Soul In Tears

Soul In Tears episode 34 – 35

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Soul In Tears

Episode 34

Maame Adwoa had no option than to work though the child was only three months old. Before restarting her water selling business, she one evening went to her parents for help but her father still had the disappointment and pain in his heart and therefore threw her out with a strong warning not to return to the house again. From there she went to the Boateng’s house. She met new owners of the property and was told the Boateng’s had moved out. That was when she shut her mind on her parent as well as the Boateng. Things weren’t easy for the young mother. She worked for a few months and was able to save money and rented a kiosk. She moved in to the kiosk with her baby. She worked more harder and when Kwadjo was one year old, she went to seek admission for him in a private school. It was tears of joy for her on the very first day Kwadjo started school. She laid her hands on the child and prayed her heart out. She promised the little naive child that she would do anything to take him to a higher level of education.

A few days after Kwadjo started school, she went home from work only to realised there had been a demolishing exercise at the street where her kiosk was. The few belongings she had acquired were all destroyed including the kiosk. She almost went crazy at the scene. She was not the only victim. Other affected people cried their hearts out and vowed not to go anywhere. The innocent victims were forced out of the land by soldiers without compensation from the government.

‘it’s true they were living on a government land but couldn’t have the president given them notice and time to relocate? This is ridiculous!’ The angel saw Kwadjo’s anger and displeasure.

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‘in this human world, it’s only a few people who really cares about their neighbors. Everyone is after his or her own selfish desires. The government doesn’t really care. If the government come out and say I have built this and that, don’t be fooled. If he actually uses a hundred thousand cedis for a project, he will tell the people he used five hundred thousand cedis. Ask yourself, where does the four hundred thousand cedis go to?’ over to you readers, judge for yourself.

Maame Adwoa was not deterred by what happened. She moved on with her life and kept the promise she made to the little boy in her heart. Through the pain and suffering, she was able to rent a new place and years later Kwadjo gained admission to the university.

‘Very pathetic. Your mother went through hell’ the angel said at last to the weeping young man.

‘if you knew all these why then was my life shortened. Why didnt you allow me to live a little longer and work so she could enjoy the fruit of her labour. You were not fair to her’ Kwadjo said amidst tears and despair. The angel just stared at the young man in tears.
‘now that you really know the past, are you ready to know what would’ve happened in the future’ the angel stared at the blank screen waiting for Kwadjo’s reply… Hope the future doesn’t break your heart…

Episode 35

Clara was placed at Cape Coast for her national service. It was good news because she had never spent time with her grandmother. Mr Benson’s mother was Clara’s favorite grand mother. She was located at Cape Coast where Clara was supposed to have her service. Mr and Mrs Benson knew the best place Clara loved to be was with her grandmother. The two couples exchanged surprised glances when Clara objected to haven her national service close to her grandmother. Clara explain to her parents that she needs to be closed to Maame Adwoa so she wouldn’t do any harm to her self. Her parents understood her plight and with the powerful influence of her father, her national service location was changed to Accra. A day before her service takes off, Maame Adwoa didn’t show up in the house.

Clara drove to Maame Adwoa’s place after church to check up on her. The older woman burst into tears when she located the young woman. Her tears ignited Clara’s tears too. Clara fell into her arms and they both shed tears. After a few emotional minutes, Maame Adwoa disclosed to Clara that she had resigned from working with the Benson’s.

‘what!? Kwadjo’s burial is in two weeks time, I am starting my service and you know the only hope that keeps me going is you. Why do you want to desert me when I need you more than ever. I love you more than I love my biological mother yet you selfishly took this decision without thinking about me. I am very disappointed in you’ Clara said amidst tears and stormed out of the house.
‘Clara, Clara please don’t…’ Clara drove out of the house before Maame Adwoa could finish her statement. Maame Adwoa seeing how the young lady moved the car out of the house, got frightened for her. She was angry and sad and acted with rage. Maame Adwoa prayed nothing terrible would befall the young lady. She went back to her room to think carefully about her decision to have resigned from working with the Benson’s. She tried her possible best to put her son’s death behind her and move on with her life but anytime Clara came into view, memories of her son flooded her mind which makes her sad. Quitting her job would make her see less of Clara which would help in forgetting about Kwadjo Boateng. She sat and sobbed. She was very confused and wished her son was with her.

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‘Oh Kwadjo, all this wouldn’t have happened if you were here. I have missed you Kwadjo, I have really missed you. I will forever missed you’ she said amidst tears.

She heard a car’s engine in the compound and peeped through the window to see who it was. Kwabena Boateng’s car stopped and he jumped out of it. Maame Adwoa wiped her face leaving no traces of tears. She heard a gentle tap. Knowing who it was, she asked the visitor to enter. Kwabena Boateng made himself comfortable. Maame Adwoa served him drinks. Mr Boateng disclosed to her that he wants her to move in to his house after their son’s burial. Without thinking about it, she rejected the offer and asked Mr Boateng never to repeat himself again. She angrily told him she would rather sleep on the streets than to move in with him. Mr Boateng changed the topic when she realised Maame Adwoa’s temper had risen. He apologized and promised never to repeat himself. He really had wanted to plead with her to accept his offer. Kwabena Boateng disclosed to her how things were moving smoothly for him after locating her. Maame Adwoa was not really interested in what he said. Her mind was fixed on what happened earlier between her and Clara in the house. She was somehow scared something terrible might have happened to the young lady. Kwabena Boateng left when he received an emergency call from the hospital he worked.


call came through Maame Adwoa’s phone. It was Mrs Benson. ‘hello Maame Adwoa, good evening. I have tried Clara’s line several times but she doesn’t pick up and it’s almost 7pm. Hope she is at your end’… The last sentence jolted Maame Adwoa. The only place Clara doesn’t pick her calls was when she was with her.
‘yes, she is in the kitchen. Would you like to talk to her…’
‘never mind. Just wanted to be sure she was okay’ Mrs Benson being assured hang up the call. Maame Adwoa gave out a sigh of relief…. Was it really of relief? Clara left her end three hours ago and she lied to her parents that she was with her. She became disturbed. She picked up her phone and dialed Clara’s number. She picked up at the first ring. Maame Adwoa asked her where she was and Clara told her she was going to join Kwadjo Boateng. Maame Adwoa got scared and pleaded with the young lady not to do anything silly to herself.
‘Clara please don’t do this to me. I just lied to your parents that you are with me. Please come to my place now please’ Maame Adwoa pleaded.
‘I will never come until you promise you will continue working in our house’… Clara said on the phone. Maame Adwoa accepted the offer without thinking. She only wanted the safety of the young lady.


drove to Maame Adwoa’s chamber and hall apartment. She had a broad smile on her face. She hugged her and thanked her for changing her mind. Maame Adwoa knowing what the young lady was capable of doing rescinded her decision of quitting her job. She took Clara home with a sweet relief…

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