Soul In Tears

Soul In Tears episode 13 – 14


Soul In Tears

Episode 13

Nicholas was a student of Ghana Institute Of Journalism (GIJ). Due to his strong faith in Christ, he was made to head the Christian Union in his school. Because of the gift of the Holy Spirit which was upon him, he was able to reveal to people, what they had done in the past as well as what might happen to them in the future. He was a student evangelist who went to different schools to speak the word of God to them. He was invited by the head of Christian Union of the University of Ghana to preach the word. That was the exact day he met Kwadjo Boateng and had the revelation about him.

Nicholas was welcomed by his pastor’s wife. The pastor smiled when he saw the young man sitting in the hall.

‘welcome my beloved son. I was expecting you’ the pastor sat in the opposite sofa.

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‘how do you mean pastor?’ Nicholas was perplexed at his pastor’s words. The pastor smiled at the young man.

‘you don’t need to be puzzled about what I said. You are purposely here to talk to me about Kwadjo Boateng…’ he paused and bowed his head. Nicholas realised the Lord had revealed everything to the pastor.

‘yes sir, he is my main reason for being here’ he said eagerly.

The pastor raised his head and closed his eyes for a few seconds and opened them again.

‘Nicholas, what the Lord revealed to you about the young man is his fate. For now there is nothing you can do about it’… Nicholas became very confused than before.

‘you mean his untimely death will be his fate’

‘yes my son, you don’t need to worry yourself about him for now’… Nicholas felt very sorry for the mother of the young man and the young man as well.

Maame Adwoa was busy packing her goods into her basket when the shop owner Yaa Mansah called her to her office. In Maame Adwoa’s mind, Yaa Mansah was sure to reproach her on her unpaid debts.

‘Maame Adwoa, I don’t want you to be in a haste to make a decision about what I am about to tell you’… Maame Adwoa listened to her boss with rapt attention.

…’I have realised business is not moving like the way it used to be and due to that you are owing me a whole lot of money but that is not a problem because I trust you. There is this customer of mine who wants someone like you to take care of her home for her due to her busy schedules. She is very kind and I am very positive about her pay. I have been friends with her for a long time and I know much about her. She is a good person’… Maame Adwoa was in tears when her boss ended he speech.

She was very touched knowing how much the woman she saw as her boss loved her. She was scared to the tooth when the shop owner called her to the office. All she thought was the debt she owned her but she never approached the topic. Maame Adwoa thought carefully about the information and told Yaa Mansah to give her sometime to think about it. She left the office and went to do her hawking. Throughout the day, she thought about all the pain and suffering the streets had infringed on her. She thought of the task force officers, the times she had to Hawk all day without selling anything, the days she fell into gutters with her goods. The days she had to sleep on an empty stomach just because she sent her son money. She decided to talk to her son about the proposal.

Lucky for her, her goods got finished early. She went to the market, bought a few items for their evening meal and went home. Kwadjo Boateng was busy with his books in the hall when his mother entered the house. He welcomed her with a broad smile.

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‘you are home early today’ Kwadjo attended to her… ‘yes oh my dear. God was good to me’. ‘Glory be to Jesus’ Kwadjo Boateng said and they chorused an amen. ‘blessed woman, I want to do the cooking this evening’… Kwadjo grabbed the food stuffs and before his mother could object, he rushed to the kitchen. ‘I give up but make sure you don’t poison us tonight’ Maame Adwoa said amusingly and mother and son couldn’t hold back their laughter. To Maame Adwoa’s surprise, her son’s meal was one of a kind. She was amazed at how the young man was able to mixed the ingredients to arrived at the meal he prepared. During meals time, she told her son how good he was in cooking

‘I would’ve taken you to catering school if I knew you cook this good’ she mocked. The young man giggled. After the meal, Maame Adwoa broke the news of the new job to her son. Kwadjo Boateng was not very happy with the idea knowing it was the same job that caused his mother so much pain and suffering…

Episode 14

Kwadjo Boateng argued with his mother over the job issue. His mother explained to him, the troubles she goes through everyday on the streets to put food on the table as well as money in his pocket. ‘mummy, I am not saying don’t work but that is the root that caused you your education, your family and brought me and a whole lot of troubles. Just forget about the job please’ the young man was very firm with the decision.

‘my son, after all those troubles, I have you. I am very proud of you. Because of you, I don’t regret going through those problems. My family, my school and friends can go, I still have you’


was not too convinced about what his mother said. He just wanted her to avoid the job so not to bring back painful memories.

‘if that is the case, I will get a part time job to support you’. Kwadjo said.

‘that would take much of your studies time. And on a more serious note, you won’t get a good paying company to work with. Even those who have completed are still home so please let me do the job’ Maame Adwoa pleaded with her son. Kwadjo had no option than to give up the fight since his mother was firm with her decision.

‘Mother, please think carefully before you take up that job’… Maame Adwoa promised to be careful with her decision.

Mrs Benson entered her daughter’s room with a broad smile across her cheeks. She knew hiring the services of a caretaker would make the house lively and her daughter wouldn’t feel lonely and rejected as she seemed to put it.

‘what is the smile about’ Clara asked without much enthusiasm. She was not interested in striking a conversation with her mother.

‘guess what’… Mrs Benson said with delight.

‘the only guess I can do is, you have probably won a contract which is worth millions of dollars’ Clara was not interested in the conversation. Mrs Benson realised it. She rebuked her and told her not to think ill of her like that.

‘mum, I don’t think I lied, it’s the truth. You are only happy with your business and not with your only daughter. Dad is even worse’ she spat out the words carelessly. Mrs Benson was hurt but kept it to herself.

‘I will always say this. You are our daughter and want the best for you.We want to hire the services of a woman who would keep you company when you are home. What do you think…’ she still had the smile on her face.

‘that would be better at least’ she rolled her eyes and left her mother in the room. Mrs Benson saw her daughter’s unhappiness. She had wanted to ask why but that would’ve resulted in a quarrel.

Clara dressed up and left the house to her friend’s house. Dorothy was going out when Clara knocked on her door. She opened and welcomed the young lady.

‘this is the third week of vacation and you have not bothered to look for me. Which kind of friend be this now?’ Clara said. She sat on one of the plastic chairs in the room.


thing applies to you. When last did you called to check up on me?… Dorothy asked.

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