Sold to the unknown episode 19 – 21







“Well! Hello to you too, Tiana, oops! Step-sister .” She mocked.

“Cut the craps and tell directly what you want?” I shout.

“Keep your voice down, you whore. You’re not in the condition to shout or yell on me then….” She paused in-between, act to find something.

“Ahhaa! Yes this, if you raised your voice on me, then I tore it in little little tiny pieces.” She said with a witchy smirk.

“I warned you fedora! Don’t you dare to do anything with it.” I said in a sharp yet dangerous voice.

“Ohhh! I scared. Well come back to the business you have to do some photoshoot with Jason in his upcoming protection ad.” She said.

“Woah! Woah! Hold your horses fedora, you meant to say that I have to do photoshoot of a condom ad with your friend?” I asked disbelief.

“Yes! You got it right. Well if not that, then say bye to this shitty piece of paper.” She said and wΓ s about to tie it.

“No, no, fedora. Please no, I’m ready, I will do this shoot with your friend.” I said as tears Dr slide from my eyes.

“Now go and get ready for the shoot.” She said and I went out defeated.

After some time I was ready in inappropriate dress, which I never wear in front of any man before. But because of my dad’s last latter for me, I have to do this.

I’m sorry Jared! I love you and I will always do, but I don’t know how you will react after seeing this. But am really sorry.” I said to myself, seeing my reflection on the mirror feeling hurt and guilty for doing this to the love of my love. He’s really trying to earn my forgiveness, but after this I’m sure he will hate me the most.

After sometime the shoot get over, they asked for Many intimate poses. Which contains alot of iΓ±timacy.

Today I hate myself, I didn’t hate myself this much when I got married to Jared. But now I hate myself, it feels like my soul leaves my body. It felt like I cheated on Jared. How can I show my face to him now. How???

I went back to the house and asked for my latter which she gives me easily, first I was surprised about how easily she gave it to me, I felt a little warm towards her, but soon she pinned my bubbles of warmness.

“But Tiana, it’s just one envelope…. But for your information there are many envelope. And if you bring two billion dollars from Dalton’s family, I will hand the rest to you.” She said and smiled calmly.

“WHAT???? How can I? And why? You have started attending the movie school and you are doing fine, so why are you doing this?” I asked with helplessness.

“Just do as I said, otherwise forget about the second one.” She said, and told me to get out of her room.

I went back to the street with my bag in my hands walking aimlessly, thinking about the words fedora said.

“How can I ask money from Jared?” I thought standing in front of the penthouse gate.


I was in my penthouse giving instructions to my personal investigator to find Tiana as soon as possible, but to my badluck, there’s no information about her whereabouts. I’m hella worried about her, I’m scared with the thought of losing her, knowingly or not, from the first day I started admiring her, cute Caring, loyal. Yeah she’s not a golddigger as I do think of her.

I was still thinking when my phone beeped, it was a message from a private number, I opened it hurriedly with the hope that maybe is from her. But the massage was From son private number.

And it seems like some photos, first I thought to let it go, but did opposite and what I saw make me loose my emotions.

I feel betrayed, hurt, cheated and most of it all.





Most of it all, I was so angry all over again but now, by the person I never thought of.

There was Tiana’s pictures with some men, who’s face is blurred, she was in s-xy net nighty, which reached through her mid thighs, her cleavages give a clear show. She’s looking like…….. Uhhhhhhhhh……{angry growled}.

They were very closed and in intimate positions, anyone who see this will all say they are having a good time together. I didn’t ever imagined she would do this kind of thing, never.

My anger rose and I broke every single thing which comes my way or in front of my eyes. Also I broke my phone throwing it to the wall. The whole living room was in a mess. Soon I heard a doorbell, first I decided not to open it,but the doorbell continue ringing. And I had no choice than to open the door furiously, just to see TIANA’S face full of tears, and a paper in her hands, she was about to hug me but I moved back and again she came closer and was about hugging me.

And this time I fvcking slapped her with Force, that she instantly fell on the ground, my eyes were red in anger, and the nerves of my forehead pop out, feel like blasting in some time. Blood ozzed out of the side of her lips. But now, I don’t care at all. She hurts me knowingly, she’s married for crying out loud but she decided to cheat me.

I was in anger and my anger rose more and more seeing her acting all crying and miserable in front of me. I helped her to stand to her feet, by holding her wrist tightly and roughly, the. Slammed the main door shut behind us, with a loud thud.

