Soul In Tears

Soul In Tears episode 25 – 27


Soul In Tears

Episode 25
The story continues…

Clara rushed to Maame Adwoa and pleaded with her to wish her luck. The older woman told her to go with the grace of God. She smiled sweetly to her and rushed back to the waiting car. The car moved out of the house and headed towards the Legon University campus. Her mind and soul was focused on the young man. It was Saturday. The day she had waited for all Her life. The car came to a halt and the driver told her they had reached her hostel. She got out of the car quickly. Leaving the driver in shock. The young driver wondered what his madams daughter was thinking about that she didn’t notice they were in the school. A few minutes after she entered her hostel, she received a call from Kwadjo Boateng. The young man told her he was waiting for her at the cafeteria as they scheduled. With much anticipation, she rushed out of the hostel and went to the cafeteria. Kwadjo Boateng was sitting on the stair case in front of the building. Clara quietly went to blindfold him.

‘I know it’s the most beautiful angel in the world. Her name is Clara’… He said and Clara giggled given herself away.

‘that is so sweet of you. You are indeed a gentleman’ she said with a grin and sat beside him.

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After a few pleasantries, Kwadjo Boateng changed his mood. He worn a look that told Clara to embrace herself for the worst.

‘I am very sorry for not letting you know who I really am all this year’s. All those things I told you about myself where lies… ‘ he paused to look at Clara. She was lost. the expression on her face said it all. Clara remembered Kwadjo Boateng telling her he was the son of a great man by name Mr. Boateng. ‘my father is a doctor and can heal the deadliest disease. We are very rich’… ‘but why don’t your parents visit you here. I want to meet them’ she remembered asking. ‘I told my parents to give me space so I can focus on my education. It was a tough decision for them to make but agreed. That is why no one comes visiting me in school’ he answered. ‘how about your sibling’s’ she asked.

‘I am the only child of the dosted Boateng family you know’ he bragged. ‘oh I see. So when will you take me home. As in your house?’ she asked. ‘very soon my dear. You will realise your house is small’ he answered. She wasn’t clear but decided to let the matter rest. She recalled all those events.

‘Clara, Clara, are you listening to me at all? He asked the young lady who was lost in her mind.

‘can you explain yourself. I don’t understand anything here’ she said with a frown.

Kwadjo Boateng disclosed everything about himself to the young lady. She was more than shocked.

‘are you saying Maame Adwoa is your mother and you don’t actually know who your father is?’

‘yeah! That is the situation. I am very sorry for all those lies.

Clara held her head with a grimaced face. Her head ached badly. She just couldn’t believe her ears. ‘how could you Joe, how could you’ she wept. Kwadjo tried to hold her.

‘don’t you dare touch me. Stay away from me’ she hissed and walked out of the place looking devastated. The young man just stared on as she walked away in tears.

‘I am happy I told her the truth’ he said though hurt….

To be continued………..

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Recap; Kwadjo Boateng disclosed his real identity to Clara and the young lady out of rage, left the place…

The story continues…

Kwadjo Boateng left the place feeling relieved and relaxed. He was not scared of losing Clara because of the truth. He boarded a taxi and went to Accra mall to buy a few items he needed.


you come to my room always looking like hell is breaking loose?’ Dorothy asked when Clara entered her room with moody face.

‘where else do you expect me to go with my problems? Where else, tell me’ Clara burst into tears. Dorothy got closer to her and hugged her. She told her how sorry she was for uttering those words. ‘what is it again my dear’ Dorothy asked with much concern in her voice.

‘Joe lied. Everything he told me about himself was a lie. He is not from a rich home like he said. Can you imagine, his mother is the same woman working in our house’ Clara replied behaving like a child.

‘you mean to say Kwadjo is not a doctor’s son and he is Maame Adwoa’s son?’ Dorothy asked displaying a shocked face.

‘yes! And he doesn’t even know who his father is’ Clara answered angrily. Dorothy sat beside her friend on the bed in shock. She tried to figure out why the young man would do that.

‘my dear did you hear his explanations?’

Dorothy’s question surprised her friend.

‘must I listen to another lie from him?’ Clara hissed.

‘chill girl, I must say that you made a mistake by not given him the chance to explain. I will plead with you to hear him out. Whether he is a doctor’s son or not, that can’t be a barrier between the two of you. He has a future. That is what matters. Please stop being childish’ Dorothy advised.

‘I think you are getting me wrong. I don’t care about his being a doctor’s son or not. My problem has to do with his lies all these years. He should’ve told me the truth’

‘I share your pain but please give him a chance to explain himself’ Dorothy stood on her grounds.


I…i…i will try and see if… ‘ Clara paused when her phone rang. She checked the screen and it was Kwadjo Boateng’s number calling. She gave out a loud sigh and ignored the call. Dorothy asked her who it was and she told her it was Kwadjo. She advised her to answer the call but she declined. The phone rang for the second time and Dorothy snatched the phone from her friend.

‘I would be very mad at you if you dare answer that call’ Clara hissed. Dorothy ignored her and answered it.

‘what!!! What do you mean? How’ She screamed in shock and checked the phone’s screen to make sure she was receiving the right call. She placed it back to her ear. ‘okay, I will be there in less than twenty minutes’ she ended the call and asked Clara to follow her to 37 Military Hospital. Clara followed her friend looking confused. She asked her what the problem was but Dorothy kept blaming her. They took a taxi and ordered the driver to take them to the hospital. Clara was very confused with what was going on. ‘would you tell me what is going on’ she couldn’t contain herself anymore and voiced out.

‘you will know when we get to the hospital’ Dorothy hissed and went silent. She had her head in her palms. They got to the hospital and Dorothy lead the way to the accident ward. They met a nurse and Dorothy told her about the call.

