Sold To The Unknown

Sold to the unknown episode 52

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It’s almost two months, I last saw my baby girl, tho I asked Jared to handle all her matters including her heart surgery.

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Right now, I and my men are still in Africa.

Trina don’t want to see me, she kept yelling at me and cursing me.

I don’t blame her anyways, it’s all my f-cking fault.

I can’t leave her here alone in Africa, if she didn’t accept to come with me,then I will remain here in Africa with her. I know Tiana would take good care of my baby girl.

I know my parents are furious and angry at me right now, for neglecting the throne as the crown prince, but I don’t f-cking care. Cos I can’t make the same mistake I made seven years ago.




Two young teenagers were seen in one of the lonely street of London, there were both hanging a Cross bag holding some books in their hands. It’s obvious they were both returning from lectures.

It was evening and the cloud was upset,it would rain at any time.

“Rina, hasten up, let’s at least go home before the rain meets us.” a young teenage boy said to the cute girl by his side.

“Am working fast Jared, it’s obvious you are the one delaying us, that’s why I want to become a modeler and you know what? By the time I becomes famous I will get a car, atleast we wouldn’t have to be trekking home after school.” The cute little lady sàid and giggled excitedly, Making Jared to Chuckled also.

“You talk to much Rina, I only uttered some few words, but your answers were more than what I said.” Jared uttered.

“Well, that’s because I love talking, you’re supposed to know me too well by now, am a talkative, I hate boredom.” She uttered walking ahead of Jared.

“Hey! Wait up, why walking that fast huh?” Jared uttered frustratedly ruining to meet up with her.

“Jared, please wait here for me.” She uttered.

“And why is that?” Jared asked her.

“Cos I wanna pee, and you aren’t my boyfriend so you can’t follow me to the bush.” Rina uttered moving into the bush beside the roadside.

“Fine, am waiting here,for you but please be snappy and once you come across any monster, don’t hesitate to s¢r-am my name, no matter what happens Rina, I would be right there for you.” Jared said with his cute serious face, making Rina to chuckled.

“Haha! Jared, spare me those sermon am only going to pee and not going on a death mission.” Rina joked.

“I know,now hurry up I could now feel some rain drops on me, so snappy let’s hurry home.” young Jared said to Rina who hurried into the bush,not forgetting to leave her bag with her favorite friend Jared.

“Where should I pee? 🎼 Where should I peeeee🎵 where should I peeeeee🎵 This way🎵or that waaaaaay🎵 The little pretty girl sang loudly and kept pacing back and forth on the bush, neglecting the drizzle of the rain.

“Yeeeeh! Am gonna pee down here!” She uttered excitedly running a little more into the bush.

“Yeah! Am gonna relieve myself of the burning urine, after several hours!”she uttered squatting down beside a tree and wanted shifting down her skirt and p-nts when something caught her eyes. Tho it was getting dark but Since she was still too young, she could see vividly.

She abruptly stood up, forgotten all about the burning urine. Putting back her skirt and p-nts.

She stood and stared in shock at what she was seeing.

There besides a tree was laying a young man,more handsome and s-xy than her Jared.

The unknown guy was covered with some blood stain and some Minor cuts in his cute face. Despite the fact that he was unconscious,he still had some strange aura that was confusing to Rina.

“Even in his sleep,he still looked breathtaking and powerful.” Rina uttererd moving closer to the unconscious guy.

Every girl of her age, would be scare away, by the scene but she boldly walked up and squat beside the guy.

“Poor soul, don’t worry I would bring you back home.” Rina said to the unconscious guy trying to sit him down,but her girlish strength wasn’t helping.

“What should I do? What should I do?” she thought h-rd hitting her head.

“Yes, Jared! I will go call him to help me!” She thought happily.

“Stay here, prince charming! Let me go call me friend to come help me bring you home.” She uttered to the sleeping guy as tho he was hearing her. With that she ran towards the Same way she came.


Young Jared,was tired of waiting for Rina. The rain was becoming heavy, they need to get out of here ASAP. With that he dashed into the bush. Searching all over for Rina.

“Rina! Rina!!! Are you there?” He called but no response came.

He called heading deep into the bush, when he saw her running from God knows where, p-nting heavily.

