Sold To The Unknown

Sold to the unknown episode 43 – 44

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“But who are you? And please don’t sΒ£nd me to Africa, let go of my neck already it’s hurting!” Stephanie cried.

“Enough young man. Since you have heard what you wanted to hear, just vanished from here,as you can see we were doing something important.” Steph’s father uttered.

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“Not so fast, Stephanie need to pay for all her evil doings.” The unknown person uttered.

“What did you mean by that? I have been so lenient with you all along, don’t think I can’t harm you,I got my security men’s surrounding the wh0lΒ£ place,so you can’t escape if you disobey.” Steph’s father uttered, making the young man to Chuckled.

“Don’t it still ring bell to you,how I came in here without being noticed? Will am not stopping you,do as you please,but Steph isn’t going to be pardon.” He uttered and kicked Stephanie in her stomach, making blood to splash out of her mouth.

“Young guy,let go of my daughter right now.” Steph’s mom cried.

“Since you want it the h-rd way, then am sorry.” Steph’s father uttered and clapped his hands instantly troop of burly and well equipped security men’s, matched in.

“Deal with this young man,and also keep an eye on this bitch.” Steph’s father ordered and pointed towards me.

I was $hΒ‘verying in fright, even tho this young man,is generating a powerful aura, I doubts if he would be able to combat with those burly security. I was beginning to panic wishing Jared or Dave is here already.

I looked over to the young man,he was looking as composed as ever, without a hint of fear in him.

“I would advice you take those, lazy gaurds of yours out,if you don’t want them to die in their numbers.” He uttered nonchalantly.

“You idiot! What are you guys staring at, can’t you see he’s proving stubborn? Attack him and deal with him, break all his limbs and arms,and make him kneel down and kowtowed to me.” Steph’s father said frustratingly and the burly gaurds rushed up to him in their numbers.


Before they reached him, so many securities started dropping dead and instantly,a little figure clad in a white Chinese fighting costume landed softly like a feather from the roof top. With so many tiny daggers in her hands. She reached for her sword while, releasing the daggers like an arrow,so many securities dropping dead.

“Who could she be?” I could see everyone looking towards the directions where the tiny daggers were coming from.

“Anastasia?” I called with a little doubt,but she turned slowly winking happily at me, just like a flash I saw Tasia at the roof top the next seconds throwing more daggers at the securities. I looked over to where the unknown guy was standing holding Stephanie’s neck a while ago but it’s seems he has vanished alongside with Stephanie. Leaving Tasia alone fighting the heated battle.

“Aunt Tiana, stand up and go over to the back door by your left,we need to go.” I heard a voice in my head and it’s sounds like Tasia’s voice.” I looked up to her and she nodded at me. The securities has reduced drastically, they were all aiming their gun at Tasia who was hanging on the roof top.

“But am tied to a pole.” I said thinking Tasia could hear me, but to my awe she replied me.

“I have already untied you, since they all got their attention on me, just escape now.” She speaks in my head.

“How about you, and where is Benny?” I asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry about me, before you reach the exit,I will be waiting for you.” She uttered still in my head making me to wonder who she truly is.

Well this isn’t time to think much,I also wanted to live once more. I wanted to still see my little ones.” With that I stood up and headed towards the back door just like Tasia directed,I looked backwards once more and saw How focus the securities were, fighting the little girl who kept disappearing and appearing throwing more daggers at them.

I took to my heels and ran towards the back door, she’s escaping.” One of them shouted.

And some of them started running towards my direction. But I don’t have to be frigile,I ran with all my strength and got to the door. I heard a sound of a loud bang from the cottage. And I heard a familiar voices. I wanted going back but I kept running my ass out of the cottage.


We hurriedly got to the cottage to Meet so men men dead while they were still fighting a little figure, without thinking twice I knew it was Anastasia. Cos of her costume.

I also saw everything that happened, with Stephanie, we delayed because we went to get some guns. Immediately we got in all the attention diverted to us .

“Ready? Dave uttered and I nodded.

Thanks to Tasia,the security were just remaining few.

I and Dave started combating with the remaining securities, with Dave watching my back, while I did same to him.

In no time,we were able to bring the security down,and instantly Dave ran to his uncle who was about escaping with his wife, while some police men came in together with uncle Henry.

“You can’t escape today uncle Albert Weston.” Dave yelled while pulling his uncle to the cottage.

“You got to tell us why,you done all those things.” Dave said once more.

“Please bring Tiana,in here,I want her to know the truth, she’s the reason for each and every mishapping.” {Dave and TIANA’S Uncle shouts}

And instantly,some police men went towards the back door after some minutes they arrived with two ladies. Tiana and Tasia,who was looking like She wasn’t the one that fought just a while ago. Her clothes has been changed to a different dress.

