Songs Of My Heart

Songs of my heart episode 2 – 3


🎷🎷Songs Of My Heart 🎻🎻
[ Will You Stay? .]


🌹 Vivian’s Pov 🌹

I walked toward the class with my two besties by my sides, Lily and Briana.

Students wave at us as we walk,, no doubt, I am the hottest girl here and also the best singer and dancer followed by my two friends.

That’s why I made them my friends though,, I don’t know why Nicole rejected my offer. I want her to become my friend, she’s beautiful and talented.

” Vivi,, I heard there is a new student here today ” Briana said as we continue walking

” I don’t care ” I snapped

” I heard she’s pretty and has a nice shape ” she said and I turned to her.

That’s the problem, I hate it when someone is prettier than me.

” What’s her name? ” I asked

” No idea ” She replied

We entered the class and all went silent,, I noticed a strange girl. Oh,,,, she’s,,, is she even human? So pretty, brown eye, long lashes,, wow!!!

Jealousy and anger brushed into me,, what if Teddy sees her? But I doubt he can never notice her since he doesn’t like girls

I walked to her and my friends followed

” Who are you? ” I asked folding my arms together

” Angel ” she replied and I scoff

” Angel? ” I asked again and she nodded

” Vivian,, can you stop asking her question? Not like you are the teacher, or are you scared she’s more pretty than you? ” Jasmine, my rival said and I turned to her

” And who the hell said she’s pretty? She look like a witch ” I said looking at her disgustingly

How can someone glow like this,? She must be a witch

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Vivian stop!! ” Nicole yelled at me, I can’t believe she’s taking sides with her. Angel ran out of the class and a smirk escape my lips,, I will make your stay here miserable

I walked out of the class and made way for my private class, I wish I can study with Teddy. But he doesn’t even care about me even when his parents and mine are partners,


just made everyone believe he’s my boyfriend, and trust me Teddy. I will get you no matter what it takes.

” That angel is something else ” Briana said

” Did you see her skin? ” Lilly asked and they keep on talking about her

” Guys stop!! ” I yelled angrily and they stopped immediately

” I hate that girl already ” I said and stormed into the private class. The lecturer is there already

” You are late ” He said

My dad will pay you off ” I said and sat down

😍 Angel’s Pov 😍

How can I suddenly become someone’s enemy on my first day? She called me a witch,, how can I be a witch?

Is it my fault that am pretty? Why will she say that to me??

I continue walking to nowhere in particular,, the school is really large. I saw a large beautiful in front of me, boldly written on it MUSIC ROOM

Wow,, how can the music room be as big as this? I should just take a look,,

I entered and smiled at the scent which filled my nose, wow I feel rich.

I continue going in and in, there are lots of room here,, or should I say class? Some are locked while others are not.

Suddenly I saw an image just in front of me,, turning his back to me, oh no it’s Teddy Lee

He’s actually singing,, oh my God. What a lovely voice he’s got, he operate the organ as he sings

🎧 Sure you gonna be mine?
🎧 Even when we are in our darkest mind
🎧 Will you ever be mine?
🎧 Will I ever hold you?
🎧 Close to my arms

I never knew when I started singing along with him, I’m so lost in that song

Suddenly he stopped, oh no I am really crazy. How can I sing along with Teddy? What if he punishes me?

I quickly hide in one of the opened rooms

” Who is there? ” I heard him saying

Gosh, I am in deep trouble right now,, Nicole please where are you?

” Anybody here? ” He asked again, I almost screamed out in fear but I kept my cool


heard his phone rings

📲, Hello? ,, oh,, I will be there in a minute

He left and I breath out,, I almost died of heart attack.

I ran out of the building immediately,, I promise am not gonna practice music with them. I want to stay away from Vivian and her crew.

I will just focus on science for now,,,

” Are you crazy? How can you give up on Music because of Vivian? ” Nicole asked angrily as we walked toward her car.

” You should know me Nicole, I don’t like trouble. She really hates me alot, you won’t be there all the time remember? ”

” Then fight for yourself,, ” she snapped and I sigh

” Let’s leave, I am starving ” I said

” Not my fault that you ran away and skipped lunch ” she said

Just then Teddy and three guys walked past us with five guards behind them, so adorable.

I followed Nicole’s eyes,, she’s starring at them too..

