Sold To The Unknown

Sold to the unknown epilogue



After everything, I find my happiness. I and Jared’s name our baby girl Angelica Dalton. Jared’s was so over protective of her. My boys were so happy having a baby sister.

My family are my solace and peace, my life, my heart beats, my reasons of living. And I love being with him and our babies. I love and feel lucky to be SOLD 💰 TO THE UNKNOWN 💎 {WRITTEN BY PETER’S GRACIOUS}

At first i felt hurt, abused and pain. But as the saying goes. Everyone has their own time, and when it comes, that gives you the worth of baring all the pains{WRITTEN BY PETER’S GRACIOUS} and suffer. All the pains bring all the happiness in my life. I love Jared, and I will forever love him till I draw my last breath. And I won’t hesitate to make his realized his mistakes if he do any in the future.{WRITTEN BY PETER’S GRACIOUS} I trust him and give him my love because it’s the best way of HEALTH MARRIAGE LIFE {WRITTEN BY PETER’S GRACIOUS}


“What’s love?? Love is when you have your love ones at your finger tip. Love is falling for the right person. Love worth waiting for. Love is happiness and peace of mind {WRITTEN BY PETER’S GRACIOUS} I spent my seven years in Africa. My family forgot about me, but my true lover did not. Despite his a guy, handsome and rich, he could have chosen any rich and classic or even a royal lady over me. But no! He believed in our teenage love, despite the fact that we were both little at that time. He never gave up on me. He waited for me and today look how far we have come.

It’s looks like we made it, our love won. Today my happiness double because I still put to bed. Twins a boy and a girl. Which Benny was extremely happy likewise Tasia and Thana{ we named our little twins Michelle and Micheal} nothing is more sweater than having a happy marriage life and a peace of mind. I will forever love, respect, and cherish my sweet Benny. Love can only be sweet when you fall in love and marry your soul mate and best friend {WRITTEN BY PETER’S GRACIOUS}


Look at me today! A happy man I’ve become. A proud father of three cute little buddies and one Miss pinky. Love has taught me so many things. Love taught me to always confide in my partner before taking any decisions. Love taught me never to listen to a third party because they are home breakers. Love taught me to be strong and fight for what is mine. Love taught me to be humble, oh sweet love! If this is how you’re,then I wanna fall in love over and over again with my wifey. {WRITTEN BY PETER’S GRACIOUS}


Several years ago. I was that boring and strange guy, that was always soaked in the web of loneliness and depression. I was only living my life for one person all those years which is my baby girl. If not I wanted killing myself when I found out that Trina died. She was like my world, my happiness before she left. But love taught me never to give up. And after several years I started searching for her all over again. Love is Coney, love wanted to play pranks on me. But I pushed h-rder to give some light to my dark souls. But love saw how I was trying and decided to give me back my happiness. Now am {WRITTEN BY PETER’S GRACIOUS} the most complete and fulfilled human being on earth right now. Having my two grown up twins by my side and my little twins right in my arms no Joy is compared to it. That fatherly vibe.{WRITTEN BY GRACIOUS}


I wish I leave right, I wish I did all the rightful things, Maybe I could Bette one enjoying with Jared’s now and not that bitch Tiana. Anyways one day am gonna come out of this prison and I will make sure to send her to her grave.” I thought while sitting at the rough bed in the female ward at one of the most brutal prison here in London.{WRITTEN BY PETER’S GRACIOUS}


Well, fedora wanted escaping from the prison, but she wasn’t lucky enough. As she fell from a three storey building cell and crushed roughly on the convert. She died instantly and was later buried at the prison graveyard. Without her family awareness {WRITTEN BY PETER’S GRACIOUS}

LOVE is sweet,but at the same time love is complicated. It only takes a matured soul to love.

Thanks beautiful fans for sticking with me on this story, I’ve been writing this story for over three months now.

At some point, I lost majority of my readers, but I never give up and I couldn’t bycut some relevant point because that’s what put together making up this story.

Some people will tell me this story is becoming boring,but I kept writting. Some will tell me I have lost my interest in the story. But I kept writting because not all stores are easy, not all stores has a happy ending and begining, not all stores are simple as it seems. But I still thank God for those that never left encouraging me in any way they could.

This story is filled with so many morals lesson. Like and drop anything you learnt from it.


1: relationsh¡p is a compromise, always confide in your partner before making some nasty decisions.

2: love is war, love is growing up, love worth fighting for.

Thanks for reading. AUTHOURESS GRACIOUS love you all🥰


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