Sold To The Unknown

Sold to the unknown episode 9 – 11

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I took a long lasting cold shower! I changed into my casual wears dried my hairs and headed downstairs for breakfast.

I got there and saw Benny already seated on the dinning table pressing his phone with a broad smile on his l-ips.

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I wonder what has been making him so happy recently.

“I got to him and eyed him angrily.

“Fool! Idiot! What is making you laugh now?” I asked still starring at him.

He looked up from his phone and winks at me.
“Good morning sc-mbag! You’re up already!” He said graining stupidly.

I eyed him once more.
“You haven’t answered me!… What has been making you so happy recently? Cos I know how grumpy you are!” I said taking my seat.

“I have every reasons to be excited! Cos that witch you called a girlfriend isn’t home!” He uttered and I widened my eyes and was about saying something.

When we heard a footsteps.

We both looked behind to see Tiana bringing some dishes to the dinning.

Once I sighted her! My mouth Opened in shock.


She looked so different with her new hairstyle.

Her body hug polo shirt was hugging her so t¡ght.

Her b==bs were so er-ct and evident.

Her three-quarters black jeans was so t¡ght and moderate on her bringing out her hips and cl-avages.

Damn! She looked so h-ot and different this morning! I couldn’t help but to drool over her as she headed towards us.

“You like what you see?” Benny uttered pinching my arms.

“ ouch! That hurts!” I cried and forcefully looked away from Tiana and stared angrily at Benny!

“Stop drooling over her!”He said.

“Am not drooling over her! I…. I… I was only!” I stammered trying to say something.

“Haha! It’s obvious you were drooling over her! Just thank your star Steph is not here!” He said teasing me and I was about punching him but was distracted by a voice.

“Good morning mister Benny!” Tiana said to Benny jovially.

“Good morning master Jared!” While she said with fear and respect.

I didn’t say anything! Cos I don’t fvcking know what to say.

I stared at Benny and saw how he was staring lvstfully at her! And I felt like strangling him right now.

“Good morning angel! Hope you had a sweet dreams?” Benny said graining stupidly.

“Yes I do! Tiana replied blushing slightly as she kept the dishes on the dinning table!

“She started serving me! It was some fried eggs and bacon then some bowls of noodles and juice.

The aroma filled the air!

I just wish Stephanie knows how to do all these!

After serving me! He moved closer to Benny and wanted doing same but Benny hold her by the wrist and dragged her to seat beside him.

“Sit Tiana! I can serve myself!… Sit and let’s eat together!” Benny uttered and I was already fuming in anger!

Why will he be touching her anyhow he pleases! I thought and kept my cool.

“Thanks mister Benny! But I would be more relaxed to eat in the kitchen!” She said and was about standing up but Benny held her back.

“No Tiana! You got to eat with us to make it more lively… As you can see this grumpy fool don’t want to speak with me!” He pouted like a crying child. Tiana looked up at me in confusion and instantly look away in fear.

“Dont be scared Tiana! He’s only grumpy! But I swear he won’t bite!”Benny uttered again. I swear he’s really pissing me off this morning.

Tiana sat fearfully beside Benny! While Benny kept serving her.

“Thanks Mr Benny!” She said as we all settled to eat.

“Have a taste of this!” Benny uttered adding some meats into Tiana’s plate!

“Thanks!” so much!” Tiana uttered staring lovely at Benny’s eyes.

“Mn! Am losing it!!😠

“Drink some juice Tiana! It’s good for you!” Benny said adding some juice from the glass jug into Tiana’s glass cup.

“Awww! Thanks so much Benny! You’re so sweet!” Tiana uttered happily and I almost freak out.

Benny and Tiana kept eating happily totally forget about me. They kept concentrating on themselves.

I know Benny is doing this on purpose but I won’t show him any signs of jealousy.

I love Stephanie! I thought and eat hurriedly.

“Take it easy bro! It might chock you!” Benny uttered smirking while he was smiling faintly.

“I shoot dagger at him! And continue with my food! While constantly stealing glance at Tiana.

“Gosh! She’s damn h-ot!


It was later hours of the day! It’s Saturday! But Benny went out! He told me he needed to take care of some personal things.

That he won’t be home until three days!

The house felt so empty without him.

I stood up from the ground putting my sketch book away! I went beside the closet to have a proper view of what Benny gave to me this morning.