” I guess you have a crush on Teddy ” I said as we entered the car

” Everyone do,, ” she replied

” But why will I do that when there is no hope for me? I have my secret crush ” she added and I couldn’t help but to scream

” And who is he? ”

” Teddy’s friend, Theo. ” she replied

” One of the guys that,, oh my God. Those guys are hot ” I said

” But Teddy is the hottest ” she winked

” But Vivian always claim to be his girlfriend and no one dares to question her since she’s close to Teddy’s parents ” she said

” Oh ” was all I said

Should I tell her about what happened in the music room? No I can’t, she will make fun of me.

” Do you even know how much Teddy worth? ” She asked

” How much? ” I asked

She lean closer to my ear and whispered

” Whaaaaat!!!! ” I screamed and she blocked it with her palm

” That’s why Vivian want him badly ”

” She should love him for who he is,, not his money ” I said

” Teddy is every girls dream,, I heard he just built another mansion,,, he was interviewed on how much he spent on it. He only laughed but didn’t say it,,, he’s just so sweet ” Nicole said and I smiled

I better stop thinking about him,, But can I? When I heard his voice earlier, it sent butterfly down to my stomach. So pure like gold 🌟 😊.

” We need to go for shopping!! Tomorrow is a special day ” Nicole said and starts the car

” What’s happening Tomorrow? ” I asked

” The new music holders will be chosen ” She said

” How? “.

” Students will show their talents,, either by dancing or by singing,, and then Teddy and his three friends with some other judges will choose just two of them to add to the band ”

” Who are the band? ” I asked

” Vivian, Briana, Lily, and Jasmine ” she said

” Wow,,, you are competing right? ”

” Of course,, I wish you can also,,, ”

” No Nicole ” I cut her off and she sigh

” I bet Teddy won’t be able to get his eyes off you when you do the dance ” she said and I blushed

” I wish you luck Nicole ” I said

” Thanks Bess ” she replied

I wish you win this,, I can’t bear to see you loose, that’s why I can’t take part in the competition. You are more than that to me Nicole, I love you so much. You are rare

🎷🎷 Songs Of My Heart 👑👑
[ Will You Stay?? 😘.]

Settings ; Korean Drama

💛💛 EPISODE 3 💛💛

👑 Teddy’s Pov 👑

I keep on thinking about the voice I heard earlier, who is she? And why was she hiding? Am sure I heard that voice,,, so perfect!!

” Really? ” Theo asked sipping from his drinks

” Yeah, ” I said

” If she’s good, and also a student from the school, then she’s gonna take part in tomorrow’s competition ” Manson said

” He’s right ” Luca said and I nodded

” I wish I find her ” I said and sigh

” I can’t believe the almighty Teddy is searching for a girl right now ” Theo said and they all laughed

” No hard feelings guys,, I just wanna see her ” I said and went upstairs.

This is the mansion where we always meet whenever we are bored,, it’s always cute to stay with them. But they really love talking too much, I hate that especially when they talk about girls.

What the heck.

One of the phones on the bed beeps,, I took it and it’s mom. Gosh, why is she calling right now?

📲 Yes mom?

📲 baby, can you come over?

📲 When?

📲 Right now

📲 Okay,, I will be there

📲 Thank you my prince

I ended the call, I wonder why she always refer me as a prince. Its annoying,, I packed the phones and put on my headphone.

I went downstairs and met the guys laughing at something I don’t know

” You are leaving already? ” Theo asked and the rest looked up

” I think mom need to talk to me ” I replied

” Your wedding with Vivian? ” Manson asked and I shot him a glare

They know I don’t like it when they say that,, I wish Vivian will stop making people believe she’s my girlfriend

” Let’s go with you ” They said standing up

” If you wish ” I said making bubbles from the gum am chewing

” Let’s go ”

We all entered into one of our group cars and the driver drove off to my parents house f

” There is something you need to know ” Mother said shaking, I wonder why she called me into her room to tell me this

” What is it mom? ” I asked and held her hand

” Before that,,,, Teddy love,,, I want you to know that I love you so much and I will always do ” she said and a tear dropped from her eyes

Gosh, I hate to see her tears.

” Mom,, say something ”

” I,,,, I,, ”

” Mom? ”

” I am not your mother ” she burst into tears

” What?! What do you mean? ” I asked almost immediately

” Actually,,,,we adopted you. Teddy I know you are legally my son,, but still I am not your mother. What if your mom come for you??? Am so scared
” I really don’t wanna tell you,, but my heart won’t let me rest ” she said

I never knew am in tears already,,, she’s not my mother? But she treats me more than any mother will do to his son,,

” I love you so much,,,,, Mother ” I said and hugged her more tightly ” Nothing is going to change mom,, ” I said and kissed her hair

” You see? When my husband died three years ago,, he said he was glad to have a male son like you. We are both really proud of you”
I nodded and rest my head on her shoulder,,,

We got to school and the students started screaming as usual,, We sat down as the judges for the day and three other lecturers joined us.

