Sold To The Unknown

Sold to the unknown episode 50

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“What did you just say?” I asked nervously, to be sure. Actually I haven’t been this nervous for a long time now.

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“Sir, I came across a lady that looks so much like the woman we have been searching for, not only that she has a child with her that look just like princess Anastasia the third.” He uttered and I glanced speechlessly at him but I instantly wave it off.

“You are such an idiot, you saw someone that looks like Trina and you couldn’t bring her here.” I uttered standing up from the couch.

“….I wan….” He wanted to say but I cut him off.

“Stop being a nuisance and hurry up and take me to the place where you saw her.” I uttered heading towards the back door, while he bowed his head to me before he hurry up after me.

He led the way, to a tiny street and went into some local kiosk. I followed him with my powerful aura. With expectations and hope to see who he was talking about.

Instantly, the lady that I have been dreaming of all these six years step out of the kiosk with a boy of about six years.

I stood transfixed and heartbroken at a place. But I instantly put myself together.

“Hurry up Athanasius.” She uttered sweetly to the little boy that look just like a guy version of my little Tasia.

“This is the lady I told you about,my prince.” my gaurd uttered and instantly the lady looked up at me. Instantly she became shocked and transfixed just like myself.

“ Be..nn.y!!” she stammered and took to her heels, living the little boy behind.

Well, what did you guys expect,I ran after her of course. I can’t lose her one more time.

“Take care of the little guy.” I ordered my gaurd.


After several hours of driving. The car came to a halt and Jared hurriedly opened the car door for me. Actually Jared blindfolded me, some minutes ago, saying he wanted to surprise me.

“We are here love.” He whispered in my ears and opened my blindfold, just to get a shock.

The view in front of me was so beautiful, am standing in front of the “EYE OF LONDON” the wheel is looking so beautiful with those colourful fairy lights, there was no one around just me and….. I turned to look at Jared but he’s no where to found.

I used my eyes to search all over the place for him. When I heard the sound of a fireworks, instantly my eyes heated up with tears with what I saw.

“CONGRATULATIONS LOVE” Was boldly writting on the sky with fire crackers. The fireworks took place Approximately ten minutes, I was looking at it with amusing eyes.

Once the fireworks died down, I felt a pair of strong arms hugging me from behind.

“Do you like it,?” He whispered.

“Yes!” I uttered putting my hands on his.

“Congratulations Love! You did well in your first exhibition. I wish for more to come” He said while I turned to face him,still holding his hand.

“Thank you Jared!” I said directly looking into his eyes.

“Ready for your next surprise?” He questioned me.

“There is more?” I asked back in surprise.

“Many more. Now are you ready?” He replied.

“Yes!” I said with a h-uge smile.

Then he took my hand in his and walked towards the giant wheel, the cabinet in front of us is decorated beautifully with balloon both inside and outside. We walked inside the wheel and it started moving slowly, I was enjoying the view, the wh0l£ London nights in front of me, I can see that under me. I turned to face Jared and hugged him.

“Thank you Jared, thank you so much.” I uttered.

“Am glad you like it love. You gave me two hours we have fifty five minutes left.

“But we are still on top of this giant wheel. Why don’t we take some selfie?” I asked and Broke the hug, and pulled him closer to me and took a selfie of us.

Soon we reached the ground.

“What next?” I asked in excitement.

“Now for the next fifty five minutes….” Before he finished I interrupted him.

“Well, Mr DALTON if you remember you wasted your one hour and some minutes to drive here, don’t we?” I asked folding my hands in front of my chest.

“Well, Miss Weston, driving all the way here and going back isn’t the same, so please, only fifty five minutes left.” He uttered and I shake my head and smiled in disbelief.

Then he takes me to a river nearby where a yatch was pres£nt, decorated as same as the giant wheel, with fairy lights and balloons. I was looking at it in amusement

We reached inside the yatch and it started moving. There was a table for two decorated with table cloths, roses and in the middle was a candle. Giving a beautiful view of a candle light dinner vibe.

We sat down and soon all my favorite food started pres£nting in front of me. Jared served me and we both eat in silence. But somehow I like the silent, it’s so relaxing and enjoying. After dinner we had ice cream and dessert.

“Now we need to go out last love, for your last surprise.” He said immediately we finished having our dinner, I nodded and stood up with him and he forwarded his hand to take mine. I took his hands and again,we moved out. He made me stand at the end of the yatch holding the railing and he stood behind my back hugging me.

“Five, four, three, two, one.” He whispered in my ears and instantly the wh0l£ sky was covered with light.

The wh0l£ sky was covered fully with lanterns light to be exact….. The sight was looking so, so beautiful just….. just like.

“The scene in tangled?” came Jared voice.

I turned and looked at him in disbelief.

“No, it looks like one of my wishes I wrote down in my dairy. That I wanted to go on a giant wheel, with my special one. Then after that I wanted to see the lanterns in the sky in between the rivers just like tangled.” I said when something strike my mind.

“How… How did you know this Jared?” I questioned him.

“I will tell you later, well! Am glad that I’m your special one.” He said with a smirk and I blushed h-rd on his reply.

“Ok for now, don’t you want to blew the lanterns in the sky?” He asked me back while I nodded my head in excitement.

Then he handed me a beautiful lantern and lit it up, and gave me to bl-w it upwards.

“Come with me Jared, I don’t want to do it alone. I don’t want to bl-w it alone. Let’s do it together.” I said.

“Sure love.” He said with a smile and hold it with me from the other side and we both bl-w it upwards towards the sky.

Then I looked at the wh0l£ sky which is still covered with lanterns lights. I brought out my phone and took a selfie of us, and the view of the sky came as our background.

