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Chapter 59

A story by Anitalia and Isabella Writes

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Querida pov

“I sat at the back sit with ma’am Bianca who kept on stealing glances at me.

“I didn’t get to see “Master Blake” again when I woke up from sleep.

I kept on wondering if I should tell “sir Jose”about what going on.

“But I haven’t seen him in a day now, neither do I have his number.

I really don’t want anyone to get hurt all because of me.

Because the Adrian guy looks really dangerous.

And it was as if he was watching my every move.

What if Master Blake comes to know himself and get angry.

“Oh almighty, please help me and over come this “I thought placing my hand on my chest as i felt the pain hooked me again.

Which got me really scared because for a while now I haven’t felt the pain.

The driver pulled over infront of the college gate and I came down along with ma’am Bianca.

Still placing my hand on my chest.

I kept on standing at one particular place since I came down from the car.

Writer’s Pov

After standing for a short while she decided to go to her classroom.

The pains didn’t leave her it just hooked her around her chest region.

She still managed to walk she couldn’t just remain there.

Querida approached the class room and met Andrea at the entrance of the door as if she has been waiting for her.

“Wassup Querida “Andrea ?asked.

I am fine and you Querida managed to say.

“How you okay?” Andrea asked considering the fact that Querida was placing her hand on her chest.

“Yes I am she nodded.

Don’t you think it would be best if we share what going on with another.

Don’t worry about me I wouldn’t want your life to be ruined all because of my foolishness.

I have been worried about you and wasn’t even able to get a proper rest I tried calling you but your number wasn’t reachable “Andrea said.

At of the blue Querida felt dizzy and it was as if she might end up passing out.

she immediately held to the wall for support.

“Querida it looks like you’re running temperature “Andrea said. as she placed her hand on querida neck.

I am fine Andrea can you please just assist me in sitting down “she said.

Sure Andrea said as she assisted Querida to go take her seat.

“Querida how you sure you’re fine?” Andrea asked.

Yes Andrea I just need to have a little rest she said and rested her head on her desk.
Querida eyes grew more heavy as her heart racing increase the more she tried concentrating on what the geography teacher was teaching but she couldn’t.

Every thing became double in her eyes even the teacher writing on the board.

The pain have hooked her up in her chest which was paining her really bad.

She turned to face Andrea who was very focused at what the teacher was saying not noticing her.

“Andrea she called weakly when she wasn’t able to bear the pains anymore.

Andrea felt extremely worried on seeing the weak expression on Querida face.

“What wrong?” how you still feeling the pains?” she asked placing her hand on querida neck.

“Oh no!Querida your temperature is increasing she said sounding extremely worried.

“What wrong?” she asked

I am having a serious pains in my chest it as if I am finding it really difficult to breath. She said breed of sweat was already forming from her forehead.

Querida you are burning and sweating at the same time Andrea said as fear gripped her.

“Where is your phone? you just have to tell me who to call.

But first we need to take you to the college hospital “Andrea said.

Querida only nodded agreeing to what she said.

“Mr Jhon “Andrea called interrupting him.

“Yes he stopped writing turning to face the class who called me?”he asked.

I did sir Andrea said standing up.

“What the problem?” he asked again.

It’s my friend Querida she does not look well I think she needs to be taken to the school hospital for a doctor to examine her “Andrea said.

pointing to Querida who had rested her head on her desk with her hand on her chest.

“What wrong with her?” he asked as he raised her head up.

“Miss pons”he called in shock recalling her face.

He was the same person who had attended to her in the registration office her very first day here.

“Miss pons” that means our guess turned at to be right she is really related to the pons the students started whispering among themselves.

Even Andrea was in shock when Mr Jhon refer to Querida as “miss pons”.

“Oh goodness she is sweating and burning temperatures at the same time she needs to see a doctor “Mr Jhon said.

With the help of one of the student,they took her to the clinic.

while on the other hand Mr Jhon immediately placed a call through to Jose.

Because his names was written as Querida Guidian.

Who immediately arrived at the school forgeting about all his office work.

“What happened ?”Jose asked the doctor.

She seems to be suffering for a panic attack and if this continues i am afraid that it might end up becoming a life threatening to her “the doctor said.

Has this ever happened to her before?” he asked.

“Yes Jose replied.

I have given her some drugs and she is going to be fine but I suggest you should take her home because she needs a proper care and shouldn’t be stressed out.

“Jose nodded in agreement.

While Jose carried Querida who is fast asleep to the car.

Here sir this is for her Andrea said as she passed over Querida bag to him.

if I may asked who how you?”jose asked.

I am her friend “Andrea replied introducing herself.

Thanks Andrea” Jose said. as he entered the car.

Jose started the car engine zooming off.

Almost on arrival home Querida weakly opened her eyes.

