Sold To The Unknown

Sold to the unknown episode 16 – 17

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Here we go Anastasia, close your eyes and sleep ok? It’s advisable for you to have good sleep from an early hours of the night so you could wake up early the next day” I told Tasia who’s eyes were wide open.

“Please aunt Tiana! Read me one more episode of “Goodnight Gorilla” for me please!” She blurted rolling her peach eyeballs.

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“No Tasia, I have already read several episode to you this night, if you go to b£d now, I promise to make you vanilla ice cream” Tomorrow after you get back from school and also read five Chapters of “Goodnight Gorilla to you tomorrow…… But if you insist I will read one more Chapter to you then you forget about the vanilla ice cream” I sounded.

“Fine aunt Tiana! You got me!…. I back off cause I can’t afford missing my chilly vanilla ice cream and five episodes tomorrow, am gonna go straight to b£d now” Good night aunt Tiana” She said and I breathed in relief, Heaven knows how long I’ve been reading her a b£d time story.

“Good girl! Now go to b£d…. Good night baby! And don’t play smart by switching on the TV cos I got my eyes on you” I said and she chuckled.

“Rest assured aunt Tiana… I promise not to do anything silly! Cross my heart” She giggled using her tiny hands to cross her heart as a sign of keeping to her promise.

“Good girl! I got to go now!” I uttered putting off the table lamp and covered her well with the duvet cover.

“Good night aunt Tiana, I love you!” She said and I smiled softly.

This little girl is making me so emotional every time I spent with her. She’s just so kind-hearted as Benny. Just that some ahdays she behaves like a rich spoilt kids that she is.

“Love you too baby!” I uttered and exist the room shutting the door behind me.

I went to the living room trying to put somethings in place before heading to b£d, when I heard someone sulking.

Tho the living room was covered by Layers of the dark night. I wonder who could that be?…. Could it be Benny?

No… Benny can’t cry in such a way, he’s is lively and fun to be with…an..and he doesn’t seems like someone that has something bothering him.” I thought as my curious f-ngers crawl towards the electrical switch and I instantly switch on the light.

Only to see Benny sitting on the dinning with several empty bottles of alcohol relaxing in his front.

He looked so sad as his eyes were all red…. It’s seems he’s been crying for hours.

He looked over to me… And instantly toke something that looks more of a picture into his jeans pocket.

“Uh-huh! Ti…an..a! You’re still awake?” He asked with a shaky voice.

“Are you alright Benny! What’s wrong with you? Why are you still awake by this time of the night….. And you are have been drinking?” I asked as I got closer to him.

“No Tiana! Am not crying! Why should I cry? Maybe I just had too much to drink!” He uttered faking a smile but I wasn’t satisfied.

“Is she the reason for you tears?” I asked pointing at his jeans pocket.

“Wh.. who?” He asked.

“It’s alright Benny! What ever is troubling you! You can share it with me… Am not forcing you….. You can talk to me anything you pleases and I am ready to give you a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on…. Remember we are best friends now?” I uttered as I saw his eyes lit up a bit.

“Thanks Tiana!…. Thanks so much! I promise to tell you my worries but it can’t be today!” He uttered hugging me real t¡ght and I reciprocated and deepens the hug’

“Don’t be sad my handsome man! Cause it doesn’t suit you! It makes you looks like a dangerous Wolf” I uttered and patted his hairs.


The door bell rang Making us to dis£ngaged from the hug”

“Sorry Benny! I think someone is by the door” I uttered stepping towards the door.

“Be careful Tiana!” He said and slumped on the couch.

I got to the door and opened it. Only to be met with Jared’s.

He was cute as always with his hairs laying softly due to the effect of hair gel.

He was wearing a black suit that hugged him so well.

He’s blue eyes were sparking under the reflect of the moon light.

But he’s eyes were showing a strange emotions I can’t fathom.

I was just staring speechlessly at him cos I don’t know how to react with him after all that has happened.

But without leaving me with a room to think much. He throws himself on me hugging me t¡ghtly, squ-eesing my so t¡ght into himself.

“Am sorry Tiana! Sorry for everything…. Sorry for all the hurts!” He said but I couldn’t react as I was still Lost staring blankly at a space.

“I….I… I don’t quite understand! Jared! Let go of me already you’re hurting me with your t¡ght embrace.

“No Tina! Not until you forgive me everything I did to you, am really sorry Tiana….. Let’s give our relationship a try please!” He uttered sadly.

But instantly I was overwhelmed with lots of anger,as all the memories of all the ill treatment he lash out on me kept p-ouring into my head.