“Its time to go home love. My time is up.” Jared said.

“I moved closer to him and k-ssed him on his cheek, and whispered ‘thank you’, and he k-ssed my forehead.

“Anything for you love. I want you and my triplets back in my life.” He said and I smiled and nodded my head.

Then we moved to his car, and started our journey back home. But I felt tired and didn’t know when I sl-ipped into a peaceful sleep.

After sometime I feel light, like I was flying, feeling warm. Moved closer to that warmness. Then I felt something fluffy and soft behind my back, feeling relaxed I drift into deep sleep, but still holding that warmness closed to me.

Next day….

I opened my eyes with the direct sun rays and saw that I was in the hospital b£droom, where I do spend the night each time I visit baby girl. Alone because babies are still with dad and brother. There’s a note on a night stand.

“Thanks you for the beautiful date night with you. There’s more dates waiting for you. All you have to do is say *yes*

Please stay with Tasia for some hours until I Come back to watch over her. JARED.

I smile like a fool on remembering them.

“He is really trying just for one more chance.’ My heart Said.

“Trying my foot, don’t forget that before he doesn’t give you the chance to explain yourself. Tiana don’t forget that, my concious says.

“Because that time, both of them didn’t trust each other to express their problem or issues.” Heart said.

“So what? That doesn’t give him any right to force himself on her. So shut your non s£nse talk and let her think wisely with her mind. Concious says and this time mind went heart silent.

I’ll give him a chance but not that too soon.” I said to myself and went into the VIP ward.

I saw Tasia from a distance, with her eyes closed, with so many life supporting machine fixed on her. An oxygen bagwas connected to her nose. She looks so white and pale. I went and sat beside her. With tears almost falling down from my eyes.

“Hey baby gi….” I wanted saying when I saw her hands moved towards the edge of the b£d. I followed the movement of her hands and I saw her hands resting on her sword.

“Lol, baby girl,am not a bad person okay, am your favourite aunt Tiana. I came to check up on you, how are you feeling today?” I said, and she instantly release her hands from the sword, still with her eyes t¡ghtly closed.

“She only smiled at me, but soon fell into deep slumber as always.

“I took her little hands, folding it softly.

“my baby, have you forgotten all your dreams of becoming like, queen Elizabeth? Have you forgotten the great woman you always dreamt of becoming? Please Tasia hold on a little for Benny, am sure he’s looking for every possible means to ensure your safety.” I said and started crying, remembering how my strong girl, told me she wanted to grow up and become exactly like queen Elizabeth, and also fight like wonder woman.” it’s so painful to see my brave girl laying at the mercy of death. I wish I could do something, I wish I have two heart,I could have given her one without hesitation.” I thought and more tears ozzed from my eyes.

“Dont cry aunt Tiana, even if I die today, I would be happy, is better than living a boring life anyways.” I heard her tiny voice in my head.

She’s at it again, always speaking on my head, who’s she, that could always speak on my head?” I asked and looked at her but she was laying mutteles on the b£d.

“Go now, aunt Tiana, go away, someone is coming to harm you, please hurry away, since most of the gaurds are out for refreshments.” She echoed in my head once more and I became confused. What’s she saying?.

“please go away,to ensure your safety.” She uttered in my head once more.

“No Tasia, I can’t live you, Jared asked me to stay with you until he returns,am sure some gaurds must be outside the VIP ward.” I said.

But this time around,I didn’t hear any voice again in my head.

I sat with her for almost five minutes, when the door opened revealing, fedora who was smiling like a phycho.

“Haha! Look who we have here, my naive little step cousin. Don’t you think you are supposed to die right now? For all the pains you have caused me?” She uttered still laughing and moving closer to me.

“I can see you have become crazy, who even let a mad woman like you into the hospital to disturb the peace of the hospital? You’re supposed to be locked up in psychiatric ward by now, look how unkept and rough you look.” I uttered making her to burst into laughter, wonder what is funny.

“You know what! If am going down, then it must be the both of us. We shall die together, if I don’t kill you then I would have no peace, you don’t deserve to be happy,you deserve to die and decay with your stupid mother.” She uttered bringing out a dagger.

“How dare you speak about me that way, I can see you won’t change. You would forever be the shameless Fedora you always are.” I said and she moved like a flash towards me, pulling me down from the b£d.

“Its because of this pretty face of yours that,you have been able to gain favour from all those sponsor of yours, and that’s the reason why Jared is still with you, but by the time I designed it for you, I bet you. No one would look twice at you. And that your so called marriage, would all go down the drain by the time I give you a permanent scar that no amount of surgery could help you out.” she uttered and I was a bit scared as she brought a dagger towards me, not just a dagger but an electrical dagger, the if used on anyone the scar would always remain.

“Dare you Fedora.” I said between gritted teeth.

“ uh-huh!! She’s actually daring me huh?” she uttered and pressed a little green button on the dagger, bringing it closer to my face, while her other hand was holding me t¡ght to the floor.

I started dragging with her, but my strength was so way matched with hers, she brought the dagger closed to my cheek and pierced it into my meek cheek.

“But I saw her fell to the ground, before the dagger could reach deep into my cheek.

“What just happened?” I asked my self as I saw fedora laying down and bleeding from her nose and mouth, and I instantly saw Tasia with her sword in her hands which blood was dripping down from.

Her oxygen was still connected to her nose,but most of the machine was disconnected.

“Am sorry, aunt Tiana, but I can’t watch you suffer.” She said and fall to the ground and instantly stopped breathing.

“Doctor!!!!!! I yelled and rushed up to her, shaking her vigorously. But she wasn’t moving anymore

“Why…. Why did you do that Tasia?” I asked crying so h-rd as I held her lifeless body close to my heart.


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