Sold To The Unknown

Sold to the unknown episode 41 – 42




“What did you want from me?” I asked to both mother and daughter duo.

“I want you dead understand? You wh0re…I….W…A…N…T….Y…O….U….D..E..A.D..” Stephanie said emphasizing her
last words.

“Ok, I understand. Why did you want me dead, and mam why do you support your daughter, carrying out her ill intentions?” I asked the lady.

“She did what you deserve, you are just like your mother ‘A snatcher, first she snatched my love from me and now, you snatched my daughter’s love from her you little wh0re.” She shouts with hatered and stormed her feet into the cold floor.

“Leave my mother out of this, cause she’s done nothing to you.” Fired.

“I will tell you,but before that I want to enjoy your shout and painful sΒ’rΓ¦m.” She said and Stephanie slapped me.

“Ahh!’ I shouted at the sudden act.

“Am loving this daughter, h-rder I want to hear her sΒ’rΓ¦m more.” Said Stephanie’s mother with venom voice.

“Sure Mom! Well,I also love her sΒ’rΓ¦m,how dare she give birth to those bastard with my love.” She shouts with hatered and anger.

“Dare you Steph, dare you to say any words about my babies, I will chop your tongue.” I roared in anger.

“Oh so this bitch has a sharp tongue, listen let me tell you…… You piece of shit, my Jared will never accept you or your little bastards as his child, once I become his wife I will throw you out and that bastards of yours.” Steph said with hatered.

Before I replied she again slapped me, I tested iron on my tongue. Then she takes a fistful of my hairs and yanked my head backwards, Into the pole behind me, from which I was tide up.

“Look mom! She looks good in her own blood. Hah! You know what Tiana? You know what Tiana? No one will come to your rescue, because you have no one,and I will kill you slowly and slowly.” She said like phycho and started laughing like them also.

And again she slapt me. I feel my head heavy, maybe blood oozing from my back side, as I feel w-t and sticky.

Soon my vision got blurred but before that,I saw a tall figure, which is exactly like the killer “MY UNCLE. Followed by Fedora smirking wickedly.

*”***** JARED’S POVS β˜”

“Dave……Dave we have to go there right now, they would get Tiana killed.” I said to Davie worriedly with sweat on my forehead.

“Those bitches,why did they kidnapped her?” Dave roared in angered and confusion.

“This is not the time to think, first we have to go and rescue my princess.” Uncle Henry said and started coughing.

“Dad! Dad please Calm down. You’re still not fully recovered… please for me, for princess, for us. Please!” Request Dave.

“No! I wouldn’t, how can I? When my daughter is under the claws of those bitches.” Said uncle Henry confusing me.

“Uncle you know them?” I asked with frowned eyebrows.

“Yes, who don’t know Stephanie,as your formal girlfriend and a famous modeler. About her mother,I knew her her right from collage, and I know her intentions are not good.” He said as his eyes got teary.

“Uncle, first we need to get Tiana out from there.” I said while Dave and uncle nodded their heads in agreement.

Soon a shout came from the monitor, and I heard what that bitch,do and said to Tiana and my babies.

“I am going to kill both of them,I shouted in rage. But before I do anything Stephanie huts TIANA’S head on a pole behind her. We couldn’t see Tiana’s face because the camera was in front of her,but I could feel her pain. After that two more figures added. Which I don’t know who there were.

“Uncle, David,did you guys know them?” I asked and showed them, the lady and man that just got in. Uncle who was crying, and David who was yelling on the phone to get the security and ambulance ready, suddenly looked at the monitor and David throw the Paperwhite directly on the monitor which is placed on the table.


“I will kill him if he touches Tiana.” Iyelled in anger and ordered the cops to go there before us.

“Let’s go low, there’s no way am letting them come out alive from that cottage, Tiana has suffered so much because of them, they’re all going to die ” I shout in rage and moved towards my car, along with Dave and uncle.


My cousin-sister how are you doing today huh?” Fedora asked.

“Dare you to call me your cousin.” I said faintly.

“One thing I love about you is your stubbornness. You know what? Am gonna kill you and when am done, I will get rid of those bastards of yours.” So that you would die together with you stupid mother.” Fedora uttered stepping closer to me.

“Go on! Dora, do what I asked of you!” Stephanie ordered, while fedora stopped at her tracks, bringing out a dagger.

“Am sorry cousin sister,but I have to do this,I love some billion dollars more than I love you!” She uttered k-ssing the Sharp dagger as she walked closer to me.

“I am going to use this dagger to open your, stretches once more,how about that?” She’s said sniarking.

“No Fedora! Please! You can’t do this,I promise to give you whatever money you want, Just don’t do it please!” I cried.

“Am sorry Tiana,my mind is hella made up, you mean nothing to me .” She uttered rasing the dagger above her head as she targeted my tummy.







“Please fedora! Don’t do this!” I said gritting my teeth, but I saw fedora’s hands coming closer to me and she stab my stretches.