I raised my hands a little and pushed him with Force from me.

“Go away from me you animal!…. Go and meet your girlfriend! You know what? I hate you! I hate all of you!” I uttered and with tears I ran up to my room shutting my door with a loud bang and collapse on the b£d crying profusely.

“Why will he tell me all that?

He thinks am some kind of cheap whore he plays around with each time Stephanie isn’t home?

And immediately she calls him or he thinks of her… He will instantly starts cursing me.

I might just be a young helpless lady but that doesn’t makes me a playing foll he can tossed all he wants.

I thought and cried bitterly, when my phone rang and it was mumma!

I awestruck..

And dad! Why is she calling me all of a sudden?

I could remember since all this three weeks I left,she hasn’t even call to Know how am doing, not even to ask how I was coping with my strange marriage.

I hate all of them!” I yelled smashing most of the flower cans on the glass table.

My phone kept ringing and I angrily pick it up.

📲 What did you want from me this time around? I asked not even greeting her.

📲Tiana? Have you lost it? Don’t you have regards for me! If not for anything, am still your mother!” She blurted annoyingly.

📲 Hahaha! Indeed you’re my mother! Mother that sold out her only daughter just to please her stepdaughter and husband… Did she still call herself a mother?” I asked laughing bitterly as tears kept falling at the same time.

📲Tiana! Don’t spout nons£nse…. Anyways that’s not the reason I called! Come home fedora is really sick and she needs to ask you if something!” She uttered sharply.

📲Am sorry! But am not coming cos am not part of your family anymore…. If fedora has any problem she should be able to suit her ass! I uttered bitting my lower l-ips to stop me from bursting into tears as I was about to cut the call.

📲Am giving from now till next weekend to come Tiana! If you want the latter’s you father gave me to give you when you come of age!” She threatened.

📲 Okay! Fi…in! I uttered ending the call directly.

As I cried the more.


I was standing still at the spot where Tiana pushed me.

I run my hands on my head in confusion.

What am I gonna do to make Tiana understand with me!” I thought and sigh.

“Hahaha! It’s as if someone has been heartbroken! Anyways that serves you right!” The latest Mr heartbreak!” I heard a loud chuckled and I saw my hands clinching to punch the person.

It’s no other but Benny!

I couldn’t help but to Burst into tears!

“She hurts me pretty much Benny!” I uttered and burst into more tears. I don’t care if Benny laughed at me but am so heartbroken right now”

“Lolz” are you actually crying for me to be sympathetic towards you? Not when I saw how bad you treated TIANA just for Stephanie” He uttered graining stupidly.







“Remember we’ve been friends since ages now” I was there in all your troubles….” I was about saying but I saw my vision became blurry as I collapsed on the marble floor.


I watched with great panic as I behold Benny falling to the floor.

Before his body landed on the marble floor I cut in and raised him in a princess style and took him to his room.

I laid him down and pulled his suit and his trouser.

Leaving him with his boxers and singlet.

I think he collapsed due to iñtensed emotional pains.

I glanced at his red flushed face and I couldn’t help but to gat angry with Stephanie.

“How dare her hurt Benny this way!?” I roared in anger… I promise to get back to her.

And when I eventually sees her, I will so strangle her neck!” I thought and moved to the bathroom, filling a bowl with a cold water.

I stepped out of the bathroom, with a water and a clean white towel.

I took a glass stool and sat closed to Jared wiping his h-ot body.

“Am sorry Jared! That you had to go through all this! Had you listened to me and let go of Stephanie when I caught her with the president son making out, some times ago all these wouldn’t have happened!

You were too dumb to see the real color of Stephanie! Thank goodness! You’re paying the price right now!” I uttered to Jared if tho he wasn’t listening. I don’t know why he’s become so stubborn instàntly he met Stephanie.

“I love you my dear Jared! And I always wants what’s best for you! Please love Tiana!” She’s the best thing that could ever happened to you.

I just wish am like you Jared!” I wouldn’t mind to fall in love at a goal!” I uttered as my eyes were becoming heated up but I shook my head negatively.

I finished cleaning, him up I returned the bowl back to the bathroom and slept off beside Jared forgetting about all my barriers.



I woke up and saw Someone’s arm w-rapped around my [email protected]¡$t.

I widened my eyes and a little smiled played on my l-ips.

“Getting your fvcking hands off my [email protected]¡$t…. Am not your girlfriend!” I yelled at Benny who was sleeping with his eyes firmly closed.

