!ng my legs why walk!ng.

“Few m!nutes later I came ©vt of th£ bathroom dragg!ng my feet on th£ floor.

“i went to th£ wardrobe and opened it.

” I pick a jeans trouser and a t-shirt to wear.

“After I was done dress!ng up I went to th£ mirror stand!ng !nfront of it star!ng at my reflective image.

“I comb£d my hair and pack it !nto a ponytail, I touch£d my ch£ek and noticed it was still red because of th£ slap h£ gave me th£ oth£r day.

“I bent my h£ad and sigh£d.

“I walked [email protected]¢k to th£ b£d and sat d©wΠ.

“Luna I called, do you know th£ reason it is tak!ng me long to go jo!n th£m for breakf*st that because I am feel!ng really s¢ar£d, that I might get myself !nto anoth£r trouble.

“And master Blake might have a reason to hurt me aga!n.

“I said a little prayer before walk!ng ©vt of my room.

“I tried my possible best to walk properly so that it will not be noticed by any one.

“I walked d©wΠ to see five people sited on th£ d!n!ng with one new face.

“All eyes wh£re on me as I step !n mak!ng me really shy and nervous.

“Come over h£re I h£ard my master voice snapp!ng me ©vt from my thoughts as I felt $h!verys ran d©wΠ my sp!ne.

“I felt pa!ns on my ch£st and press all of a sudden.

“Oh mercies, why is start!ng at me does h£ plan on punish!ng me “I thought.

“And I placed my [email protected] on my ch£st !n fears.

“But I haven’t done anyth!ng wrong have I.

“I asked myself as I walked closer to h¡m.

“Go…good…morn!ng..master…I stuttered by h£ad bow.

“I dare not look up to see th£ person who hurt me h£ took my !nnocence away with©vt th!nk!ng twice.

“Sit h£ said icily, I didn’t even dare to look at h¡m, I was already $h!very!ng !n fear as I sat d©wΠ next to h¡m.

“One th!ng that I have come to notice th¡s past few days that I m©v£d h£re.

“Any time I am with !n I always felt pa!ns !n my ch£st.

“Wow so $h£ have been th£ one we all have been wait!ng for.

“Why can’t $h£ j√$t eat !n h£r room and stop spoil!ng my mode all th£ time I h£ard someone said and I look up to see that it was no oth£r person than
ma,am Bianca.

“Can’t you j√$t shut up and eat !n peace?must you always f!nd a way to cause trouble for h£r.”sir Jose said.

“Why are you shutt!ng me up did I say anyth!ng wrong”$h£ asked.

“Like you have ever say anyth!ng right your own life, th£ only th!ng you are good at is always caus!ng trouble for oth£rs h£ added.

“Blake could have j√$t done us all a h*g£ favor by giv!ng you as a gift to meteo th£ Arturo guy said.

“Shut up, you don’t have any right to speak to me like that “Bianca said cutt!ng th£ Arturo guy off.

“j√$t shut up tigress th£ new guy said.

“Tigress haven’t I warned you to stop call!ng me that,do I looked like a tigress $h£ asked with a frown.

“Yes even worst than that, so if meteo wh£re to kidnap you h£ will j√$t let you go with©vt th!nk!ng twice because you be add!ng to h¡s problems th£ guy added.

“If not that you save me th£ previous night I would have split your throat by now Bianca said.

“As if you have th£ [email protected],th£ Arturo guy said.

“Shut th£ h£ll up Bianca and focus on your meal “master Blake said icily.

“Mak!ng th£ d!nner table to go quiet all of a sudden.

“I th!nk ma,am Bianca is really s¢ar£d of h£r broth£r “Blake because $h£ did not uttered a s!ngle word afterwards.

“I j√$t focus [email protected]¢k on my meal and started eat!ng really s1©wly.

“I didn’t feel at all comfortable sitt!ng next to h¡m.

“Th£ fear of h¡m want!ng to force h¡mself on me did not leave me at all.

“Aren’t you go!ng to work I h£ard my master “asked th£ Jose guy.

“No I am hav!ng a slightly h£adach£ h£ replied.

“Ok I h£ard h¡m respond and h£ left afterwards.

“I felt really relieved wh£n h£ did.


“It wasn’t up to a m!nute before th£ d!nner table became quiet and I was left with only “sir Jose.

“I made to leave but sir Jose voice stopped me.

“how are you fell!ng now h£ asked

“I am f!ne sir I replied with my h£ad bow.

“If someone talk to you, you have to look th£ person !n th£ eyes and answered ” h£ added.

“I am really sorry sir please don’t b**t me I replied.

“Ha haha, h£ laugh£d ©vt on h£ar!ng what I said why will I b**t you “h£ asked.

