Sold To The Unknown

Sold to the unknown episode 7 – 8

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I was heading to my room, when I heard a painful cry and the smell of burnt skins lingered around the house.

I hurriedly ran to the kitchen.

Instantly I got there, I opened my mouth in shock.

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Holy Molly!!

What the fvck?

“Let go of me Benny you’re hurting my ankle!” Steph cried as Benny was dragging her towards the electrical stove.

“Dont you have the heart to be so Cruel towards Tiana just now? Am gonna so burn your elbow today!” Benny roared angrily as he kept dragging Steph away.

I was awestruck!

I looked around the corner and saw Tiana beaching silently as her eyes were swollen and red I glanced at her red elbow and saw how badly burnt it was.

Gosh! How can Stephanie be so Cruel towards Tiana?” I asked within me as my blood was boiling up.

“Now put your hands here!” Benny smacked angrily forcing Stephanie elbow into the stove.

“Please! Jared come help me! Benny is gonna burn my smooth elbow.” She cried and I eyed her angrily.

I moved to her and gave her a resounding slap across her cheeks.

Taking everyone aback.

“How could you Steph? No matter what she’s done you shouldn’t treat her this way!” I uttered sharply.

“Benny please attend to her!” Let me handle her!” I uttered but Benny gave me a cold stare.

“No bro! I won’t calm down until I burn her elbow just the same way she did to Tiana!” Benny said with finality.

And I was somewhat confused!

What is so special about that girl that he seems so possessive of her?

Yes I know” she’s curvy and s-xy with natural beauty! Her hips were killer and she looked like an angel!”

Yes that’s how she is! Heavily endowed with smooth cl-avages. But all the same she’s still a wore and a shameless bitch that sold herself out for money!” I thought as I scratched my head in confusion.

I know Benny so well! Once he’s Bent on doing something he can’t be persuaded.

I gritted my teeth in annoyance not knowing what to do as Benny reached out his hand to switch the electrical stove that Steph elbow was already laying on.

“!! Please save me! Please!” She yelled crying bitterly!” I Was heartbroken seeing her cry.

Instantly we heard a voice!

“Its okay Benny!.. let her be!” Tiana said slightly and I breath in relief.

Thank Goodness that bitch knows what’s right!” I thought thinking Benny will finally let go of Stephanie!

But the next thing he did shocked everyone.

He switched on the electrical stove and forced Stephanie elbow into it!

“Ahahahahaahhhh!” Stephanie let out a painful cry shattering my heart into a thousand pieces.

After some seconds Benny let go of her. And instantly I ran to Stephanie her elbow was burnt badly just like Tiana’s elbow.

“Next time! You got to be mindful of her you treat an individual cos not everyone has the heart to bare it!” He said and dragged Tiana along with him as they both existed the kitchen.

Instantly Benny left Steph gave me a resounding slap twice on my cheek.

Before leaving me motionless as I frequently rubb£d my burning cheek.


Benny kept dragging me along with him until we got to his car.

He helped me Opened the car door.

I got inside the car then he shut the door he got to the other side and opened the door of the car for himself. He helped me fixed the seat belt and did same to himself.

I was still thinking about what he did to Stephanie.

All my life no one has stand up for me like he did today.

When I was a child, each time I pick up a fight with fedora over what she did wrong to me.

Mum would punished me badly and deprived me of snacks for some days.

Until I learnt to stop fighting back for myself or for my right. Even if fedora dips her hands in my eyes I was made to endure every torture just for peace to abide. So I took Stephanie just like Fedora and never thought of fighting back even when she’s badly hurting me.

“Tiana! Am sorry for not listening to you when you asked me to let go of Stephanie!

“But I got to teach her a lesson! So please forgive me!”He uttered coldly.

I shook my head.

“You don’t have to be sorry mister Benny! Am really indebted to you!” Thanks for standing up for me even when my husband couldn’t!” I thank him from the depths of my heart as tears slide down.

“You don’t have to cry Tiana! I only want you to promise me one thing!” He uttered wiping my tears with his smooth Palm as he locked his eyes in mine.

“What is it?” I asked shyly.

“I want you to be strong and energetic,ready to defend yourself at all odd! He uttered taking my palms in his.

I swallowed nervously breathing heavily.

I smiled faintly as I nodded sharply.

“I will be strong as from henceforth!” I said Even if am not sure of it.

“Please Tiana! Never always cry to much in the pres£nce of Jared! Don’t give him the impression of how frigile you’re! Always fight and strive to place everything right!” He encouraged.

I couldn’t help but Burst into tears.

Why is he this nice? Why can’t Jared behave like him?


“Why wasn’t him I get married to instead?” I thought as tears walloped down my cheeks.