“Thank goodness,I have found you Rina, we need to go, the rain drops are becoming heavy.” He uttered pulling her by her wrist.

“I know Jared, but you got to help me do something.” She uttered making Jared to swallow nervously.

“I would do anything you ask me, but not in these Forest, let’s just go from here, it’s kinda dangerous here, have you forgotten the deadly witch kingdom that is located after this Forest? Please Rina let’s go,your parents would be worried about you.” Jared uttererd almost dragging Rina out of the bush like Forest.

“No Jared, you need to help me. Someone is laying at the point of death down there.” Rina pouted.

“I knew it, you see what the hell am talking about? This bush like Forest is dangerous for mare humans like us. Who knows what will happen to us if we waste any more time here?” Jared uttered aggressively.

He had heard so many unpleasant stories about this deadly bush like Forest, how the witches in the next kingdom always fight with themselves and also manipulate the humans into becoming one of them,in this Forest and it’s also serves as a hideout for some underground drug dealers.

“ Please Jared, I swear that guy mean no harm, just help me take him home or better still let’s get him to the hospital.” She pleaded bitterly giving Jared her best puppy face.

“Ok fine, but am not promising you anything I would only go have a look,if he looks deadly, menn! I would be outta here, and if it’s other way round I might consider helping.” Jared uttered making Rina to smile broadly.

“Thanks so much Jared, if you actually help me out, I promise to speak with Stephanie on your behalf on Monday, that’s a promise.” Rina uttered happily making Jared’s heart to miss a beat.

“Ok deal! Jared uttererd while Rina led the way to the cute unconscious guy.

“Here Jared, he isn’t dangerous, I bet you.” Rina uttererd once more.

“I knew it, Rina let’s get out of here, he’s a witch,and not just a witch but a royal witch, approximately the crown prince, and did you know what’s gonna happen to us once he wakes up? He would manipulate us and take us to his kingdom and start treating us like his slaves or pet better still he might kill and s-ck our blood.” Jared uttered backing off.

“No please Jared, don’t say that, by his face you shall know he’s harmless, please don’t let him alone. Just help me bring him to the hospital and I promise I won’t stress you anymore.” She pleaded almost in tears.

Making Jared to awe at her sudden behavior, she has know Rina since five years now, despite the fact that she’s has been naughty talkative she hasn’t seen her with any guy or drool over any man before, so many of his friends always wanted her to be their girlfriend but she has turned them down on several occasions, infact he can boldly tell everyone that Rina was a virg-n. But seeing her acting strange in front of a strange witch guy was so surprising.

“Fine, you got me but if he hurt you I might kill him with my bare hands, Jared uttered and went to the unconscious guy who was looking same age as him, and raised him up putting him on his shoulder, while Rina was smiling happily and thanking Jared for his help.

The two left the bush forest, with a young guy holding another demigod while a young girl was running to catch-up with them.


RINA hurried up to the little less expensive h-otel, she and Jared manage to book the previous night,so they could put the unconscious guy since the both of them are still staying with their parents, they do that in other not to raise any suspiciousness, even if the both of them had their personal rooms.

She got there and went directly to the h-otel room. They couldn’t take the guy to the hospital because most of his injuries healed up on their own, but still yet that doesn’t stop Rina from applying some balms on them before she left home.

She pushed the door opened and met Jared sleeping on the floor with a pillow and blanket while the guy was sleeping on the moderate b£d.

“In other not to wake or dispute Jared’s peaceful sleep she went directly to the b£d, checking the unconscious guy out. This time around his injuries were gone and his body looks normal.

She moved her hand to touch his face, but instantly the unconscious guy opened his golden eye balls and stared blankly at the young girl in front of him.

“Where the hell am I?” He asked aloud making the little girl to size her hands in the air.

“Yo… You are up?” Rina whispered.

“Yez, as you can see? What the hell am I doing here, and where is this place?” He asked impatiently sitting on his butts.

“Dont tell me,you don’t remember what happened to you?” Rina uttered to the young guy bringing out a balm from the b£d drawer.

