Sold To The Unknown

Sold to the unknown episode 27 – 28

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๐Ÿ’ฐ SOLD ๐Ÿ’ฐ TO

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I was happily laying in my bยฃd, pinging on my phone as always. And also happy that I made Tiana cry, can’t wait for her to bring me more money.

When I became tasty.

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I headed to the living room, so I could go to the kitchen.

It’s late at night, dad and mum has gone to bยฃd so the living room lights were switch off.

But the room was so iรฑtensed and cold, I could feel a cold aura and a pleasant scent of someone in the living room.

My body vibrated in fear as my hands Crawl towards the switch and switch on the light.

Instantly the light, was switched on, I was dumbstrucked and awe at the Same time my body $hยกveryed in fear.

It was the almighty JARED Dalton” the ruler of the business world, he is well Know and popular in the business line, he’s good at negotiating and has never lose when it comes to business deal.

I know Tiana is married to him now, but all my dreams I also wanted him to love me, and that’s why am doing all I could just to get Tiana out of the line, so I could fit in.

Even tho, he wasn’t smiling and was generating a cold aura, that cold sยฃnd someone to tremble at his feet, I couldn’t give him and his men of how frigile I’m” I thought, and turned my fear to chuckled.

“Jared! Welcome to our house! Are you here to replace me with that useless Tiana! Hahaha! I think she’s too incompetent to turn you on! Why don’t you try me?” I questioned drawing closer to him and was about cupping his cute face but was blocked by, his men before my hands could even reach him.

“Where is TIANA’S latter?” He asked not even sparing me a glance.

Hummm! How obsessed he is with Tiana!” I thought and I felt jealousy rising at the pit of my stomach.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! Ok?” I said as composed as I could be.

“Don’t taste my patience! Little whore! Spare yourself and your family now that am at my best!” He uttered coldly.

“Believe me Mr Jared! I don’t know what you’re talking about!” I said once again.

Instantly I felt a burning sยฃnsation in my cheeks, and I saw my body fly some meters away, I collide with the wall and vomited some blood.

I looked over and saw Jared! Moving towards me with his dark eyeballs, with a deadly expression.

“You should know me by now! Since am not a hiding figure here in London! Am a man of few words! But when you make me speak much, you pay for it. He uttered and halted like something struck his brain.

He raised his hands, and some of his man came forward ceasing me from the ground.

One flung me on his shoulder, and headed outside.

“Mummmmy! Daaaaaaaaddddy! Some men are taking me away!” I shout on my lungs, and just like that I was taking away.


It was past midnight, when I got home, that little witch,is acting tough. But she won’t act tough for so long.

I went straight into Tiana’s room, I met her sleeping peacefully with the duvet w-rapped around her.

Her long curly hair were covering her smooth face.

“Why can’t you tell me about your worries! Huh? Little kitten? Or don’t you trust me enough?” I asked feeling sad.

Tho I now know, her problems but I will act ignorance to see if she would still made up her mind for sign the doc-ments.

I creased her cheek, moving some hairs from her face. I placed her head softly on the pillow and placed her a good k-ss on the cheek.


Today TIANA’S first trimester complete, bow she’s three months pregnant, entering the fourth month, means second trimester. I don’t know but in this days of months, I stayed with her in a gray mansion in same room and slept in same bยฃd, like couple do, I take her out for her for her late night cravings, I handled her every mood swings, I forget everything in these days, or I say I want to start a new life with Tiana. With so much torture I was able to accept the latter from fedora. Tho I haven’t opening,I was thinking of giving it to Tiana once she deliver and became strong again.

But am really afraid, am afraid! What if she’s in love with Someone else and or why did she needs such amount of money.

That night I was able to hear about the latter and nothing more. At times I wish like opening the latter but I couldn’t bring myself to do that.

I wish Benny was already, so I could tell him most of my problems! But Tasia is really sick due to the attack of the dragon that almost claim her life. I wanted to confront her but knowing that would only ignite the fire. And secondly I don’t want her to leave me all alone, I don’t know this feeling, this feeling of jealousy, anger, possessiveness, protecting. This is not love because I never felt like this for Stephanie, everything is different,but with Tiana I feel all this kind and I know is not love,. Then what is it?

Right now I was thinking all these while watching Tiana sleeping peacefully like a baby, so innocent,so pure,her long black thick eyelashes shadowing her cheeks, her Rosey soft cheeks, plump red l-ips…… Pouted like she saw some dream and try to give her puppy face. I brush my f-nger on her cheek softly not wanting to wake her up.

“What did you do? And why? Are you in love with someone else? Then me! I know you didn’t sold yourself for money. What’s the important thing that will make you leave your babies Tiana? The baby you feel two seventy-four days inside you. How can you leave them ANA?” I asked silently knowing she wasn’t hearing me.

I softly k-ssed her forehead and give a quick peek,on her l-ips before it feels. And lay down on my side still watching her, and soon and fall asleep.

Next morning I woke up with a sound of puking, and sat with jerk, then ran towards the bathroom. Tiana was throwing up her guts. I moved behind her held her hairs in one hand and rubbยฃd her back with other.

