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Soul In Tears episode 22 – 24

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Soul In Tears

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Episode 22
Clara quickened her pace and caught up with Dorothy. They walked quietly to Dorothy’s room. Clara sat on a chair and asked her friend what the problem was. Dorothy disclosed to Clara that she needed some money to buy a few text books. Clara became blue in the face. She was somehow angry because she had told Dorothy what to do whenever she needed money.

‘Clara, I don’t think there is a need for you to get angry. I can’t go into your bag and take money without your cons£nt. You have to understand’

‘girl, I don’t want to repeat myself again. Whenever you need money, do as I have told you. You are my only best friend for Christ sake. You don’t need to go needy before going into my bag for money. Money is not a problem like Sarkodie always say. Feel free my dear’ Clara said and her friend giggled because of the Sarkodie part.

‘thanks for understanding. Kwadjo Boateng almost proposed to me’… Clara said

‘you don’t mean it. What happened. Why didn’t he propose?’ Dorothy asked with much interest.

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‘he stopped when he saw you’ Clara hissed.

‘awwwww I am so sorry’ Dorothy hugged her t¡ghtly.

A call came through Clara’s phone. She took the phone from her purse and checked the screen. The caller was her mother. She sighed unhappily and picked the call. Dorothy just stared on as her friend spoke on the phone.

‘that was my mother’ Clara said and threw the phone onto the mattress.

‘I hope there is no problem’ Dorothy was Curious to know what the conversation was about. Clara disclosed to her friend that her mother wants her to find out who Kwadjo Boateng really was.

‘is that necessary?’ Clara asked not too interested in the matter.

‘I don’t think it’s anything serious. Just ask the young man. That is all. He will tell you if he really love you. I am even surprised you don’t know anything about him yet you are madly in love with him’ Dorothy giggled after saying those words. Clara rolled her eyes to show she was not interested in what her friend said.

Months turned into years and the friendship of Kwadjo Boateng and Clara grew stronger. The young lady had the hope that one day, the young man would propose to her. Anytime she raised the issue of Kwadjo Boateng, Dorothy would advise her to be patient with him. Clara asked Kwadjo Boateng about himself and the young man told her a wh0le lot of lies. She wasn’t interested in that. What she was interested in was for the young man to voice out what he feels about her.

Maame Adwoa’s fears died when she advised her son to be careful with the young lady. Kwadjo explained why he didn’t want the young girl to know who he was and she understood him. He disclosed to his mother, the feeling he had for Clara. Maame Adwoa advised him to tell her the truth. ‘tell her the truth and if she is meant for you, she would accept you as you are. Lies don’t work in relationships’ she explained. Kwadjo had the feeling that the day he would voice out to Clara about himself, he would lose her forever.


Clara smiled heartily when she caught up with Kwadjo Boateng who was busily arguing with his friends about Messi and Ronaldo. She signaled to him and he hurriedly attended to her.

‘as you know, the exams are all over and graduation is in a week time. Is there anything you want to to tell me?’ Clara asked with a beautiful smile that melted the young man’s heart.

‘yes! Sure… There are thousand and one thing I would like you to know. I have lied for a long time. It’s time for you to know the truth’

Clara frowned at what he said.

‘Meet me this Saturday at the Central Cafeteria. It’s a do or die afair’ he added making the young lady more confused.

She received a call from one of her roommates and promised Kwadjo that she would talk to him later and left. She was very confused with everything the young man said.

‘it’s now time for you to know who I am and what I feel for you’ he grinned. He was determined to tell Clara everything before graduation day… Would fate allow Kwadjo Boateng to tell Clara the truth about himself and what he feels for her… The part I dread so much is coming….

Episode 23

Clara went to Dorothy’s room after attending to her roommates. Dorothy knew there was a problem judging from the way her friend was worried. She asked her what was wrong with her. Clara disclosed to her, the conversation that she had with Kwadjo Boateng. Dorothy mocked her friend for being so drunk with love.

‘anyway, I don’t think he is hiding anything serious from you. The only truth you and I know he is hiding is, he loves you like you do love him but he is finding difficulties telling you. He just want to confuse you. I am sure he will tell you his feelings for you on Saturday. I am positive about that’ Dorothy said to her friend. Clara’s face brightened up hearing that. She felt her friend was right after all.

‘you are so sweet. What would I have done without you’… Dorothy knew Clara meant those words. She hugged her.

‘I should rather be thanking you for being very helpful through the four years on this campus. You were like my mother’ Dorothy said almost in tears.

‘come here girl’ Clara said and hugged her again.