Instantly the guy bent his head and started recalling what happened before he blacked out the previous, instantly his mood become sour on remembering what happened before he blacked out the previous day, he looked at the little girl that had her eyes fixed on the drawer, truth be told she was beautiful and cute, her chubby face that was sparkling like ciders,and her curly black her that fell roughly on her face, he was awe by her beauty. He has teenage sister who were also beautiful and elegant, especially Lilith her junior sister that was praised for being a beautiful girl in her teenage years. But non of her sister could life a candle for this little girl when it comes to beauty.” He thought.

“Hey pretty girl, can I ask for something?” He requested making Rina to turn towards him.

“What is it?” Rina uttered moving towards him.

“I need to go, I don’t belong here.” He uttered coldly with his eyes turning dark red.

But Rina still walked up to him, not afraid of his deadly eyes.

“Stay put and led the way, or am gonna hurt you.” He uttered thinking Rina would be scared of his dangerous side but he was wrong the girl stubbornly went and was about hugging him when a voice was heard.

“If you dare hurt her, I will punch your nose until I bend it to another corner.” Uttererd sleeping Jared who was fuming in anger.

“Look Rina,you see what I was telling you? He’s a witch,and witches are danger to we humans.” Jared uttered nonchalantly.

“Am not a witch!” The Young guy answered coldly also.

“Then what are you, and how would you explain the fact that you injuries healed up on their own?” Jared asked.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, and witches don’t exist.” He uttered with unfathomable expression.

“Well, I don’t care if they do or not, all I know is that you have to go back to where so ever you came from now, since you’re all good now, it was her idea to bring you here after all, left for me we could have left you to die there.” He uttered arrogantly making the unknown guy to chuckled mischievously.

“It was all good if you could have left me there to die, but since she wanted me to live, then I owe her a lot of appriciation.” He uttered moving closer to Rina but instantly Jared went and stood in-between him and Rina staring dangerously at the unknown guy.

“Enough Jared, he is not gonna hurt me… Trust me.” Rina uttererd while pushing Jared slightly from the way.

This time around Rina and the unknown guy was facing each other.

“Whats your name, young pretty lady.” He asked smirking.

“And why did you wanna know my name?” She fired.

“Cos you saved my life, or is it a crime to know my saviours name?” He asked once more.

“No not at all, you look so Damm handsome.” Rina uttered smiling broadly while Jared felt like strangling this unknown guy that manage to capture her best friend’s heart at first sight, even though Rina didn’t say it, Jared knew she has starting to fall in love.

“Thanks for the compliments,but you haven’t answered my questions, what is your name?” He said again.

“Oh that, I’m TRINA, but you can call me Rina for short. And this is my favorite friend Jared.” She introduce with all smile. But the girl never knew that immediately she mentioned Jared’s name the unknown guy darkened his eyes a little,as if he don’t want any guy to be her friend but he Instantly brighten his face when he saw how captivating her smile was.

“Oh my, what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl like i.” He uttered.

“So what’s your own name?”Rina asked.

“I Am BENNY.”He uttererd at once.

“What a nice name you’ve got, so how old are you Benny?” She asked.

“I just turned 18 few days ago.”He uttered sadly as if he never wanted to become 18.

“Oh mine, what a coincidence, Jared also turned 18 few days ago also, Jared I guess the almighty has brought a bosom friend for you.” Rina uttered and took Jared’s palm and placed it in Benny’s palm.

The two guy instantly look at themselves with displeasure, if not that Rina was there they could have broke into a fierce fight.

“ C’mon, you guys shouldn’t look at each other like some Lion and it’s prey, you’re now friends and good friends don’t fight each other ok?.” Rina asked and the two just nodded reluctantly not wanting to hurt their happy friend.

After staying for some hours, Jared left for home to check on her parents so he could assured them of his safety, while Trina stayed behind chatting with Benny like some old friends.

But the guy was as boring as hell, always replying her with a one word answers.

“Benny, what happened to you yesterday?” And where are from?” Rina asked taking Benny’s hand in hers leaving Benny with no option than to tell her everything.

“Actually, I was running away from home, my dad wanted me to fight with a Lion as the crown prince, I was supposed to fight with a Lion yesterday,to prove my capabilities of being a true crown prince.” He uttered and paused.

“Oh my God! You’re a prince? From which of the kingdom?” Rina asked nervously.

“Am a prince of dark forest kingdom.” He uttererd and Rina covered her mouth with her palms.

“Yo… you’re a dark witch?” Rina asked.


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