“Jared!” She said when she was done.

“Yes, don’t worry let’s watch your face, and then you sleep Ok?” I said and she instantly get angry.

“You f-ckING JARED DALTON, because of you am suffering from all this, you’re ACTUALLY MORON, suit you better than Jared! I talk with mom and dad to rename your name!. You fvcking IDIOT…
“Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” She said and sยขr-amed in the last” which cause mom to rush to our room.





“What happened baby? Tiana are you okay darling? Why are you sยขr-aming? Oh my God! Are the babies okay? Is there any pains anywhere? Oh for goodness sake!! Please say something Baby.” Mom said and dad also Stand behind her with worried face.

“What happened Jared? First take her to bยฃd, how insยฃnsitive husband and soon going to be a father you’re?” Mom scold me.

I did as she said silently, while Tiana took a deep breath……. Deep breaths to calm her anger which I can sยฃnse easily. Menn! She turns into wild cat when she gets angry now a days.

“First drink this water baby! And tell me.” Mom said and make her drank water. Once she was calm she started complaining.

“Mom rename your son from JARED TO MORON, because of this fvcking creature of meat, am suffering from this morning sickness daily from last three months, you do this or I’ll kill him.” She said while glaring at me.

Dad and I try not to laugh by putting hands on our l-ips, and Mom she’s still in shock with what Tiana actually said. And then she started laughing, both me and dad join her while Tiana’s face turn red in anger.

“Laugh! Laugh, all you three want to laugh. I hate you three huh, here am telling you my problems, my pains and you are laughing like maniacs.” Tiana uttered loud enough for us.

“Ja……son, you don’t laugh, Actually am laughing on your new name, hahaha….. Why don’t I think this while naming you Jared, instead of moron!” Mom said laughing loudly and dad also joined her while I frown.

“Yes you are right love, I didn’t think about this name also, thank you Tiana baby!” Dad said still laughing his lungs out. Tiana also joined them and here I’m standing with pout.

“Dad at least be on my side, don’t forget that Mom also say you’re the same when she was pregnant with me. You told me she said…….. Before I said that dad hurriedly put his Palm in my mouth sushhhh me.

“What are you talking son? I am on your side, and those ladies on each other’s Side. Now let’s go love, let both of them bantering over the topic called MORON.” Dad said holding his laugh, while Mom and Tiana again started laughing again. But dad managed to take Mom out of the room, but there this little creature kept laughing like mad.

“You’re laughing alot huh? Ohhkk then let me show you.” I said and hovered over her, feeling her shuddered under me.

“What are you doing Jared? Get off me.” She said putting her palms on my chest.

“Let me give you a punishment of laughing at me.” I said and put my l-ips on hers. Testing them, I took her upper l-ip in between mine, while she takes my lower one and our l-ips moved and mould with each other like they are made for itself only. I gave her no chance for domination, and I pinch her soft tips of her round mounds. She gasped and I thr-ust my t0ngue inside her mouth testing every inch of her mouth, pushing her by biting, chewing and s-cking her l-ips. I p-our my pains my anger, confusion, jealousy, and maybe love on the k-ss, showing her my every side. After s-cking every ounce of her breath from her, joining our heads breathing heavily. Soon I moved towards her jaw to neck leaving wโ‚ฌt k-sses. I bit on her soft spots and she mo-ned in my name then I liking that biting marks for relieving pains.

And again worship her l-ips, this time around I sl-ipped my hands into her nighty, moving on every curves, and silky, soft skin. As my hands landed on her bosom, my phone started ringing and I tries to ignore it, still k-ssing her l-ips and kneading, pinching and creasing her mounds. But again that annoying ring buzzed and I take my hands out if Tiana and leave her taking her breath. Slowly I put my weight on my arms and move aside from Tiana.

As I picked my phone and saw the caller ID my mood got sour. It’s from Stephanie.

I moved out of the room.


Now” an three months pregnant.


Its been three months I’ve been staying with my in-laws, Jared told them the good news of my pregnancy some months ago, they both took me with them to the Dalton’s mansion, where am going to leave now until my delivery. Well! That day I decided what I want,and I choose my dad over my babies.

Now I am three months pregnant, Jared and I, some months ago went for my ultrasound, and that made our happiness double because we’re expecting twins, everyone in the Dalton’s mansion where happy, expect me, am happy becoming a mother of two little munchkin, but dad because I won’t be with them once after birth.

If you’re thinking about that contract. Yes! I signed it, and in exchange Jared transfer half of the money to me, tho I haven’t transferred it to fedora yet. Cos it’s not yet completed.

“Tiana! My child come and have your breakfast.” Said mom breaking my chains of thought

“No mother! I don’t want to eat,am still full, please.” I said with my best puppy face.

“No Tiana! Don’t give me that face, now you’re eating for three. So no argument on this and come NOW” she said with fake anger.

“Ok Mom!” I said in mock surrender and we both laughed. I love her a lot cos she’s kind and act like my real Mom.


Don’t think that there’s no more action! Tiana and Jared should have all these times for themselves, cos! Very soon!๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” I can’t tell tho!

I can see Stephanie’s name somewhere there! Hope all is well?”

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