“But I j√$t kept quiet not know!ng what to say

“Any way my name is jose not sir h£ said aga!n.

“So call me Jose h£ added.

“I am really sorry sir I can’t call you that I replied my h£ad bow.

“h£ kept on star!ng at me for what s!nce like hours with©vt say!ng a s!ngle word.

” h£ f!nally stood up com!ng closer to wh£re I was stand!ng.

“I was very short compared to wh£n stand!ng with h¡m I was not even up to h¡s shoulder.

“h£ raised my h£ad up but I didn’t dare to stare at h¡m.

“h£ m©v£ h¡s [email protected] to my ch£ek, wh£re my master had slap me th£ oth£r day, does it hurt h£ asked !n a low voice.

“But I didn’t say anyth!ng i didn’t feel really comfortable consider!ng th£ way h£ was stand!ng very close to me.

“How I will wish h£ knew th£ pa!ns I am !n now,th£ mark on my face is noth!ng to be compared to it.

“h£ rema!ned like that for a moment not say!ng a s!ngle word but j√$t keeps on star!ng at me with h¡s [email protected] on my ch£ek.

“You can return to your room h£ f!nally said.

“And let go of h¡s [email protected] rubb!ng my ch£ek.

“Ok sir I nodded and left afterwards.

“Get me a pill for h£adach£s.

“I h£ard h¡m placed a called to someone as I was ab©vt leav!ng.

Writer’s pov:Hmmmm, is anyone see!ng what I am see!ng.

Blake pov

“I want [email protected]¢k !nto my room to get th£ necessary files needed. For my work.

“Blake I h£ard someone called from beh!nd.

“And I turned to see Bianca.

“What, do you want I asked h£r.

“I…I…I…I. $h£ said stammer!ng.

“If you don’t have anyth!ng to say you can leave and stop both£r!ng me.

” it’s j√$t that I wanted to seek for your permission if I am allowed to go ©vt!ng with my friends “$h£ asked.

“No you almost got adopted by meteo if not that Liam came to your rescue.

“But Blake i feel really bored stay!ng at home and I don’t have cla$$es today “$h£ replied.

“Th£m go look for someth!ng to keep you busy I said and walked ©vt liv!ng h£r beh!nd.

Quarida pov

“I entered my room and shut th£ door, th!nk!ng if I should go make a cup of decaffe!nated coffee for “sir Jose.

“I mean h£ have h£lp me alot s!nce I came h£re and h£ is th£ only one who seems nice to me .

“h£ even took a slap from h¡s broth£r all because of me th£ oth£r day.

“Luna I called as I sat on th£ b£d.

“Will it be right if I make a cup of decaffe!nated coffee for sir Jose.

“I h£ard h¡m compla!n!ng that h£ had an h£adach£.

“!n as much, I would have loved to h£lp h¡m what if master Blake see me ©vt side and hurt me aga!n.

“You know am still feel!ng th£ same pa!ns !n b£tweeΠ my legs.

“So it will be best if I rema!ned !n door.

“But on th£ oth£r [email protected] it good to h£lp someone !n need.

“right luna ?I asked.

“I have an idea luna I will go ©vt and make th£ coffee and try my possible best to be f*st ab©vt it.

“Is my suggestion ok.

“Yes it is.

“I said as I s1©wly walk ©vt of th£ room.

“I walked [email protected]¢k to th£ d!nn!ng table try to f!nd my way to th£ kitch£n.

“But luckily for me I saw ma,am Julia th£re.

“Ma,am I called. as I walked closer to wh£re $h£ was.

“Quarida, how are you feel!ng, do you need anyth!ng $h£ asked.

“No ma,am? is j√$t that I wanted to make a cup of decaffe!nated coffee for sir Jose I replied.

“Coffee for h£adach£s “$h£ asked.

“And I only nodded.

“Did h£ asked you to make it $h£ asked aga!n.

“No ma,am I replied.

“I j√$t feel like mak!ng some coffee for h¡m.

“And beside h£ have h£lp me alot s!nce I came h£re. “I replied.

“Ok!But you need to be f*st ab©vt it before young master Blake returned.

“Ok ma’am I nodded.

“And followed h£r to th£ kitch£n.

“I could tell alot of th£ maids eyes wh£re on me as I got !nto th£ kitch£n.

“I stand close to h¡s door with th£ gla$$ cup of coffee.

“I was really f!nd!ng it difficult to knock.

“Querida you can do th¡s i said with!n.

“Sir I f!nally called and knocked.

“Come !n h£ said.

Jose pov

“I don’t know why I can’t j√$t stop th!nk!ng ab©vt quriada even for a moment.

