Sold To Mafia Drug Lord

Sold to mafia drug lord episode 64

🔞 Sold to a mafia drug lord 🔞

(I belong to him)

Chapter 64

A story by Anitalia and Isabella Writes

⚠️ don’t copy or repost ⚠️

Writer’s pov

Hope hospital **

Querida ward **

“Andrea” querida excliamed,as everyone eyes fell on who just walked in.

“Andrea” Julia called.

“Big Sis”Andrea excliamed.

“Ok” it turned at that both Julia and Andrea are sisters,I know you all might be wondering why I called them sisters.

Andrea mom “Mrs Caro” is a single mom who lost her husband when Andrea was just 4 years old.

So she was the one that took Iriana/Julia in and raised her as her daughter.

“Big sis” Andrea called again, as she run to hug Julia.

I really miss you big sis “Andrea said, hugging her really tightly.

“How is Mom?and her health condition?” Julia asked, as They both disengaged from the hugged.

“Mom is fine” Andrea replied.

So why are you here?” Julia asked.

I came to see my friend” Andrea replied.

As she walked to where querida was seated on The bed and hugged her tightly.

Andrea becareful can’t you see that she is on drip”Julia said.

“Oh”I am really sorry “Andrea said,as she immediately disengaged from the hugged.

It nothing Andrea why apologizing “querida said.

“How are you feeling now?” Andrea asked.

I am fine “querida replied.

“How did you now that I am In the hospital?”she asked.

I call to check up on you early this morning,but sir Jose was the one who picked up the call and told me that you’re in the hospital “Andrea replied.

“Thanks” querida said.

“For what?” Andrea asked.

“for coming “she replied.

“Who is she?”Mateo asked.

She is a college friend of my “querida replied.

“Good morning sir” Andrea greeted.

“Morning” and it nice meeting you “Mateo smiled.

Julia smiled as she watched them. she was really happy when Andrea got a scholarship into the best University in Mexico and that was even the main reason her mom moved over to Mexico.

she never knew that querida and Andrea whould turned at to be close friends.

What a small word “she thought with a smile.

‘How come you know ma’am Julia?” querida asked, as Andrea took her sit next to querida.

She is is my sister “Andrea replied.

“Oh” querida only said.

As both querida and Andrea was chatting Mateo used this opportunity to take a proper look at Julia,after starting at Julia for a while he will turn to look at querida.

“Gosh,why do they look so much alike.

The same hair color, eyes color and even this same face and skin color.

If the both of they where standing together one will think they where related and can even mistook as sisters.

I will take my leave now “Jose said, and stood up when he received a text that he his urgently needed in the office.

Please Julia take very good care of querida “Jose added.

And waved querida good bye before leaving.

Julia was now seated ,starting at both querida and Andrea who was still chatting when she caught Mateo staring at her

She really wasn’t that comfortable with the way he is staring at her, and she decided to just leave for a while.

I will go get you guys some coffee and be right back “Julia said, and stood up.

Please Andrea take very good care of Querida and don’t let her move that much “Julia added.

“Ok” sis Andrea replied, and Julia left.

Kitty i will be right back “Mateo said, and left as well.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Blake stood close to the ward that querida was in,as he kept on watching her through the transparent window

He saw how querida was free with the people around her.

This is atually the first time he seeing this side of querida.

And he also couldn’t stop wondering how Querida knows Mateo.

Blake you have being Standing here for a while now aren’t you going to go in?” Eric asked.

Blake ignored him and was about leaving when when Julia opened the the door and walked out.

“Good morning sir” Julia greeted immediately she sighted Blake.

And Blake only nodded to her greeting.

Who do will have here?”Mateo said,as he opened the door and walked out.

“”Mateo” Blake smirked.

It has being a while “Mateo smirked too

As they gave each other a dangerous glare.

You know I really don’t like it when someone get too close to my personal property “Blake said.

“Meaning ?’Mateo asked.

Stay away for querida you no I don’t like repeating one word twice “blake said.

“What if I don’t?Mateo asked.

Then we are going to see to that “Blake said, and left.

“Do you guys know each other?” Julia asked.

“Who are you?” Mateo asked, ignoring Julia questions.

Who i am have nothing to do with you “Julia said, and left.

Mateo watch Julia as she walked are one Pretty woman I have ever seen he thought, and didn’t know when a smile curved on his face.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

You haven’t answered my questions yet. why do you hate Mateo?” Eric asked, as they both walked out of the hospital.

I don’t want to discuss about it “Blake said, as he walked to where his car was parked.

He got in and inginted the car engine and drove out roughly.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Blake estate** Later that day **

Blake i have something to discuss with you “Jose said, as he walked into Blake room and saw blake throwing punches at the punching bag.

Sweat dripped from his chin down to his shirtless body running than his abs.

“Blake” Jose called again.

Making Blake to stop what he was doing. he walked to the table and picked up a bottle water and drank from it before dropping it back on the table, and went to sit on the bed.

“What do you want?” Blake asked.

I think querida is trying to hide something “Jose said.

I mean someone is trying to take advantage of her naivety “Jose added.

I know already “Blake said

“How Did you find out?” Jose asked.

I did a research “Blake replied.

“Oh” Jose said.

Jose was about asking another question almost immediately Blake phone started ringing.

Pass me my phone “Blake said

“Ok” Jose said, as he reached for Blake phone which was laying on the table.

Jose frowned on seeing the caller ID that was save as a “wh0re” cause he already knew who it was.