Yesterday night dad called me, and told me to give him a news of a grandchild before he retired from his position as the company. And I happily accepted, because I was going to try my best by patching things up with Tiana, and also make her fall for me. And in little time we start a family. But she destroyed all of my dreams, my future planning with her. Everything, Evey single thing planned for us. I even bought a whole studio and painting equipment for her as a birthday gift.

“Yes I know that tomorrow is her twenty third birthday, and i wanted to give her whatever she wants to demands for. But she f-ckING CHEATS me. And destroy everything.

I dragged her till our room……… My room and throw her on the bed.

“Ja….reeee…..jared!” She said while crying her eyes out,but now it doesn’t affect me anymore. It’s been just a day that am with her, with all my heart and mind, and I started liking her but her one act makes everything go in vain.

“Wha…..what a…are y…you….do…doing?” She stammered.

“What did you think am doing?” I fired back.

“Am not ready for this Jared…. Please….. don’t do this to me, please!” She plead as I was hovering over.

“And am also not asking for your permission!” I said in my deadly tone and felt her shivered under me.

“Why are you doing this….. No……. Jared please…… please Jared no…….!” She cry while pleading. But her every words sounds like nothing to me and I gave dead ears, she wakes up the beast inside of me now she has to suffer it.

“STOP YOUR SO INNOCENT ACT TIANA. I wanted something from you and I want you to give me that.” I said I Stern voice.

“Wh…. What?” She asked.

“I want a baby with you!






“But I….. I don’t want Jared, please understand, I can’t take this responsibility right now please Jared.” She said.

“Hahaha!, And did you think I’ll give you the you the right to be with my child? Huh! Never!” I said with hate, and let out a bitter laugh.

“What did you mean Jared?” She asked and I loses my calm fullly.

I held her chain tightly and started k-ssing her, biting and chewing her neck just like a beasts. I tore her clothes from her body and starts torturing her. I didn’t not make love to her. But I f-cked her uncountable times until she fells unconscious. I know after doing this to her I can’t face myself but she has to pay for what she did to me. I won’t bare the pains alone, I have to also make her suffer with me.

After doing everything, I put duvet over her necked and unconscious body, and move out of the room locking it behind me. And slept in another room after showering, I was hell tired due to all what happened today and I instantly fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning and moved to my room where I left her the previous night. As I entered I saw an empty bed., Then then I heard a sound of loud crying and running water. I moved forward, towards the closet and my eyes gose towards the bed where I saw blood stain, and stand stunned.

That proves that she’s still a virg-n, and that’s why she cried out loud when I thrust into her. I hurriedly left the room. I was in guilt, the guilt which I WILL NEVER FORGET” am sure she will never forget also.

“Today is her birthday Jared! And you gave the best birthday gift of he life, that she never forget until she dies.” My heart says with sarcasm.

“But she cheated on you jared, what if she didn’t have s-x with any man out, but she’s still cheating behind your back, with that f-cking man.” My mind says.

“Don’t manipulate him, he did mistake, and hurts Tiana without even asking her what happened, he’s a beasts. A beasts whom no beauty will love ever.” My heart say.

“You idiot! Shut your f-cking mouth, because of you he did that, if you didn’t not give him the idea of being with Tiana after what he sees Stephanie doing,he might not bs been suffering from from another heart break” my mind shouts at my heart.

“It’s all your fault,he believes on the photos, which is more like a Photoshopping, and he didn’t have a little truth on Tiana, to confront her that’s why he forced himself on her.” My heart says.

And there my mind gose silent, did I ever trust her? Maybe no.

But I know what I did to her isn’t right. I indirectly raped her, but those pictures doesn’t look like Photoshops.

“Indirectly? Seriously Jared, you actually raped her.” My heart shouts, and I decided not to answer. And continue my thinking.

It’s not the pictures, for which I take, with the help of a specialist, after all is my reputation also. I opened an app where we find out if the photo is Photoshop or not. And Yes! As I checked it’s all original. And not Photoshop. Again my anger rose.I dressed up and was about leaving for my office.

I got downstairs but I was pulled roughly by my hands as a hit blow landed on my Jaws. Instantly I felt a burning sensation and a warm liquid rushed down my nose, before I could comprehend another blow landed on my cheeks.

“How dare you Jared?…. How dare you hurt Tiana!” I heard a fierce masculine familiar voice and again so many pinches were lunched on me sending me to the floor.


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