“I love everyth!ng ab©vt h£r.

“$h£ is so !nnocent, quiet,shy and naive th£ thought of h£r small !nnocent face kept on com!ng to m!ne m!nd.

“Sir I h£ard a familiar voice called, come h¡m i said.

“I looked up and was surprised to see querida stand!ng close to th£ door with h£r h£ad bow.

“$h£ was th£ least of person I had expected to see !n my room.

“$h£ was hold!ng a gla$$ cup conta!n!ng someth!ng !n it.

“Do you want anyth!ng I asked h£r,and $h£ shook h£r h£ad negatively.

“I could tell $h£ was f!nd!ng it really difficult to speak.

“Would you m!nd to have a cup of decaffe!nated coffee $h£ f!nally said.

“I was so lost star!ng at th£ little bueaty !nfront of me.

“Sir $h£ called aga!n mak!ng me to rega!n my s£nse

“Would you m!nd to have a cup of decaffe!nated coffee it will h£lp !n reduc!ng your h£adach£s “$h£ said.

“Sure thanks I replied and I stood up to collect it from h£r [email protected]

“$h£ [email protected] over th£ coffee to me with h£r h£ad bow.

“I kept on star!ng at h£r as I took th£ coffee from h£r [email protected]

“You made it your self I asked.

“And only got a nod !n replied.

“How badly I wi$h£d to h£ar h£r speak one m©r£ time with that sweet voice of h£rs.

“Because I have come to notice that $h£ is a less talker.

“I f!nally walk [email protected]¢k to th£ coach and sat d©wΠ.

“$h£ was ab©vt open!ng th£ door to leave wh£n I stopped h£r.

“Aren’t you at least go!ng to wait for me to f!nish th£ coffee first i said.

“Ok sir $h£ nodded as $h£ kept on stand!ng not say!ng a s!ngle word.

“How I wish $h£ knew that only h£r pres£nt alone can cure all my h£adach£s.

“I took a sip from it and could tell that it tasted really good.

“I kept on star!ng at h£r as I took each sip from th£ coffee.

“Sorry to ask, can you tell me all ab©vt your family, I f!nally asked break!ng th£ silent.

“Huh my family $h£ asked.

“Yes I nodded.

“My mom died after giv!ng birth to me and I grow up with my Dad and step mom $h£ said and a tears escape h£r eyes.

“My h£art melted on see!ng h£r !n tears.

“Did h£ get to marry your step after your mom death I asked.

“Actually I didn’t know th£ only th!ng I was told was that my mom die after giv!ng birth to me.

“How did you end up !n th£ s€× house I asked aga!n.

“I could tell $h£ felt really bittered right now.

“I was sold as a payment for my dad debt $h£ replied.

“As $h£ busted !nto tears.

“I stood up and walked to wh£re $h£ was stand!ng.

“I raised h£r h£ad and used my [email protected] !n clean!ng th£ tears off h£r eyes.

“Stop cry!ng i hate see!ng you !n tears I said and didn’t realize I had.

“I h£ard my phone r!ng!ng.

“I gave h£r th£ empty gla$$ cup.

“Thanks I said and $h£ only nodded and left afterwards

“I watch£d h£r as $h£ walked away, I could tell $h£ was try!ng all h£r possible best to walk properly.

“Consider!ng th£ way $h£ was walk!ng.

Quarida pov

“I walked ©vt of h¡s room h£ad!ng to th£ kitch£n to return th£ gla$$ cup.

“I need to be f*st ab©vt it before master Blake returned “I thought.


“h£ad!ng [email protected]¢k to my room i wiced as some one bumped !nto me.

“Can’t you look at wh£re you are go!ng all are you bl!nd.

“I looked up to see that it was ma’am Bianca,am sorry ma’am I replied.

“Keep your sorry to yourself, little bitch I don’t ¢ar£.

“Next time little th!ng like you bumped !nto me I will kill you before my broth£r will. “$h£ said.

“I am really sorry ma’am it wasn’t my fault any way, you weren’t pay!ng attention to wh£re you wh£re go!ng to I replied.

“Ohh……so you can talk i said it you wh£re j√$t pretend!ng all th¡s while.

“Did your fool of a moth£r,didn’t teach you are to keep quiet once someone older than you is talk!ng.

“!ncase you forget you are my broth£rs s€× slave “$h£ added.

“I wanted to keep keep quiet but wh£n I h£ard my moth£r name be!ng measured i was really provoke.

“Like seriously Bianca what have I ever done to you, why can’t you j√$t let me have my breath!ng space.

“And don’t ever make th£ mistake of referr!ng to my mom because you never knew h£r. I said fell!ng really pissed off.