“Un…cle?” Tiana uttered while shuttering.

“Don’t call me that you bitch am not your uncle.” He shout with rage, despite being held by the police.

I looked at Tiana, and she looked at me but hastily looked away.

“I hate your existence, I hate you and your brother,I even hate your father which my brother.” He uttered and cast uncle Henry a disdainful stare.





SO many things happened several weeks ago.

My uncle, Mr Albert, Nothelra, is in jail, while Stephanie and Benny are no where to be found since that day Benny disappeared with.

“Yes! I got to know that the unknown person that came to my rescue was Benny, through Anastasia and I have been longing to see him and appreciate him.

Fedora is still at the hospital, still unconscious since that day.

Now am sitting in my room, feeding my babies…..ahhh! There’s no happy feeling like a mother holding and br-astfeeding her baby in her motherly arms.

Recently I moved to my brother’s house, where dad, brother Dave, me and my babies, including little Tasia are staying for now.

Now you’re thinking, Why am in my parents house and with Jared? Now let me tell you.

As for Anastasia, Benny asked us not to let anyone take her away from our side until he comes back so I got to take her alongside with me.

And FEDORA’S mother {my fake mumma, came to Meet, yes you heard me right, I started calling her aunt, and mumma, depending on my mood, to ask for an apology to forgive her all she’s done to me}

The reason am in my parents house.

Flashback back:~

We all reached the hospital, in just ten minutes, because of Dave’s racer driving skills, then Jared help Tiana dowΓ± from the car.

“Should, I Carry you, so you could walk faster, huh? My little kitten?” Jared uttered shamelessly.

“No I can walk on my own, beside am not hurt that much,for me not to Walk by myself, why can’t you and Dave see that?” I uttered stepping out of the car.

“Ok fine, let’s go then, look you look miserable, because of what that bitch did to you.” Dave yelled in rage.

” But am fine.” I uttered as another car pulled up, and my in-laws together with my dad came out of it.

Instantly,the doctor came towards us, and lead me to the operating room.

“You guys should Calm down,am not that hurt,as you’re all making it seems,is just some minor cuts.” I said to my love ones who were all looking worried.

They only smiled faintly at me.

“Be fine Tiana, we are all waiting for you, including your babies, mother in-law uttered.” And I nodded at her as I followed the doctor in.

The doctor Cleaned my cut, and started treating it. I hissed in pain.

“Sorry Miss,you would feel alright soon.” He assured and I nodded.

But you would need some bΒ£d rest after I finish attending to your cuts.

“Humm? Why bΒ£d rest? I need to be with my family, as you can see am fine now, beside you have already treated my wounds.” I objected but she shook his head negatively.

“Your family wants the best for you, and as a doctor I also want you back to your normal energetic State.” He said and instantly injected me a needle which I instantly felt dizzy and fall asleep.

Third person narrative POVS}

Immediately Tiana was transferred to a VIP ward, the doctor went over to the reception office, where TIANA’S family where all waiting patiently and nervously for the doctor over an hour now.

Immediately they sighted the doctor,they all sprang up to their butts bombarding him with questions concerning Tiana.

“Doctor how is Tiana? Can we see her now?” JARED asked.

“Hmmm! Doctor how is my daughter in-law, Hope she’s sound?” Mrs Dalton’s asked also.

“Doctor? How is my princess? Are the cut that too deep?” Mr Weston question.

“Enough! All of you,let the doctor speak already.” Mr Dalton uttered and everyone kept their cool, waiting for the doctor to say something.

“Well, Mr Dalton and Mr Weston,I wanted to tell you guys that,your wife and your sister is lucky have guys as her family.” Doctor said with small smile on his l-ips while pointing towards Jared.

“Week, she’s all good out of any danger, it’s just a little wound behind her head,and due to weakness and h-rd slap….uh, I can say slap because there’s a mark on her cheeks. Also I injected her some energy boaster. She also regained her consciousness in two to three hours, after she regain her consciousness,we would keep her in our observation, through out today and once all her report comes out normal you can take her home. You can all visit her now.” He said and left.they all walked to the VIP ward and waited for about three hours later,she woke up and after that, she stayed in the hospital for the wh0lΒ£ day.

JARED is all ready to take her home with him, to his children. But Dave and Henry have other plans In which Jared’s parents also got involved.

“Let’s go home Tiana.” Said Jared with a h-uge smile on his l-ips and forward his hands to take TIANA’S hands.

“She’s not going anywhere with you Jared.” BOOM! The voice of David said from behind.