But before the dagger could pierced and reached my skin.


The roof top was broken with a loud thud. Someone came falling to the ground. No I mean, someone wearing black with black hoodie covering most of his face like a Chinese fighter 🀺 came and landed on the floor softly before we could have a proper view of the person, Fedora was already laying on the ground with blood gushing out of her mouth.

No one knows how it happened,or what really happened.

The man in Black disappeared and appeared in Steph’s back, holding a dagger at her neckline.

“Dad! Look!” He’s going to kill me!” Hurry up and save me.” Stephanie cried.

“Oh so this tall figure that was standing mutteles all along exceeding a dangerous arue was Stephen’s father huh?” I thought and glanced at fedora who was laying unconscious.

I saw fear pain,in Stephanie’s parents eyes,as she was being held captive.

“Who are you, why are you holding my daughter captive?” Stephanie’s dad asked in a husky voice.

But the so called unknown person didn’t respond, rather he pushed the sword he was holding more into Steph’s necklines. Giving her a faint line.

“Your daughter owes me an explanation.” He said nonchalantly. Instantly Stephanie wΒ‘dened her eyes and swallowed the lump on her throat.

“Ex…Pl…an…a…ti…on, how? An…and when?” Stephanie who was shivering like a cooked vegetable starmmered.

“Haha! Don’t tell me you have forgotten so soon.” The man uttered with a cold yet but a dangerous voice, the could killed at anytime.

“Where is TRINA? Stephanie?” He asked. This time I looked into his eyes since his eyes are the only part of his body that was somehow visible. He looked so familiar, those eyes, even in my deepest slumber I could still fathom those blue eyes ball,but this time around,it was so red and bloodshot, seeking to kill at any time. No,it can’t Benny right?” I asked myself more of consolation.

“Wh…at? TR…IN…A? Please I don’t know what you are talking about,I don’t know who is Trina” Stephanie wobble as she cried bitterly.

“Don’t play some dirty games with me,cos am not in for it, for the last time I will ask again….” He was about saying when Stephanie’s mother cut in.

“Hey you man or woman, anyone you’re,let go my daughter and leave here instantly, and we would pretend non of this happen, but if you tarry to leave, then I would have our securities gaurds chop off your head and feed it to the owl, now hurry up and leave.

“You’re just like your daughter, woman,some bunch of Ingrid and self-centered human being. No doubt your daughter, took after your led, am not here for you anyways,am here for your daughter.” He mocked.

“Stephanie where is TRINA?” He asked once more.

“Mennnn! I wonder what’s still keeping that idiot Jared from coming to my rescue,now that this man is still holding Stephanie hostage.” I thought.

“I don’t have any idea, please you are mistaken.” She cried but it seems as if,the your guy has reached his limit,he dug the sharp blade less sword into Steph’s necklines and blood oozed out, instantly Steph let out a painful cry.

“Please don’t hurt me any further,I will tell you all I know about Trina.” She echoed.

“Good girl, now start talking cos am running out of time.” He uttered.

“Hmmm! TRINA Diego,I sent her far away to Africa,and asked her not to step her feet here in London,if she wants her daughter to be alive.” She uttered crying bitterly. While we all stared at her in shock and awe.

“Why is that? From the whole place,why most it be Africa?” He asked. And this time around I could feel hint of sadness in his tone.

“Cos Trina was becoming, so famous more than me,six years ago,in the fashion modeler World. She was becoming my rival at that time I looked for every means to take her out of the way, so I could be the only one people Adore, I later found out she was pregnant for some unknown person,I watched her closely,and when she gave birth,I abduct her baby from the hospital and threatened her to leave London for Africa and never return back or else I will kill her baby.

“She agreed in tears, I was supposed to give her back her baby The same day she was supposed to travel to Africa but I failed her. As I wanted to sell out her baby to have more money. I made some men dragged her into the airplane and watched her live London in tears.” STEPHANIE narrated and we all gasped in shock expect the unknown person.

“That was so kind of you,my dear Stephanie, so what happened to the baby after that?” The unknown person asked.

“I SOLD πŸ’° HER TO SOME UNKNOWN πŸ’Ž MEN.” Stephanie uttered.

“Can you recall them?” The man asked.

“Yes somewhere in country A, there’s a hidden witch kingdom called the Dark forest,I sold her to princess of the kingdom.” She uttered crying.

“Oh I see? So why did you kidnapped Tiana?” The unknown said and Stephanie looked up to me. She wanted saying something but she held herself back.

“Were you thinking, TIANA IS TRINA?” He asked rendering Stephanie speechless.

“Yes…yesss! That’s why I hated her, from the first day I saw her at Jared’s house,I mean she looks same as Trina,I thought she was the one but I later got to know she’s not Trina.” Stephanie uttered and I was confused.

“I see! But today is the day you will get to have a taste of your medicine,I will so deal with you and send you to Africa,so you could know how it feels.” He said bringing out a small dagger.


Stephanie has been wicked right from ages, lolz 😏.

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