“So you can talk th¡s much you even have th£ gust to call my name with that gutter you call a m©vth.” $h£ said

“Is that all ma,am I asked h£r.

“Th£n if it is I will take my leave now. I said.

Writer’s pov

“Few of th£ maids that wh£re pres£nt at th£ scenery j√$t kept quiet not utter!ng a s!ngle word because th£ir wh£re all afraid of Bianca.

“And only wish someone would come to !nterve and save querida.

“No it not all “Bianca yelled go!ng after h£r.

“Stop behav!ng as if you are one of us, you can never be one of us.

“You are j√$t a s€× slave that is dest!ned to die sooner all later.

“Because you’re noth!ng but a s€× toy if tired of be!ng used eith£r be!ng thrown away or destroyed.

“Only those who claimed to be s£niors with th£ bra!n of a goat,speak like a disorder human be!ng say!ng such words to a little girl. “Quarida said.

“Quarida on th£ oth£r [email protected] wondered what $h£ have ever done to Bianca for h£r to hate h£r th¡s much.

“$h£ was try!ng h£r possible best to avoid h£r so that $h£ would not be able to [email protected]|| for h£r trap aga!n.

“But no it seemed like th¡s tigress Bianca would never let h£r be.

“Bianca looked terribly furious for th£ unwanted courage querida was show!ng towards h£r.

“Bianca raised h£r [email protected] to slap querida wh£n querida saw it com!ng !n that spilt second $h£ weigh£d if $h£ should take th£ slap all stop it.

“At that moment querida forgot h£r position !n th£ house and raised h£r [email protected] to catch th£ [email protected] of Bianca which was enough to s1©w from com!ng right h£r face.

“Quarida boldness made Bianca really furious h£r eyes wh£re now dark burn!ng !n anger glar!ng at querida.

“Unfortunately for querida $h£ had forgotten that th£ girl stand!ng !nfront of h£r who looked two all three years older than h£r wasn’t of h£r own k!nd.

“$h£ was tra!ned s!nce $h£ was little on like querida.

“Bianca used h£r strength to get [email protected]¢k hold!ng querida [email protected] as $h£ twist it [email protected]¢k.

“Th£ girl strength was extraord!nary after all $h£ came from a mafia clan.

“$h£ went on to twist querida arm beh!nd h£r [email protected]¢k mak!ng h£r w!nce !n pa!ns.

“Even if th£ maids was pres£nt th£ir now th£ir are h£art thump!ng !n th£ir ch£st.

“With what th£y had learned from th£ pons mansion not a s!ngle servant had dared to stand up aga!nst Bianca not until now.

“Th£ anger boil!ng from Bianca face as $h£ twist querida arms m©r£ furth£r.

“Julia who h£ard noise ran ©vt to ch£ck what was go!ng on.

“And $h£ was shocked wh£n $h£ saw Bianca twist!ng querida arm.

“Julia who was sure that Bianca would not h£sitate !n break!ng querida arm.

“$h£ walked towards wh£re Bianca and querida was try!ng to th!nk of a way ©vt.

“Ma,am please let go of h£r arm Julia said with a plead!ng voice.

“Stay ©vt of th¡s Bianca yelled ©vt h£r.

“Master Jose $h£ muttered as $h£ ran up stairs to go call h¡m.

“Bra!nless are you serious

“You are th£ one who is Bra!nless let me tell you what your purpose h£re, you are noth!ng but a slave,a s€× slave for that matter so you do not have th£ right to talk [email protected]¢k at me.

“Let me go Bianca you are hurt!ng me $h£ said as a tears escape h£r eyes.

“Why $h£ asked twist!ng h£r [email protected] furth£r m©r£.

“Let go of h£r Bianca “Jose yelled as h£ took a step closer to th£m.

“What th£ h£ll are you do!ng Bianca?

“Anoth£r voice called from beh!nd

“Mak!ng h£r to let go of quriada arms.

“$h£ froze h£r eyes dilated !n fear and shocked

“Blake $h£ stuttered

“Master querida muttered as fear gripped h£r.

“I…… thought…. you…. left….already Bianca…… stammered.

“I j√$t asked you a question Bianca what th£ h£ll wh£re you do!ng twist!ng h£r arms h£ yelled ©vt mak!ng h£r to fl!nch£d.

“Don’t ever repeat what you tried a moment ago.

“But Blake “Bianca called, $h£ started it first.

“Copy th£ discipl!ne rules 1000thousands times and s£nd it to me Before noon h£ said h£ad!ng up stairs.

“What ab©vt h£r Bianca asked with a frown.

” Blake paused and turned to glared at th£ terrified querida who was already $h!very!ng !n fear.


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