November 29, 2021

Soul In Tears episode 28 – 29


Soul In Tears

Episode 28

Sitting in the hall of the Benson’s residence was Maame Adwoa, Dorothy, Kwabena Boateng, Clara and pacing about in the hall was Mrs Benson. They were all in mourning clothes. Mrs Benson became furious when Maame Adwoa disclosed to them the whole truth. She also told them why she cancelled the truth about she and her son from them when she started working in the house.
‘I knew something fishy was going on but because I had no proof, I kept silent. I am very disappointed in you Maame Adwoa. I really am’ Mrs Benson voiced out her disappointments. Clara’s head was lying on Dorothy’s chest. Her eyes were swollen from crying for long hours.

Kwabena Boateng’s Story.

Kwabena Boateng found his voice. Though he was sad, there was something he had to let everyone in the room know. He cleared his voice and everyone’s attention fell on him
‘That fateful day when my father called, I knew exactly what he wanted to talk about. I wasn’t surprised when he raised the issue of my raping Maame Adwoa. I felt she wasn’t good enough to be part of our family. And even if I should accept the pregnancy, my father would be very disappointed in me for impregnating a poor girl from a poor background. I had no option than to deny haven anything to do with her. Two months later, things started going wrong for me. In America, one can’t walk about without having permit. Strange enough, I couldn’t locate where I placed the docvments which included my job identity card. I reported it to my supervisor and for some strange reasons, he got mad at me. He asked me if I knew the consequences of misplacing my card. I was shocked because I wasn’t the first person to have misplaced my ID card. He handed me to the police and since I was not able to provide any permit, I was jailed for two years. After my term in prison, I was deported without a pin. Everything I worked for was ceased from me. I was left with virtually nothing.


to Ghana, I went to my father’s house. That place was my only hope. What met me in the house was an eye soar. My father had divorced my mother and was putting up with a young lady about twenty years. I threw the lady out and when my father returned from work that night, he threw me out of the house. He warned me never to set foot in the house. I called my senior brother from UK and he also turned his back on me. Everything I tried to gather, scattered. I became devastated and at a point in time I felt like ending my life. That was when I realised whatever that was happening to me had to do with my evil act against Maame Adwoa. It took me about three months before I got to know Maame Adwoa’s parents house. They welcomed me nicely but the moment I mentioned to them that I was the young man that raped and impregnated their daughter, Mr Fosu, Maame Adwoa’s father excused himself and went to his room. The next minute, he jumped out of the room looking furious with a sharpened cutlass in his hands. I bolted out of the house and since then, I have never been to the house. I asked several people in the area about the where about of Maame Adwoa and I was told her father had thrown her out of the house. I combed the whole area to find her but all to no avail. Since I had no money on me, I slept outside for almost a year before being able to rent a single room. One Sunday, I decided to go to church. After the service, my name was mentioned because I had a letter. I was somehow surprised. I didn’t remember the last time I went to church. I opened the fat brown envelope and in it was all my certificates, permits, passport and everything I needed. There was no senders address. That was a miracle. A small note said ‘if you want your life back to normal, search for Maame Adwoa and the child you rejected’… I read the note over and over again. I decided to stay in Ghana and work since I am a medical doctor and also search for Maame Adwoa and the child but things changed when I started work in the hospital…


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bought a house and got married to one of the nurses in the hospital. I totally forgot about Maame Adwoa and the child. A few years later, I had a minor issue with my wife and to my surprise, she took the matter to court demanding a divorce. I pleaded with her to reconsider her decision but she refused. Because I had a child with her, my house was given to her. I almost went crazy about it. As I speak now, half of my salary goes to her every month. She is now a pain in my neck but I have taken it as a punishment I am receiving for the evil act I committed against Maame Adwoa. There is a lot to be said but I will end here. I will want all of you here to help me apologize to Maame Adwoa for my foolishness. I am really suffering’… He was on his knees when he ended his speech.
‘until you bring my son back to life, I will never ever forgive you’ Maame Adwoa hissed angrily. She was still in tears….

Episode 29

‘so you wouldn’t have looked for them if things went the way you wanted. The evil that men do lives after them indeed. I don’t think you deserve forgiveness. You have inflicted Maame Adwoa with so much pain’ Dorothy supported Maame Adwoa.

‘don’t talk like that. Everything happen for a reason. Mum, I think you should let go of the past and forgive Mr. Boateng’ Clara disagreed with her friend.

Maame Adwoa still in tears showed her gratitude to the Benson’s for being nice to her from the very first she started work in the house. She told them reason she was working for money was no more. She asked Mr Boateng to stand up. She assured him of her forgiveness. Kwabena Boateng hugged her in tears. That was his happiest day though their son was no more.

‘Maame Adwoa, I have terminated your appointments. Your services are no more needed in this house. Thanks for working with the Benson’s’ Mrs Benson said. She was still angry with her for not telling her the truth. Maame Adwoa was not surprised to hear those words. She had wanted to resign.

‘mother! This is ridiculous. She was there for us when we needed her services. Are we turning our backs on her now that she needs us? I know you are not aware I caused Kwadjo Boateng’s death. He told me the truth about himself and instead of forgiven him, I stormed out of the place warning him not to call or come to my hostel again. The next minute he died. Why do you want to pay this woman with evil. If you sack her, I will follow her to where ever she goes’ Clara blurted out and went to sit beside Maame Adwoa and wept on her knees.

