Stalked By A Mafia

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 10

A story by Tisa Phiri

Chile smilled to himself. Now he had something to help him get money from Scar. All he wanted was, according to him a share of what he helped build.

“That boy couldn’t have gone this far if it weren’t for me” he would say. He chuckled as he slid his hand in his bald head.

Chile was a professional thief, who begun his carreer years back when he was still 12. he grew up in the streets of Lusaka. He had a good family, his mother and father were teachers but after his parents divorced, The 10 years old Chile was forced to live with his aunty after the mother was transferred to Choma town.

As a young boy, Chile lived under the bad treatment of his aunty and he decided to run away from home and live in the streets.

His mother never bothered look for him and for years he struggled in the streets like an orphan. It was in the streets where Chile developed hatred for his parents. So much that when he turned 18 he was fully embedded in the gangs full of drug dealers and robbers and on his 18th birthday, Chile, searched for his parents and murdered them in cold blood. That’s when he fled Lusaka and went to the copperbelt.

Years later he settled in kabwe at the age of 32. where he started his own gang and was leader of about 20 boys all aged between 15 and 25.

He meet Scar a smart 19 years old boy with big brains. he instantly loved Scar and made him head of planning and org-nising robberies.

“Well” Chile thought to himself. “now my own trained boy is bigger than him.”

He wanted to avenge for the betrayal of leaving his gang. he thought he would purnish him by making him pay up for years, but Scar turned to be smarter than him and wouldn’t allow him to extort him further. So now it was pay back time.

“There’s no greater weakness than a love for a woman.” Chile smilled as he poured wine in a glass with ice. He clossed his eyes as the wine went down his gullet, leaving it hot .

“Am gonna enjoy” this he chuckled proudly lifting the wine glass in the air toasting to himself.


Scar tried to sleep but he couldn’t. his eyes were dry, he couldn’t help thinking about what Sila had told him. He understood her pain, she was still young when he raped her. It was obvious the memory hurt her so much. He wished things were different for both of them.

He wished he wasnt a thief and murderer and met Sila as a normal guy. but that was just some wish the reality was worse.

He decided as he lay on his bed to let her go. somehow he couldn’t let the boy Zac grow up without his parents. Though Scar had no idea who Zac’s father was . He was almost certain the guy wasn’t in the Boy’s life or he could have seen him around even once. That Jack was definately not the father he thought. Scar could tell the guy practically ignored Zac ..

He called the guy he left watching Silas house.

“hey any activities their?”

“No Boss” the guy told him.

” the lights are even off. I gues they are sleeping now.”

“Good” Scar said

“you can leave now.”


Early in the morning Sila who too had barely slept stood by the window as she watched some guy sweep around the yard and clean the cars. she gasped as she saw her car packed next to a Prado.

she shook her head,

“this guy is really good at what he does. how on earth did a man who was smart and good looking turn out to be a thief and a master mind for that matter.?” She questioned herself.

She hoped Scar would let her go that day. staying another day away from her normal life and son would kill her. she vowed to file for a transfer and go far away from the town. she knew that as long as she lived within kabwe, Scar and his gang would not leave her alone.

she hated that she will have to leave the peaceful town she had come to love just because of a mafia who started ruining her life since she was 18 but her choices were limited. Reporting to the police was the last thing on her options. she wasn’t going to risk her son’s life just to see that Mafia in prison. “Karma will catch up with him” she thought to herself…

“Good morning” Boyd who served her food greeted her with a tray of breakfast.

“the boss will join you soon.” he said before leaving the tray on the small table. Sila just looked at him. she wasn’t in the mood to eat but she had to see Scar.

“excuse me” she called but Boyd didn’t answer. she walked out of the room and saw Jo coming out of a room adjacent.

” As you say Boss.” he said as he turned heading out the back door.

Sila waited until he was gone and no one was around. He didn’t see her so she quickly went to the room Jo came from.

“He must be there” she thought to herself without knocking, Sila opened Scars bedroom door and entered. There was no one in the room.

“how ?” she thought to herself.

“I think I heard two voices from here.”

she heard water running in a room opposit were she stood. something caught her eye, a picture of her sleeping in her bed on a laptop.