Jose gave Blake his phone before taking his seat next to him.

Blake anger increase as he looked at the caller ID he made to drop the phone but decided to pick it when it rang again.

“What do you want?”he asked, in a cold voice immediately he picked the call.

“How are you doing my son?” merrissa asked,ignoring his harsh word.

You haven’t answered my question merrissa “Blake said coldly.

It has being along time my son so I call to check up on you guys and Also to inform you that I will be coming to pay you guys a visit “merrissa said.

How you suffering from “Amnesia” haven’t I told you that will don’t need a wh0re like you in our life “Blake said.

Is this how you speak to your mom “merrissa said,and one could tell that she was already in tears.

“Mom”Blake scoffed.

Point of correction merrissa you aren’t my mom you Lost that right the day you sent me abroad that was the day you ceased to be my mom.

“Blake yelled and hanged up throwing his phone on the floor.

“Blake “Jose called.

I want to be left alone “Blake said ,as he sent his hand through his hair.

“Ok” Jose nooded and left.

Immdiately Jose left Blake returned to throwing punches at the punching bag.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Querida ward **

“How you hungry?”Julia asked, and querida nodded.

“What will you like to eat?” Julia asked again.

“Pasta”querida replied.

“Ok” I will go get it and be right back don’t move that much “Julia said, and left.

Querida couldn’t helped but wonder what wrong with her and why they undergo an urgent surgery on her.

After starting at nothing in particular for a while,she removed the drip that was fixed in her vain and got up from the bed.

She walked to the door and opened it. she stood infront of the door looking at different people who was going and coming.

She made to go back inside after being tired of standing.

Querida a voice called and she turned to see Jose approaching her.

“Good evening sir” querida greeted immdiately Jose stopped infront of her.

“Would you like to take a walk with me ?”Jose asked.

She looked at the dress she was putting on and she was atually wearing the hospital gown.

Don’t worry I won’t be taking you far “Jose said.

We would just go around the hospital and also have some ice cream in an ice cream shop close by “he added
They got out of the hospital and querida saw different people new born babies and they even went to the old people wards too.

And He also took her to alot of different places in the hospital.

Before they left for the ice cream shop.

On they way to the ice cream shop They stop at a church close by and querida Decided to go in and pray while Jose wait for her outside.

Please God always protect and guide everyone around me she prayed within after she was done praying she came out and saw Jose patiently waiting for her outside.

As they both left for the ice cream shop.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Julia was already two street away from the returant as she made to cross the road.

A car drove in a high speed toward her .

But someone was quick in pulling her away before the car could hit her and she fell untop of that person

“Mister Mateo” Julia called,as she immediately stood up dusting her dress

Watch how you cross the road “Mateo said, as he stood up dusting his cloth as well.

Thanks “Julia said, and was about walking pass him.

“Where to?” Mateo asked, following her .

To go get some pasta for querida “she replied.

“Oh” mind if I come along with you Mateo asked.

“Why?” Julia asked.

Cause it not safe for a pretty woman like you to walk all alone, in this lonely road “Mateo said.

Julia turned to glare at him for a while before waking away.

With Mateo still following her from behind.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆


Samper’s mansion **

What are you trying to tell me that you haven’t gotten a chance to kill her yet “Rachel yelled over the phone.

I am sorry ma’am, I almost did but she was lucky this time around a “voice said, over the phone.

I don’t care just make sure it doesn’t exceed 24 hours. i want her dead before the next 24 hour

Rachel yelled and hanged up.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

So how do you like the taste of the ice cream?”Jose asked.

It really tasty and I am really enjoying it “querida replied.licking her ice cream and skipping her legs like a kid at the same time.

Jose smile as he watch querida this is atually the first time he is seeing this side of querida and he really likes it alot

Buy some rossy thread for your brother and sister don’t forget that siblings day is just two days for now a man kept on shouting who was selling along the street.

Querida turned to where the voices was coming from she smile as she watched the crowd.

“Do you want some?” Jose asked, and querida nodded.

They went and Stand in the crowd and when it got to their turn querida collected 7 rosy threads why Jose pay for it.

“What is the thread for?” he asked, as they walked along the street returning to the hospital.

Rosy thread is a thread in which a brother and sister share among themselves, it one of the way of celebrating siblings day.

And you can also give it to those you regard as your brother or sister “querida replied.

“Who are this for ?”he asked.

It a secret “she said.

“Oh” Jose smile.

She is really innocent and fun to walk with that is one of the reason I can’t stop but think about her her “Jose thought. and didn’t know when a smile curve on his face.

Let walk faster i think it gonna rain “Jose said,looking at his watch it was already 8:55 and the weather was already so dark showing signs that it is gonna rain any moment from now.

Suddenly the rain began to drop little by little as they quickly find an hideout

Looks like it gonna to rain for long,because it not showing any signs of stopping “Jose said.

I don’t care if it rain the whole night. I always love playing in the rain since I was little “querida said,as she ran under the rain.

And let the water touch her cloth she smile as she dance in a circle playing with the droping water.

“Querida” Jose called, as he quickly pulled her out of the rain she was already completely soak in water.

We have to return back before it start raining again and I don’t want you to catch a cold and fall sick “Jose said, in a worried expression.

As he immediately removed his jacket and then covered her with it

Querida raised her head to look at him being that he is way taller than her

“Sir why are you’re this nice to me,” querida asked.


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