“It okay Tiana! I got to bring you to the hospital now!” He hugged me as he wipe my tears. He started the engine and drove to the hospital.







I rushed towards my room…. I clinched my fist.

I got to the room and saw Stephanie attending to her burnt elbow. She looked up from the first aid kit staring angrily at me.

“Am so sorry Steph! I knew I was wrong!” I apologized.

She kept cleaning her elbow with some ice cube.

“Jared! You got to trash that girl out… Together with Benny! I just want to have a peaceful time alone.

“I hate them!… I hate the both of them!”She mumbled.

“But why?” I asked in confusion.

She eyed me irritatingly.
“Cos I need you all to myself! As for Benny, he’s old enough to have his own house! Not always squatting with you!” she blurted.

“No Steph! I can grant all your request! But am sorry! I can’t trash Benny out of my house! He’s been always with me even before I met you! So why now?” I asked her.

“Cos we are getting married soon! And we need some privacy!” She yelled.

I hissed frustratedly!

If only she knows who Benny truly is!” I thought within me.

“Fine! I will give it a thought… But am not promising!” I uttered as I collapsed on the b£d.

The truth is that! Am no way matched with Benny when it comes to wealth!

I guess you all will get to know who Benny truly is one day!


We got to the hospital! My elbow was disinfected and treated.

We got to the car and Benny still help me Opened the car door.

I was blushing shyly.

We drove out of the hospital. I thought we were going home but I was wrong.

“Tiana! I would like us to go somewhere!” Benny uttered after some quiet time.

“Really? Where is that?” I asked nervously.

“You don’t have to be worrisome! You will find out once we’re there!” He uttered.

“But what about Jared! Won’t he be mad at me?” I asked but he just smiled briefly.

“No Tiana! I know Jared so well! Once Stephanie is home with him! He thinks of no one!” He uttered.

“I can see he love her so well!” I said.

“Yes he did! But I doubts if he will still love her! If he gets to knows who she truly is!” He said focusing on his driving.

“What do you mean?” I asked in confusion.

“Never mind Tiana!” He uttered as the car came to halt in front of a large classy building.

I think is a boutique! Cause I could see some fancy dress from the transparent glass wall.

“Uhmm! Benny! Why did you bring me here? This place looks so expensive!” I uttered almost going back to the car but Benny held me by my wrist.

“I see nothing expensive here Tiana! Just relax and follow me in! Feel free choose anything you pleases!

“I could see most of your clothes are old looking! So… I don’t want you to be wearing all those!” He said and my cheeks flushed in embarrassment.

Actually I haven’t have any new dress before all my clothes are the rags that was rejected by Fedora. Even down to my undies.

We were about going in when I bumped into someone by the door. And I almost fell but since Benny was holding my hands he caught me before I landed my butts on the floor.

“You fool! Can’t you watch properly?” The voice echoed. Somehow it felt so familiar.

I looked up and saw fedora holding hands with an old man.

“ geez! Tiana! What the hell? Are you doing with this man? How about you husband?

“Its so pathetic that you will forever be a Sluty bitch! You’re married but here you are moving around with another man! How shameless of you!” She snorted.

I gritted my teeth to suppress the pains. I can see she’s bent on embarrassing me.

“I Know! I am married! But am better of than you! At least am moving around with some Greek god! But just take a look at who you’re moving around with.

“Is he not older than your dad?” I asked and I saw her face darkened and the man that was clinging unto her all along stared angrily at me.

“know this, that Whatever I turned out to be! I will still be far more better than you!” I said.

“Better than me? How did you intend doing that? You will forever be under me!”She said before I could reply Benny folded my palms.

“Its okay Tiana! Let’s go on in!” He said dragging me away after staring coldly at Tiana.



I Walked towards the door holding Stephanie’s box! She’s leaving for
Australia today for her modeling job.

“Am gonna miss you! Baby!” I uttered pecking her.

“I will miss you too!” She replied k-ssing me.

“I got to go Jared! Do play save she said heading towards the van that was waiting for her.

I waved her goodbye! I went back to the room to sleep once more since it’s Saturday.

I passed through the second floor. And I started hearing laughter from Tiana’s room.

I peed in and saw her seating on her b£d. With that crazy fool laughing heartedly with her.

They look so cute together!

I wanted breaking down the door right now!

I just want to squ-eese life out of Benny!

“Hey Jared! Are you jealous?” my conscience asked me! And I instantly jolted to myself.

“No! Am not! I can’t possibly be!” I uttered sharply and shook my head negatively.

But deep down, I wanted going to punch Benny.


The jealousy just began 😎 lets see how everything will turn out.

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