Stalked By A Mafia

Stalked By A Mafia – Episode 11

A story by Tisa Phiri

Scar watched as Sila cried for her son.

“that b****** got him” she shouted.

” how could he after i did all he told me? Oh my God not my son, he’s evil ” she cursed

“how dare he torments my life ” she cried loudly and desperately.

He stood up fury emmerging from his heart,

“there’s only one person who can do this” he spoke to himself.

“now Sila thinks I did it.”

It hurt him that Sila thought so ill of him but who could blame her..

“am not a good person” he thought to himself.

“I swear I will get that good for nothing thief!” he shouted.

“But boss” Jo responded.

“we need to be careful, don’t you think we have done more than enough for this woman ? Am afraid we might loose a lot of things because of her.”

“well, have you ever fallen in love Jo ?” Scar asked him…

“No, maybe I did… but I can’t.. ”

“well then stop talking nonsense ” Scar cut him short.

“Besides Chile got to her because he wants me. Dont you see. you won’t understand” he spat pushing Jo as he headed out.

As soon as he drove out the gate, he sped off. In less than 5 minutes he was at Silas house. He went in after the maid opened the door heading straight to Sila’s bedroom.

She sat holding her son’s photograph.

” please let him be okey” she cried. “he’s the only one for me please God.”

As she lifted her head she saw Scar enter and she lashed at him.

” you b****** ! you take my son and you even have the guts to show your scar face here!” she accused slapping him. Scar stood quite for a moment watching her hit him with rage.

“give me back my son, You thug! ” she scre-med..

Scar held her before she could hit him again.

“calm down now” he said trying to stop her as she fought to get out of his hands.

“Let me go you are so pathetic” she shouted…

” Not until you stop slapping me and calm down.”

“calm down ?” she frowned

” do you have any idea what am feeling you jerk? my son was taken and all you say is calm down, give him back please ” she cried…

“Well unfortunately I don’t have him. am not the one who took Zac You have to believe me. I have no reason to. I let you go to be with him remember ?” He tried to reason with her.

“Oh well, you threatened me …” .she paused not knowing what name to call him.

” ” he told her.

“my real name is Aron..”

“whatever!” she snapped…

“just tell me where my son is already I beg you. do whatever you want with me and leave him out of this. he’s just a boy for Christ’s sake please…”

“Maybe the father took him” Scar looked at her dismissively.

” what are you saying?” Sila looked at him.

“oh well i mean, maybe his father decided to kidnapp Zac or something” he shrugged trying to get her..

“You are the father you idiot and…. ” she stopped realising what she had just said.

” what was that?” Scar asked puzzled…

“nothing ” Sila shouted regretting her big mouth..l

“I heard what you said don’t say nothing. what do you mean Zac is my son?”

“I told you it’s nothing, I just wanted to….. ”

Scar grabbed her hand

“dont give me that buls*** and tell me the truth am I zac’s father? ” he bellowed.

“Let go of my hand you are hurting me” Sila lamented…

“Tell me now or…”

“Or what?” Sila raised her face.l at him.

“Don’t try my patience” Scar said furious.

“believe me this is nothing as compared to what I will do if you wont tell me the truth now.” He said tightening the grip on her hand.

” okey” Sila gave up..l

“yes he’s your son he’s a product of your rape.” She murmured sadly.

“what? I have a son? ” Scar withdrew his hand sitting on the bed.

He looked at Zac’s photo, for sure the boy had some of his physical features. As images of Zac flipped his mind. he wondered how he would handle the situation. he understood now why he felt so attached to the boy, that fact of Zac was going to change everything. He was planning on letting Sila be. he wanted to concetrate on his life and try forgetting his feelings for her but now the situation had become more complicated.

“Why didnt you tell me this yersterday?” he asked Sila in a low voice. He felt so vulnerable and weak.

“I didn’t mean for you to know, all thanks to that kidnapper you now know the truth. But don’t be mistaken, Isaac and I wants nothing to do with you or your cursed life.

my son can never find out his father is a mafia and a rapist.” She clearly pointed out.

“I understand you Sila and I will help you find him. believe me i have nothing to do with his disappearance.” He frowned feeling emotions cloud his mind.

“oh so how did you know he was missing?” she asked him accusingly.

“it doesn’t matter but I want you to trust me. I know you hate me but am going to bring Zac back.

Just dont tell the police yet or you might loose him for good.” he added as he left her house.

He sat at the couch back at his house waiting for Jo who he had called on his way to go find him home.

“he’s my son Jo” he said when Jo joined him.

“He’s my son and that Chile got to him before I even knew him.”

“what do you mean?” Jo asked suprised.

” well, Sila told me accidentally that he’s my son. I got her pregnant after that rape.”

Jo shook his head…

“now it’s…, I don’t know man” he sighed..

“we have to find him before that idiot does anything stupid” Scar told him.

” and he can never find out the boy is mine.

“Come to think of it” Jo muttered…

“if Chile knows about Sila it means he’s been following you”

” or someone is betraying me” Scar added.

“am going to find out who, call me the boys I need to find out who the hell is back stabbing me.” He stood up realising what was going on.

“But Scar the boys didn’t know about her until yersterday. I don’t think it’s any of them.” Jo argued

“It’s only you and i who knows about her and her son.”

“Can it be that you are the one betraying me?” Scar looked at Jo sternly.

“oh come on man, we are like brothers. You know I can never do that, besides what for? Come on Scar you know me better than that..”

Scar thought for a moment.. “the house workers” he whispered to himself.

” of course !” he shouted.

” get me the house workers now! ” he scre-med making Jo jump in his seat.

Jo called all the workers, two of them worked in,side the house including Boyd and Daka the gate man.

Scar ordered them to kneel down, he walked in front of them slowly looking at them with anger.

Boyd shook, his hands getting w-t. He wiped the sweet falling from his forehead.

“So,” Scar spoke up after minutes of silence.

” is any of you going to tell me something I have to know?”

Everyone looked at Him except Boyd whose face was still down. “what do you mean boss ? ” Daka answered .

“well,” Scar sat down.

” someone amongst the three of you has been giving out information about me and I want to know why and who.” He started and went on questioning them..

One worker and Daka showed ignorance and when it was Boyd ‘s turn he shivered.

“I don’t know anything about Chile ” he said with fear in his voice. He replayed the moments when Chile was hiring him and promising him 5 thousand if he was able to give him information about where scar hid his cars and other stollen things or any valuable information about his life. up until that time he watched Sila’s video in scars room but he had nothing else.

“well am waiting” Scar gazed at him after dismissing the other workers.

“How did you know about Chile? I don’t remmeber mentioning his name here.” He frowned angrily.

Boyd resisted a bit but after Jo gave him a beating he told Scar every thing.

“I just told him about the woman and sent him a picture, nothing more. Please dont kill me” Boyd begged .

“where is he keeping the boy?” Jo asked as he hit him again

” I have no idea” he cried blood coming out of his mouth .

Scar looked at him furious.

” you are a piece of s*** you fool. now you will pay for making a fool out of me.?”

He folded his sleeves as he punched him hærd on his head, continuously until Boyds body fall to the floor.

“get him out of my sight!” he shouted breathing heavily.

“Make sure you add a bullet to his head so he doesn’t resurrect.” He added sipping on his wine angrily.

“Am coming for you Chile.” he scre-med loudly.

“how dare you mess with me!”

To be continued

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