‘are you Clara?’ the nurse asked and Dorothy pointed to her friend. She told them to follow her. She lead them to ward five and lying on bed six was Kwadjo Boateng. He was badly injured in the head. He was weak and pale and unconscious. ‘do you know him?’ the nurse asked the two ladies who were shocked and in a state of confusion.

‘yes… He is our mate’ Dorothy answered. Clara was lost. She just stared at the young man in confusion. There were series of questions going on in her mind.

‘you have to meet the doctor’ the nurse said and took them to the doctor’s office.

‘Doc. I told you not to take this trip. You should’ve listened to me’ the doctor said to a man who’s was sitting in an opposite chair with his head in his palm.

‘Dr, this is the lady I called on the young man’s phone. She came with her friend’ the nurse introduced the ladies and left them to her duties. The man who had his head buried in his palms raised his head. There was fright in his eyes. Clara noticed it but she was confused and in tears. ‘madam, I will plead with you to take heart. The situation is very critical for now but let’s hope the young man will come back to consciousness. The accident really affected his Skull’ the doctor said and offered them a seat.


did it happen. The young man was with me about thirty minutes ago’ Clara asked still in tears. She felt bad about the whole thing. She wished time would rewind itself.

‘I caused it. I caused it. Just blame it on me. The young man was crossing the street at Accra Mall. I was very engrossed in my mind and couldn’t see him. Please forgive me’ the man sitting opposite the doctor said pleadingly.

‘Doc. you are being too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes. You need to relax’ the doctor said and made a call on the telephone sitting on his desk. Two nurses came in and lead the man away. The doctor pleaded with the young ladies.

‘that was Dr. Boateng. The doctor on night duty. He is a man of many problems. He might have knock down the young man but it was a mistake’ he said to the young confused ladies…. Dr. Boateng? Man of man problems….. Hmmmm as3m b3ba dabi.

Episode 27

Sit back, relax and enjoy…

Clara told the doctor to advise his friend doctor, not to be too hard on himself. She disclosed to him that, she caused everything that had happened. Dorothy chided her friend for apportioning blames on herself.

‘young woman, let’s forget this blame games and see how positive we can remain for the young man. What he needs now is prayers and not Tears’ the doctor advised. He asked them for Kwadjo’s details. He frowned after getting to know everything concerning the accident victim. Clara and her friend were in their own world and couldn’t notice the doctor going through the details given to him. He raised his head and asked them to bring to the hospital the young man’s parent so they would sign some docvments.

The young ladies left the office very sad at what had happened. Clara was very confused in her mind. Now that she knew Kwadjo was Maame Adwoa’s son, how would she explain things to her. She called the house and in less than thirty minutes, her driver picked them at the hospital’s bus stop. Dorothy pleaded with her to stop blaming herself for the incident. Maame Adwoa rushed to the car when it stopped.

‘I was very worried when you told me on the phone that you were at the hospital. What is the problem’ she asked looking very worried.

Clara couldn’t control her emotions and burst into hot tears. Maame Adwoa hugged, cuddled and told her everything was fine.

‘it’s my fault. Please forgive me’ Clara said amidst tears. The old woman became more confused. She took them to the hall and offered them fruit juice. She told Clara to calm down but the young lady was not perturbed. She wept like a baby.

‘madam, I know you are wondering why we are in this mood. It a serious problem. Kwadjo Boateng was involved in an accident. His condition according to the doctor is very critical and needs our prayers. He is at the verge of death’ Clara said without thinking about the consequences.

Maame Adwoa dropped the tray in her hand, crashing the three wine glasses on top. She place her hand on her head and screamed her lungs out… ‘AWWW MY SON!’ she didn’t care about their secret anymore. She sobbed.

‘which hospital is he?, how did the accident happen’ she asked so many questions looking very desperate. Dorothy calmed her down. She was the only strong person among them. She did all she could to calm the two women down. Maame Adwoa pleaded with them to take her to her son. Clara went to the boys quarters and called the driver. ‘madam I hope all is where?’ the driver asked when she saw Clara’s tear stained face. ‘everything is not okay. Please take us back to where you picked us from’… She said and the driver without asking further questions, prepared one of the 4×4 cars. The ladies joined and in less than forty five minutes, they were at the hospital. Clara led the way to the ward Kwadjo was lying. He was no more there. They rushed to the doctor’s office and asked him where the young man was. They were told he died a few minutes back and had been deposited at the mortuary. Maame Adwoa fell prostrate on the office floor and wailed like a baby that couldn’t locate it’s mother. ‘Awwww my only hope is gone. Who did this to me? AWWW AWWW AWWW’ she wept bitterly. A few nurses held her before she calmed down. Deep within, she was very hurt.

Kwadjo Boateng entered the room and saw his mother in despair. ‘mother I am here’ he said and tried to hold her but everything seemed to him like a mirage. As hard as he tried, he couldn’t touch anybody. He was a soul without a body. He wept bitterly seeing his mother in despair. He tried to speak but nobody heard him. It was like he never existed. The doctor that knocked him down with his car entered the office looking pale. He froze when he saw Maame Adwoa in the office.

‘Maame Adwoa!’ he gathered courage and called out. The wailing woman lifted her head and out of shock said AWWW Kwabena Boateng, your son is dead ooo’… He frowned in confusion. ‘you mean to say the young man I knocked down with my car is the son I have searched for all these years’ he said and tears welled up in his eyes.

‘so this is my father’ Kwadjo said in confusion. At that very moment, his senses opened and got to know everything. Just as he was shedding tears, a whirl wind whisked him away. All happened in the realms of the spirit…

The story has just begun…

To Be Continued

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