November 29, 2021

Soul In Tears episode 18 – 19


Soul In Tears

Episode 18
Maame Adwoa entered the chamber when she was done talking to her son. ‘young men love bragging. I am sure he has bragged to the girl and doesn’t want her to know his background. What a pity’ she giggled at her own thought. She changed into a normal gown and went back to the hall.

‘Kwadjo, have you been meeting Sarah?’ She wanted to be sure the young man wasn’t seeing another lady in the school.

‘oh mother, why this topic?’ Kwadjo Boateng stretched his hand to hold his mother.

Sarah was their presiding elder’s daughter in church. They were very rich. Sarah and Kwadjo Boateng were in the same department in their church. They were Sunday school teachers. She was a very beautiful young lady. Sarah and Kwadjo were very good friends in the church. To Sarah, the young man had fallen for her and was anxiously waiting for his proposal. Kwadjo’s mother thought her son was dating Sarah but Kwadjo Boateng saw the young lady as his church pal and nothing else.

‘mum, I don’t think I remember telling you I was dating that young woman. She is just a friend.’

‘son, Sarah is a perfect girl and will be a good wife. I can bet my life on that’

‘mum can you please change the topic please’ the young man pleaded.

‘not until you tell me what I want to hear’….

There was a tap on the door and Kwadjo trying to avoid his mother’s question, jumped to his feet and rushed to the door. He opened the door and…. ‘heeeeyyyyy Kobby!!, have you now vacated’ Kwadjo asked with delight.


I mean no. We vacated three weeks ago but stayed with my uncle for sometime’

‘how is KNUST?’ kwadjo asked

‘Haven’t you heard?, KNUST has been admitted at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital’ Kobby’s reply threw both of them into a hot laughter. ‘you will never change’

‘I will go hungry if I decide to change’ they laughed heartily.

Maame Adwoa pulled her neck to peep at who her son was engrossed in the conversation with.

‘Kobby, it’s been a long time, how are you doing’

Maame Adwoa asked.

‘I am very sorry for not acknowledging you madam. I am fine. I went to school that is why I have been missing’

‘which school is that?’ Maame Adwoa asked

‘KNUST please. I am in first year’

‘oh so you are in the same stage with Kwadjo. You guys should study because we are really struggling to pay your fees’


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will do exactly that please’ Kobby said looking at his friend’s face for approval. Kwadjo noded positively. Maame Adwoa left the two young men to continue their conversation. Kwadjo Boateng excused himself, went inside and put on a lacoste and went outside with his friend.

Kobby was Kwadjo’s best pal. Though Kobby was not strong spiritually, he was fun to be with. They were in the same church but Kobby was not in any department. He was just a normal church member but very serious with his life.

‘I have really missed you, how I wish we are in the same school’ Kwadjo disclosed to his friend when they sat on one of the benches on the field where they played football when they were teenagers. ‘haaaaaaa! Missed me? Eeeei, I am not gay oooo’ Kobby’s way of answering questions always made Kwadjo laugh. After a few exchange of humour, Kwadjo Boateng told his friend about the revelation the unknown young man disclosed to him. The doom that was to befall him. The two young men went silent for a while.

‘Hmmmm, anytime I see you in my dream, you have had an accident’ Kobby said with a serious face that told his friend he was serious with what he said. Kwadjo Boateng frowned… Hmmmm

Episode 19

‘I never knew you were scared to die. Cheer up man I was just kidding. I can’t remember the last time I had a dream’ Kobby giggled

‘oh gosh! For once you should be serious. Stop this weird life’ Kwadjo’s face was blue.


it there man you don’t need to be mad at me. You don’t always have to take life serious. Just cheer up’ Kwadjo Boateng pinched his friend hard on the arm. He giggled when Kobby grimaced his face. ‘you owe me one, put that in your Skul’ Kwadjo shifted his head when Kobby tried to hold his head.

‘On the brighter side of life, you don’t have to give everyone who want to speak to you, the attention. The guy who told you about the doom that was to befall you is a lunatic or a thief. He had wanted to rob you with some tactics but stopped when he realised people were around. You were lucky that day’ Kobby said with all seriousness.

‘I hope this is not one of your numerous pranks’ Kwadjo wasn’t sure of Kobby’s words.

‘i mean my every word. Just forget about him and move on with your life. Don’t forget YOLO’

kwadjo tried to recollect what actually happened on the day he met the unknown young man. He was wearing a worried look that fateful day because of the revelation his mother revealed to him about her past.

‘man you are so right. I was the guy’s prey that day but fortunately for me people were around. I had a worried look on my face when the young man met me. He was seriously scanning around when he was talking to me’ he disclosed.

‘bingo!, the problem is already solved. Give thanks to God for saving you that day. He would’ve robbed the last penny on you and by the time you would realised, he would be gone with your boxers’ the young men bursts into laughter. Kwadjo laughed till his ribs hurt. He felt very relieved for telling his friend about the problem. He closed his mind on the matter.

Kobby raised the topic of Sarah and Kwadjo tried to brush it off.

‘do you think I will give up so easily? That young lady loves you for Christ sake. Be the man and voice out to Sarah. She is a good girl’

‘don’t behave like my mother. She keeps disturbing me about Sarah’

‘Oyiwa! Your mother has seen the connection too. It is settled. Sarah all the way’ Kobby said tapping on his friend’s shoulder.

Kwadjo Boateng disclosed to Kobby that Sarah was a good girl by all standards but he didn’t feel anything for her like everyone was thinking. The only thing he felt for her was friendship. Kobby understood his friend. Kwadjo further on, told his friend about the feeling he had for Clara the very first day he met her. Kobby told him to tell the young lady his feelings for her.

‘it’s more complicated than you thought’ Kwadjo said looking elsewhere.

‘what could be the problem, why do you say it is complicated’ Kobby showed his confusion.

‘the young lady in question is like the president’s daughter. They are more than rich. Their house alone can erase the thought of proposing to her from your memory. To add to the problem, my mother is going to work in their house. I don’t want to play with her feelings.

If I tell her my feelings and she later find out I am a poor boy from a poor home and my mother is a servant in their house, i might end up in prison’ the young man disclosed his fears.

‘Man, looking at all that you have said, I will advise you to forget about this Clara girl and focus on Sarah. There is nothing like poor boy and rich girl love in our era.

Those things happen in Mexican telenovelas. Even with Sarah I have my doubts but just give it a try. You might be lucky because of your activeness in church’ Kobby advised. Kwadjo sighed with uncertainty. ‘I will do my best to avoid that girl, I mean Clara’ he concluded.



hi to YawLegend🇬🇭 +233244620852 to be added to *Infotainment Avenue*.Nicholas went to his pastor’s house some days later to make sure he really understood what he said. The dreams about the young man’s death became rampant and he wondered why he kept having those dreams if God really wanted the young man to die. To Nicholas’s surprise, the pastor repeated the same words he told him when he visited him earlier with the same issue. ‘His death is his fate. For now you can’t do anything about it’…

To be continued

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