He opened his eyes gradually and Instantly took his hands away.

“Be…nny? What…. Oh sorry! I passed out!” He mouthed wearing a sad face.

“You’re such a baby! I can’t believe you passed out just for the sake of a mare break-up?” I teased.

“Please Benny! Have mercy on me and stop teasing me! I know you are feeling for me… Just admit it already and tell me sorry,or better still hugged me like you used to do each time am hurt!” He uttered sniarking as he dragged himself off b£d.

“Keep dreaming on! Am not gonna hug you not say sorry! Cause I warned you from the start!” I uttered standing up too.

“I Know you did! But I thought Stephanie was my dream girl, all I wanted from her was her love,but she woofly betrayed me!” He mouthed feeling sad.

“You should had known that she’s a slut… When she kept asking you to pay her 1 billion dollars every week, wish decent lady dose that… Had you imagined the amount of money you wasted for her?” Smacked angrily.

“Am sorry Benny! It’s too late to regret! All I need right now is how to make Tiana forgive me!” He uttered sadly.

“You got to fix your ass! Am not gonna help you! This time around!” I uttered and he widened his eyes.

“Why is that? Remember Tiana will listen to you more than anyone judging from how you treated her nicely!” He uttered.

“Am sorry Benny! But you got to do it yourself…. See you at the dinning! Remember to put yourself in shape before coming out,cos you looked like a hungry guy that made it alive from a dungeon!” I said laughing naughtily.

“Idiot! You better watch your words!” He uttered angrily and I just waved at him and existed the room.

Going upstairs I met Tiana and Anastasia setting the dinning table.

“Good morning Uncle Benny!” Tasia greeted with her eyes fixed on what she was doing.

I was dumfounded!

When did princess Tasia suddenly became a greeting child?

Cos I know how spoilt she’s also she’s from a royal family that had everyone at their command.

“Good morning Benny! How are you feeling this morning?” Tiana questioned like a mother looking out for her sick child.

“Am good! All thanks to you Tiana!” I uttered moving closer to them as I rubb£d Tasia long blonde hair.

“How was your night princess?” I asked her and she rolled her eyes.

“Not good uncle! I got a Mysterious call…..” She uttered but I cut in.

“It’s okay Tasia! We would talk privately! I guess they had noticed!” I told her and help her seating the chair! She only nodded sadly.

I saw Tiana staring confusingly at us but something are better left untold.

“Come sit Tiana, the breakfast will get cold if left untouched.

“Where is…..?” She was about saying when we saw Jared coming towards the dinning table.

Thank goodness!

He looked a little different from earlier.

“Good morning master Jared!” Tiana greeted sadly bowing her Head.

“Uh-huh? Stop it Tiana, call me Jared!” He uttered taking his seat opposite Tiana.

“Good morning Uncle Jared!” Tasia uttered eating from her meal already.

“Stop that Tasia! You can’t eat now except….” Tian was about saying when Anastasia cut through her.

“Fine! Let’s pray already, cos I can’t wait anymore… This good is so mouth watering.” She uttered locking her hands together.

“Close your eyes guys! We got to pray like right now!” She uttered and started prying I could see Tiana closed her eyes smiling broadly like a mother that was pleased with her child doing the right time.

I was again surprised!

I looked at Jared and saw his eyes wide Opened.

And I signal him to shut his eyes! But he just glanced angrily at me.

After breakfast Tiana got Anastasia dressed up. Am taking her somewhere and we won’t be back until nightfall.

Tiana wanted knowing where but I asked her not to worry!


After Benny and little Tasia left I sat on the floor doing some sketches.

Instantly I heard a slight knock.

“Come in!” I uttered focusing on what I was doing.

It was Jared all dressed up in a corporate wears.

“Tiana please! Can you lend me few hours of your time?” He asked but I nodded negatively.

“No Jared! Am busy, as you can see I am doing some sketches… I got to sell it out to make some Cash!” I uttered at a goal.

“Please sell them to me, I will pay you double the amount!” I just want us to go out there is something I would like to show you!” He uttered.

“No Jared! I need someone that would make use of them!” I uttered still painting some parts.

“I promise to make good use of them!” Besides they’re all beautiful art work…. Don’t you think if I hung it in my office and room it would give it a unique feeling?” He asked smiling broadly.

“Fine! Where are you taking me?” I asked him cos I also wanna go out I was getting board already without little Anastasia and Benny!”

“It’s a surprise!” So get dressed!” He uttered and I stood up and went to shower while he left the room.


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