“How are you feeling now?” Jose asked staring at her through the rear view mirror.

I am fine sir “she said. siting up properly on the back seat.

“Querida is they anything bothering you?”jose asked.

“Yes sir she nodded.

she have made up her mind to tell Jose or Julia about it.

“She was also relieved that Adrian wasn’t pres£nt at school.

“Will you like to share it with me?” he asked.

Yes I will she replied in a form of whisper.

We are going to discuss it once we get home.

But for the now, you need to have some rest”Jose said.

Thanks sir “Querida said.

For what?”Jose asked as he turned to face her.

his left hand placed on the steering.

For coming she replied weakly.

You’re welcome Jose said turning back to focus on driving.

Just lay down and have a little rest we would soon arrived home, the doctor said you need to have a lot of rest he said again.

Querida slowly walked into the sitting room walking straight to her room.

She had left Jose in the parking garage.

Querida opened the door and got in.

she made to close the door but couldn’t because a force was restraining her to.

Querida looked up to see who it was and was suprised on seeing Blake.

immediately her hand left the handle of the door.

fear gripped her because of the angry expression on his face.

Blake left her standing at the door and walked in.

“What are you still doing ?”there he asked coldly.

Fear gripped Querida because of the way he spoke.

She turned around moving closer to where he is standing.

“How are you related to that guy?”he asked.

Don’t just stand there like a dummy the guy you came out with from the male bathroom yesterday “he yelled.

Making Querida to flinched.

Take off your jacket “he said again.

I said take of your jacket let me see you arm he yelled.

Increasing her pounding heart rate.

She gasped moving back ward.

“What is he talking about?why asking her different questions?”and why does he want to see her arm?” she thought.

Blake immediately walked closer to her as he took off her jacket forcefully.

Making the mark on her arm to be reveal.

Please no she gasped in fear but couldn’t dare to raise her head up.

Blake anger increase on seeing the mark on Querida arm.

“Who did this to you?” he asked still holding her both arms.

she was already in tears because of the pains it made her feel.

She was already trembling in fear and it was as if her anxiety was increasing.

‘What are you trying to hide?”he asked again.

She tried to say something to him but nothing was coming out.

Blake finally come to know that Bianca was actually right when she said Querida went into the male toilet but he didn’t see her going in there with a guy but a female.

He really didn’t know what transpired btw them in there because they wasn’t a CCTV camera placed in there.

Which really angered him.

And about her hurt arm he came to know about that when he checked on the cctv camera he placed in her room.

Can’t you talk your silent is really making pissed off.

I don’t want to end up losing my temper unless you’re gonna end up dieing in my hands.

Querida try opening up to him but couldn’t speak it was like she have become mute all of a sudden.

Julia was walking up and down at the outside of the door feeling really restless.

And wish Jose was around not knowing that Jose was already on his way to Querida room to come check on her.

“what are doing Blake you are scaring and hurting her.”Jose said immediately he got into querida room.

Blake let her go she is unwell Jose yelled at immediately he recalled what the doctor said.

When Blake realized what he was doing he immediately let go of her arms.

Querida silent really angered him.

But he try controlling it but couldn’t.

He glared at querida for one Last time before storming out of the room.

he doesn’t want to end up doing what he is going to

Querida placed her hand on her chest as the pains hooked her around her chest region again.

Did she made the wrong decision by keeping quiet.

But she tried her possible best to speak but she couldn’t say a thing.

Querida how you alright?” Blake asked.

Who was standing mute all this while her hand placed on her chest.

She tried speaking but nothing was coming out.

She started feeling dizzy this time around everything turned blank and she passed out but Jose was quick in catching her.
Querida was immediately rushed to the hospital by Jose and Julia.

Julia instead on following in to the hospital the moment she fainted.

She was immediately rushed to the emergency ward with the doctor attending to her.

While on the other hand Jose and Julia kept on pouncing around feeling really restless.

“Oh God what wrong with her?” Julia thought.with tears streaming down her eye’s it really do hurt her anything she just stood and watched Querida pass through pains.

After some time Eric walked out of the emergency room Querida was been rushed to.

been the head doctor he decided on attending to her himself.

Eric what wrong with her?” Jose immediately asked as Eric got to where they where both standing putting on a sad expression.

Isn’t she the same girl I came to treat the other day?” Eric asked.

“Yes she is “he replied.

I thought I told Blake to take very good care of her because she seems to have a weak heart and she is also suffering from panic attack.

Just tell me Eric how is she?Jose asked.

You just have to take heart “Eric said.

“Meaning?”Jose asked as fear gripped him.

I am sorry we try all our possible best to save her but couldn’t.

I am sorry we lost her 20 minutes ago “he said😭


This long story is finally coming to an end

Querida 😭😭😭

I want someone to wake me up from this dream 😪 😭😭😭

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