“What? Why?” Jared asked little irritated.

“Because I said so.” Dave replied with arrogance.

“What’s your problem dude? She’s my wife and mother of my babies, she’s going with me and that’s final.” He said with equal and arrogance.

“Tch…… Mr Dalton’s, you already made her sign the contract and divorce papers, you never trust her,you hate her, you beat her, you forced her also,you abused her. So she’s not going anywhere with you,and that’s f-cking final. I don’t want anyone to tell me what’s good for my sister.” Dave said with cold voice.

“But……” Before Jared complete his statement, someone interrupt him.

“Dave is right Jared. I never thought my son is doing such thing with his own wife….. Wife? With any woman to be specific. You really disappointed me Jared, very much.” Mrs Dalton’s said with disappointment for Jared.

“Mum? But……” Again before he said anything,his father started talking.

“Also babies are going with their mother. It’s your punishment Jared. For making her sign those papers,for hurting her to the core, for abusing her with your physical capability.” Mr Dalton’s said.

“Dad I know I am wrong, And I regret it, but what did I do to make my wrong right right. If you guys sΒ£nd Tiana away from me how do i gain her trust and love back?” Jared question in disbelief and fear.

“You have to prove yourself Jared, I don’t want my daughter to be hurt again,for loving you or trusting you. So first you have to prove yourself right for my daughter then gain her trust and love back. After that,we would think of giving her back to you or not.” This is the first time uncle Henry said something in the discussion, with Stern voice.

“If all of you want that……then I’ll do anything and everything to bring my wife back and babies back in my life. And for your information,I never submitted the divorce papers in Court neither did I finalized the contract, it was all just in paper without any legal stamp. So it’s just a paper and nothing more, but for tiana I can do anything to prove my love for her.” He said with determination and smiled.

“Well, we will see to that Jared. For now we have to take Tiana home, with my nephews. Also as your punishment you’re not allowed to meet any of the four, before one week.” Said Dave a smirk and took Tiana with him,and Mrs Dalton’s gave the stroller to Henry, who took it with lot of joy and happiness missed with adoration.

While Jared was still standing at the same place with sad face and frowned eyebrows. Giving his puppy dog face to Tiana, who was just staring sadly at him while looking back occasionally, to see Jared, with Tasia Palm in her hand.

“Don’t go Ana.” He whispered with sad eyes and face. His eyes filled with unshed tears. Mr and Mrs Dalton’s looked at their son and moved from his side heading towards Henry and Dave together with Tiana. While Jared was just standing alone staring sadly at all of them,since he wasn’t allowed to go with them.

And for the next one week, Jared wasn’t permitted to visit Tiana and the babies. That one week was torture for Jared. He thinks all the time thinking of a way to get his family back and to earn Henry and Dave trust.

Flashback ended:~

So his punishment for not seeing us for almost one week ended yesterday and from last week, I was thinking how he would meet us and earn my family’s trust back.

Since morning I’ve been waiting for him, but he’s not here up till now. I was feeling sad, maybe he doesn’t want me anymore.
Phewwwww… Am thinking nonsΒ£nse don’t I?

“Princess……. princess….. Tiana?” I heard someone called my name.

“Uhh…hhh.” I looked confused towards the directions where the voice came from.

“Tiana what happened? Where have you been since the last ten minutes? I’ve been calling you like a continuous alarm.” Said Dave bro with frowned eyebrows and concerned filled eyes.

“Nothing bro, I was just tired and feel lost, in all the past happenings.” I said half lied and half truth.

(Deep sigh) princess” he said and moved where I sat holding my hand in between his.

“I know you…. You suffer the most first because dad abandoned you, second because Jared misbehaving,and third that kidnapping and the trauma giving by those bastard…. It somehow broke you baby girl….. I just pinched Jared, that way because of what he did to you,he needs to prove his love for you first,so that he could learn it the h-rd way. Just be patient for sometime and everything would be alright.” He said and squ-eese my palms a little while he k-ssed me on my forehead.

“Ohhh yeah! I totally forget, I came to tell you that your good for nothing husband wanted seeing you,but dad Said he don’t trust nor believe him yet,so he sΒ£nt him away.” he said and laughed like a madman on Jared’s condition.

“Man! His face worth watching.” He said and started laughing like a phycho, while I scoffed in irritaton.

“Where are the twins?” He asked looking over to their bΒ£d.

“Anastasia is out with them, she’s so obsessed with the twins.” I said smiling.

“Oh, it’s seems that hooligan girl, won’t let the boys be huh?” Dave uttered.


Do sad☹️ how many of you are feeling sorry for Jared just like me?

I know most of you don’t like him,but he’s trying na😭

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