Soul In Tears

Soul In Tears episode 32 – 33


Soul In Tears

Episode 32

Maame Adwoa’s parents dragged her to the house of the Boateng’s where she was rejected by her parents and the Boateng family. She faced rejection from her mates and all her friends.
The next thing Kwadjo saw was his teenage mother on the streets. She made the streets her home. One night on the streets, she was attacked by three strong men. They asked her for money and she told them she had nothing on her. They in turn, raped her and left her in pain. She cried through out the night. She told her streets mates about the rape and because they had no money for hospital, gave her pain killers to calm her. Another scene Kwadjo saw was his mother, selling sachet water on the streets. She went to the ghetto she and a few girls were taken shelter to find out her money had been stolen. She felt hurt knowing how she suffered to work and save. She told a few of the girls about it and they got mad at her for saying they were thieves. She tried to explain herself but they had non of her explanation and threw her out of the ghetto.

She went to join another group of teenage girls. She joined them not because she loved doing so but because of shelter. A friend she had by name Akosua advised her to throw the baby away when she gives birth. She told them there was no way she would harm the innocent child in her. She held on to the hope that her unborn child would one day liberate her from her pain and tears.

One day at the hospital, a nurse approached her and took her to a secret corner. The nurse whispered to her that someone would want to buy her child when it was born. Maame Adwoa angrily left that hospital and never returned to that hospital again….

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Kwadjo Boateng lifted his hands in despair. He asked the angel why his mother had to go through all that because of him. The angel was silent on the question. The angel disclosed to him that he was only sent to show him those things before taken him away and not to answer questions. Kwadjo was crying like a baby. ‘she should’ve aborted me and be free from all these dilemma’ Kwadjo said feeling very hurt about the whole thing.
‘aborting you would’ve resorted in a different case’ the angel answered him
‘am I not dead? Is she not shedding tears?. Wouldn’t she have been free from the trauma she is going through now’
‘there is a way that seems right into a man but the end of is death. Don’t be deceived. Not all solutions are for a problem’ the angel said and asked him if he was ready to see what happened next in his mother’s life. He wiped his tears and told the angel to continue.

Next on the screen, he saw his teenage mother in labour.

Episode 33

The next thing Kwadjo Boateng saw on the screen was his teenage mother in labour. The girls in the ghetto were going to and fro because there was no money to take her to the hospital. She was really in pain. ‘but I thought she said she saved enough for hospital bills. What happened?’ Kwadjo asked the question several times in his mind.
‘she did save but due to theft and other baby things she bought without the knowledge of her friends, she run out of cash. An answer to the question on your mind’ Kwadjo wiped his tears and told him to continue.

One girl by name Efia had experience in child birth and tried to assist Maame Adwoa to give birth in the ghetto. Things got complicated and Maame Adwoa started bleeding profusely. The girls being scared of the blood that was oozing from her body left her and took to their heels. One old woman who sold banku and soup in the area felt within her that something was not right. She asked one of her workers whether they had seen Maame Adwoa that morning. The answer she got was negative.
That place was where Maame Adwoa usually bought food from in the mornings. Because of Maame Adwoa’s humility, she was liked by the old woman. She even wished to take her to her house but her husband was a beast. Maame Adwoa told her why she got pregnant and the woman felt very bad. She decided to do anything possible to assist the young girl.


old woman known as Nana Ama banku asked one of the workers to take care of the place and rushed to where she knew the poor teenage girl was taken refuge. The door was opened when she got there. She peeped through and saw the poor girl in a pool of blood. She screamed her lungs out and within a short possible time, people gathered around the place. They helped her chatter a taxi and rushed Maame Adwoa to the hospital. Due to the loss of blood in her, she was unconscious and couldn’t push the child out. Drips of blood were put on her to revive her. When the doctor’s realised she wasn’t responding to treatment, they sort to operate her and save the child. Just as they were preparing to talk her to the surgical ward, she opened her eyes slowly. A nurse noticed her movements on the bed and called a doctor. The doctor checked to see if she would be able to push. To the doctor’s amazement, she was very strong and was able to deliver without being operated on.

Two days later, she was discharged from the hospital. Her bills were paid by the banku seller. Nana Ama banku was not happy with Maame Adwoa going back to the ghetto but that was the only option. The banku seller tried her best to assist the young girl in taken care of the baby. She went to the ghetto every morning and evening to bath and dress the baby. She gave Maame Adwoa clothes for herself and for the child. She was an angel sent from heaven. Three months after the child was born, the banku seller died. It was a big blow to Maame Adwoa and little Kwadjo Boateng…


be continued

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