Sold To Mafia Drug Lord episode 52

🔞 Sold to a mafia drug lord 🔞

(I belong to him)

Chapter 52

A story by Isabella writes Anitalia


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Writers pov

“I am going to ask you just this two questions and you need to give me a reply Blake said and paused.

Firstly have you ever looked at Querida in a rom-ntic way?”.

Secondly do you have any feelings for her?” Blake asked after a brief silent.

“And what if I don’t give you an answer?”.

I mean even if I have ever looked at her in a rom-ntic way or do have feelings for her.

“What does that have to do with you?”. or be your concern.

Anyway if you must know I have never looked at her in a rom-ntic way or neither do I have any feelings for her

I mean do I ever have the right, to ever looked at my older brother girl.

I had gifted to him, come to think of developing feelings for her “jose said.

“It glade my heart to know that you still consider me as your older brother and I hope you aren’t lying to me “Blake said.

Haven’t I given you an answer already.

“what are you still doing here?”.please just do me a favor and leave my room “jose yelled at Blake.

“Keep quiet Jose, and listen to me I am not done talking yet and you don’t have the right to speak or interrupt me unless I asked you to Blake said gently trying to remain calm.

“He doesn’t want to ever make the mistake of ever raising his hand at his younger brother.

You know what Jose,when merrissa decided on sending me to American after Sofia death and you all decided to come along with me.

That was the day I promise to Carter for you guys,to always put your needs before mine till the day I chased to exist.

I always stand by you guys even if you where taking the right steps or not.

“My only concern was that you all should do whatsoever would keep and makes you happy whether wrong or right.

Ever since that day I decided to work more Harder so that I can become a better person.

“making sure you guys don’t lack anything or depends on that old man wealth in fulture.

“But I felt really bittered today, it’s was like they was a big nail that was pierced into my heart, when you decided to raise your hand at me forgetting the fact that I am your older brother, and what if have been through together,Blake said.

“Older brother my foot,you are nothing but a beast inform of a human.

i mean you don’t even act like one.

If they was anything I have ever regretted in my 23 years of existence was the day I bought “Querida back in the slave house, and decided to present her as a gift to you.

You have caused that “little girl” nothing but pains always having your way with her.

“when ever and where ever you like, using her like some piece of trash.

Have you ever sit and asked yourself the main reason I gifted her to you in the first place.

That was because I thought you would be able to look after her and see her like a younger sister.

“I mean you where never interested in “little girls”.

But you prove me wrong the very first day you raised your hands at her.

And hurt her for breaking Sofia potriat.

Do you know the pains she went through all because of that, you shattered the dreams and hopes she once have for herself.

I felt really bittered anytime I recalled that particular day .

Making me to blame myself for ever presenting her as a gift to you in the first place.

“Anytime you make her pass through pains I always end blaming my self thinking that I am the main cause of her pains.

And secondly have you ever care to know why she had developed the symptoms of panic attack once.

“that was all because of you.

The death of Sofia as truly turned you into a beast you are not.

“Any way that all i have to say, you can leave now “Jose said.

I am really sorry jose for not keeping up to your expectations and for not being the older brother you wanted “blake said, after a while.

“Save your sorry for Querida, she deserved it the most”jose said.

“Jose can you just please, stop being mad at me you know i hate it when you always stay mad at me.

“Blake said again and paused but the truth was that he felt really hurt within when listen to all what “jose said.

I will take my leave now Blake added when he didn’t get a reply from jose.

Blake stood up heading towards the door.

“Just think of a way and stop in ,it wouldn’t be good for you if you stay mad at him all day “jose said within.

As he held Blake on his arm,making Blake to turned an face him.

“What is it?” do you still have anything else to say ?”Blake asked.

“I am really sorry bro, forgetting the fact that you are my older brother, for raising my hand at you,for yelling and disrespecting you.

I promise it would never repeat himself again jose said as he pulled Blake in a hug .

“Ok can you let me go now “Blake said.

Not until you say you have forgiven me jose said hugging him more tightly.

How can I ever stay mad at my little brother Blake said.

“That means you have forgiven me?” jose asked as he disengaged from the hug and Blake only nodded.

“Why them are you still putting on a cold face?” Try an put a smile in that face of yours bro, it not gonna take anything away from you jose added.

I will take my leave now, I want to go check up on Querida.

“Ok and do make sure to put a smile on that cold face of yours “jose said.

“Ok I we try, Blake replied and left afterwards.

Jose pov

“I watched as Blake walked out of my room shutting the door behind him.

What a fool he truly his, always smart and cold towards everyone but he his always blinded by the love he has for us.

“Why did you ever think that, I was going to confess to you, are I truly feels for Querida.

Ever since the day I bought her, that was the very day I was always so lost staring at her.

And they isn’t any day that passes by without me thinking of her.

“You all might be wondering why I never reveal the truth to Blake, that’s because it wouldn’t change a thing.

I am 100 percent sure that he would never hand her over to me.

So I had to play smart by denying my feelings for her, and only telling him about are I truly care for her.

