Stalked By A Mafia

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 1

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 1

A story by Tisa Phiri
Scar looked at his watch , it was slightly past midnight . “This job is a hit ” he thought to himself.
He looked at the boys in the back of the truck and they all seemed prepared and ready for the job. He loved his job and being in control.
“Hey Jo” he called the man Next to him ,
“make sure you control your group I don’t want any faults on this job you hear ? ” He commanded..
“Sure Scar..don’t worry this will be pulled as planned”
5 minutes later, the gate in front of them opened as a brand new Jeep pulled through.
“Now ! ” Scar charged and the driver to the truck stepped on the ignition and the truck zooomed forward. Before the gate could close and the driver to the Jeep notice what was going on, Scar and the group jumped off the truck , Jo and five other guys ran as fast as they could to the front of the mansion . They came back after 5 minutes with two big gen sets big enough to support the wh0le industry .
Scar had them rush to the truck and he let go of the driver of the jeep who was shaking uncontrollably . Scar pointed a gun at him to keep him quite.
” If you make a sound even as low as a wimp, I will blow your head off ” he had warned him .
The man who was the owner of the mansion , a big business man obeyed the order .
“Let’s go boys!” scar shouted as the boys finished loading the gen sets . He started the Jeep engine and they speed off disappearing in the dark road.
Back at the mansion, the man still shaking struggled to find his phone and by the time he could dial 991, Scar and his group were long gone .
The security guard emerged from where he was hiding and ran to his boss.
“Are you okey sir ?” he asked him .
The man looked at him ,
” you are fired! stupid guard. How could you be sleeping there instead of being alert and informing the police about the armed robbers? Didn’t you hear when the gate opened you idiot ? ” he snapped furious .
“Get out of my sight lazy! ” he added.
The security guard shrugged and smilled when he turned to go and stood a distant from his boss , he had played his part of informing Scar about details of the mansion and his boss , he knew later in the day he would receive his cut which was 20 times his stupid boss paid him .
Later, the police arrived and interviewed the guard before the mansion owner who was still in shock , he narrated his odeal .
“Can you identify any of the robbers?” The police officer asked him .
“No , it was too dark l couldn’t see clearly , besides that idiot had a gun pointed at my head , l couldn’t look up.”
“Don’t worry sir , we will do all we can to find them.”
“Please do so and when you catch them let me know immediately.”
Being a well known Lusaka business man and politician he had confidence the police will do all they can to find the robbers .
“Of course..” the police officers answered as they drove out .
Meanwhile scar and the group had arrived at their hide out 1 hour 30 mins later where they put their stollen items and prepared them for sale . He parked the Jeep in,side the big warehouse and started inspecting it, smilled to himself proudly . He knew he will reap millions from that night’s job , the Jeep and gen sets would sell at a big price.
“Well done boys , ” he told his crew , you were exceptional tonight , let’s go home , he said . Lock the building , he indicated to Jo his right hand man .
The ware house was built under ground about 100 kilometers away from Kabwe town . No one not even the police could ever track that place , it was in the middle of a thick forest . The only people close by where for about 30 kilometers away.
Scar got in the drivers seat .
“I will drive ” he told the guy who drove the track before.
Scar stared at his watch again , it was almost 04 am . He pulled once more on his cigarette before driving off . He held the steering on one hand as he drove .
Scar was a very successful robber , the police had hunted him for years without yielding any results , unknown to them he was always before their eyes , he sometimes even bought rounds for them in the drinking places .
Scar is his nick name , he got it from the second job he had pulled out about 10 years before, by then he was just one of the boys under his master Chile.
His real names are Mulenga but he preffered Scar . The name always reminded him of his past , not only the mark on his face but also his bitter past , his mother was a poor widow whose husband died while Scar was 12 years old . Scar had witnessed his father’s relatives grab all their properties including the house which they lived in .
Being the only child , his mother worked extra as a house keeper and ensured he completed secondary school . Since he was very intelligent, Scar passed his grade 12 with 6 points , unfortinately poor Scar could not go further in his education . He tried applying for bursaries but nothing worked for him , it seemed the issue of bursary in the universities wasn’t meant for the poor after all .
