Soul In Tears

Soul In Tears episode 16 – 17

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Soul In Tears

Episode 16
‘Nick, Clara needs our help concerning an issue that is eaten her up…’ Dorothy thought bringing up the topic would help her friend to flow on the matter.

‘really, what could the problem be. Tell me young lady’ Nicholas said looking into Clara’s eyes.

Clara pretended to be okay but deep within, she wasn’t happy. ‘can you help me locate the washroom’ That was directed at Dorothy. She ignored Nicholas’s question.

Dorothy stood up and signaled her friend to follow her. When they got to the washroom, Clara pleaded with her not to raise the topic concerning Kwadjo Boateng.

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‘why not girl friend. Nick could be of help. You have to trust me on this’ Dorothy assured.

‘no! I don’t want him to know about it’ Clara almost screamed.

‘alright, alright, I will do as you say’

‘thanks for understanding, you are such a darling’ Clara tried to calm their nerves. Dorothy was very mad at her friend from within. She decided to ignore her whenever she raises the issue of Kwadjo Boateng.

They joined Nicholas who was anxiously waiting for Clara to voice out what could be eaten her up.

‘Dorothy is right, it’s about my parents, they are always busy with their work and hardly have time for me. I am really mad at them because I think they don’t care. Am i lying Dorothy’ Clara glanced at her friend and expected her to say something. Dorothy had wanted to keep mute but… ‘sure, she is right. Since her childhood days, her parents have had little or no time for her and she keeps disturbing me about it’ Dorothy said without interest in the matter. Clara realised it and felt bad but kept it to her self.

‘So is that what you guys see as a problem?’ he paused and stared at the young ladies face.

‘personally, I don’t think your parents have neglected you because of their job. You can’t live this life without working. What your parents are doing is for your own good. For now I think you should focus on your studies and later you would understand them. Just be happy. Don’t let your parents be a hindrance to your happiness’ Nicholas advised’

Clara faked a smile given Nicholas the impression that she was feeling better after the advise. ‘thanks so much for your advise. God bless you’

‘don’t worry girl, you can always count on me for advise’ Nicholas said with a smile. Clara smiled back. Dorothy just listened to them haven no interest in the matter.

Nicholas ordered food and they left the place after enjoying the meal. He concluded in his mind that it was wrong for him to involve the young ladies concerning the issue of Kwadjo Boateng though they could have been of help to him. ‘spiritual things are spiritual’ he thought.

Clara and Dorothy had a serious quarrel when they got to Dorothy’s place. Dorothy disclosed her displeasure to Clara for not telling Nicholas about Kwadjo Boateng. Clara explained to her friend why she didn’t want to involve Nicholas in the matter and she understood her. Dorothy felt bad for getting mad at her friend.

Maame Adwoa got to the shop early in the morning as usual to purchase her goods. Yaa Mansah called her to her office and introduced to her the woman that needed her service. Yaa Mansah introduced the woman to her as Mrs Benson. Mrs Benson extended her hand to Maame Adwoa for a hand shake. Maame Adwoa shook her hands with a smile. Maame Adwoa guessed Mrs Benson’s age to be forty five. She was good looking and looked classy. Her hair style was very expensive. The spray she wore had a sweet fragrance.

‘I would like to take you home today so you would know the house. Yaa Mansah had said a lot about you that I would not agree if you should reject the job’ the smile on Mrs Benson’s face melted Maame Adwoa’s heart. She agreed to go and see the house. She joined Mrs Benson’s car and she was driven to the Benson’s Villa. Like her son, she was thrilled with the beauty of the house…Sorry for yesterday, I ran out of bundle.