‘so what are we doing on our graduation night’ Dorothy asked.

‘don’t worry, my mum says she has a surprise for me and my friends. I don’t know what she is up to but I am sure we will love her surprise’ Clara assured her friend.

‘anyway, how is Nicholas’

‘he is fine. Just that he is busy with work. I called him today and he said he was on his way to cape Coast on an assignment’ Dorothy answered.

‘how about the death saga he told you about’

‘oh! That? Don’t mind him. He was just hallucinating. Let’s talk about something better’

Dorothy pushed the topic of Nicholas away.

The two ladies talked about their achievements in their four years in the school. They were thrilled with how they had been transformed.

‘I guess aside studies and other achievements, your most valued achievement is Kwadjo Boateng’ Dorothy ran out of the room after saying that and Clara ran after her.

Kwadjo Boateng went home to get some advise from his mother. She told Maame Adwoa his intention to reveal their secret to Clara. His mother was very happy with the decision.

‘my son, I am happy you are now ready to face your fears. They will understand us if they are good people. I must confess that Clara is a girl I would love to have as my daughter in law’ she said to his son who was grinning.

‘mum, don’t build your hopes up. I might lose her after telling her the truth’

‘even if I lose my job in their house after you have disclosed the truth to her I would be glad. I am tired of living a lie’ she said with all seriousness.

‘you are the best mother in the world’ Kwadjo said and hugged his mother. Maame Adwoa told him how proud she was for haven him for a son.

‘it seems you are quiet on the topic of finding your father. What happened’ Maame Adwoa asked looking surprised.

‘oh mother, I don’t want to talk about him anymore. He would’ve come looking for us if he seemed it necessary. We are not important to him so just forget about him’

Maame Adwoa had wanted to advised his son to forgive his father but decided to do that another day…

To be continued…………

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Maame Adwoa went to work the following day to meet Clara in the house. She asked her why she was home and the young lady told her she needed her advice. Maame Adwoa knew the young lady’s only problem had to do with her son. She sat her down and offered her drinks.

‘now tell me, what is bordering your mind’ Maame Adwoa sat beside the young lady. She knew exactly what she would say but pretended to be ignorant.

‘it’s about the Kwadjo Boateng. I think he wants to propose’ Clara blushed

‘girl, you don’t need to be shy telling me about your relationship. Are you assuming or what. I don’t get you’

‘he told me two days ago on campus that there is something he wants to disclose to me’

‘oh I see but how sure are you, whether what he wants to tell you has to do with proposing or not. Aside proposing, is there anything you think he is hiding from you?’

Clara thought carefully about the question for sometime. ‘I don’t think so’ she answered

‘what if he tells you something really serious and unpardonable. Will you still love him’. Maame Adwoa wanted to know how matured Clara was in terms of thinking. The question really surprised Clara. The look on her face said it all. She had not for once had an Ill mentality about the young man.

‘yes why not. I will still love him. To err is human you know’ her answer was based on the fact that there was no way Kwadjo would hide anything serious from her. Maame Adwoa felt convinced that the young lady was right for her son.

‘you will attest to the fact that i always have issues with the young man. I want the best for you. The young man is a good guy. You have my blessings’

Clara jumped from her seat with excitement. She felt relieved after talking to Maame Adwoa.

Maame Adwoa attended to her duties after talking to Clara. Clara excitedly ran to her room. She threw herself on the b£d and prayed the days would move swiftly. Her mind was fixed on Saturday so much that she forgot what day it was. She checked an updated calendar on the wall and realised it was Thursday. She stood beside her window and replayed in her mind all the events that had taken place between herself and the young man. She remembered the very first day they met at the lecture hall. She fell in love with him that very day. All the places on the campus they had been together, studying together, eating together, all the fun and excitements they have had together flooded her soul. She felt so much in love with the young man.

‘oh my God he is so caring, loving, sweet and very handsome too. I love you Boateng. I really do’ she thought aloud.

‘girl you need to slow down’ she was startled by Maame Adwoa’s words. She didn’t see her entering the room. She giggled.

Kwadjo Boateng was going through his mother’s ph-oto album. Clara’s ph-oto caught his eyes.He paused fl-ipping the pages and stared carefully at the young lady in the picture. He had known her for only fours but felt he had known her from infancy. Aside her beauty, she was very responsible, reasonable, friendly loving and whatever a guy can ask for in a lady.

‘either I marry you or remain single forever’ he said to the ph-oto and put it back into the album. He said a word of prayer to God for help. All he wanted from God was for him to let Clara understand him when he discloses the truth about himself and his mother to her…

To be continued.

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