Scar was desperately looking for a job to do to help his mother out but it was hærd for him to find something in kabwe , it was during this time that he met his friend Jo who he knew from grade 9 , Jo was not as intelligent as Aron, so for him he dropped out of grade 9 and joined Chile’s group of thieves . He’ he was the one who connected Aron ,now Scar to the business .
Chile realised how sharp and clever Aron was and decided to use him , he was the one to plan most of the robberies and whatever he planned mostly turned out successful . At the beginning it was just simple collecting information about some people and companies but later on Aron become fully involved especially after money started flowing .
After 5 years of working with Chile , Scar decided to form his own group and do his own thing , at first Chile objected but Scar made him a promise to be giving him 10% of the money from his jobs as a complement and also to respect him as the leader Mafia of Kabwe town .
So now here he was 8 years later , he has been working with his own crew , even Jo decided to join him after he saw how Scar was pulling out better Jobs than Chile. Scar had expanded his territory , he did most of his jobs from Lusaka and copperbelt . He had left the small kabwe town to Chile who now lagged behind in terms of wealth , Scar had earned himself loyalty and respect from those in his circle . Just mention his name and everyone would literally bow down , he built himself a big house at Nkrumah extension .
Scar didn’t want to risk his mother’s life so instead of staying with her he bought her a 2 bedroomed house in Lukanga , she wasn’t so sure of her son’s job but Scar assured her he was working as an agent for the company which paid them well ,deep down she questioned his son’s honesty but her new life was better than her living in poverty .
“Hey man !” Jo called out bringing Scar back to the present ,
” lets drop the boys first before we head home”
“Oh yeah sure!” he answered driving to the side , the boys jumped out at banker’s nest , they had their quaters at some flats in pollen.
That was the goodness with their boss . He always made sure every one was comfortable .
Scar and Jo drove to Scar’s house and the guard ran to open the gate as he heard the car engine outside.
“Morning boss,” he greeted as Scar lowered the window to greet him .
” Morning Daka” Scar greeted back and handed him some notes ,
“buy your kids food. ”
“Thank you boss,” he responded running to the gate .
In the house Scar and Jo discussed how they would discard the items .
“we will wait for 3 months till these officers are tired of doing their job then we find some customers , meanwhile am meeting the buyer for the other cars we just finished painting and registering , the guy is promising a good cut.”
well ..” Jo sighes and stood .
“Let’s rest then you have about 5 hours until you meet that guy .”
Scar took a quick bath and instead of going to bed he got in his BMW and headed out he had someone to see .
Sila’s shift ended at 7 hours but she decided to cover for her friend Martha who was delayed with some issues at home . She called Sila to stand in for her till 10 hours .
She was tired and wanted to get home as soon she could and rest before her next shift started.
Martha came at 10 as promised and immediately Sila headed to her car , she got the keys from the hand bag and opened the door to her Runex .
Unknown to her Scar watched her moves at a distance , she joined the road from Chowa clinic as she played Don Moen’s collection , humming to the song . She noticed a BMW in the side mirrows but ignored it and drove on .
She had bought a house in railways however, instead if going straight home, she decided get her son something from shoprite before going home. After quickly picking what she wanted she saw the same BMW she had seen earlier in the side mirrow parked on the oppsite road .
She looked closely in the hope of seeing the driver, something told her the person could be following her but the Windows to the BMW were tinted and shut . Shrugging , she decided to drive off rubbing off the thought of being stalked. She drove home .
Scar watched her as she went in her house , he noticed the woman might suspect being followed so he decided to keep a distance as followed her .
He saw a boy hug the woman at the door and he smilled to himself , he loved kids especially boys but he would not risk having kids. His work was too risky , whatever happens his family could be a target for his enemies as well as the police . He watched Sila’s house a few more minutes and sped off .
“See you later woman” he whispered to himself.
To be continued

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