It was packed up in five fancy bag. And I couldn’t help but to wonder what’s inside.

Since he bought do many clothes for me and shoes the previous night! I wasn’t expecting anything from him soon, but he surprised me by bringing me all these early this morning.


EPISODE 10-11💃



I started opening the fancy bags! The first one contained a 🎁 pres£nt bag! I brought out the box ànd nervously started unw-rapping it.

And there was a sparkling brown new phone!

“Oh my goodness!

Did Benny actually got me a phone?” I thought smiling.

I unw-rap the wh0l£ things! Most of the bags contained girlish stuffs.

“Wow! Benny is so sweet!” I thought and my heart accelerated in pure exhilaration.

As tears fell from my eyes!

“Why is he this good!

He’s the only one that have ever treated me like a human being! I was becoming too emotional when I heard a sound.


The door bell rings and I rushed towards the door and opened it, just to see an injured Jared.

“Wha…. What happened to you Jared? Oh my God! Come inside! I said and held his hand in mine.

And helped him to walked towards the couch and make him sit. I rushed towards my room and take the first aid kit from the bathroom and again runs out towards him.

And sit on my knees in front of him to treat his injuries, they are not deep to be treated by doctor in the hospital, but I’ll make sure tomorrow he meets with the doctor.

“Give me your hands sir Jared!” I said…. Actually ordered him.

“Why?” He asked, he’s eyes showing me some different emotion.

“What, Why? Look at you, you’re injured with multiple bruises in your forehead, hand and leg, Ok… I know they are not deep but it causes problem!” I said and took his hands in mine.

And slowly started treating his wound, I put a cotton dip of antiseptic on his forehead and he hissed, in pains and it’s burning s£nsation.

“Oh sorry! I’ll do it slowly” I said and started cleaning it by dab-dab method, and bl-wing air also.

Soon I treated all his wounds and bandage them neatly, then help him to go to his room, as we reached in his door, I halted and told him to go further alone.

But he stopped me and told me to help him.

“Come inside! I need your help, also Stephanie is not there, so come inside and give me my night clothes and help me in changing, my right hand is f-cking hurting so much!” He said with curse.

“OK!” I said in a low voice and entered in his walk-in closet, and took out a clean pair of shorts and t-shirt, then help him in changing his clothes as his right hand was injured the most.

For the first time in my life, I saw a man’s body this close to me, and that of some Greek god type, I feel heat raised on my cheeks and my heart beat so fast like I ran a marathon race.

“I…..It’s do….done!” I said with great difficulty, and before he said or did anything I moved out and sigh once I reached the door. “Wait sir! I will be back!” I said and rushed to the kitchen.

I got to the kitchen and calmed my heartbeat and arranged his meal. I got back into his room and found him laying his head on the headboard with his eyes rightly closed.

“Jared! I bring something to eat, and some painkiller!” I said.


I heard Tiana’s voice and opened my eyes raising up my head from the b£d headboard.

She was holding a tray in her hands which contains food especially soups, what’s wrong with this woman?

She kept it on the glass tinted table and started feeding me.

“Jared! Eat this, a vegetable chicken soup it’s help you to feel good” She said and sit beside me and started feeding me.

“Didnt you want to eat?” I asked her as she put the spoon full of soup in front of my mouth.

“Uhh…. No…no I ear after feeding you.” She said.

“Eat!” I said….. Ok! Fine I ordered.

“Uh-huh!” She looked at me confusingly.

“I said eat” I said and she was about to go out, but I held her hands.

“Eat with me. Can’t you understand a simple words!” I said in frustration.

“Cant you day it in a simple line in one go, you also confused me with one word replies” she said a little annoyed.

Hmmm, my little wild kitten gets angry…..

WAIT! My little wild kitten.” MY”

What’s wrong with you JARED’S DALTON! I shouted in my mind.

“Why did you like arguing with me every time?” I asked her.

“What? When did I argue with you? It’s the first time after our marriage you talk with me in a Calm tone, otherwise either you talk with me just when you have to order me something or have to abuse me.” She said and sadness covered her beautiful face.


Are you even Serious my subconscious shouts.

“But now, do as I say and take it as an order” I said coldly and she obeyed.

Soon we finished our soup dinner, and she was about to go but I held her wrist and pulled her towards me, she fell ontop of me! Our l-ips is just an inches apart. But before she protest or think anything else. I out my l-ips on her and started k-ssing her.


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