Mrs Benson took Maame Adwoa around the house. The Benson’s Villa was a mansion to be precised. Aside the main building which was a three storey, there were two other bulding’s which were very luxurious. There was a playing field aside the twenty five metre swimming pool on the compound. The car park was about hundred meters long. There were ranges of cars from saloon to 4*4. The main house had a huge magnificent hall with everything that can make life comfortable for its owner. The blue and white curtains marched with the blue sofas in the hall. Maame Adwoa stared at the things she was being shown with admiration. She remembered when she used to work for the Boateng family. They had a beautiful home but couldn’t compare it to where she stood. The bedrooms were exquisite with queen and king sized beds. Mrs Benson after taken Maame Adwoa round the house, introduced her to her daughter. Clara felt a surge of happiness within her soul when she met Maame Adwoa. There was something about her that made her want to be with her. She tried to figure out what it could be but failed.

‘Maame Adwoa, please meet my daughter. She is Clara Benson. She is all God gave to us’ Mrs Benson introduced. Clara giggled and extended her hand to Maame Adwoa.

‘Clara, this is our new house keeper. She is here for you. Please make sure you don’t disrespect her. She is a wonderful woman. So I was told by my very good friend at the market’ Mrs Benson advised.

‘mummy, you know me, don’t you? I don’t disrespect people’ Clara said still grinning. Mrs Benson was somehow surprised at how her daughter was grinning. Anytime they try to have a conversation, it ended in a quarrel. She tried to figure out what could have changed.


Why are you quiet. What are you thinking’ the manner in which Clara spoke shocked her mother the more. For the first time, they had a smooth conversation. Mrs Benson to the surprise of everyone knelt in front of the visitor and pleaded with her not to reject the job. She felt she was the cause of the change.

‘madam, please please, you don’t have to do this. Please be on your feet’ Maame Adwoa pleaded.

‘not until you accept this job’ Mrs Benson retorted.

Maame Adwoa just stood there with pleading eyes. Clara watched the drama with interest. She wanted to smile but forced it back.

‘okay madam, I will work with you’ Maame Adwoa assured. Mrs Benson stood up and hugged the woman with delight. She was very happy with the decision. Clara didn’t hide her joy. ‘thank you Madam Maame Adwoa for accepting to work in this house’ Clara disclosed with a broad smile. ‘I have to take you home. I am very happy to have you in this house. You can choose to stay in this house or come and go everyday. It’s your choice. All I want you to do is to make my daughter happy anytime she is back from school. She is a first year student of University of Ghana. They are on vacation’… Maame Adwoa almost asked the young lady if she knew anybody by her son’s name but kept quiet on the topic. ‘you are in the university of Ghana?’ Maame Adwoa asked with wide eyes.

‘yes, I want to be an actor’ Clara answered.

‘Woow that is cool’… That was really not what Maame Adwoa wanted to say. Interestingly, Maame Adwoa felt she shouldn’t tell them about her son, Kwadjo Boateng.

Kwadjo Boateng peeped through the hall window when he heard a car’s engine near the house. He saw his mother coming out of the car. Few seconds later, Mrs Benson got down too. Kwadjo lowered his head when he spotted Clara’s mother. The two woman spoke for a few minutes and Mrs Benson gave Maame Adwoa an envelope. Kwadjo didn’t really hear what they said but he saw his mother trying to reject the envelope. A few words from Mrs Benson made her accepted the envelope. The young man saw his mother pointing to their door. They shook hands and Mrs Benson drove off. Maame Adwoa entered the house. ‘I guess that was the woman you are going to work for’ Kwadjo asked when his mother entered the room.


You won’t believe it my dear. They are such a wonderful people. Her daughter is in your school’

‘Mom, I hope you didn’t mention me to them’

‘no I didn’t do that but why do you ask.’

‘nothing mum, but please promise you will never mention me to them’… Kwadjo’s plea perplexed her mother. She was very confused.

‘can you explain to me my dear, I am lost’

‘oh mother you won’t understand. her daughter is my course mate and…’

‘hold it there. I think I understand’ she said with a grin. ‘I will do as you wish’ Kwadjo Boateng hugged his mother without asking her what she meant by ‘she understands what he meant’… The drama has just begun….

To be continued……………

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