I really wish that girl will be here today,,,

😍 Angel’s Pov 😍

” Nicole you need to drive fast!! ” I yelled

” Am trying Bess, it’s my fault I woke up late “she replied and I scoff

I can’t believe this, I won’t take it lightly with her if she miss the competition.

Finally we got to the school,, she ran out of the car immediately

” I will see you after school!! ” she screamed and ran off

Such a crazy fellow

I locked the door and took my fashion bag, I started walking to where the competition is taking place

Students keep on waving at me, I wonder why

” Hey,, you are Angel right? ” a girl asked

” Yeah ” I replied

@Summer’s Library

” You look so pretty,,, I love your legs” she winked

” Thanks ” before I could ask for her name, she’s gone

I sigh and sat down,, I turned to the judges

There was, Teddy,, and the three guys, Three lecturers, And Vivian, gosh Vivian is one of them?

I hissed and continue starring at Teddy who seems to find everything uninteresting,, what type of guy is he anyway?

I watched as people do and try their bests, they are really wonderful must say.

Then it finally got to Nicole’s turn,, she walked to the stage and sang one of the songs I composed.

Awwwn, so sweet. I love her so much, I can’t believe she’s singing my song

💋 Wow!!!!
💋 I love the song!!

💋 I love your voice too

I blink out tears as the students screamed

She bow her head before leaving the stage,, there was roars and clapping. That’s great.

Soon one of the judges came up,, I expected Teddy to come up so I can hear his voice again, but it was someone else.

🎤 Hi everyone
He said with a smile

And immediately students started screaming again,, crazy right? He gave them a sign and everywhere became silent

🎤 As we all know,,,, this competition only favours two participants

🎤 yeah!!!

🎤 So,, I will be calling out the two names with me here

Everywhere became silent that I can listen to my blood pumping 💓

🎤 Eliza Taylor

Students started clapping, as the girl walked out. I remember her,, she danced so beautifully

I pray Nicole is the second person lord

🎤 and secondly we have,,,, Nicole Johnson

He said and students started screaming,, I guess everyone loves her. That’s so cute,, I clapped happily as she walked to the stage

” I’m sorry I had to sing your song ” Nicole said and held my hand

” Come on, it’s nothing. Am honoured ” I said and hugged her

” I really have to go right now, there is a meeting ” she said and pecked my cheek

I nodded and she ran off,, I think I really need a new friend right now. Nicole will become really busy,,,

I sigh and walked to the music room,, I wish I participated. But I want my Bess to be happy,, and am glad she made it.

I entered one of the classes opened,, wow so beautifully set,, I took the guitar and decided to sing a song. Not my own song anyway,, it’s a song by one of my role models, Tatiana,,

🎻 If this was a love song and I told you
🎻 To be with me until we grow old would you
🎻 Would you wait, could you stay
🎻 Could I have your hands to hold
🎻 But I don’t have a love song and am sorry
🎻 I wish I didn’t have to be far
🎻 we grew apart, am stuck in the dark
🎻 Oh,, when you left you took the stars
🎻 I know i, didn’t treat you, treat you right
🎻 But I need you to be mine
🎻 Do you think you could be mine
🎻 If I learn how to love you
🎻 so could you show me how to love you
🎻 Coz I wanna love you, yeah yeah yeah
🎻 Could you show me how to love you, coz I wanna love you love you!!!

” Wow,, that was great!!! Who is that? ” I heard a voice. Oh no it’s Teddy.

I dropped the guitar and ran out of the class immediately

” Wait!! ” He shouted and I stopped without turning to him

” Can you turn around? ” he asked and I shook my head negatively

” Why? ” he asked

I ran off immediately,,, I don’t wanna be in trouble.

Vivian is gonna give me problem if I ever start talking to Teddy,, he’s her boyfriend anyway.

Gosh,, I wish he doesn’t recognize me. I really need to go home right now,,, the cloth is,,,,,,

Oh yeah,, I have a jacket with me and a head warmer

I quickly put it on and also the headwarmer,,,

i turned to leave and saw Teddy and the other three coming ,,,,

” I was really fast enough to record her voice, I knew she was going to run again ” I heard Teddy telling them

Oh fvck,, he recorded my voice!!!! What have I done right now??!!


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