“Wow, “jose pons” come to think of it you would really fit in a role of a villains, in a movie been the two face you are.

That is true jose, you deceive in into believing that you only care about Querida only in a brotherly way.

I know Blake would never treat her with love.

I mean he doesn’t care about anyone else aside me, Arturo and Bianca so I pray it continues that ways.

“Don’t worry Querida you just have to bare for now, it would only take time before you become mine

“And once you her mine, I promise to treat you like the “little queen”you are,and to take you far away from Blake without his notice.

Writer’s pov

Querida room****

“Julia kept on staring at Querida as she watched her sleep.

“What wrong with her?” why is she sleeping this deep?” Julia thought as she sat at the edge of the bed.

Did “young master Blake” force himself on her again?” she asked herself with tears streaming down her cheek.

“I am really sorry Querida,for just standing by and watching you go through pains she said within.

Julia was so lost in her thoughts and didn’t even notice when Blake walked in.

“Julia have she woken up all this while?” Blake asked as he walked closer to her.

Julia he called again,tapping her on her shoulder when he didn’t get a reply.

Julia immediately sprung on her feet when she realized who it was,cleaning the tears off her cheek.

“Is anything the problem?”why where you in tears?” Blake asked.

“It nothing sir, I think a dirty flew inside my eyes she lied.

“Ok, how you still feeling the dirt?” Blake asked.

No sir and thanks for your concern Julia replied.

“Blake only nodded ,as he turned his gaze back to Querida.

who weakly flushed her opened. Staring at the ceiling.

“she is finally awake Blake signed in relief

Her head felt so heavy as she weakly flushed her eyes opened and the ceiling was the first thing she saw.

Querida stared blankly at it and try recalling what had happened.

“Where am I ?”she gasped in fear as she managed to sit, she looked around the room and was some are relief when she noticed that she was in her room.

But her fear increase when she move her eye’s to where Blake and Julia was standing and found them staring at her.

“Who was those thugs that had kidnap her.

And are was she recuse,she was so scared that they where going to do something mean to her.

Querida looked at Julia who gave her a warmly smile trying to make her feel free.

She fearfully turned to looked at Blake she felt so scared with his silent, and are he has been staring at her the wh0le time without saying a single word.

“Go..good morning master she shutttered as she lower her gaze.

But didn’t hear anything from him and she lifted her head to look at him again after summoning alot of courage and caught him still staring at her.

“And she quickly looked down in fear, why isn’t ma’am Julia saying anything too.

“Oh no,please mercies don’t let him hurt me. For making him pass through stress all because of me.

“Dont be afraid Querida,”ma’am Julia” is here he can’t do anything in present of her.

“But wait !!what if he send her away, she thought as fear gripped her all the blood in her vain seems to have dried up.

It’s isn’t morning yet it just 11pm Blake finally said camly.

‘How are you feeling?”he asked.

Querida kept quiet staring down at The bed in shock, because she wasn’t actually sure if he was talking to her.

“Querida just remain silent don’t answer him,or maybe you aren’t the one he is asking a question.

“Because he have never speak to you in this kind of tune.or maybe you are just imagining things.

“Blake paused as he kept on Staring at Querida.

who didn’t give him a reply, but just lower her gaze staring at the bed and he could scent fear in her.

“Blake kept on staring at querida for a while which made her really scared.

“Querida you have could, have just answer in,what if he punished you for that “inner Querida.

Blake took in a deep breath and turned to face Julia.

“Ask her if she would be able to take her bath or better still assit her in changing her dress she looks uncomfortable in it.

“How does he know ,I really feels uncomfortable in this dress Querida wonder not looking up.

I would tell the maid to prepare something for her to eat.

And once she done,tell her to take alot of rest and don’t leave her side.

“Blake said camly, before he left the room shutting the door behind him.

Which made Querida to sign in relief as he did and was also suprised by his wired behavior,he has never for once spoke so calmly to her.

“Querida “Young master Blake” was asking you a question a while ago.

“why didn’t you give him a reply?” Julia asked as she sat at the edge of the bed.

Which made Querida to raise her head up to look at her.

“I don’t know ma’am ,I thought I wasn’t the one he was taking to.

Or maybe I was just imagining things “Querida replied.

“Ok Querida, but don’t do that next time or he might loses his temper.

“Ok ma’am she nodded.

“But tell me Querida why are you always so scared of him ?”is not as if he do bit.

You Know what Querida I can see he his trying his possible best to be nice towards you.

“Why don’t you just try and be free around him.

if you continue like this you might end up having a serious health issue Julia said in a concerned voice.

“I am sorry ma’am but I can’t

I Know I said I will try my possible best never to see what he does to me as wickedness neither will I see him like a monster,or hate him .

I have tried my possible best not to be afraid of him, but it always ends up in vains.

Do you Know the reason I am always so scared of him and always end up feeling pains in my chest. anytime I looked at him or sees him from afar.

” That is because,I see him like a beast who forcefully took my innocence without looking back ,she said as she bursted into tears.


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