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Soul In Tears episode 40 – finale

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Soul In Tears

Episode 40

Kwadjo Boateng was dumbfounded at what was being revealed to him. He tried hard to understand but couldn’t. As for his tears it was ceaseless. He turned to the angel and asked

‘Mr angel, are you really sure this is exactly what I would’ve putting my mother through?’ he was perplexed and confused

‘that is exactly how things would’ve been. Your mother made a huge mistake. In her letter, she said death was the only way to end her heartaches and sorrows. After all the good things she had done, she would’ve ended in hell for taken her life. Because of you I guess’ the seriousness on the angel’s face told the young man he wasn’t lying.

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Kwadjo Boateng took the matter to court and lost because of the letter and the autopsy report that proved that Maame Adwoa poisoned herself.

The media had wanted to interview Kwadjo Boateng about his lost and matters associated with the incident but wanting to avoid shame, he left the court premises immediately after the verdict was read out by the presiding judge.

The young man throughout his life never regretted what he did to his mother. The revelation ended. Kwadjo Boateng stood still after the revelation. He stared at the screen as if expecting more. A question flashed through his mind. It was about his father.

‘Mr Angel, I never saw my father in the revelation. What happened. Would we have ever met?’

The angel look at the young man and for the first time, Kwadjo saw worry on his face.

‘Your father wouldn’t have located you. He would’ve wallowed in his regrets till his dying day. You, your mother and father would’ve ended in hell. It would’ve been a painful site for God’ the angel revealed. Surprise was written on Kwadjo’s face.

‘can we go now’ Kwadjo said and the angel turned quickly to look at the young man’s face. He wanted to make sure he was serious with what he said.

‘before we leave the earth, you have to say good bye to your mother. You have to do so on the day you would be buried. That is in a weeks time. We have to hang around till then’ the angel said and Kwadjo noded in agreement.

Mr Benson visited his friend Kwabena Boateng in his office so they could finalize things concerning the Kwadjo Boateng’s funeral. The two men shed tears after finalizing everything. Mr Benson left the office when they were done.

Kwabena Boateng after work drove to Maame Adwoa’s chamber and hall apartment. It became a routine for Kwabena Boateng. Not a single day he missed going to her place after work. Though Maame Adwoa was always hostile to him, he understood her and never gave up. He revealed to Maame Adwoa what he discussed with Mr Benson concerning their son’s burial and she agreed showing her hurts on her face. Kwabena Boateng consoled her and when she stopped shedding tears, he left the house.

Three days to the funeral, Clara pleaded with Maame Adwoa to stay in the Benson’s Villa until the funeral was over. She reluctantly agreed and moved in with them. That was where the funeral was to take place.


The church was packed with people. Everyone was in black attire. It was the funeral day and church service was being held by the church to give their last respect to the deceased. Most of the people in the auditorium were student from University of Ghana. Clara, Dorcas and Nicholas were sitting on one role. Mrs Benson, Mr Benson and Kwabena Boateng were sitting on one role with Maame Adwoa. They were consoling her. Maame Adwoa’s parents were sitting in the church with their heads bent in shame. Kwabena Boateng’s parent’s were also in the church. They had resolved their differences and were back together. A hearse’s siren was heard outside. Kwadjo Boateng’s body in a coffin was carried into the church by his closed pals. Kobby was their leader. Maame Adwoa wailed loudly. Kwadjo Boateng and the angel were standing somewhere in the church observing things. The angel tapped Kwadjo on the shoulder and said ‘it’s time to say good bye to your mother’… Kwadjo Boateng broke down in tears seeing how sorrowful his mother was…


be continued…………..

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The corpse was laid in front of the congregation. Sermon was preached and everyone was given the opportunity to watch him for the last. Kwadjo Boateng and the angel stood beside the corpse. The young man was still in tears. He wished he could be given a second chance to make right all the things he saw in the future of his life. Maame Adwoa was inconsolable. She was wailing and throwing her hands in the air. Everyone going round the corpse was moody and had a sad looking face. It was a sorrowful scene to behold. Maame Adwoa’s parents couldn’t go near the corpse. The shame was too much for them to bear.

Teary Kwabena Boateng spotted his white Co workers in the auditorium. What perplexed him was the white doctor that reported him to the police in the States when he misplaced his working and other permits. There were three white nurses with two doctors. He wondered who told them about the funeral and why they were in Ghana. He decided to find out when they were back from the cemetery.

Nicholas stopped beside the coffin and stared carefully at the young man lying in it. He felt an urge to touch him. People murmured behind him when he wasn’t moving. He quickly moved to his seat. His phone beeped. He checked and it was a message from his pastor. He went outside to call the pastor after reading the message. The pastor told him the message wasn’t a mistake. He remembered the pastor telling him there was nothing he could do about the young man’s death why Now? He thought. Dorothy got closer to him when she saw his confused face.


are you outside?’ Dorothy inquired. Out of the sorrowful moment, Dorothy wanted to make fun of Nicholas. She knew him to be a tough guy in terms of shedding tears. The young man never shed tears when he lost his mother. Nicholas quickly read her thoughts.