“what’s this?” she asked herself as she went closer to the laptop.

Scar cleared his throat just before Sila could get any closer. she turned quickly and her mouth gasped and opened when she looked at a totally nude Scar standing in front of her.

” um am. I was just looking for you.” she murmered moving backwards as Scar slowly moved to her.

” why is that?” Scar asked in a low voice.

” I wanted to tell you that… um… i” she stammered his dominance making it hærd for him to concentrate.

“Am listening” Scar interrupted his face expressionless. He moved closer until the only thing separating them was Silas thin dress.

“please dress up” Sila managed to say suprising even to her, she wasn’t trying to escape or scre-m, her heart beat became rapid as she inhaled the sweet scent of Scar bathing soap. Her hands held to the wall. she tried to avoid his face.

“let go” she whispered almost inaudible.

“Am not holding you” Scar told her without looking away.

“but you are in my way” she gasped as he bent his head close to her face. Scar pushed further closer to her, bending his head to her neck.

she closed her eyes and gasped again. He held her wa-ist as he looked into her eyes.

” what’s wrong Sila? Am I making you feel uncomfortable?” He smilled as she turned her face down still in the same point.

He lifted her head face up and k-ssed her l-ips slightly. Sila neither k-ssed back nor resisted.

Scar slid his hands up her thighs, his other hand held her wa-ist. He smilled when he saw her closing her eyes shut. she definately couldnt resist him.

“Remember you are my hostage” he whispered in her ears

” and am the murderer and a rapist too.” he whispered and moved backwards leaving Sila desparate.

She realised where she was and slapped him hærd.

“don’t ever do that again!” she scoffed and fled back to the room she was being kept forgetting her mission to Scar’s room.

She covered her face in shame and disappointment with herself. how could she let the man she hated so much, her rapist get to her and make her feel so damn good touching her and k-ssing her.

“you are an idiot Sila!” she told herself. she felt she had to leave that place for sure, even when she was somehow conviced he wasn’t going to kill her. Scar looked tough but Sila could tell he had a weakness for her.

She was still scolding herself in,side when Scar walked in, he wore a denim black jeans and black golf T-shirt. He looked hot and Sila couldn’t help admire him. If it weren’t that Sila knew for a fact that he was a mafia, she would quickly fall for him. she hated the uneasiness he was causing her to feel.

Scar looked at her, he smilled in his head. He couldn’t stop imagining how Sila couldn’t resist his touch. knowing she had feelings for him made him glad but it was time to let her go. He showed her the keys.

“here, your car is outside. but I can’t risk you identifying this place too so one of my boys will drive you back to your home with your head covered.”

“Thank you” Sila told him.

” I promise i wont….”

“Yeah” he cut her short…

“you will not dare say a thing not even to your maid. I don’t need to explain the rest do I?” He asked her seriously.

“No” Sila nodded..

” it’s clear. Please stay away from our lives for good.” she added.

Scar called Jo…

” take her home” he instructed, “make sure she behaves”

Sila was covered with a cloth as they went out the house. After about what seemed like an hour the car came to a halt and Jo uncovered her face, giving her the keys

“you can now drive yourself ” he smiled at her….

She silently got the keys and went to the drivers seat.

“You know whats at stake” Jo told her.

“I can say you are a luck woman. my Boss never shows such lenience to anyone, never!”

Sila nodded as she started the car engine. she was left two streets away from her house and she had no idea where Scar’s house was. it seemed Jo drove her in circles before taking her near her house.

After talking with her son for a while, Sila called Martha, she explained the lie about why she hadn’t shown up the previous morning.

“It’s okey Marth responded

” we will make another day.”

” yeah sure” she said trying to make the conversation as short as posible.

Hanging up Sila prepared super for her family she loved seeing her son happy and would never risk his life by telling him who the father was. “He doesn’t deserve it ” she thought to herself

Since she had barely slept the previous night Sila fell asleep almost immediately she got to bed.

She woke up in the morning and like always she went to check on her son, her heart beat fast when she found the maid fast asleep and Zac’s bed was empty.

” Isaac!” She called out as she looked around the wh0le house for him.

“Oh my God! he’s gone.” she scre-med as she called her son from outside, tears running down her face.

To be continued

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