‘my child please let me go, I will be fine’

‘no! You are going no where!’ Clara yelled.

Mrs Benson had no choice than to rescind her decision.

‘I am very sorry for my actions. I must confess that I said those words out of anger. Maame Adwoa stays or we all follow her’ she said jovially. Clara hugged her mother for rescinding her decision. They all shed tears for the departed soul and fixed a date for his funeral and burial.


Boateng was sitting on a tomb in the cemetery with his face buried in in his palm. He was in tears because of his mother. The pain she had gone through to put him through school made him cry the more. Just as he was brooding over his mother, someone tapped him on the shoulder and he jumped out of fear. He turned to see a handsome young man in white Apparel. He had never seen a man so handsome in his entire life. His hair was neatly and decently trimmed. The hair that made his eyebrow were many. His eye balls were blue. He smiled adding extra beauty to his frame.

‘before I take you away, there are a few things you have to know, both the future and the past. You must know why your life was shortened’ his voice was soothing in the ears.

‘who are you please’ Kwadjo was a bit frightened.

‘I am your guardian angel. You don’t need to be scared. Souls don’t fear anything. Your time on earth is limited. Shall we?’ the angel said and Kwadjo Boateng eased up…

To be continued………….
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Clara scanned through the audience to see if she would locate Maame Adwoa but couldn’t locate her. The only two people she located were her father and mother. She stood among the graduating students looking very sad. She remembered haven difficulties with some of her subjects. Kwadjo Boateng came from nowhere and helped her. Had it not been for the young man, she knew it would have been quite impossible for her to graduate. Maame Adwoa’s absence from the audience worsened the case. Her presence would’ve consoled her but she refused to be there. Tears ran down her cheeks from her eyes. Clara’s father who returned from the states that very day to witness her daughter’s graduation saw her tears. He tapped his wife and told her to look at their daughter in tears. She lied to him that it was tears of joy.

Dorothy noticed her friend in tears and signaled to her that people were watching. Clara wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

After the graduation, Clara ran into the waiting arms of her father with tears. She wept uncontrollably. Her father was confused at what was going on. He again asked Mrs Benson what the problem was and she told him the truth. Mrs Benson thought her husband would be mad at his daughter but to her surprise, he pulled her into himself and consoled her. He was very strict when he was in Ghana but his travels had made him learn a lot and has changed totally. He held her and slowly took her to the parking lot. Standing beside her mother’s car was Maame Adwoa. She hugged her.

‘I thought you have abandoned me on my graduation day’ she said displaying a tear stained face.

‘my child, I didn’t want to be a distraction to you in the hall. My presence would’ve revived in you memories of my son’ Maame Adwoa said almost in tears.

‘no! Your absence from the hall almost mauled my day’… Mr Benson stood beside his car in confusion. He just didn’t understand what was going on.

Dorothy went to greet Clara’s father. She almost introduced Nicholas to him as her boyfriend but avoided that part because of Clara. Nicholas shook Maame Adwoa’s hand and told her how sorry he was for the lost of her son.

‘I saw it coming but as hard as I tried, I was told by the Lord that, that was the young man’s destiny. The Lord knows best. Let’s give thanks to him for his doings’ Nicholas thought his words would comfort the woman but it rather ignited pain in her heart and tears ran down her cheeks. Maame Adwoa had wanted to probed further what he meant by ‘that was the young man’s destiny’. She avoided it knowing it will cause her to cry the more. Dorothy intentionally pulled Nicholas away to avoid further revelations which would bring more pain to the affected people.

Mrs Benson introduced Maame Adwoa to her husband. When they got to the house. Mrs Benson was sceptical about her husband being nice to Maame Adwoa after knowing the whole story. Mr Benson silently walked to his room after knowing what really was going on. They heard a car horn outside and Clara peeped through the curtains to see if the security was at post. The gate was opened and Kwabena Boateng drove into the house. He was welcomed by the security guards. He walked to the hall, greeted and was offered a seat. To Mrs Benson’s surprise, her husband emerged from his room wiping his face from tears. She came to a realization that her husband had indeed changed from being a heartless man to a man of understanding. Kwabena Boateng stood up from his seat wearing a surprised face when he saw Mr Benson.

‘Koo Nimo!’ Kwabena Boateng shouted the name. Mr Benson was caught off-guard. He stopped wiping his face and straightened up.

‘Eeeeii Abrokyire Akwantuo!’ Mr Benson shouted back when he saw Kwabena Boateng. The two men locked themselves in an embrace.

Back in the USA, there was one particular hospital in New York City that Mr Benson went to whenever he was in America. Aside Dr. Boateng, Mr Benson would never accept treatment from any doctor. His reasons being that they were from the same country and there was no way he would harm him. ‘Koo Nimo and Abrokyire Akwantuo were their greetings

‘what happened, why did you leave the hospital in the U.S’ Mr Benson asked when they both sat down. The women just stared on

Kwabena Boateng disclosed to his friend everything he went through because of the evil act he committed against Maame Adwoa. Mr Boateng understood why everyone was given the woman much attention. He bent down his head for some minutes. He lifted his head and all he said was ‘man, you have really caused this woman great pain’…

To be continued…………..

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