‘it’s not what you think. It’s more serious than the fun you want to have’ he said and brushed her aside gentle. He entered the church wondering how he could carry out his plan without being interrupted.

‘We have to go now please’ the angel said to Kwadjo Boateng. He looked at his wailing mother and said softly. ‘I seriously need a second chance to make things right’…

Nicholas joined the queue of people going round the corpse to see his face for the last. Clara spotted him and frowned. She wriggled her way outside to meet Dorothy. She asked her friend what was going on and Dorothy was shocked at the question. Clara held her hand and they entered the church. Dorothy saw Nicholas in the queue.

‘what is he going to do there again’ Dorothy asked with a frown. They stood at the entrance and stared at the young man in the queue. Nicholas held the corpse when he got closer. He started praying with all his might. The congregation started murmuring in shock. Kobby and the team that carried the coffin into the church wriggled their way through the waiting queue to take Nicholas out of the way. Before they got closer, Nicholas screamed Kwadjo Boateng’s name three times. Dorothy felt very embarrassed. The young men held him and just as they were taken him away, something strange happened…

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People swiftly bypassed the young men that were holding the hands of Nicholas. There was commotion everywhere. Nicholas and the three young men turned only to see Kwadjo Boateng sitting in the coffin alive. The young men left Nicholas and rushed out of the auditorium. Nicholas went close to the coffin. He said a few words in praise to God. The pastor’s and elder’s sitting around the pulpit were dumbfounded. Maame Adwoa rushed to where the coffin was and hugged her son. She was still in tears. Kwabena Boateng, Mr Benson, Mrs Benson and a few brave people joined Maame Adwoa. They helped the young man out of the coffin. Everyone in the auditorium was amazed at what had happened. Those who were not brave enough and took to their heels trooped into the church again when they heard merry making. The young men that tried to throw Nicholas out of the church, hailed him when prayers were said by the officiating pastors. People hugged and shook Kwadjo Boateng. Clara hugged Kwadjo Boateng and kissed him passionately. She confessed her love for him. Dorothy was ashamed of herself for judging Nicholas wrongly. She got close and hugged him in tears.


tried to recollect what actually transpired between him and the angel when he wished for a second chance. Everything flooded his memory. When he said he wished to have a second chance to make right all the things he saw in the future, the angel said to him ‘you have it but make sure you do what is expected of you’ a wind blew him out of the angels presence and that was when he woke up in his mortal body.

Nicholas was given audience and he narrated to the congregation what was revealed to him about the young man from the very first day he set eyes on him and what his pastor said. Clara and Dorothy opened their mouths in awe. They were so surprised that he kept all that from them. Instead of a dirge, songs of praise were lifted to God. There was joy in the heart of everyone. Maame Adwoa held Kwadjo Boateng to her bosom. The news of the resurrected young man hit the outside world and within a jiffy, the media were all over the auditorium. After the service, the media did all they could to have an interview with Kwadjo Boateng but he was not able to speak. He was still in shock of what was revealed to him by the angel. He was taken to the home of the Benson where they had a big party. Clara was happy but was shocked with everything that had happened in their lives. Mr Benson introduced the white visitors to Kwabena Boateng. That was when he realised it was Mr Benson that invited them. They apologized to Kwabena Boateng and gave him the details of the compensation the U. S government had given him for the wrong judgement meted on him. It was a huge sum of money. They pleaded with Kwabena Boateng to go with them to the U. S but he refused with the intention of working in his country and also fighting for Maame Adwoa’s affection.


‘Honey, the foreman has called again. We need to hurry’ Clara said to her husband having a broad smile across her cheeks. Kwadjo picked his car keys and held her hands and took her to their car. Kwadjo drove to the site where the foreman was waiting. The foreman who was about forty years took the young couple around the house.

Kwadjo disclosed to the foreman the house was a surprise birthday gift to his mother. The foreman gasp in amazement. He never expected that mansion to be a gift. He was really amazed.

‘my wife is adding a car to it’ Kwadjo added

‘you know what. My mother in-law deserves more than this. She has been through hell. It’s her time to enjoy the fruit of her labour’ Clara chipped in. The foreman realised how understanding the young couple were.

On Maame Adwoa’s birthday, she was driven to the house and was told it was hers. She gasp with delight. It was too much for her. Everything she would need was in the house. She remembered what she went through to bring her son that far and tears flooded her eyes. She shed tears of joy. It was a moment she never forgot in her life. Kwadjo made sure his mother lucked nothing in her life. Kwabena Boateng took her to do many countries for holidays.He tried his possible best to make things right. Anytime Maame Adwoa was with him, he felt real happiness. Kwabena Boateng’s parent’s apologised to Maame Adwoa for the wrong they did to her in the past.

Everything that was revealed to Kwadjo came to pass except that he avoided the negative ones.

Maame Adwoa got along with Kwabena Boateng and they officially got married. Maame Adwoa forgave her parents.

Nicholas became a very great prophet. He married Dorothy and they all lived happily ever after

Whatever life presents to us have a reason. Be positive about life and one day, you shall surely enjoy the fruits of your labour.


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